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Hero - Sherlock x Reader

Reader gets drunk to distract Sherlock (Requested by anon)

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Sherlock lay on the couch, the light from the streetlamps outside was the only light in the flat. It was 1am and Sherlock was bored. 

His phone buzzed from the table across the room and Sherlock got up, instantly knowing who it would be.

“(Y/n).” He stated, after pressing the answer call button.

“Sherlock!” Your slurred voice came through the line, the sound of a busy street and a rowdy crowd in the background.

Sherlock sighed, slipping his coat on while he kept his phone pressed against his ear. “I’ll come and pick you up.” He said before you could ask.

You smiled, “Thank you Sherly, my hero.”

“I’m not a-” But you had hung up and Sherlock was cut off by the insistent beeping. 


Cab after cab pulled up outside the pub but none of them seemed to be Sherlock. You leaned against the lamppost to support yourself, the noise giving you a headache.

Then the cab pulled up and Sherlock got out. 

“Sherl!” You laughed, giddy, “My he-”

“Yes, yes, come on.” Sherlock wrapped an arm around you to support you as he walked you back to the cab.

“You better have money for this.” The cabbie said and Sherlock gave you an expectant look.

“Oh you’re kidding. How did you get this smashed without a wallet?” He asked.

You shrugged.

“You know what? It actually doesn’t surprise me.” He looked back at the Cabbie.

“So you can’t pay me?” The Cabbie said slowly. 

“Unless you accept semi-pilote conversation then unfortunately no.” Sherlock said with a smile.

“For fuck’s sakes! Get out!” The Cabbie yelled.

Sherlock quickly ushered you out and back onto the street where you’d waited half an hour.

You laughed, holding onto Sherlock’s coat for support.

“What’s so funny?”



“Yeah.” You giggled, “You come to rescue me but just get yourself dumped off here yourself.”

Sherlock chuckled, “I did say I wasn’t a hero.”

You shook your head, laughing, “Oh no you’re still a hero, just not a very good one.” You punched his arm slightly before waltzing off down the street.

“Come on! We’ve got a long walk ahead of us!” You called over your shoulder.

“Aye aye Captain.” Sherlock mumbled.


Contented Happiness - Part I

(x) (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI)

*Contains sexual scenes but I know that’s okay with you guys*


“It’s quite…remarkable how quickly getting caught up in a moment turns into three years…”

“Mummy,” Scarlett Hooper mumbled, trudging into the living room where her parents were snuggling on the sofa; she rubbed her tired eyes with her fist, clutching her teddy in her free hand, “my tummy hurts and I can’t sleep. Can I have a dective story, pease?”

Molly smiled sympathetically at her beautiful youngster but her reply was interrupted by an irritated groan from next to her, “you didn’t even try, Lettie. Go back to bed, you’re getting too old for those silly stories, anyway.”

“B-but-” her brown eyes shone with tears and she clutched the deerstalker donned teddy bear to her chest; her thick, black curls were tousled and she looked rather pale.

“I said ’bed‘…your mother and I are having some quiet time. No more stories,” he muttered distractedly, not taking his eyes off of the TV. Molly shuffled away from his grasp as Scarlett started shuffling away, silently sobbing.

“For God’s sake, Tom, she’s only three,” she hissed, tying the strings on her dressing gown and scooping the child into her arms. Tom rolled his eyes, spreading out across the sofa now he had more space.

