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Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must’ve had I can never recall. But the sensation that I’ve lost something lingers for a long time after I wake up. I’m always searching for something, for someone. This feeling has possessed me, I think, from that day…that day the stars came falling.


I’d like to apologize in advance.

IT AU where everything is the same, except nothing’s the same and this is terrible i’M SORRY.

Based on @itseddietozier‘s post.

edit: It’s come to my attention that I’ve caused some…mild discomfort in the IT community, and while I would like to say I regret my decision, I’m basically having the time of my life reading through all these tags and comments. You guys are great *blows kiss*


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were you two close before you started doing unsolved? have you gotten closer since starting? did you think the show would take off so much??

R: We had done Test Friends before Unsolved and we also sat next to each other from the time we were interns to now. So, yeah, I’d say so. As the show has progressed, I’ve definitely gotten to the point where I can appreciate how much I HATE him… jk we’re pals. I did not think the show would take off the way it has, and I’m thankful that there’s now a community of people who not only enjoy the show, but also, a community of people who I relate to. I just think that’s so cool, thanks for that. 

S: Yeah, we were always in close proximity to each other at work and have shared interests, so we’ve always gotten along. Beyond enjoying spookythings we also have a mutual appreciation for things like popcorn and the motion picture Speed Racer, a movie Ryan loves maybe even more than I do.

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Hey! I just wondered if you know any good victuuri fics where Victor or Yuuri is an author? I just read one with Yuuri as a famous one and it was so good that I would like to read similar ones.

Hi! Thanks for these requests! I love this AU!

(The gif was created by @nicaforov! Thank you so much!)

Author AU

how the mighty fall (in love) by braveten, Gen, 21k (WIP)
Every Victor Nikiforov fan has three things in common.
1. They have unrealistic expectations for romance.
2. They mark their calendars with the dates of his newest book releases and the premieres of his latest movie adaptations.
3. They either passionately hate or love his greatest rival, a mysterious author whose pseudonym is only two letters: “KY.” I’m… shook to the core I already love this fic so much!

Are you a library book? Because I can’t stop checking you out. by AriWrote, Teen, 9.3k (WIP)
Yuuri works at his family’s bookstore. Viktor is his favorite author. Somehow he doesn’t realize the cute stranger making eyes at in him in the self-help book section is his idol. Yuri just really wants a break. LOVE this!

more than three quarters by alykapedia, Teen, 5.3k (WIP)
The thing is, Yuuri never imagined that he’d end up as an author at twenty-four. Great fic so far!

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway, Explicit, 186k
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve. Amazing fic!

Unassuming by withoutwingsx, Teen, 7.2k
Where Yuuri is the author of a famous book series, but writes under a psuedonym, and Victor is possibly his biggest fan. Nothing like the man of your dreams complimenting your work without even knowing that you created it. It’s not like Yuuri can tell him… right? Thumbs up!

rekindling by fan_nerd, Mature, 9.1k
Victor stands on Yuuri’s doorstep in the pouring rain with a bouquet of flowers. It’s the middle of the night. The tall man is out of breath, soaking wet, and his eyes are red.
Yuuri sighs, letting his ex-boyfriend in like the sympathetic fool that Victor knows he is. “What are you doing here?” He hurries to catch his breath and reply, but his mouth is dry. Victor doesn’t exactly have an answer to that question. Slow burn!

of paperback novels and several loud screeching noises by katsusin, Teen, 6.1k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki: lonely bookstore owner
Victor Nikiforov: lonely author.
Phichit Chulanont: everybody’s favorite meddling best friend. Great fic!

Show by RavingRaven, Explicit, 1.4k
Yuri is very salty when he comes back to finish his work and realises it’s gone, and it’s Viktor’s fault. SPICY!

dear true love by cityboys, Teen, 36k (WIP)
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break. They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan. Rec’d by a follower!

GROUPCHAT - Xmen x Reader

I decided to try something new. This is going to be trash! I’m sorry for it being on your dash. I didn’t actually plan this, I just kept going. You can request a group chat, and be sure to tell me who you want in the group chat. -Thai💖

Hey guys! We should go to the mall.

Again?!? Jubilee no.

This is the 6th time this week!

And this will be the 6th time getting kicked out…hmm I wonder why?

It was an accident! Not my fault my wings are huge. But you know what else is huge, ladies 😉

My love for god?

Kurt, never change.

Leave it Warren or Peter to make it inappropriate

You shouldn’t even get that reference! You’re a baby!


Anymore, back on a more important topic. Mall?

How about we just stay in and watch a movie? I like watching American films!

Me too! They are very interesting!

They are very boring, especially the romantic ones. They are so predictable!

I gotta agree with my bro. Romcoms are boring.

Now action movies on the other hand. Very fun to watch. There’s always a hot girl.

That’s true. May I add that the hot girls body is always amazing.

So is that why you have so many action movies? To watch the hot girls, Scott?

Damn Scott. Now be careful with your answer.

Well there goes the movie idea…how about camping?

Camping sounds fun.

Gross! Bugs everywhere! You’re sleeping on the ground! Bad wifi! May I add NO BATHROOMS!

I agree with Jubilee. Camping is a no.

I have never been camping before. Y/N we can go camping 😄

On second thought. I’ll go.

Someone’s jealous





Question is of tho☕️👌🏼

I hate all of you.

Minus one of us buts that none of my business

Ooo burn! Get it..because she’s all hot and firey and stuff?

Did you just call my girlfriend hot😡

At least I didn’t say she has an amazing body☕️👌🏼 She totally does though. Jean, you got some nice legs.


He’s not wrong.

He is not.

Not at all. If you think of it. All the females on the team have amazing bodies.

Not I, but all my team mates look amazing.

You have a nice ass🍑

What you say bird boy?

What? She has an amazing ass. All the girls do.

Warren had been removed by Speedy.

Speedy has left the chat.

I got to go save a team mate.

Wanda🔮 had left the chat.

He’s not wrong about Wanda’s ass but Y/N’s has the best ass. Hands down.

Why do you look upon our asses?

No one here can say they haven’t looked at Y/N ass. Maybe Kurt but I highly doubt it.

As much as I hate the fact we jumped off topic and is now talking about asses, Alex has a solid point.

Y/N, I’m not admitting that I look at your ass but you have a nice ass.

Thank you butterscott, you have…nice lips and hair.

I just want to state the fact that I can read thoughts. @Scott

Jean has left the chat


Scotty😎 has left the chat

Poor kid. So movie or camping?

And I’m going to end it right there. This was messy and sloppy but oh well.

Revised edition

Quick report on Kubo and Yamamoto’s attendance to Concomics Guadalajara. I was in line for 9 hours plus two more for their short Q&A and am objectively dying, sorry for typos 

ETA: When I wrote this it didn’t occur to me that it would get hundreds of reblogs before I ever got to fix it, now my half-deceased incompetent typing will live on forever *sobs*

  • I arrived at 6:30 am and there were already people in line jeeesus (lots were coming to see a youtuber though)
  • Gonna spare you the deets on the awful people in my surroundings thank @yuurinikiforov cos I screamed at her for hours

ETA: I just realized this sounds like it was Ally making me scream but in fact i tumblr-screamed at her to prevent from unleashing my frustrations on the gross fujos that surrounded me. Thank Ally because she got to read all that nervous-wreck garbage and y’all get to be spared

  • I had a two-day ticket so I was allowed in half an hour earlier and if not for that, I probably would’ve missed on the autograph line. They had space for 50 people (plus 200ish that had bought the express pass which was super expensive). I was #45. It took less than three minutes since getting inside for all 50 spots to be taken

(this was the line after three minutes. I was too lazy to take pics of it later, but it got to be around 5 times this at some point.)

ETA: According to Con staff, since the lines were very well organized, they actually got to sign quite a bit more people than the originally allotted 50. The Queens are so kind. 

