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Reader: 25+

A/N: To be honest, I think that Dean would act like a total puppy if he ever found out he was an uncle so I kinda did a thing. Hope you enjoy!

You were considered a ‘normal’ Winchester by many; Since you left the family business at an early age and went on with your life. Graduated highschool and went on to college, Fell in love and became pregnant with the love of your life. You haven’t seen your brothers in ages, And don’t fail to hear about them from neighboring hunters and random conversations among fascinated hunters.

You’re 9 months pregnant, And are due in a few weeks. Your brothers didn’t even know you were pregnant, Since you didn’t want to inconvenience them and make them worry about you whenever they were out hunting and such.

You placed your keys into your purse, Going out of the door. You were planning on going to a maternity store, Wanting to buy more clothes for your baby. You could just order some online to make it easier, But it was a beautiful day to you needed to go out. Getting inside your car, You made your way to your favourite bakery, Planning to get something before spending hours in the store.

“(Y/n)! You’re back. How’s little Lou doing?” Alex spoke, Cleaning up her last table.

“I’ve been better. Can’t wait for him to pop out.” You laughed, Going to the cash register.

“The usual?” She looked at you while picking out your favourite donuts.

“Yup.” You smile, Looking around the shop; Even though you’ve been here a million times.

“Here ya go (Y/n)” She hands you the brown bag, Watching as you took it.

“Thanks Alex.” You handed her the money, But refused saying it was on the house. Leaving her a reasonable tip, You made your way back to your car.

“(Y/n)? A gruff voice spoke behind you before you could get inside your car.

Turning around, Your eyes widened.

“Sam! Dean!” You smiled brightly, Looking at their faces.

“You never told us you were pregnant!” Sam tried to hug you, But with your bulging stomach, It was difficult; So you just settled with a shoulder hug.

“I didn’t want you guys to worry too much” You smiled nervously, Noticing Dean hasn’t said a word.

“Dean?” You looked at his blank face.

“You’re pregnant! I’m going to be an uncle!” His face lit up, Hugging your shoulders tightly.

“Who’s the unlucky guy?”

“He’s at work. Should be out in a few hours.”

“Why are you out here all alone?” Sam looked around.

“I was planning on getting more clothes for the baby” You carassed your stomach.

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a boy-”

“Yess! It’s a boy!!” Dean jumped up and down, Hugging you once more.

“His name is Louis” You giggled, But then faltered when you felt something wet between your legs.

“What’s wrong-” Sam’s face immediately filled with horror.

“My water broke guys” You chuckled nervously, Trying to cover your wet clothes. 

 "What do we do now?! (Y/n) are you okay? Do you need us to carry you? Do you need us to call an ambulance?“ Sam was freaking out, And you put your hands on his biceps. 

 "Sam. Calm down. It doesn’t hurt. I can drive myself to the hospital don’t worry.” You waddled your way to your car, But Dean stopped you. 

 "Hell no. We’re taking you to the hospital. Come on, The impala is right there.“  


You were sure your screams of pain were heard all around the hospital. You’ve been in labor for 10 hours, Holding your husbands hand tightly. 

"MOTHERFUCKER!!! You did this to me!!!” You bellowed, Pain the only thing you can feel. 

“But we’ll have a baby boy running around our house.” His fingers were almost white at how tight you were squeezing them. 

“A BABY?! I’m pushing this watermelon of a baby out a hole the size of a bottle cap!!!” You screamed in his face, Sweat running down your forehead. 

“Just a few more pushes Mrs. Evans! He’s almost here!” The nurse yelled over your screams. 

“JUST GET THIS THING OUT OF ME” Your last scream was the last push you needed to finally hear screams that weren’t yours. 

“Congratulations Mrs. Evans! You have a healthy baby boy” The Nurse cleaned Louis up, And handed him to you.

You were left panting, Your husband wiping your sweat with a towel the nurse provided.

“We did it.. We seriously did it..” You look at Louis’s face. He was so beautiful. 

You didn’t notice your brothers standing at the doorway, Looking at you. You kissed your husband, Letting him carry Louis. He was in tears, Unable to stop his emotions.

