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sorry but i want to say I looove this blog. i've been having a rough time and the cute cats/pets and "horrible drawings" cheer me up a whole lot. i'm sorry you've been bothered by shitty ppl lately, you don't deserve that :( I hope you have a nice week! free of garbage terfs

so this blog began as a place to post pics of my cats because my family/friends were getting sick of being texted them, and slowly turned into a place where I come to relax & learn & peddle my art. to hear that OTHER folk now come here to relax is kinda cool and makes me happy!

the last couple weeks have been stressful, but it’s my responsibility to maintain an environment I’m comfortable in, and I’m certain I’ll get better at doing so ✌️ thank you for your ask!

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for a prompt/request... um... michael telling jer that hes trans? or jer finding out by accident

i haven’t really done this before so i hope it’s not awful? anyways thanks for humoring me

Jeremy had met Michael in kindergarten. He knew everything about him: his favorite kool-aid color (red), his first kiss (Rich, behind the swing set in first grade), his weird, distant parents. He and Michael had been raised together. They had

But somehow, Jeremy was shocked when Michael told him, the summer between eighth and ninth grade.

Michael took a deep breath. He could feel his entire body trembling. It’s Jeremy, he tried to tell himself. He won’t care.


“Yeah?” Jeremy glanced up from his laptop.

“I –” Michael’s breath hitched in his throat. Deep breaths, he told himself. Just breathe. He tried to continue, but nothing came out.

“Michael, are you okay?” Jeremy asked. “You look a little green.” Jeremy didn’t break eye contact..

“I’m not – I – I can’t –” Michael glanced away, blinking rapidly. He was choking on his own words. He felt his throat closing up, and the tightness in his chest seemed to grip him tighter. He wouldn’t be able to speak.

He watched his shaking hands undo the top buttons of his shirt, just enough that Jeremy could see the binder underneath.

Michael glanced away and cleared his throat, but his voice still cracked as he muttered, “You don’t have to be around me if you don’t want to.”

He felt pressure building up behind his eyes, as he tried to say, please don’t hate me. But no sound came out of his mouth. Michael was shaking hard enough that he was surprised the room itself didn’t tremble right along with him. His vision blurred.

He felt a hand on his arm. Before he had time to react, Jeremy had pulled him into his arms and held him, slowly rocking back and forth. Michael stiffened for a moment, and then swallowed hard and buried his face in his friend’s neck.

“Of course I want to be around you,” Jeremy said. “Don’t think like that. I love you no matter what.”

He moved them over to the bed and sat Michael down.

“Are you going to be okay?”

“I –” Michael cleared his throat. “I think so, yeah.”

Wordlessly, Jeremy grabbed an old taped version of a season of Batman and Robin and shoved it into Michael’s ancient TV. Then, he sat back on the bed and drew the blankets over their shoulders. Michael leaned against him and let the tears come as Jeremy stroked the back of his head.

Michael didn’t think he’d ever loved Jeremy more.

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                              half of 1k followers?? holy shit.

when i first made my original blog, it was back on july the 30th with the url inadspectusmeum, which i never changed. when i moved my blog to here, i adopted the url virvitae, and then helixpulsc, which is my current url. and even though i had to start over regarding followers, here i am, with my roleplaying as j/ack nearly reaching an entire year and the development of his character in that entire time. and over halfway to 1k?? that’s insane!

now i tend to get all mushy mushy with these, but i want to keep this one simple. there’s a lot of people i want to recognise, and many more i’d love to be friends with someday in the near future, and even more i want to roleplay with. so without further ado, let’s get on to the best part! the not so gigantic list. (how i made it smaller than usual? idk)

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I officially ask for Gladio trying pole dance for the very first time in 100 words please ! ^w^

Ho boy, this was fun. Thank you!!!

“I’m strong,” he bragged, holding up his biceps, flexing them.

You twitched your eyebrows at the pole.

Not exactly arrogant about it, he strode with confidence to the pole and reached as high as he could above his head. His body spun around the pole before he’d had a chance to work out how to control his movements; he was spiralling and slipping down, dragged down by his own massive weight.

When he hit the bottom in a bit of a mess, you bit your lip to keep from giggling. “So, it might be a bit harder than I thought…”

A word.

So I’ve never really sat down and had a serious post on this blog save for SaveBendy nonsense. So I suppose I can do it now. 

Firstly, I want to say thank you to every single person who’s been following and supporting this blog. Thank you to all the kind people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since I’ve made this blog. To the mutuals who are all dorks, which is great and I love every one of you nerds, thanks. 