  • No photos, video or sound recording of The Queens allowed, except for this one taken by Con staff. They were giving away those postcards for the filthy casuals people who didn’t bring any official merch for the sign

i’m mostly kidding about the filthy casual thing bc I hate fandom elitism but there were a lot of people bringing FANART PRINTS and I wanted to gut them

  • Kubo would quick sketch a character of your choice. I chose Victor bc I love how she draws his huge heart mouth
  • I was able to tell Sayokan how grateful I am from the bottom of my heart and that I’m looking forward to the movie and she said thank you and that they’re workinng hard. I died. ETA: I wanted to say so much more but I was so nervous my Japanese came out really garbled and we didn’t have much time. And I didn’t get to say anything to Kubo because I didn’t want to distract her from drawing ;—;
  • Sayokan has a beautiful smile and I love her

ETA: She also had an aura like Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada, twenty years younger: A STRONG woman who takes no prisoners and is fabulous af. I love her with all my soul.

After the autographs, The Queens had a short stage appearance

  • There was a cosplay contest and the winners would get to sit in the front row for The Queens’ presentation. I didn’t take any pics but the standout for me apart from a flood of gorgeous girls doing Eros Yuuri, was a pair of girls doing Lilia and Yakov. The announcer clearly didn’t watch the show and botched Lilia’s last name, but the cosplayer had the attitude 100% on point.
  • Something I hate is people who say Yurio stressing the u, it sounds so wrong and a lot of people today were doing it and driving me mad
  • The stage was packed af
  • Kubo drew quick sketch of Victor while she and Sayo answered a couple of questions. They will post the video later today

ETA: Here’s the video

  • Audience Questions logistics wasn’t very well prepared and even Kubo asked how it was gonna work. I was embarrassed for the lack of planning. In the end those that were lucky to be close to the stage got to ask the questions. Lia was praying for no stupid questions pls.

Q&A (translation partially mine partially from the interpreter)

1. What were your expectations about Mexico and have those expectations changed now

Kubo: I haven’t gone sightseeing yet but it’s my first time in Mexico and I didn’t expect so many people. [The people/audience] feels four or five times warmer than japan (make of that what you may, Japanese people say that about us a lot) Sayokan didn’t answer

2. Dumb question that has already been answerred in interviews about whether Yurio was planned to win from the start. As we know, yes, pretty sure both of them have said it before.

Sayokan added that his character development wasn’t completely planned though, and he evolved a lot during writing.

3. Which word do you think of when you thibk of Yuuri and Victor 

Sayokan: Love (愛) 

Kubo: She didn’t talk to the mic and people were still screaming about 愛  so Ididn’t hear what she said but the interpreter said she said Friendship. My queens get your story sraight pls

HUGELY IMPORTANT ETA: Other people that were there have confirmed that Kubo gave a long answer that included 断ち切れない絆 “an unbreakable bond” and didn’t say anything about friendship. There was a telephone game going on because there was a JP-ENG interpreter and then an ENG-SPA interpreter and I don’t know how or why the latter got “friendship” but please take this into account, I don’t want people to hate on Kubo because I wasn’t close enough to hear her answer and the Spanish interpreter botched it.

Not important ETA: A girl close to me was yelling “Victuri” like she hoped they’d answer that and I was facepalming hard

Kubo also asked (in Japanese) if anyone understood Japanese, it wasn’t translated and a good dozen of hands shot up. She was surprised. Some folks screamed abd she said 落ち着け. One or two continued screaming so obviously they didn’t understand Japanese lol

4. Stupid question about whether they plan to develop Otabek and Yurio’s relationship. 

Sayokan said they hadn’t fully decided on how everything’s gonna end in the movie so can’t say yet but look forward to the bonus on V6 (the interpreter said V3 and I wanted to gut him). Hoes I like Otayuri but stop trying to shove it on The queens’ faces pls

5. Do you have plans for a special chapter about the Lady skaters? 

Sayokan said it’s definitely something they’d love to do but right now their focus is on the boys abnd finishing their story. Best answer for me tbh besides Sayokan’s 愛 cos I wanna see Mila skate soooo bad.

ETA: Forgot to mention this but a lot of people were chanting “Boda! Boda!” (wedding). Kubo asked what it was that people were chanting and the interpreter told them. Someoene else is reporting that Sayokan chuckled. There were two tall dudes in front of me so my vision was very obstructed and can’t confirm, but neither said anything out loud in response to it

  • Sayokan threw some gifts at the audience but My Queen is no pitcher and I was too far back so didn’t get anything *sobs*. Some were prints or maybe postcards but no idea of what exactly.

And that’s it! Theyll be signing more autographs and have another stage appearancw tomorrow but I can’t stay so someone else will have to report it whilst I die.

TL;DR I love them and my calebdar looks even more beautiful and I never thought that was possible and I’ll cry about this day for the rest of my life.

PS I’ll fix those typos when I’m not utterly destroyed
PPs: I have no shame so I wanna plug my cute Victuri Tangled AU it’s really cute and it doesnt have typos promise, please read it

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oof,,, 50s/60s reddie as teenagers and richie is a greaser but hes actually a softie and like eddie is this cleancut kid and richie invites him to a party,,, please make it gay

Umm haha I hate myself because I love this so much?? It’s so much longer than I expected it to be too, I just kept thinking of more and more ideas - I hope that’s okay!! Also a special thanks to my favourite, @losvers-clubb for helping me out with ideas!!

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Slytherin and Hufflepuff Couple Moves into a New House Together
  • New Neighbor: Welcome to the neighborhood!
  • Hufflepuff: Thank you so much! It's so nice to meet you!
  • Slytherin: *silence*
  • Hufflepuff: *discretely nudges Slytherin with her elbow*
  • Slytherin: Oh! Um, yeah, ditto.
  • New Neighbor: Hey! Why don't you come over for dinner on Saturday night!
  • Hufflepuff: We'd love t--
  • Slytherin: I don't think so.
  • Hufflepuff & New Neighbor: ??????
  • Slytherin: It's not you!
  • Slytherin: I just hate having dinner...
  • Slytherin: With people.
  • Hufflepuff: *face palms*
dating taetae would include:

[gender neutral] ☼

  ∙ creeping up and hugging you from behind 

  ∙ teasing

  ∙ i feel like tae would enjoy pda + making sure everyone knew you were his 

  ∙ hand holding

  ∙ your parents loving him 

  ∙ lip syncing your favourite songs together 

  ∙ annoying guk with your fluffiness 

  ∙ pinkie swears 

  ∙ sharing sweaters !!! 

 ∙ he’d enjoy playing with your hair “its so soft baby” 

∙ pet names - princess//prince//angel//cutie//sweetie//kitten

∙ he’d love to take pictures of you when you weren’t looking; he just finds you too beautiful so he loves to capture it within a picture 

∙ he adores your smile 

∙ speaking of your future together 

∙ i think taetae would encourage you endlessly. you want to eat the biggest hotdog in the world? he’d believe in you and your dream 

∙ he’s serious when its neccessary 

∙ when your upset he’d snuggle into you to break through the tears 

∙ dorky snapchats !!! 

∙ skinship 

∙ shy kisses 

∙ dom! tae 

∙ eYe smiLES

∙ i think jimin would third wheel you two a lot when he’s not with guk 

∙ jealous! tae

∙ puns you later find out were stolen from jin 

∙ “please, i’ll walk the puppy baby, just please?” 

∙ arguments over the stupidest stuff but he’d always crack and hug you to say sorry 

∙ no matter what, he’d always find a way to make you happy 

∙ hickeys 

∙ tae would sit you on his lap at any given opportunity honestly 

∙ drunk!tae would lead to him giggling about how much he loves you 

∙ selcas//pictures 

∙ taes bad attempt at sexting “are you wearing clothes? man, i love your clothes” 

∙ your dates would either include movies or food. or both 

∙ he’d make you stand on his feet when you dance together so he can lead 

∙ tol or smol, he thinks you are breathtaking 

∙ your weight doesn’t matter to him. he adores all of you 

∙ he’d be a blushing mess whenever you touched him 

∙ “i hate you” “i love you too” 

∙ he’d send you selcas of him imitating your pictures 

∙ taetae would make the cutest boyfriend !!!! 

a/n : thanks for reading!! i hope this is okay, tae is my bias so i wanted to do his first but if anyone wants me to, ill do others!!! [slight jikook mention]

Just a game pt. 2

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. But now her mind and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…Now that she knows what her dare is, the reader makes her way to the easiest entrance to the sewers the following morning with bitterness in her stride. She doesn’t even believe there would be a clown in the sewers. It was completely ridiculous. Wasn’t it?