“Congratulations (Y/n)..” Your brothers walked toward you, Kissing your forehead.

“Thank’s guys. Honey, These are my brothers. Sam and Dean” You smiled, Finally introducing the two.

Your husband shook their hands, Handing Louis over. Sam carried him first, Kissing Louis’s head; Handing him to his older brother when he thought he had enough time with him. Dean couldn’t help but cry, Feeling happy that one of the Winchester siblings finally had a normal life.

“Welcome to the world Louis Evans Winchester.” Dean whispered to his nephew, Smiling when Louis grabbed and squeezed his finger.

You Don’t Do That!

Reader: 18+

You were currently in the shower, Jamming out to your favourite song before going to your brothers to Massachusetts for a hunt. Cas has been AWOL, Not answering any prayers you three threw his way, So you stopped waiting for an answer months ago.

You turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around you; Turning off your music before you walked to your room, Your wet feet colliding with the smooth floor, Feet marks following behind you.

Once inside your room, You made your way to your drawer; Picking out a pair of panties before dropping your towel and drying the remaining damp skin. You slid on your panties, About to pick out a bra before a deep voice stopped you.

“So (Y/n), What did come first? The chicken or the egg?”

You whipped around, Shrieking while covering your bare chest.

“Get out! Out!!” You threw the towel, But he dodged and knocked over your lamp, Causing it to shatter.

“(Y/n)!? What’s wrong!? Your brothers knocked, But eneded up barging in.

“Cas?! What the hell-?!”

Your brothers eyes land on you, Half naked. 

“What the hell Cas?!”

“I was just asking (Y/n)-”

“You don’t just appear in peoples rooms Cas! Especially when (Y/n) is half naked!!” Your brothers covered Cas’s eyes, And dragged him out.


Once clothed and ready, You walked out of your room, Going to get your broom to clean up the shattered lamp.

You go into the kitchen, Your brothers whispering to Cas before laying their eyes on you.

“Cas has something to say (Y/n)” Sam stands up, Pushing Cas in front of you.

“I apologize (Y/n). It was unkind of me to appear in your room like that. I promise it will not happen again.”

“And??” Dean tries to coax him further.

“And- And I’ll clean up the mess and buy you another lamp.” Cas gives you puppy eyes and you sigh.

“It’s okay. Here.” You hand him to broom and dustpan, Watching as he takes it and walks toward your room.

“You sure you’re okay (N/n)?”

“I’m fine Dean. It’s not like he saw me fully naked. It was an accident.”

“He saw you half naked” Sam adds, And you roll your eyes.

“It’s fine Samuel. So when are we leaving?”

“20 minutes tops. So go pack up.”

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Stockholm - TERROR ATTACK!

My little sister was on the street when a truck ran over people, just like in London a few weeks ago. I’m in shock, but relieved that she’s okay (just spoke to her on the phone). But she has witnessed terrible things…and I just want to hug her and all the people who were there when it happened.

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‘we’re two thirds of the threesome we had last night and we’re walking awkwardly out of the last persons’s apartment together’ au for Cazigan 😜 If you want to, make it a follow up to any of your previous Cazigan fics (I'm not picky).

YES BAE CAZIGAN IT’S DONE I was so hoping someone would ask for Cazigan. Of course I could count on you, Kate. <3 Consider this an extension of this Valentine’s Day AU from February. Not fully explicit, but definitely Mature.

When light crashes through the window that morning, Cassian moves to brush the sleep away from his eyes only to halt at the realization of warmth on either side of him that moving around caused him to notice.

His mind whirs for a brief minute trying to remember why his bed has never felt like this before, why he smells distinctly male and female scents not suited to his own bedroom, and why there appears to be what feels like a splash of long hair over his chest and a shorter crop over his toned stomach.

Cassian’s eyes snap open. And it’s not the ceiling of his bedroom that meets him.

What he does find is his very naked self settled nicely between the also very naked selves of Apartments #301 and #303.

It all comes back then. Valentine’s Day. Watching the two neighbors he’d been secretly pining for the past few weeks flirt with each other and then shamelessly invite him over for a party of three with a makeshift Valentine. A night of very entertaining revelry that followed Cassian won’t soon forget.

