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part 1 of a series (!!!!) in which Blaine has interacted with ghosts from a very, very young age.

~1000 words uwu

all the world of thanks to two lovely angels, daltoneering abbi and slightestwind ann, for reading through this for me and giving me support!  ♥

He doesn’t really remember how it all began. 

It’s something that has always been a part of his life. A fundamental element of Blaine as a person.

He can sit, and breathe – and remember. He can see himself. Short and chubby. Four-years-old in his lime-green and yellow spotted bowtie, his patent shoes so shiny that they reflect the sunlight. He’s small. Very small. But teeming with enthusiasm; sitting cross-legged in the middle of his old bedroom, tiny fingers gripping the handle of a hand-painted teapot.

Afternoon tea, Mister?”

The teacups are filled to the brim with only his imagination – nothing palpable. But it’s okay. His face is too bright with laughter, cheeks too rosy and lifted with smiles to notice. He’s lovely. He’s happy.

And he is babbling like a chirping baby bird to his dead grandfather.

The grandfather that no one else is able to see.

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Fic: You've Got My Head Spinning (Klaine; NC-17)

Title: You’ve Got My Head Spinning
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4200
Warnings: daddy!kink, infantilism, diapering, frottage, rimming, anal sex
Summary: Next part of this verse. Blaine and Kurt are in a 24/7 Daddy/baby relationship, and tonight after his bath, Kurt wants special time with his Daddy.
A/N: Please read the warnings. This involves consensual sex between Kurt and Blaine who are in a 24/7 infantilism relationship. If that is not your type of thing… please skip over. Thank you to slightestwind for all the encouragement along the way and looking it over for me. And alittledizzy for reading it over in advance, too. ♥ (Yes, I keep stealing lyrics from ‘All of Me’ for these titles.)

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Bath time is one of Blaine’s favorite times. Sometimes he joins Kurt in the tub, but tonight he’s kneeling on the rug, watching Kurt play with his family of rubber ducks. 

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Fic: Would You Be My Sidekick?

Summary: Blaine moves to NYC and wants to join its only other superhero in fighting crimes and saving people. However, he doesn’t seem that into Blaine at all. Superhero!klaine

Inspired by Walk The Moon’s song “Sidekick.” ;)

Thanks to daltoneering and slightestwind for reading it over, and especially to Ann for being a soundboard for the idea! :)

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At times, it was hard for Blaine to think of himself as a superhero.

It just felt very self-righteous to call himself that. Yes, he did have super powers – and he did save people as well, which did make him a hero, but putting the two together…well, Blaine had always been a comic book nerd. He couldn’t really put himself in the shoes of Batman, Ironman or Thor so easily, he supposed.

It was especially weird moving to New York and essentially “moving up” in the world of superheroing. He used to do small time stuff in his hometown – saving people from burning buildings that were too dangerous for the firefighters, one bank heist, helping out the cops once and a while – but New York City was the big leagues. Westerville, Ohio was nothing in comparison. There were other superheroes here.

Well. One other superhero.

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