Hey everyone and welcome to part two of this story! I wanna say thank you so much for the support I’ve gotten starting out, it really means a lot to me ❤. I hope people like this story and I hope that this chapter will be longer haha I just got fed up of restarting the first part.

Again, if you aren’t a fan of this sort of this content then please scroll away, it’s not worth hating on. I’m trying to keep out the main It movie tags.

“Stupid fuckin dare. There’s no fuckin clown in the sewers, surely.” You muttered in your head as you walked across the kissing bridge to a worn down area of the sides of the road where many other children had run up and down over the years to reach the brook below. You weren’t alone, all your friends were following on behind you, your best friend the most smug. She was so proud of her dare that she reminded you when she woke you up ever so early that morning. You were just about ready to have this over with so you could move on with your life.

The small trek down to the brook was easy but now you headed up stream for that was where the mouth of the sewer system was. You exhaled as you saw the opening in the near distance. There were several rocks of various sizes scattered around in the shallow water, some big enough to even sit on. Greenery hung over the entrance like a small curtain that had been torn in several places. You stopped when you were close enough to smell the putrid air from within.

“Alright, I’m here. You’re all coming with me, right?” You asked as you turned to the group. Your best friend smirked.

“I’ll come with you to see if you actually do it.” She said. You frowned slightly but turned your attention to the others.

“Anyone else?” You asked shortly. In the end, four of you entered the sewers whilst the rest were to be on watch and to come if there was trouble.

The water inside the sewers was a murky grey colour with old leaves and branches amongst various other strange things that you didn’t want to know about floated on or poked out from the surface. Your eyes had begun to water from the intensity of the smell so you grabbed your phone out of your pocket and switched on the flashlight. Now you could see the true horror of the tunnels. The walls were moist and grimy but the grey water wasn’t so deep surprisingly. As you walked round a bend, noting on the sound of the splashing of water of your friends behind you, you paused at the sight of a crossroad. You sighed.

“Where do you think we should turn?”

(Bf/n) shrugged.

“I don’t know, try calling for the clown or something.”

Your brow furrowed in slight irritation because she was the reason you were down there in a stinking sewer at a crossroad. But there was no other choice except being lost down there so you cleared your throat and huffed.

“What’s his name?” You asked

“Pennywise I think. Pennywise the dancing clown.” You heard. With a slight nod you stepped forward, closer to the different links.

“Pennywise, oh Pennywise the dancing clown!” You chimed feeling slightly stupid. There was a snicker behind you when there wasn’t a response. You turned to your friends angrily.

“Shut the fuck up! You’re the reason I’m here!” You growled. They seemed to pause their laughter and it was replaced with silent horror. You shined the light at them. “What’s wrong?” You asked. (Bf/n)’s mouth fell open.

“B-b-” She stuttered. And then you could sense someone stood behind you. You slowly slosh the water as you turn and your eyes stared frightfully as they settled upon a single red balloon slowly floating towards you all.

It was exactly the same as the one from the day before; the same shade of red, even in the dim light. You step backwards, slightly bumping into one of the others behind you.

“S-so someone lost the balloon down here, huh?” You tried to make light of the situation but the others said nothing. The balloon was very close now, blocking your view of the tunnel behind it. And then it suddenly stopped abruptly directly in front of you. You dared breathe and it wasn’t because of the air this time. You could see your reflection on the surface of the red latex but then it was gone with an obscenely loud pop which caused one of the others behind you cry out in surprise. But the popped balloon was the least of your problems because now stood in the tunnel exactly opposite you was a looming figure with hunched shoulders standing and most likely staring. Even though you had never known anything of the clown, you knew instantly that this was the well talked about clown Pennywise. You drew in a shaky breath.

“Are you P-Pennywise?” You already knew the answer. However, he didn’t answer you right away. Instead, a chilling over excited giggle came from his direction and then he was dashing forward, an animalistic screech coming from his lips. The water sloshed violently both in front of you from where he was coming from and behind you where you guessed your friends were retreating judging from their screams of utter terror. But you stayed still and your scrunched shut. You felt a gloved hand grasp your neck tightly and you were suddenly airborne, startling you. Immediately, you clawed at the clown’s hand and heaved in a feeble attempt to get him to let you go. You were able to see his face now and oh how you wished you had said truth last night. The first thing you noticed was a large forehead that was white like the rest of the face except the paint was cracking. And then were the red lines that slashed through the centre of his eyes and looped round to connect with the corners of his full, red painted lips. To finish off the face makeup was a painted red button nose which otherwise would have been adorable if it hadn’t had been for the way his eyes were cast in a shadow under an exaggerated frowning brow. But those eyes…something about them wasn’t right. Something about the way one was always looking the wrong way and the fact that they were an alarming amber tinged with red. You barely noted on the flaming orange hair that curled upwards on the sides of his head and a curl at the top, you could only stare at his face. You tried not to panic though despite your situation.

“A-are you P-Pennywise?” You tried again through struggling breathes. His full lips pulled upwards into a grin, exposing two large and slightly pointed bucked teeth.

“Yeeesss. How may I help you seeing as your friends just bailed on you?” His voice is so strange, pitching in odd places as well as being deep and rough. You continue to struggle slightly and curse under your breath.

“I-I was dared to do something that involved y-you and I don’t wanna back out.” You choke out. This amused the clown very much so as he let out a giggle.

“Well! What would this include, hm?” He asked, his face drawing near to yours. You close your eyes for a split second and exhale. There was no going back now.


Your hands stop gripping onto his that was choking you and instead you took fistfulls of his ruffled collar and pull him forward, your eyes scrunched shut. Pennywise let’s out a grunt of confusion but it was cut off when your lips press against his painted ones. It lasted only for a moment because the clown all but shoved you away sending you tumbling into the murky water below with a loud splash. You gasp and stare up at the tall figure. He was snarling and you noticed saliva was dripping down his chin. He hissed and then he was rushing away down the narrow passageways until you could see nothing more of the silver suit he wore. You took this as an opportunity to get to your feet quickly and all but sprint back to the entrance. At this point you were cold and wet and smelly and all you wanted in the world was a hot shower and the bed in the motel you were staying in. You didn’t pause as you rushed past your friends, even when they called out to you. This had gone too far for you.


It was a few hours and at least five showers later, you were snuggled on the motel room bed on your laptop for you had no phone at that point. Somewhere along the panic you had dropped your phone into the sewage water and you knew there was no hope in getting it back now.

You were so pissed off. Pissed off that you had gone along with the dare, pissed off that your friends had left you behind with a crazy clown, pissed off that your phone was missing and probably destroyed and pissed off that one set of clothes and shoes was now un-wearable and in the dumpster. You had music playing in an attempt to calm your mood and for a while it had begun to work but the knock on the motel door instantly turned the mood sour. With a huff, you pushed off the bed and stomped to the door and pulled it open, stopping it with security chain. Outside were your supposed friends, people you really didn’t want to see at that moment. You scowled.

“What?” You snapped. Your supposed best friend stepped forward.

“Hey, I’m sorry about all that happened in the sewer- I just wondered if you wanted to, you know, come out for a drink maybe? I’ll pay of course.” She suggested timidly. You scoffed.

“Oh sureee! I absolutely wanna go get a fucking drink with the one who dared me to do the most fucking dumb thing ever and then bail on me. You know what fucking happened, huh? I lost my fucking phone somewhere down there and my clothes were fucking ruined! But of course it doesn’t matter because I did the dare so I fucking win! But in answer to your question, no! No I don’t want to get a stupid fucking drink with any of you, I’m planning my trip home so kindly fuck off and good riddance!”

