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All’s fair in friendship and espionage.


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make me choose@neoemos​ + anon asked: chewing gum or firetruck or the 7th sense?

tbh out of all four Beatles’ solo careers, George Harrison’s has touched my heart in a sweet way and never failed to lighten up my day when I feel bad. He just had a lot of genuine love to give, and it shone through his music, and his love for it as well as others.

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I just straight up started throwing away my roommates clothes that he left around the apartment.

i love this one bc it’s not even like a subtle petty act, it’s just straight up like “that’s right binch watch me throw out ur calvins u left on the living room lamp”

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                               A Look Inside Maia Roberts’ Phone [insp]


7 reasons why Jake Peralta is awesome, as explained by phil-the-stone:

4. while he did have kind of a shitty childhood, it’s stated by other characters (reminding him and the viewers) several times throughout the show that he’s still pretty privileged compared to a lot of other people, and he knows and accepts that


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10 songs on shuffle, no skipping!

  • 1. billy joel ‒ vienna
  • 2. red hot chili peppers ‒ californication
  • 3. woodkid ‒ run boy run
  • 4. oasis ‒ stop crying your heart out
  • 5. thousand foot krutch ‒ e for extinction
  • 6. howard shore ‒ concerning hobbits
  • 7. arctic monkeys ‒ fluorescent adolescent
  • 8. the fratellis ‒ lupe brown
  • 9. falco ‒ jeanny
  • 10. panic! at the disco ‒ la devotee

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It’s your lucky day, Mr. Castle. The six Dogs of Hell gang members you wiped out in Delaware won’t be an issue, anymore. Delaware doesn’t have the evidence to charge and extradite, so, the death penalty is officially off the table. But, Reyes also wanted three life sentences without the possibility of parole. But, as the “Nelson” in Nelson and Murdock, I got her down to one with the possibility of parole in twenty five years. That’s the good news.