And now here they all are - Mor’s mile-long legs wrapped snugly around Cassian’s own strong thighs, and Azriel’s arm strewn comfortably across his hips as if it had always been there. Cassian’s lips part with a half-amused, half-shocked smile.

Screw you, he thinks smugly towards the boyfriend who’d dumped not even 24 hours prior. This beats that sorry piece of ass any day.

Mor shifts cozy as a cat and suddenly, Cass goes still, his heart thudding away in his chest. How does this… work exactly? What if they’ll want him to leave? What if this was just a one time thing? He doesn’t think he’d be able to stomach the disappointment if that was all this turned out to be. A pity fuck.

Not that they’d known he was on the outs when they’d run into each other in the hallway. Surely they were genuine in their invitation. It definitely had felt genuine when Azriel had pushed him roughly onto the bed and into Mor’s waiting arms, their kisses searing heat all over.

But what if…

“Up,” a soft, feminine voice purrs at his ear and Cassian nearly jumps, he hadn’t been paying attention in his musings. But Mor is certainly at his ear and sounding much less awake than she typically does and she’s… she’s…

Ordering him to get out.

Cassian’s heart sinks.

He shifts, making to lean forward and separate himself from the tangle of limbs they’ve become between the sheets, when Mor’s hand stops him and she whispers groggily again at his ear. “I like devil’s food.”

Devil’s food?

Devil’s food??

Cassian doesn’t have time to parse out exactly what that means because the sensation of Mor nipping at his earlobe and flicking her tongue over the tip has him recalling precisely the same maneuver from last night on certain other parts of him and he’s not sure anymore if he’s awake or dreaming.

Mor finishes grazing her teeth gently over his ear and settles back down curling into the pillow with a satisfied little smile. “And he likes sprinkles.”

“Glazed,” Azriel suddenly grunts. He hasn’t moved despite Cassian and Mor shuffling about.

“You can get the glazed,” Mor replies sweetly hiding a snicker, “but he’s still gonna eat the sprinkles.”

Wait. Are they really talking about… donuts??

Azriel finally rolls off Cassian’s stomach with a groan, his arm stretching out to one side so that Cass has a magnificent view of his lover’s toned chest, the muscles of which constrict and flex wonderfully in the morning light as Az wakes up. He then steps out of the bed, his bare ass a work of art strutting toward the bathroom.

It’s a long moment of staring even after the door has closed before Cass hears Mor’s giggle and he looks over at her. “I know,” she teases. “He’s hot.”

Yes, Cass thinks, noticing that the sheets have fallen to one side and exposed Mor’s generous chest that he’d spent some good time with a few hours prior. And so are you.

Somehow, he and Az both end up at the front door at the same time, both fully dressed, though Az has kept it simpler than Cassian’s full ensemble. He’s in nothing more a simple loose pair of soft pants and a simple black tee while Cassian only has the dark wash jeans and button up from the night before. He had wanted to look nice before getting dumped, he supposed.

The two step into the hallway and the full realization of what just happened between the three of them - between the two of them even - starts to hit. The door closes and Cassian finds him and Az just staring at each other.


Azriel doesn’t seem too put out by it. On the contrary, he merely flicks his brow up and simply says, “Don’t forget the coffee,” before walking up to his own apartment next door. “Mor’s a bear without it.”

“Aren’t you…” Azriel pauses with his key in the lock. Cass clears his throat confused. “Aren’t you staying?”

“No, I have my own errands to run.”

“Oh. Alright then.” He takes one step toward the elevator and pauses, curiosity getting the better of him. If he has to go out for donuts and coffee, while Az can simply wander next door, then what exactly… “Sorry, errands?”

Az snorts and pushes open the door to his flat, reaching in to flip the light on. “Condoms of course.”

Of course.

Cassian makes sure to get the devil’s food for Mor and plenty of sprinkles for Az and three of the world’s largest coffees.