You were breathless after your rant and halfway through you’d noticed that (bf/n) had begun to cry, her eyes becoming puffy and pink around the edges as tears welled up in the corners. This didn’t phase you though for your blind rage had taken over. You didn’t even give anyone a chance to speak before you slammed the door shut and locked it. You closed the curtains roughly and stomped back to the bed, curling up into a ball within a nest of the bed sheets and pillows. And then you felt the tightness in your throat that burned a little and your nostrils flared. You wiped your nose aggressively as you felt your eyes begin to water.

“Stupid fuckin’ tears. Stupid friends. Stupid dare.” You muttered under your breath. You were a mess. The crying session lasted for at least an hour before you collapsed back, exhausted with a throbbing headache. You realised at some point that perhaps you had been irrational, cruel even and now you were feeling the after effects of your freak out. You were too tired to think logically at that point and so you decided that sleep would be the bed solution at that moment.

You sorted the pillows out and stumbled over to the light switch to turn it off, plunging the room into darkness. You hadn’t realised it was so late, a thought that made your head throb a little more. You settled down on the bed, the blankets wrapped around you and your head nestled in the pillows and your eyes closed. It wasn’t long before sleep took you and you were drifting.


Amber eyes, flaming hair. He was there, Pennywise. He was tall, 6"3 at least, and he towered over you, staring down. His red painted lips were open and drool was leaking out and collecting on his chin. He was grinning down at you.

“(Y/n)…. (y/n), wake up. Wake up little one.” He taunted in an eerily soft voice. You frowned and sat up in bed.

“How are you…” You couldn’t finish your sentence for he had pounced onto your chest, his body pinning you in place. You wanted to scream but you were frozen in fear. He smirked.

“Such fragrant fear…you smell delicious.” He groaned. His face was inches from yours and you watched in horror as his mouth opened and dislocated, hundreds of teeth being exposed to you. And then he was leaning forward, closer and closer. You could see lights in the back of his throat and hear the cries of hundreds of voices in pain. You just couldn’t scream…


You awoke abruptly, sitting up and chest heaving. Your body was covered in a layer of sweat as you guessed you had been tossing and turning throughout the nightmare. Nightmare. It was just a nightmare. There was no clown, you weren’t going to die. He wasn’t in the room with you. Your breathing slowed after a while and you were able to relax, laying back against the pillows with an exhale. It was a surreal feeling after a nightmare when you realised you were safe. An adrenaline rush. You smiled and chuckled breathlessly to yourself as you listened to the low hum of the overhead fan in the room. Then there was a creak. Your breathing paused and your body felt numb with fear. You dared make any sound. And then you heard him.

“(Y/n)…” He chimed. You feel panic settle in your whole body. He was there.

Wow it’s done. Much longer than the first part I think. This was a lot of fun to write, I love this story haha. I hope I wrote Pennywise realistically enough. Thanks for reading!

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My whole dash is Sana crying and my heart breaks every time. She needs some holy trinity time.

Right? I suggested earlier that this could be the perfect time for…okay you ready?

So after Sara and Sana talk, Sara messages Isak and apologises for believing it was him when it wasn’t and then Isak just like drops his phone turns to Even and is like 

“I gots to go” 

and Even looks up from the bed where they were watching a movie and is all “what babe?” 

so Isak sighs and flops down on the bed while pulling his shoes on and lets Even rub warm soothing circles on his back as he does. Isak looks up at him and says “Sara knows Sana was the one to leak her chats” and watches as Even raises his eyebrows and nods “oh”

“yeah” Isak replies getting up 

Even thinks for a moment  “would the girls?…” 

Isak shakes his head “nei, after the fucked up shit Sara pulled on Vilde? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sana is alone right now.” 

Even frowns “poor Sana” 

Isak nods and grabs his books “yeah which is why i’m going over there and making her help me study”

Even laughs and jumps up to grab his jacket “your sweet baby, but if you think you’re gonna comfort her with science you are gonna need some help.” 

Isak looks back in surprise “you sure? what if…you know the boys are-”

Even brushes him off “it doesn’t matter. lets go help our science buddy and friend” 

“um MY science buddy and friend thank you very much in fact did i tell you we are best buds?”

“only a million times baby” 

When Sana opens the door to see Isak and Even holding a pizza she doesn’t know what the hell to do. Usually her instinct would be to tell them to go away but she is too taken aback to register before Isak is smiling, calling her his best buddy and inviting himself in. Even pulls Sana in a tight hug and shows her the movies he brought over to cheer her up. 

both stories of basketball legends Sana doesn’t exactly hate…..

“So our television is broken so we were wondering if we could hang here?” Isak asks making himself comfortable on her couch.

Sana narrows her eyes “sure..” she does not buy it she knows exactly what they are doing, but as Even pops the movie in and Isak waves a slice of vegetarian pizza in front of her face… she can’t say no to it. 

She lets herself be sandwiched between the two boys as they watch the movie and bicker over it. 

Isak doesn’t understand a second of the basketball scenes and Even and Sana roast him for it. everything is fine for a while. Sana forgets it all but eventually it begins to come back and that’s when it happens. 

Sana’s body begins to shake silently as the tears roll down her face, she feels herself falling back into the empty feeling of loss and misery and she doesn’t know how to get out. 

but then she feels arms around her… from both sides. 

Isak is rubbing circles on her back and Even wipes away her tears with a tissue while telling her everything is going to be okay. They are here, she is not alone

everything is going to be okay

and as she lets her friends tell her this and listen to her cry

she just begins to believe it. 

sarahmgellar: “20 years ago today, I had the greatest privilege to bring Buffy to your tv screens for the first time. It was a long and challenging road to get there. First the movie, then a passed over pilot presentation, and eventually a mid season time slot on a little known network. That first season, we liked to think of ourselves as the little show that could. While we knew the potential, I don’t think any of us saw the lasting impact our show would have. As an actor, you wish for that one role where you can leave your mark and forever be remembered, with Buffy I got so much more. She’s a feminist challenge to gender hierarchy. Buffy may have been the Chosen One, but I was the lucky one. Thank you to Gail Berman for always believing there was a show in that movie. Thank you to Joss Whedon, for trusting me to give life to one of the greatest female characters ever created. Thank you to David, for always being my Angel. Thank you to James for understanding that while Buffy and Spike may have been love/hate, I have nothing but love for you. Alyson, as any woman knows, you are nothing without the love and support of great female friends, so thank you for being that. Michelle, you will always hold a key to my heart. Thank you to all the incredible actors for seven seasons of amazing performances. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible crew that worked tirelessly (and also really tired) to bring this show to life. And lastly, but most importantly thank you to all of you, the fans. We made this show for you, and your unwavering support has kept this show going long past our seven years. You are everything. And always remember…“if the apocalypse comes, beep me” #buffyslays20


SUMMARY - Bucky , your boyfriend ,who has been abroad for a week catches you masturbating to the movie ‘The Bronze’. (you know the infamous gymnastic sex scene )

A/N - This fic needed more work than usual so Taw @supersoldierslover Thank you so much babe. 

WARNINGS- Masturbation , unprotected sex ( pls practice safe sex guys), maybe a little embarrassment. (also lot less curses , but still a few . I can’t help it .)

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(but I do .) 

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REQUEST by ANONYMOUS: Hi there, I love your writing so much! Can I maybe have a Roman smut where you find Roman talking to his ex-wife on the phone and he has her on the speaker because he was busy with something and you overheard her saying that she still loves him, which causes you to get jealous af and have a bitter argument with him? Thank you!

Warnings: smut, language
(A/N) I still have to practice when it comes to the argument part, but I did my best. And also, I have no hate or disrespect towards Galina or anyone in Roman’s family whatsoever. I adore her and everyone else, so please don’t get the wrong impression😚 And thank you guys so much for reading, liking and reblogging my works, it means the world to me♥️.


‘’Thanks for bringing Jojo Ro,’’ Galina spoke as she guided their daughter into her car. ‘’I hope you guys had a good time.’’ She smiled.

‘’Yeah the tree of us just stayed home and watched movies,’’ Roman smiled back. It was his turn to have Jojo for the weekend and since it was Sunday, Joelle had to get back to her mom . Him and Galina split up right before she found out she was pregnant again. ‘’How are you doing?’’ he asked her, ‘’With the pregnancy. I’m sorry I can’t be a part of it,’’ he quietly said. I guess he didn’t want me to hear it since he knows that I’m still cautious when it comes to Galina. Even though I was in the passenger seat, I could still hear majority of their conversation because the windows were rolled down.

