thanks playa

sebastian stan when anthony mackie isn’t around:

  • “what anthony mackie movie do i wanna pick”
  • “hi, leslie. see you at the club. i’m trying, ok? he’s not here, i’m trying. we all know who i’m talking about”
  • “i’m probably gonna facetime him later and tell him how it was”
  • “[benedict cumberbatch] never returned my emails but then again nobody really does except for anthony mackie, which is why i always have such a soft spot in my heart for him”
  • “you can’t ignore the mackie thunderforce, you either join him or be swallowed up by it”
  • “he didn’t send a text back for 48 hours. and it just said, ‘thanks, playa’” 
  • “my relationship with anthony mackie is one of the perks of my life, knowing that man”

anonymous asked:

omg anthony loves seb so much :') they're so cute. i still cant get over how well they fit together. esp when seb said hes very quiet and anthony is so outgoing, you wouldnt think they would be this close when they didnt even have scenes together but bonded during the press tours ;-; i still cant get over seb saying anthony aint reply to his bday text from him til days later with "thanks playa" lmao

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are truly the greatest love story of all time.