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Soulmates? // Newt Scamander x Reader

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, haven’t really had much motivation these days, but I hope you enjoy this one! 💛🖤💛🖤


Request: Hello! Could I please request a Newt x reader? I had this idea of a soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share a kind of birth mark on your arms? Could the reader also be Tina and Queenie’s sister? Thank you <3 <3
*Warnings: None


You opened your eyes slowly, glaring slightly at the sun shining through an open window. The reason you did this is because you weren’t the one who had opened the window, for this exact reason, so you gave a small sigh when the light airy voice of your sister could be heard.
“You need to wake up Y/N, I made a lovely breakfast for you before you leave for work, although Tina already left.. luckily I managed to get her to eat something before leaving.” Queenie said with a small giggle which only made you grin and sit up.
“Alright I’ll come eat, just let me wake up a bit more.” You answered, your voice a bit scratchy from waking up. Your hair felt like it was a mess and a yawn left you mouth. While sitting, you leaned back one more time to stretch, your body trying to convince you to lay back down. However your mind told you otherwise so you slowly got to your feet. You brushed off the silk slip you slept in and threw on a robe before heading out to eat.
“There you are, I figured that I’d have to go wake you up one more time.” Queenie laughed while fixing you a plate, as you sat down, she leaned to give you it, your eye going to the birthmark on her arm. Then your thoughts when to your own birthmark. Yours looked slightly like a strange animal, or at least the silhouette of a creature, which you didn’t mind, made for an interesting thought of who you were to be matched with. It made you think of how lovely it would be to finally meet who you’re meant to be with. Your older sister looked up after noticing your thoughts and smiled at you.
“Be patient silly, you’ll meet them some day, after all I think I should be the worried one, I’ve been waiting even longer than you.” She grinned while giving a soft chuckle, which only made you smile as well.
“You’re right.. but either way whoever is matched with you is very lucky, I don’t know what I’ll do without you here one day!” You took a bite of food after speaking, closing your eyes to savor the flavor. Your mind however started to think of what you would do if she weren’t here before shaking your head slightly and smiling at her once more.
“Well Queenie, I have to say this was a very delicious breakfast, and a wonderful start to my day, but I have to get ready if I’m going to make it to work on time. You worked in the magical creatures section at MACUSA. The main reason you choose that section was because you always had an interest in the animals, and the fact that your birthmark looked similar to one just sealed the deal. So after hurrying to get ready and kissing your sister’s cheek goodbye, you set off to work.
“Good morning Y/N” a deeper voice called and you waved when you saw that it was your boss.
“Good morning, how have you been sir?” You asked politely, smiling as you awaited his answer.
“Ah I have been alright, and you?” You replied in a similar way before you both parted ways. Finally reaching your desk, you started getting settled when all of the sudden your sister dragged came running over dragging a man behind her.
“Tina? Who’s this?” You questioned, raising a brow towards her as you studied the man. He was wearing a blue trench coat and rather nice clothes. His face was a home to hundreds of freckles and his eyes which were opened wide in surprise were a type of ocean blue, which contrasted with the light auburn bangs resting on his forehead.
“This Y/N is Newt Scamander, who is in violation to a law about revealing magic to no-majs, he let some of his magical creatures out.” She hissed in a quiet voice.
“I see.. are they alright? I’d hate for a creature to be lost in such a big city.” You questioned, thinking of what you should do.
“Well uh.. I was planning to go looking for them.. until she brought me here..” the man who was supposedly Newt replied.
“I’m sorry if my sister startled you by dragging you here Mr. Scamander, I’m sure we can sort this out easily..” you reached over to grab a few papers, your sleeve rolling up enough to see your birthmark, and all of the sudden Newt froze in place, his eyes locked on the birthmark. You noticed and only glanced at him with a confused look in your eyes.
“Is there something wrong Mr. Scamander?” You questioned, worried he may be going through some type of spasm or something.
“A-ah.. your.. your birthmark.. I-it.. it’s like mine..” he whispered out, his face a bright red. At his words Tina glared, almost mad at him saying he was supposedly your soulmate and she yanked up his sleeve and gave a small gasp at the mark that was found. It was identical to yours, and your face slowly became more and more flushed as your heart started beating and your stomach twisted.
“I see.. well I suppose that means we will be seeing each other a lot more than originally expected.. how about dinner tonight at my place? After this whole mess is sorted out of course.” You replied, your face still a bright red. Tina was standing there still glaring at Newt, most likely assuring him that if he did anything wrong that she’d be the one to act.
“I’d uh.. I’d really enjoy that..” he answered, his voice rather high now that he was flustered.
The answer made you smile and you nodded before looking back down and trying to find the correct paperwork. This day really did turn out so much better than you first expected.