‘’The pregnancy is going alright and it’s fine,’’ Galina said as she put her hand on his arm and smiled. ‘’I wish things worked out between us.’’

‘’It’s for the better,’’ Roman said, ‘’I’ll see you in a few days honey!’’ He waved at Jojo who was excitingly waving back at him.

‘’Bye dad, bye y/n!’’ Joelle smiled, making me melt. I was thrilled that the daughter of the man I’m in love with, loved me as much as I loved her. I remember the first time meeting Roman; we were both taking a walk somewhere in a park in Pensacola as we bumped into each other, both of us not paying attention where we walking. He insisted on taking me to dinner and how could I say no to a man like him? We started to meet up more and more and we could really get along. One night, he finally got the courage to tell me that he was in a divorce for a while and I felt, logically, responsible. He managed to convince me that it had nothing to do with me and that things were tensed between the two of them for a while. Once the divorce was final, he wanted me and Joelle to meet each other. Not right away of course, it was too fresh for her, but after a month or two. I was super nervous, not knowing if she’d like me or not. She was a little taken back at first, but once she found out I loved Disney movies as much as she did, she was all over me and we could talk about everything. I smiled as I was thinking back at everything.
‘’Are we going to watch more Disney movies next week, y/n?’’ Joelle yelled happily as she put on the seatbelt.

‘’Of course we are, I promise,’’ I smiled back at her. She cheered happily as Galina stepped into the car, blowing me kisses with her hand. ‘’See you next week!’’

‘’You guys are just too cute,’’ Roman chuckled as he made his way to the driver’s seat. ‘’I hope you didn’t mind, coming along.’’

‘’Of course not, are you crazy?’’

‘’I know you too well baby and I know that you still have your doubts on the relationship me and Galina have, am I right? You can kick my ass if I’m wrong.’’

‘’It’s not that I have doubts,’’ I said as I turned towards him,’’ it’s not that I’m insecure, I’m just careful.’’

‘’There’s no need to be careful babygirl, I’m not going anywhere.’’ He smiled and kissed my cheek. ‘’Now tell me, what do you want for dinner?’’

‘’Uhm I don’t know, maybe we can order something when we’re at home. I seriously need some rest after a weekend watching Disney movies. Not that I don’t love them, I adore them, but a whole weekend long is too much, even for me.’’

‘’At least the two of you enjoyed it,’’ he absently replied as he looked in the back mirror and drove backwards. ‘’I’ll call a takeout once we’re home.’’

‘’I love when you’re focused,’’ I admitted. The moment he seriously had to focus on something, he frowned, making him look angry, turning me on and he knew. He had a big smirk on his face as I playfully hitted his bicep and looked out of the window as he drove home.


‘’I need a power nap,’’ I groaned as I stumbled into the living room, throwing my shoes in the hallway.

‘’First tell me what you wanna eat Mrs. Reigns,’’ he chuckled as he grabbed my waist in one fluid motion, pulling me close to him.

‘’I’m honestly open for anything,’’ I wrapped my arms around his neck, ‘’I ain’t got a ring on my finger yet, Mr. Reigns.’’ I teased.

‘’As you said yourself, yet.’’ He winked and kissed me. ‘’So you’re fine with Italian?’’

‘’Totally fine.’’

‘’Great, then Italian it is, amore mio.’’

‘’Since when do you speak Italian?’’ I laughed as he picked me up bridal style and gently lied me down on the couch.

‘’I don’t, it just happened to be few of the words I know,’’ he smiled and tucked me in under the blanket. ‘’Now get some rest babygirl,’’ he kissed my head, ‘’By the time you wake up, the house will be filled with the smell of Italy.’’ He assured.

‘’It’d be better if I woke up in Italy tho,’’ I replied as I closed my eyes.

‘’You’re going to sleep now so dream about it.’’ Roman joked as he gave me one last kiss and walked away.


The smell of fresh pasta made me open my eyes slightly. I yawned and sat up, rubbing my eyes. I expected Roman to be somewhere near me but there was no sign of him. ‘’Roman?’’ I called out. No response. I stood up and folded up the blanket as I made my way to the kitchen, finding the whole table covered with food. Wanting to take a shower before I devour everything that’s in the kitchen, I walked upstairs. As I got closer to the bedroom I heard Roman laugh. Not knowing what he was doing, I peeked through the door that was open for a little bit, finding Roman sat on the side of the bed sorting the laundry. He always wanted to help me with the house holding, so I wasn’t surprised.

‘’So what’re you up to?’’ I heard a familiar voice asking.

‘’Nothing much, just doing the laundry, having dinner with y/n and just rest before RAW starts tomorrow.’’ Roman spoke.

‘’Can’t you come over for a bit?’’ The female voice required. It was Galina.

‘’You know I can’t do that,’’ he sighed.

‘’If you want to, you can always come back you know and I still love you despite everything that happened.’’

‘’Look,’’ Roman started. I couldn’t listen to their conversation anymore so I made my way straight to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. I usually don’t get jealous that quick, but as Roman said before, I still have my doubts when it comes to their relationship. I trust Roman, but not her. ‘’Y/n?’’ I heard Roman say, ‘’You okay?’’

‘’I’m fine,’’ I shortly replied as I made my way out of the bathroom, walking downstairs.

‘’No you’re not. Y/n what’s wrong?’’

‘’As if you don’t know,’’ I snarled.

‘’No, I don’t know, tell me.’’

‘’She is wrong,’’ I said, turning around, seeing Roman standing behind me.

‘’Who’s she? What happened?’’ He asked confused. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I walked over to the table to grab my keys. ‘’Where are you going?’’

‘’Look, before I say things that I don’t mean, I’m leaving,’’ I acknowledged.

‘’No, you’re staying and you’re going to tell me what’s wrong. Right now,’’ he demanded, grabbing my am roughly. ‘’So tell me, what’s the problem?’’

‘’Your ex-wife, she’s the problem. Can’t she just understand you’re with me now and leave you the fuck alone?’’ I angrily questioned. ‘’She constantly keeps flirting with you, telling you that she still loves you and god knows what else.’’

‘’You overheard the conversation,’’ he mumbled, kind of talking to himself. ‘’Y/n, we have kid together, soon to be two or even three, how am I supposed to ignore her? How am I going to tell her to ‘leave me the fuck alone’ while we share a history together?’’  His voice started to raise. I could tell he was frustrated but I wasn’t going to say sorry for anything.

‘’You know how much it irritates me when she acts like that towards you and you just let her get away with it, giving her the wrong signals. I maybe don’t say it, but you know damn well I can’t stand it and you keep on doing it,’’ tears started to fill my eyes.

‘’Keep doing what?’’ he almost screamed, causing me to take a step back. ‘’God y/n this frustrates the shit out of me. What the fuck do you mean with ‘you keep on doing it’?’’

‘’You keep on giving her the wrong fucking impression, Roman. If I didn’t know better, I would think you’d rather be with her than me.’’ I yelled back at him, tears falling down my face. His eyes widened and he probably didn’t know what to say since he kept quiet. ‘’I’m leaving now.’’ I quietly said and wiped my tears away. I grabbed my jacket and quickly wore my shoes as I shut the door behind me. Did this seriously happen? Roman and I never argued about anything. Sure, we had our disagreements, but who doesn’t? The cold night breeze made my cheeks feel extra cold because of the tears rolling down. I took a deep breath and started to walk.


It was probably 11 pm and I had several missed calls from Roman but I wanted to talk to him in person. Walking always succeeded to clear my mind and help me to see situations from another perspective. As I was about to unlock the door, it opened. Roman was standing in the doorway, almost bursting out in tears. Before I could say something, he pulled me in for a hug.

‘’Look Ro, before you can say anything, I’m sorry. I know you guys have kids together, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling the way I feel about you. I’m crazy about you, I really am, but you gotta tell Galina to respect that we’re in a relationship right now.’’ I quietly said and looked up at him.

