thanks scrubs

  • Lucio: I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?
  • Tracer: There’s nothing you can do.
  • Lucio: What if I let you beat me in basketball while Emily watches?
  • Tracer: Can we yell “Queer Lightning” every time I make a basket?
  • Lucio: We always do.
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“On My Love” -  Edited Scene from Yuri on Ice Episode 5 (Victor’s POV)

Because I’ve always been invested in Victor’s narrative.  Thank you episode 10, it’s all I could ever ask for.

English subtitled version on youtube!

Thanks for watching!

nightlocktime  asked:

Are you still doing the brotp thing? CAN YOU PLEASE GRACE MY HEART WITH SOME BOBBIFITZ NONSENSE PLEASE???? And when I wrote nonsense the only thing that came to my mind was Scrubs AU.

  • so she’s replaced all his scrubs with hot pink duplicates. that’s okay, fitz can roll with that 
  • he knows that before each surgery, she goes into the women’s bathroom on the second floor, leans onto the sink so she can look closer in the mirror, and gives herself a pep talk. so he puts elmer’s glue all over the sink 
  • she spreads a rumor to all of the female nurses and doctors that he has chlamydia 
  • he tells them all that he got it from her
  • she takes his lucky watch, the one jemma gave him, and puts it in the coffee maker, when he’s too tired to notice before he makes a fresh pot 
  • he takes her lucky necklace, the one hunter gave her, and puts in on one of the bodies in the morgue when the creepiest of the morticians is on shift 
  • she puts his hand in a bowl of warm water when he’s sleeping in the doctor’s lounge (and takes pictures of the aftermath) 
  • he gives her a sharpie mustache and monocle when she’s sleeping in the doctor’s lounge (and takes a picture of the aftermath) 
  • she looses a patient on the table. a young kid, someone who shouldn’t have had any problem making it through 
  • he holds her afterwards while she cries into his shoulder. she comes over to his apartment and they have a few beers and just talk, like they used to in med school. they talk all night and well into the morning, and fall asleep curled up on the couch together 
  • the next day he puts peanut butter on all the soles of her shoes. because this is what they do, this is how they cope. things get tough, things get scary. but they get through it. and they’ll do it laughing 
  • she puts honey in all of his underwear. he’s not sure if she did it after she found the peanut butter thing, or if it was just a happy coincidence
  • they run into each other in the locker room. she’s holding a pair of scissors, he’s got a packet of glitter. they’ll call that one a draw 
  • things are hard, but they get through. they cope. they’ve got each other, and most days that’s enough  
doctor themed aus

requested by anitalianasshole:

  • one of my patients is a medical mystery and no one knows whats wrong with them so you stay up with me all night going through medical texts
  • I’ve been awake for over twenty-four hours take me to the nearest 24hour mcdonalds I don’t give a shit about how bad it is for me I’m a doctor I know
  • we’re both trying to suck up to the head surgeon/chief of medicine so every morning we race to get them their coffee first
  • you’re a terminally ill patient and I’m your doctor/surgeon and we end up becoming really close friends
  • you’re a chronically ill patient so you visit every month or so and everyone knows you because you’re really cool and nice, shit I’m smitten
  • you’re a pediatrician and all the kids adore you and everyone loves you but theres no way I’m admitting that
  • I’m a resident and you’re some prodigy level intern but I’m still your senior so I’d appreciate it if you stopped trying to one up me during rounds thank
  • “what are you doing with all those urine samples”
  • You ruined both your scrubs and clothes after an accident and were in the middle of changing when I walked in on you trying to stuff the clothing into the scrubs vending machine
  • we’re both interns and our beepers went off for an emergency and now we’re both hiding in a supply closet
Let me share with you a typical Thanksgiving at the Lensherr-Maximoff household. It starts with my mother yelling at my brother for yelling at Vision who’s yelling at the television screen, which happens to be the microwave. And then my aunt Lorna gives my grandfather attitude for using the word black, even though he’s referring to the turkey, which, by the way, only got burnt because instead of turning the oven off, my uncle Pietro tried to shove his head in it!
—  Billy Kaplan