It’s hard to really get across the stress of dealing with the harsh nature of people in fandoms, it’s happened to me countless times in previous fandoms, pushing me out and forcing me to just not want to partake in any of it. And save for some rude folk here or there, this fandom has been extremely welcoming. 

It’s nice to be able to enjoy something again, to be able to make things without worrying again. The feeling is similar to a weight being lifted off your chest. 

I enjoy making things again, which was a very rare feeling for me in previous fandoms. I’m expanding as an artist and have been able to try new things as times goes on. 

So really, tons of good as come from this blog. Even if I do stress myself out sometimes trying to think of good ways to answer asks. 

I sorta forget where I was going for with this post, so I guess I’ll just end it here.

Thanks again and I hope to stay in the fandom for a long time, enjoying every bit of it along the way. 

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((ASK BOX CLOSED hoo wee u guys send asks fast holy shit man. i got a lot of good questions so bless yall! there were some that ive already answered so be sure to check the archive of the blog if u have a question! BUT i did get some asks i was about to send myself if no one asked so THANKKK YOUU!!))

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Heeey, so I'm new to the fandom and I have all these feels..I just want to say I love your blog and yeah I'm completely outlander trash ATM (slowly watching the show with the bf, he's very slow at watching TV) but I'm flying through the books ^^

hi nonnie! welcome to the fandom! i’m so glad you like my blog 🤗 the feels only get worse from here (i’ve watched everything several times but instead of being less affected i just cry more) also, it’s been almost a year and i’m still complete outlander trash, so welcome to the party my friend.


Originally wasn’t going to post it but I’m too proud of this to not post it-

These two are my clone OCs Sage and Sparks, I love them.


The switcharound meme I did with @gemfriends and @floofhips! They all came out so good I’m so proud of all of us wowowow thank you so much for working with me it was so much fun

Above we have Ammolite,  Goshenite and Prasiolite and their experiences with the gem war

you ever just wanna not Exist™ when your mental illness acts up but then you remember andreil have struggled through the most traumatic experiences and they still have to live with ptsd but they worked so fucking hard to get to where they are right now, which is with Each Other forever and they learn how to gradually find their own pieces of happiness and they fight against their demons with the help of the other because they’re each other’s anchor to life, and they thought they would never have this–

do you ever just think of this because i do everyday and it gives me hope

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hi! im sorry, i've probs already sent u something, but did u kno that Allura has recently been confirmed as 17 (or the altean equivalent)? It happened at Wondercon. And seeing as Shiro is ~25, Sha//ura is a bit... Yikes, y'know? sorry to clog up ur ask box!

Hi there! No worries at all about clogging up this inbox, I’m always open to messages!

As for the whole age of the characters thing, I haven’t actually heard anything about this, and to be perfectly honest I don’t really subscribe to the idea that things said in tweets, cons, interviews are canon. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there so as far as I’m concerned, unless the character’s ages are explicitly stated in the show, we don’t have canon ages, and therefore everything is kind of up to interpretation and personal headcanons, y’know?

So it is totally possible that Allura is 17! And that’s awesome because it means she’s such a badass at such a young age, and that’s something to be impressed and inspired by! I personally don’t headcanon her being that young myself - the way she speaks and presents herself to me seems like someone who is much more comfortable and confident with themselves than a teenager - but it’s totally plausible that she’s just very mature for her age! She’s royalty after all. Or maybe Alteans age differently, who knows?

My point is that while I personally don’t headcanon Allura as being 17, it is totally okay for others to do so. And if that means shipping her with Shiro squicks you out a bit, that’s totally cool too! I personally try to tag any shippy stuff I post, regardless of the ship, so that people can blacklist. And if I ever miss anything I encourage people to tell me so I can fix it. I totally understand that not everyone ships the same things.

I’m a multishipper myself. I will ship some things more than others, and some of my ships I just think are adorable or cute rather than realistic. It’s all in good fun. If my ships are your ships, great! I’m always up for chatting about the different ships and possible AUs and headcanons! And if my ships are not your ships, that’s fine too! Just let me know if you ever need anything tagged, and you are always welcome to unfollow me if my blog is making you uncomfortable. Voltron is a great show, and we have a great fandom, it’s all about making sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time, and if I can ever help with that I’d be happy to.

Thank you so much for sending in this message, I’m always pleased when I get a chance to talk to people in the fandom. Keep on rockin!

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