‘’I know baby, I know,’’ he sighed. ‘’I’m sorry I screamed, it was not my intention.’’ He caressed my cheek softly. ‘’And I know that I’m wrong when it comes to being clear to her. I don’t want to be mean towards her, let alone you. I’ll make sure I’m more clear next time, okay? But you gotta promise me one thing.’’

‘’And that is?’’ I asked as he pulled me closer to his body so there was no space left between us. He closed the door and pushed me against it.

‘’You have to tell me when something is bothering you because how’s daddy gonna know when something is wrong with his princess?’’ His deep voice was rough and full with lust, his pupils were blown. I was quiet for a moment, just looking at him. The longer I stared, the more aroused I got. ‘’I still got no answer, princess,’’ he spoke as his hands rubbed my waist.

‘’I promise,’’ I softly replied.

‘’Good girl, now let me show you how badly I wanna be with you.’’ He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, making me laugh. I felt him chuckling as he walked up the stairs. Once we reached the bedroom, he threw me on the bed and just looked at me. He slowly got rid of his shirt and unbuckled his belt, his eyes never left mine. I sat up and crawled towards the end of the bed, stopping him from getting rid of his pants. I bit my lip and looked up at him, pulling his pants down along with his boxers. He let out a sigh and grabbed my hair as I started to stroke his length. His grip tightened I swirled my tongue against the tip, still stroking him. ‘’Fuck y/n,’’ he groaned. His hand pushing me deeper, causing me to take his whole length in my mouth. I could feel him hitting the back of my throat, almost making me gag but I kept my breathing under control. I slowly made my way back up and licked the side, making him shiver. He pulled my head back and I smirked up at him. ‘’Christ y/n, I was close, but daddy wants to please the both of us,’’ he hoarsely said. Without warning he got rid of my leggings and buried himself between my legs.

‘’Oohhh fuckk,’’ I moaned. His tongue circled my clit and dipped right into my entrance. I grabbed a fist full of his black hair and arched my back. The way he made me feel was unreal. He moaned against me, feeling the effects throughout my whole body. Two fingers found his way inside of me. ‘’Romann…baby…fuck..’’ I gasped as I felt my orgasm approaching. ‘’Don’t stop, don’t stop,’’ I squealed. He abruptly stopped and started to kiss his way back up. His hands roamed over my upper body and teared my shirt open. I raised my eyebrows, but before I could say a word, he flicked his tongue over my hard nipple. ‘’Roman,’’ I panted.

‘’I’m gonna make you feel so good babygirl,’’ he whispered in my ear as he stroked his dick slowly before I felt the tip push inside of me, ‘’So, fucking, good,’’ he grunted as he pushed all the way inside me. I couldn’t say anything because of the pleasure he was providing me with. My hands found their way around his neck as he set a pace.

‘’Daddy’s making you feel good?’’

‘’So fucking good,’’ I moaned. In a blink of an eye, I was straddling him.

‘’Ride me princess.’’ He seductively said. I nodded and started to bounce on top of him. Roman groaned and threw his head back, his hands guiding me deeper down with every movement. The friction of my clit rubbing against his pelvis made me reach my orgasm even sooner than expected.

‘’Roman I’m gonna cum,’’ I breathed. ‘’Oh my god, shit.’’

‘’That’s right babygirl, cum for me, cum for daddy,’’ he smirked as his thumb found my clit and started to rub it slowly. My vision went black as my orgasm ripped through my entire body. My walls clenched down on him, making his grip on my waist tighten. ‘’Shit, gonna cum,’’ he panted. I felt his dick jerk inside of me. He cursed and moaned my name loudly, making my body tingle. I loved the fact he wasn’t holding himself back, vocal or not. He gently pulled me off and lied me down next to him. ‘’There’s no way I would wanna go back to her, you’re all I want babygirl,’’ he said after a minute.

‘’That’s good to hear, because I wasn’t going to let you go anyways.’’ I chuckled and intertwined our hands together. I sighed and looked up at him. Despite the exercise we just had, he still looked flawless as always. I tangled my hand in his hair and played with it. ‘’I love you.’’ I whispered against his lips.

‘’I love you too, babygirl,’’ he smiled and kissed me. Minutes later, we shifted positions; he was lying between my legs, head on my chest. I continued to play with his hair and moments later, I could feel he had fallen asleep. I kissed his head and fell asleep myself, feeling confident about our relationship. 

Just a game pt 5

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. Now her thoughts and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…After the incident in the library archives, the reader lives in constant fear of the clown returning for another game. However, it’s been a week and there had been no sign of him, only the toll of lost children had risen. For an unknown reason, her friends have been able to persuade her to stay in Derry for a longer period for the summer vacation is in full. At least, she wants to think that’s the reason. There was no way it could be because she secretly wanted him to come back to steal a hot kiss again…

Warning: a little smutty!!

Hey everyone we are here with the fifth instalment of the story and honestly I just wanna say thank again because there are so many people who are enjoying the story and saying nice things. It really warms my heart ya know? So thank you very much! If you want to be tagged in the story then please let me know! (But please note that I’m on mobile only so don’t bother with the ask box cuz I can’t reply haha I accidentally deleted someone’s ask and I felt bad)

If you don’t like this content then please just scroll away because it’s not worth hating (not actually had any hate which is a blessing). I am keeping out of the main It movie tags.

Sitting in a bar sipping on an alcoholic drink wasn’t what you wanted to be doing and yet there you were. Of course, you weren’t alone. Your best friend was sat beside you with her second drink of the night. It was only the two of you but you had no idea why, however, you had a feeling you were about to find out. (Bf/n) gulped down the burning liquid and coughed slightly before she spoke.

“Alright, give it to me straight. What’s been going on with you? You’re…different and not in a good way. You’re jumpy and you avoid being alone as much as possible which is why I’m staying with you in the motel. Why?” She asked softly. You shifted in your seat and avoided her gaze.

“You’d not believe me. You already forgot.”

The woman in front of you sighed and her brow furrowed.

“You’re on about that clown guy again, aren’t you?”

You glared a little.

“I’m not making him up. He is a real creature who is tormenting me. Has been since day one. He’s responsible for the child disappearances and the weird events every twenty-seven years.” You said firmly. She pats your hand a little rougher than comfortingly.

“(Y/n), it’s a legend, nothing more. Maybe you need more sleep, perhaps go see a doctor and get some professional help.” She suggested. Your cheeks feel hot as rage slowly begins to bubble in your belly.

“Are you saying I’m going mad?” You nearly growled and she flinched.

“Come on, (y/n), you know it’s not like that-”

“-Yes it is! You all think I’m going mad but it’s real! Hell, he gave me my phone back, you know that! I didn’t go to the sewers and search for it, he had it!” You cut her off angrily. She held her hands up in defence.

“Alright, alright I’m sorry! So maybe he is real then why can’t any of us remember him?”

The question caught you off guard for a moment. You exhaled and sipped your drink, smacking your lips together as your thought of an answer. But you had nothing.

“I don’t know…maybe he made you all forget, I mean, he can transform into whoever and whatever he wants including the fear of his prey. Surely he could make you all forget. But why though, that’s what I don’t know.”

Secretly, you had an accurate assumption that it had to do with his little game he played to torment you and in order to do so he had made your friends forget so he could keep you all to himself until he decided he was bored with you. The thought made you shudder because it could be any day for all you knew.

“Hey, what does he look like?” Your best friend asked, pulling you from your thoughts. You blink a few times and then your eyes flicker to her face. And then you begin to describe him. You mention everything you’d noticed from his height to his features and clothing. You even mentioned the less human aspects such as unnatural eye colours that would change and his sharp teeth. She listened to your every word, nodding her head but not saying anything.

“And he can appear and disappear whenever he wants.” You finished. You’d finished your first drink by this point and she her second. You waited for a response but there was none, she turned to the barman and asked for two more drinks. She thought you were mad, you thought bitterly. She took a swig of her drink.

“When did you see him last?” She questioned.

“Last Tuesday in the library, why?”

“There’s been a crazy amount of kids missing between after that Tuesday and now.”