dub by @petethehamsterblog-blog-blog

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This was a spur-of-the-moment decision that I spent literally my entire spring break on! Over twice as long of the second one… holy cow.

All comics can be found at @accidentpronesans

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Headcanons for dating Shisui as Itachi and Sasuke's sister? Thanks ❤

Gladly :3 This is such a cute request! I am very happy to write this!! :D

Dating Shisui as Itachi’s and Sasuke’s sister

  • First off, as one of Fugakus kids you’d be both very well protected and expected to always give your best - something that your brothers would surely help you with. Itachi is the supportive brother all the way. Sasuke probably looks up to you a lot, just like he looks up to Itachi. So basically, a very loved young lady you are, but one who isn’t allowed to slack off much.
  • Shisui is a pretty good boyfriend tbh. He is very loving and although he can be quite the flirt he is 100% loyal. Which is probably why your brothers will trust him with more - at least more than they’d trust someone else
  • Also, dating an Uchiha is def something your family would support. He is talented, kind and loving, and Itachi loves this man like his own brother - he would be happy that you’ve fallen in love with him, honestly.
  • I always imagine that if Sasuke had an older sister, that he would be quite… clingy. Like, he doesn’t want you to date, he wants you to train him and spend time with him. So any guy you pay attention to is gonna be on his list.
  • You know how pouty he always got when Itachi had to go on a mission? That’s the face you’ll see when you go out on a date with Shisui instead of training him.
  • Fugaku might have wanted you to date a different Uchiha, but he won’t complain I think. And your mom, boooy, she’d love Shisui as your boyfriend. Mikoto wants you to have a man who isn’t afraid to show you he loves you. She understands that most men from her clan are… more like Fugaku and she loves him, too, but for her daughter… yes, she loves how you two can laugh together
  • Shisui would respect you your entire life, that much is certain. And I think it’s quite likely that he would fall in love with Itachi’s sister. Idk I can really see this working out.
  • I think Shisui and Itachi would want to go on missions with you. They know you’re good because they’ve been training with you all their lives - even before you and Shisui started dating - but they still want to look out for you. That’s just the way they are.
  • As much as Itachi loves and respects Shisui, he’s still gonna get a talk. Itachi would make it subtle, ask about Shisui’s intentions with you as soon as he notices his interest in you and honestly, those two can work it out quickly. They trust each other. And they both love you very, very much. So they quickly come to an understanding.

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Oh, you know I have to ask Iwaoi about the OTP Questions...would it be too much to ask for all questions?? xD ^^; Thanks, sister! <3 :3

Who says the ‘the floor is lava’ and the other always jumps up on something?

Oikawa is definitely the one who says it and Iwaizumi will always jump up on whatever, slowly making his way to his boyfriend so he can ‘save’ him from the lava flow. Pretty much picture Iwaizumi holding Oikawa bridal style on their little couch like the hero he is.

Who makes the other laugh so the beverage that they are drinking comes out of their nose?

It’s kind of a both answer, but Oikawa is a giggly little shit and sometimes it’s the stupidest of things Iwaizumi says and it still makes Oikawa wheeze with laughter. He always has tears in his eyes because it burns and Iwaizumi will apologize even though it’s not entirely his fault. Oikawa drinks at the worst time he swears.

Who can make the other laugh without even trying?

Like I said above, Oikawa is a giggly boy and so Iwaizumi always makes him smile and laugh really easily. The moments Oikawa get Iwaizumi’s to laugh without trying is just when he’s being his dorky, silly self.  

Who stresses out about everything? And who has to calm the other person down?