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Ok, so I was re-watching the new video and thought I'd write some phrases down
  • Phil: And you are my pikachu
  • Dan: Threesome with Professor Oak
  • Phil (to Professor Willow): What a nerd!
  • Dan: That guy is pretty swaggy
  • Phil: He looks like me, basically
  • Dan: I could dress like him if I find some things ( is that a promise, Dan?)
  • Dan: It matches the backstraps! That.. Phil, you know how to fashion. Go you.
  • Dan: Phil, you missed! Oh my God, you pleb!
  • Dan: I'd let you catch me, Willow.
  • Phil: Oh, Willow! No need to flirt with me.
  • Dan (about someone taking AmazingPhil): I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna break your legs.
  • Dan: Anything you say, Willow *wink* (ONLY HERE I'M ON MINUTE 6:47)
  • Dan: Don't put the camera under my crotch!
  • Phil: I'm just saying!
  • *interacting w/a duck*
  • Phil: Climb in my pokeball!!
  • Dan: Get away from my shoes! What's your problem?
  • Dan (trying to touch Phil's screen): Poop! *misses* You do it.
  • Phil: Poop!
  • Phil (writing a name): TrafficHazar... you can't fit the D
  • A boy they ran into: I know who you are!
  • Dan: You know who I am? (his voice is super different when he's talking to kids, WHY?)
  • Dan (talking to a bird): Hands off Phil's Magikarp, you bugger (is that what he says?)
  • Dan: Have a potion, child!
  • Phil: I love wearing shorts!
  • Dan: Oh my God, you... Phil, you are amazing at this game.
  • Dan: You're keeping the world safe, Phil.
  • Dan: No, no, no, no, Phil. There's geese! There's geese! There's geese! Holly.. What a brave man!! Oh my God, Edge Lord!
  • Dan: Let's pop those sweet bubs
  • Phil: Oh my God! Dan and Phil are actually going in the right direction!
  • Dan: Be strong, Clarence. Be strong for mother.
  • Phil: You can be my eyes, Dan, and I'll just look at the phone.
  • Dan (literally the next millisecond): Phil, there's a lamp post, like literally right there. Ok, that actually happened.
  • Phil: That just happened.
  • Phil: Hey, Dan.
  • Dan: mmhm? (idk why I just find it so cute because Dan was just walking, minding his own bussiness and his reaction is so normal/not video-like).
  • Dan: A cheeky frap to fuel us on.
  • Dan: Thanks, Sherly... and Mrs. Hudson.
  • Phil: Stop calling him 'Sherly'.
  • Dan: There you go. In your Johnlock Pokémon!au's. He has a Rattata, cause those are the Baker Street Pokémon. Now you know.
  • Phil: Are you gonna keep wearing that outfit for the next video?
  • Dan: Phil, I'm going to add to this outfit for the next video, ok? I'm gonna buy a black visor, I'm gonna buy coloured shoes (!!!!!). I'm taking this seriously.
  • Phil: I can tell.
  • Phil: That's the first time I've seen a swan in about six months.
  • Phil: We've got more than six Pokémon.
  • Dan (clapping, voice high pitched): That is good, Phil. I'm proud of you. That is a good first day.

| x |

“Yes, yes. I know, John! But how am I supposed to finish my homework when it doesn’t make any sense???” you cried dramatically, pouting at the man on your computer screen. 

“Why don’t you find a tutor, Y/N?” he asked suddenly, causing you to raise a brow. You were quiet for a moment, your face pensive as you thought about this new bit of information, and then out of the corner of your eye you saw a flash of purple and the proverbial light bulb blinked on in your mind. 

“Sherlock Holmes!” you shouted. John jumped and turned to eye his flatmate. “Sherlock, I need you to tutor me!” 

It got very quiet. John’s wide eyes were trained on you and Sherlock came into the frame of the camera, his face drawn in confusion. Clearing your throat, you smiled sheepishly and added a tentative, “Please?” 

“Y/N, I don’t think that’s a very good–” John began, but Sherlock cut him off. 

“I suppose. Though, it won’t be easy,” he admitted in his usual baritone voice. “I don’t have time to spend hours on basic mathematics and modern English.”

Grinning, you nodded and jumped up from your chair to go grab your papers. “That’s alright! Oh my god, you’re a life saver, Sherly. Thank you!” 

As you turned away, you missed the perplexed look that John gave to a certain brown-haired consulting detective.