Your eyes widened. She was right. You bit your lip gently, a nervous habit of yours. Your eyes darted around the bar. You knew it was all a game. He was doing it for a reason.

“It’s a game, a game in which he taunts me. He’s expecting something…I don’t know what though.”

And then it hit you. A coldness encased you as the thought came to you like a winter breeze. He wanted you to go to him because he knew you wanted him. He knew you craved his touch, even if it was fucked up. (Bf/n) noticed you had tensed all over and goosebumps had prickled all over your skin.


Your eyes met hers.

“It’s nothing. I’m just thinking.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.”

You shook your head and grabbed your drink. As you pressed it to your lips, you spoke.

“I think I’ll leave at the end of the week. Friday at the earliest.”

Your friend made a noise at the back of her throat.

“That was sudden, but if it’ll ease you…”

“I don’t know what it’ll do, all I know is I need to do this. I need to stay away from this town.” You muttered and finished the rest of your drink in one swig, wincing at the violent burn down your throat to your belly. It didn’t help though. You didn’t stay at the bar for much longer, only five minutes after declaring your plan you were leaving the bar and headed back to your motel. You weren’t going to play this game for much longer.


Sleep was difficult to achieve, maybe because of the alcohol or maybe because your mind was racing but when you eventually drifted into the world of dreams you had never felt so at peace ever since you had set foot back in Derry. You were in a field of beautiful wild flowers, each a unique shade and shape. The field stretched out as far as the horizon in every direction except for what you assumed was south. A beautiful wooden house that had smoke slowly drifting out of its chimney contrasted against the sea of flowers. You were drawn to it for some reason, maybe it was because the flowers seemed brighter over there, and so your feet wandered towards it, every step bringing it closer and closer. It was taller than you had first anticipated but it wasn’t intimidating. From inside, a beautiful velvety voice called out to you.

“Come in, I wanna show you something.” It was a man who spoke. You thought nothing of it as you climbed the stairs of the front porch and your hand touched the door handle. It was unlocked, turning easily and opening inwards. Inside were two rooms either side of the entranceway and directly ahead. It was well furnished, even with a gleaming piano. You heard your name being called again, so you followed it until you came to the staircase. Whoever it was, they were on the second floor. Your feet pattered against each step and you came to a long corridor that had a room at one end and another room at the other. One of the doors was open and it appeared to be a bedroom of sorts, it was also the source of the voice. You stumbled blindly to it and entered the room where a tall man stood with his back to you. Your head tilted slightly as you shifted from one foot to another.


Your voice had his attention and he turned to you. You gasped, eyes widening in surprise. You noticed his big eyes first, they were a deep green-hazel and cast in the shadow of his brow. He had a cute button nose and full, pink lips perfectly sculpted for his face. He had a strong set of cheekbones to frame the face and his hair was a messy dark brown. His clothes consisted of a black vest top thag hugged his torso and some dark blue jeans. He smiled.

“There you are, I was wondering where you’d gotten to.” He said softly. You were confused. You had no idea who this handsome stranger was and yet there was something about him that was incredibly familiar. You stepped towards him, and he opened his arms for you. When you were close enough, he pulled you against his body and his lips met yours. They were soft and gentle, but as the two of you continued your affectionate kiss, it deepened and you were parting your lips for him. Before you knew it, he was straddling you on the large bed in the room, his arms framing your head as he held himself up by his elbows. Your arms were wrapped around his strong shoulders and your thighs parted for him to be closer still. Your hands gripped onto his skin as his lips left yours to trail down your jaw and a small whine bubbled in your throat. Your eyes were closed as his nose brushed along your jaw after your lips for he was making his way across your neck. Your hips were grinding against his at this point, a tingle in your groin becoming harder to ignore. However, your body tensed all over and a small cry of pain rasped from you as you felt a sharp set of teeth sink into your neck, right upon your jugular vein. Your eyes flew open so you could grasp the man’s face but oh how you wish you hadn’t. Shorter, dark brown hair had been replaced with blood orange and you cried out as you felt a tear in your neck. A moment later, the head of the one person you didn’t want to see lifted up for you and you choked. Pennywise’s smile was obscured by blood smeared all over his face. Your blood. You could feel it gushing from your neck at the rate of your beating heart and he giggled. You weakly attempted to push him away from you.


“So beautiful covered in red, moan for me.” he growled. His hand, now gloved, slid down to your quivering body to dance along your thighs. In this dreamworld, your thighs were already bare to him and he took advantage, his hand sliding to your panty covered cunt. You stifled a moan as your body jolted slightly.


“Don’t be so silly, you know deep down that you crave nothing more. Stop lying to yourself and take. It.” He whispered into your ear. Your eyelids fluttered shut as his fingers brushed against your sensitive clit, the sensation of the fabric of the glove creating a unique feel. His lips were upon the open wound on your neck and he began to suck gently as his fingers teased you.

Your body was so sensitive, so much so that when you finally moaned, you were awake, the dream a hazy memory in the back of your head. Your hand flew to your neck but there was no wound, only a ghost of a sensation. But your cunt was tingling, begging to be relieved and you couldn’t help yourself from spreading your thighs as wide as possible and using your dominant hand to swirl circles over your engorged clit over and over, your fingers dipping into your hole to gather it’s wetness to smear over the small bud more easily. You almost forgot that your friend was only across the room from you fast asleep, pleasure was the only thing you cared about. It took two minutes for the overwhelming shockwaves of your orgasm to hit you until your back was arching from the bed and your free hand covered your mouth to conceal your cries. The one thing in your head now was a name. Pennywise. There was no shame in your pleasure in that moment; you wanted more.


Allllllright that was shorter than my usual stuff but hey there was a little naughtiness there. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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Yes Sir Part 15

Yes Sir Part 15: In the Beginning

As John and his girl prepare to move in together memories of their beginning remind them how far they’ve come.


Warnings: The usual mature content. Explicit smut, NSFW, alcohol, language. WC: 6024 On AO3  Thank you @andromytta and happy bday! 

PLEASE NOTE: Italics are flashbacks to the summer between parts 1 and 2

A/N: Recently for the first time I read YS. I hadn’t read it since posting each part and never in sequence. I found that since it wasn’t expected to be a series, I didn’t plan it like one. So I’m taking a good opportunity to show you what I never told you. Thank you readers, you’ve been amazing. This is NOT THE END OF THE SERIES. I will warn you when it is. 

There were boxes everywhere. Every room. Every walkway. I’d forgotten how overwhelming moving could be. And I hated the madness of stuff everywhere.

Once we had returned home from our Christmas getaway John and I had spent a day on the couch watching movies and making out. But I wanted to get my apartment boxed up before New Year’s so John and I could start our new life. I just never realized how much shit I’d collected in my apartment over three years.

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It’s been a year sense I’ve seen my first episode of Bungou stray dogs and I want to thank everyone and Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa who will never see this post for changing my life forever!! 

This fandom has always been kind and I see very little hate in it too! Thank you so much! Can’t wait for the two year anniversary of being in love with Bungou stray dogs and all the new ways this Manga and soon to be Movie will make me fall for it!  

I know that teen wolf hasn’t quite ended uet but im going to post it now anyway.

Dear teen wolf cast and producer’s etc:

I just want to say thank you for being the first ever show that i have ever hotten hoodked on, thank you for being the show that had taught me many life skills and educational things that even schools couldn’t teach me, thank you for showing me so much.

I remember the first time i watched the first episode and i was in high school and i was never one for watching tv shows or movies all that kind of stuff i was never into, id rather read a book but this show somehow got me hooked.

It has taught me how to feel, how to love someone so dearly (I’ll probably never meet) and how to hate someone with so much hatred (even if they are hot or cute), youve taught me about loyalty and friendships and also taught me more about relationships more than what a school has taught me.

I remember coming home the night after it aired (because i had to wait to download it) and i would always ask dad straight away if he had got it, it would be the firat thing that came out of my mouth and it would be the firat thing id do when i got home.

The show was kind of like my safe haven, it was like something i could actually look forward too.

I know that i may sound a little “toi hard core” about this show but like a band or a singer this show has been my rock and not just the show but the people on it.