Oikawa. Definitely Oikawa. A lot of stuff tends to stress him out even when he tries not to let it. He just has a horrible habit of over thinking things and in those moments Iwaizumi is really level headed for him. He needs that kind of strong support because he can get himself sick over stress. When Iwaizumi’s stressed, he just needs lots of hugs.  

Who gets super competitive during Mario Kart?

Iwaizumi. Holy shit is he competitive. It doesn’t show outwardly usually, but Oikawa’s seen him get super riled up before. He gets super happy when he wins too and for Oikawa that’s definitely worth getting demolished in Mario Kart. 

Would they leave the party early? Or stay all night to party?

Leave early unless it’s a party with very close friends or family. Both Iwaizumi and Oikawa get invited to a lot of things and they go more so out of respect for the person be a classmate or other. They usually try to go together, but if they go to it alone, they definitely come home early. There was one time that Oikawa told Iwaizumi he was going to come back early and he ended up losing his phone and was late coming back because he lost his phone and was trying to find it. Iwaizumi was so terrified, especially because it wasn’t exactly a party Oikawa had wanted to go to since it was mostly a bunch of strangers. So when Oikawa did end up coming back safe, he just held him for a while, trying to calm down his racing heart. It was pretty much after that where they decided go together or not at all.

How do they celebrate their one year anniversary of being married?

They take the day of off work and make a pillow fort together, Oikawa tangles fairy lights all in it and puts all their bed plushies, pillows, and blankets in while Iwaizumi structures the fort properly from the couch (which they move closer) over to their TV. They binge watch all of the movies they can remember going and seeing together in theaters whiles eating popcorn and sour candies, sharing lots and lots of kisses.  

Who accidentally puts on the other person’s shoes to help bring the groceries in and now they are trying not to trip?

Iwaizumi. He’s in such a rush to run down and try to help Oikawa that he ends up putting on his tiny shoes—Oikawa has surprisingly small feet—and has the mind set of ‘two trips is for wimps’ so he’s tripping while carrying arm loads of groceries and Oikawa’s laughing.

Who carries the other to bed when the other person is sick?

Iwaizumi carries Oikawa definitely. Will move him anywhere he wants to be in the house and gets fussy with him when he’s trying to stumble around by himself.

Who loves to wear the other person’s clothes?

Oikawa is a clothes stealing thief. He’s always in one of Iwaizumi’s t-shirts or hoodies. Iwaizumi will joke of how Oikawa must not have any clothes of his own because he’s always wearing his.

soooo i ve asked @kirakurapon if i could use her artwork as reference x3 thanks again for allowing me to do this! 
I used her wonderful collage AU sakura as ideal

Your art really is stunning so i feel very honored to bring one of your pictures to real life with the help of cosplay! <3
I hope you are satisfied with the result :>

I actually really like the outfit haha maybe the trash squad and i will shoot/film something collage related! at starbucks or somewhere haha.

Fanart is so very inspiring to cosplayers, so thank you Karla and every other artist out there for creating such stunning, inspiring and beautiful art! <3


To celebrate the release and untimely brain-twists of Sister Location: Custom Night - and because so many of you LOVED my other picture - here’s Funtime Foxy behind their signature curtains~!

And it’s not just Custom Night I’m celebrating:


It’s crazy how many people started following me in just this month alone, but I welcome newcomers all the same! And thank you SO MUCH to everyone else for sticking around and enjoying my works!

I could say my Funtime Foxy picture helped garner a lot of followers, but really it’s everyone who continues to view and share my works that’s the biggest help - even the non-followers!

…Even if that’s the case, that doesn’t stop Foxy from giving a personal thank you. 

Your support is always awesome guys! <3  Here’s to MORE!

enolah  asked:

I'm late, are you still doing the top 5 thing? if so, what's your top5 movies to watch on a lazy sunday afternoon?

Not late at all, thank you dear! <3 Lazy Sunday afternoons? Those are my favorite :) Typically I reach for a well loved rom-com…with a couple exceptions! 

  1. You’ve Got Mail 
  2. Pride & Prejudice (2005)
  3. Priceless/Hors De Prix (a lovely French film starring Audrey Tautou)
  4. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
  5. Twister (yes, the twister with Bill Paxton…I love it shhh)

troiz  asked:

Random question but do you know Whimsywimp on Tumblr? You both make so heartwarming and cute art *__* Never stop doing that, You rock!!!

Welp that’s my twin sister :3 Thank you! ♥❤♥

Overwatch Character MBTI with short explanations

disclaimer! none of the characters are real people and they arent based on mbti either so !! its funny how most of them fell into obvious types anyway lmao. what im still uncertain about are orisa (shes still young and naive), zarya (i typed her as istp despite how boisterous she is, she’d be the first innovative estp to exist no offence) and zenyatta (who has reached nirvana and could basically be anything, only letter im sure of is xnxx)

Fun facts: there are more Thinking type women than Feeling (10 vs 2), while dudes with Feels are more balanced versus Thinking (5 vs 8) !

mbti critical ppl: learn to unclench your buttlocks and have fun once in a while!


Mercy, INTP: >>>>>My servants never die!<<<<<< alright starting with one that needs an actual explanation, i WAS going to type her as enfj but she’s morally questionable as hell, warm and helpful but she also loves to experiment on improve her friends which is something enfjs would not do:)

Reaper, INFJ: in reality, a soft optimistic/realist soul who got pushed too far, a good leader who cares strongly about people around him

Torbjörn, ISTP: >>>>Stop standing around while there’s wÖrk to be done!<<<< also his ‘family photobook’ is actually just his turret catalogue

Symmetra, ISTJ: the fun police, creepy aura, need to control everything, yet deeply individualistic on a personal level >>>What you call freedom, I call anarchy.<<<

Doomfist, ENTJ: recruits people, is scary and motivated as hell

Hanzo, ISTJ: the true asshole type an actual cold loner who cares about tradition and has trouble squeezing out actual moral


Zarya, ISTP: has fun = is scary

Roadhog, INTJ: long time planner, is more emotional than shows

Bastion, INFP: she has a fucking pet bird and her head in the clouds

Orisa, ESTJ: is all about that law enforcement, as i said, soon to change

Winston, INTP: is a monkey, hes awkward as hell, friendly and a nerd

D.Va, ESTP: always ready to fight, wants to be Best, needs The Attention

Reinhardt, ESFP: tell me hes not a total party boy

Soldier76, ISFJ: takes care of his children and the children do everything he asks because they dont want to disappoint him

Sombra, INTJ: always has a plan, always stays in the back, careful, manipulates for fun but mostly for justice, has a good heart but hides it, very driven and secretive. is disliked despite fighting the world’s governments single handedely. only intjs are capable of that

Lucío, ENFJ: actual cinnamon roll, always asks if he can help, is actually helpful, wants to save the world, a freedom fighter, is super optimistic and warm, also shady as fuck if insulted

Mei, INTP: seemingly cute and warm, recovered from a traumatic event alarmingly fast……… loves science

Pharah, ISTJ: workworkwork, traditionalist, worships the ground her mother walks on and doesnt resent her like a normal fucking person would

Zenyatta, INTP: i swear i didnt pick intp because of the robot thing or because i love him always ready to believe the best in others, philosophical and unconventional, tells you how it is while trying to soften the blow, kind and friendly but prefers to stay in the back, too childish and wide eyed to be an infj, too individualistic to be enfj

Mccree, ISTP: superficial and action oriented loner, does things for others only if he absolutely has to

Widowmaker, INFP: this one too needs explaining on why she’s not an intj; she’s too confirming and non individualistic to be one, she’s a quiet romantic at heart with an edgy tattoo and lets face it she would have been totally okay with staying in their family castle while the world burned around her but it would have been fine because shed felt bad about it really talon did her a service

Tracer, ESFP: will help you but will think you should have done it yourself

Junkrat, ENTP: …………….yea……

Genji, ENFP: a SWEETHEART, loves to have fun, reckless, cant stay still, cant be alone for five seconds or he’ll turn to dark thoughts, an edgelord but in the best way