I could go on and on forever but i really must do my college work, but i will say this:

Dear teen wolf. On behalf of myself and everyone else who watches this show, thank you for all that you have done and thank you for all the tears of pure joy and laughter and thank you for all the cries of pain and sadness, thank you for all the life lessons and edginess, thank you for all the time’s you had us on the edge and keep us waiting, thank you for all the sarcasm and fun video’s and bacstage scenes and thank you for everything that you have done.

Here’s to the best producer’s, the best team, the best cast and the best tv show in the entire history.

Heres to 7 year’s of an amazing and bomb ass show!

We love you from myself and all other teen wolf fan’s

anonymous asked:

*cracks knuckles and opens my YOI rec list* my time has come (sorry it's gonna be long. All AO3 links). /10249196 yuri is a ghost and victor and yuuri are his assigned grim reapers (9k); /9420221 yuuri's life in St Pets is spread between four languages (7k); /8884927 Kimi no Na wa AU aka body switch au (21k); /8979217 fanboy yurio. HILARIOUS (1k); /8976517 sick yuuri fic. victor and yurio to the rescue (20k); /8770105 victor loses his cool and yuuri helps him find it. phichit is LOVE (3k);(1)

/8905834 where victor is a regular at yuuri’s bookstore and always looks like a hobo. yuuri is unimpressed(6k); /8965381 hanahaki disease au. IT HAS A GOOD END AND I CRY IN JOY(20k); /9137038 space au. just, space au(21k); /9064348 sports au in space. amaze(22k); /8756341 yuuri and victor get married. multimedia fic(8k); /8873695 corporate roommates au. slow burn(8k); /8808556 Phichit and Chris’ Great Selfie War(1k); /9925166 gossip goes wild and apparently now yuuri hates victor???(11k); (2)

(3) /8695081 social media’s reactions through the show (aka yuuri’s fans are Good) (12k); /9257756 amnesia au with aCTUAL HEALTHY COMMUNICATION bless (4k); /9238709 Yakov coaches Yuuri while Victor is away. based on That One Comic. poor Yuuri lmao (1k); /9149977 where victor is half rusalka and yuuri lives in a horror movie (but doesn’t die, thank god) (17k); /9213884 where victor and yuuri talk through flower language (8k). and okay yeah i’m stopping now oops hahahhh HAPPY READING

Oh! My! GOD!!! You are a literal doll!! I love you so much anon!! Thank you for all the beautiful fic recs! I will worship you literally forever omg <3

It took a while, but I made a handy dandy list with links and everything for all my beautiful followers!! Lemme know if any of the links are broken or anything!

I tried my best to find all the tumblrs for all the authors as well, but I am still missing a few. So if you guys know any of the missing tumblrs, or if you notice I tagged the wrong tumblr in any of them, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Make sure to give them all some love, and don’t forget to leave reviews for them if you can <3

  • 185/120 by RC_McLachlan (@rcmclachlan​) -  Yakov isn’t paid enough for this shit.
  • a great desire to love by lily_winterwood (@omgkatsudonplease) -  For some strange, inexplicable, fantastic reason, Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov are trading places. Kimi no Na wa AU.
  • Blue Petals, Silver Thorns by Grassepi (@grassepi) - When Yuuri Katsuki is eight years old, the worlds of dance and ice collide and call to him, ceaselessly echoing through his thoughts every second of the day. He can see the picture of his life so clearly in his mind- there’s the blue sky above, there’s black-winged gulls cawing in the mornings, there’s katsudon for dinner and there’s ice beneath his feet. All he can imagine in his future is a life of skating.When Yuuri Katsuki is twenty-two, he is supposed to die.
  • cover story by fan_nerd (@wbtrashking​) - Corporate roommates au.
  • fresh off the presses by fan_nerd (@wbtrashking) - Based on his book selections, Yuuri’s not sure if this regular is a horny pervert, a cop, or a nerd.Victor is weird and eccentric, and the bookkeeper is pretty sure that the man has never come in with his hair combed.
  • he meets me where i am by rire (@lotorlance​) - Something gold catches the light, drawing his attention. There’s a gold ring on Victor’s ring finger. “Ah,” Yuuri says, his heart giving a last squeeze, a futile reminder of the silly crush he once had. “Congratulations on your marriage,” he says, as cheerily as he can.In which Yuuri gets into an accident that wipes his memory of everything that happened after his first Grand Prix, Yurio and Victor help him retrace his journey, and Yuuri rediscovers himself along the way.
  • I see the universe in your eyes by fangirlandiknowit (@fangirlandiknowit101) - Space AU.
  • in the spaces between by sixpences (@thetwoguineabook) -  Yuuri’s life in St Petersburg is spread between four languages.
  • Instagram is Not an Ice Rink by ladanse (@bollywood-and-phoenix-feather​) - Phichit’s phone buzzes. christophe-gc has posted a new photo, it tells him. When he thumbs the screen, it brightens to reveal a shot of Christophe Giacometti, lounging on a bench, wearing nothing but a Speedo and his skates. greetings from your local king of selfies, says the caption.Phichit doesn’t actually know Chris - not personally. He has nothing to prove. But Phichit is also, categorically, a competitive little shit, and he knows he can do better.So it begins.
  • katsuki_fc by tetsurashian - Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t. (aka a social media fic)
  • Rival Reflections by aceklaviergavin (@aceyuurikatsuki) -  yurio keeps posters of yuuri to always fill him with anger
  • Stargazer by Fahye (@fahye) - royalty sports au in space.
  • Stupidly Happy With You by qwartooty (@qwartooty) -  in which Yurio means well, Viktor loses his cool, and Yuuri helps him find it
  • The Fundamentals of Caring by braveten (@braveten) - In which Yuuri is sick, and Viktor takes care of him.
  • the language of flowers by liliths - FLORIOGRAPHY — (noun) The language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. Origin: Latin floris (flowers). In which Victor and Yuuri inspire each other through Victorian flower language. Alternate universe.
  • the merry-go-round of life by fireblazie (@fireblazie) - It is 1998, and Yuri is dead.—In which Yuri is a ghost, and Yuuri and Viktor are the grim reapers assigned to help him cross over before his soul fades away into nothingness.
  • the warmest part of winter by dadvans (@dadvans​) -  The wedding is in early February, right after Yuri comes home to Yuuri and Victor’s crumbling farmhouse in upstate New York from the European Championships with a gold medal around his neck. They’ve been in the process of restoring the dilapidated barn out back and turning it into a fully functional dance studio, and the fire marshall has finally approved it for occupation without fear of the whole thing coming down all at once and crushing a half dozen elite figure skaters to death at any given moment. Which is perfect, considering they’ve been planning on holding the reception in the barn, and finding a last minute venue would be a goddamn nightmare, especially since Victor has obsessively planned the entire event down to the last detail for the past six months.
  • Tous Les Chemins by Edgedancer (@radiantmists​) - A photo without context, a few careless words, an embellished article.Thus was born the idea, so patently false it would have fit better in a politician’s speech, that Yuuri hated Viktor. (Translation of shakeskp’s (silkmaken) fanfic in French)
  • Water’s Edge by Mhalachai (@mhalachai​) - For years, Yuuri had heard people say Viktor’s skating was otherworldly. He never thought they were being literal.
fOoL fOr YoU (Jaime Reyes x Reader)


PROMPT?:  I love your images so much. You’re really great at writing. I was wondering if you could make an Jaime Reyes image. Possibly a fight before he goes on a mission then he returns slightly injured and fluff comes after? and I love that song imagine you did with Jaime Reyes, hips don’t lie. Could you write another with reader x Jaime again but with the song fool for you by zayn? Thanks! :)

A/N: thank you! i love this song and I’m so glad I get to write it! also, i haven’t done a double request it feels like in a while. This entire story is essentially how much Jaime loves you, so expect MAJOR fluff

WARNINGS: EXTREME FLUFF, blood, combat, minor cursing?, lots of kissing, just bold text = scarab

This love is tainted, I need you and I hate it
You’re caught between a dream and a movie scene
In a way, you know what I mean
When the darts just miss, I just can’t resist it

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