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I want yellow walls in here. And china with a modern pattern. I don’t want roses or violets on it.I want geometric designs. I want the only flowers to be real flowers. Over there, on that windowsill, where they’ll catch the light each morning when the sun comes up. And I want to smell coffee when I wake up. And bleach, because that will mean you’re here, or that you’ve just gone out. And when you come back in, I can say “Welcome home.”

Can you imagine it? #20

Short CTM/Pupcake scenes i can imagine but cant stretch out into full fics

This one comes from an idea from the lovely @pirateboots and is also for @notanunsophisticatedwoman who seemed to like the idea. I’m not too happy with how it turned out, honestly i dont think it’s my best work but i hope you all like it anyway.

This takes place immediately after Patsy and Delia are reunited in 6:08

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All I really want from the rest of series 5 is Trixie walking in on Patsy and Delia in a compromising situation and she just “oh"s and raises her eyebrows. And when Patsy chases after her and pleads her not to tell anyone Trixie just pulls her into a tight hug and tells Patsy that she’s know for months and she never once wanted to out either of them.

Also I want Delia to join Keep Fit and for Patsy to flush bright red when she sees her in her leotard.

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For the fanfic tropes ask: coffee shop au?? (I think that counts as a trope idrk😂)

ayyy thank you my friend!!! I’m assuming you mean any fandom so I’ll indulge myself and give two! 


- the murder boyfriends make this fandom for me so how could I leave them out of the obvious vintage and classical music obsessed hipster au!?? I like to think Max would be a vintage hipster barista (those bowtie and sweater combos would be a+) and Morse would be an annoying customer who comes in during his lunch break and just sits and smiles smugly as all the girls (and boys) sit impressed at him being able to name all the classical music the shop plays before Max finally unable to resist interfering swoops in and gives him a run for his money. (without realising who he was trying to impress in the first place) Then the casual sassy flirting we’ve grown to know and love begins :’) 

Call the Midwife: 

- I like to think barista Delia ends up listening to this lovely midwife’s stories one day after accidentally messing up an order and this leads to a daily ritual of  listening to midwife Patsy’s interesting birth stories whilst she makes her drink, comforting her after the bad ones and laughing at the funny ones until their both in hysterics. One day Patsy ends up staying late until closing and clear up and they totally decide to just take their chat to the bar next door and it all moves on from there! 

lara.fraser: This morning I brunched with an inspirational bunch of women with differing backgrounds (same-ish jobs) whose stories reignited my passion for blogging and writing. We all sat down at @grind with @patsypalmerofficial for a relaxed intro into her networking series #CommonWealthLifestyleEvents which has finally made its way to London.
The CWL mission is to encourage and inspire women to re-ignite their desires.  Not only did we make our way through our own stories and topical issues but were also introduced to the psychological benefits of meditation, which can be experienced at her breakfast with renowned hypnotist Morgan Yakus.
Not bad for a Friday morning! Got my head back in the game… Thanks Patsy 😘 #riseandgrind

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Did patsy ever divorce her husband? From my understanding she didnt, but my knowledge extends as far as "America's first daughter." Also, was he abusive to her? The author's notes say there is no factual evidence but that it was very possible. There is also a scene at the end in which he tells her she should weep for her father after he died, which made me really mad, but I don't know if it was a creative liberty or a fact. Thanks!

Martha “Patsy” Jefferson’s husband, Thomas Mann Randolph Jr. always had a nasty temper. Over the years, he grew increasingly resentful and angry towards his father-in-law, his wife and his children. All of his adult children distanced themselves from him. Martha even moved to Boston to distance herself from her husband who was also said to suffer mentally and abused alcohol. They never formally divorced and were reunited shortly before his death where he was cared for at Monticello in his deteriorating condition. 

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How do you think Delia and Patsy's relationship began? Do you think Patsy was a bit like Mr. Darcy and was a bit aloof? Or do you think Delia slowly but surely courted Patsy?

Ooh, wow. This is a super interesting question and I’m really glad that you asked me! I apologise profusely for the essay that is about to ensue.

There’s a reason I haven’t launched myself into a full scale multi-chapter fic of their backstory, and its not because it would be very long and therefore a big commitment (though it should be, given I do need to do my degree sometimes). Rather its because I’m hoping canon will shed some light on this, and I would hate to spend lots of time writing it a way that’s contrary to what’s really been envisioned for them, especially if its drastically different, and then feel really really silly. Doesn’t mean I haven’t speculated and come up with ridiculous amounts of ideas of my own though.

So, the canon that we do have is that they met at the London, and that Delia currently works on male surgical. Since Patsy was there for three years (and likely for the foreseeable future) we can take that to assume that placements on a certain ward are pretty long haul at the London, so we can also take that to mean that they worked together. We also know that Patsy is older than Delia - her year of birth is stated as 1933 on the CtM website - and that Delia’s 24 (in the Christmas special) so she’d have been born in 1936/37. The other canon we have is that Delia met her at training school. (Someone do tell me if I’ve got something wrong here, or omitted another piece of canon about their backstory, but I think I got it all).

Given Patsy’s reasons for going into nursing, and that she’s always wanted it, I tend to write things from the perspective that she entered pretty much straight out of school, and Delia did more or less the same, rather than them being in training at the same time (in the same year, or Patsy a year or two above her). Therefore I think that Delia was training whilst Patsy was pretty recently qualified.

My personal opinion was that they became fast friends, much faster and much friendlier than Patsy had been with anyone before. I don’t think Patsy is a great haver of best friends - I don’t think she likes to get close to people, though I would say Nonnatus has changed that since its a situation she’s never been in before in her life. Before that it was the camp where she lost her family, then boarding school, then (though we can’t be sure what she did in between) the nurses home, which would have been quite impersonal compared to Nonnatus. There she has been forced by proximity and intimacy to become close to people. She did however state herself that she doesn’t have many friends. A quote from Emerald Fennell herself in an interview that stuck in my mind (in regard to the Typhoid episode) was that it reminds Patsy not to get too comfortable, that things can be taken away from her. I think she really lives with that at the forefront of her mind.

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Cyndi Lauper, that girl power icon of the eighties, has a new album. Her latest collection of songs takes a distinctly southern turn: It’s an album of classic country covers.

“To me it’s like the roots of rock ‘n’ roll,” Lauper says, “because it’s around the time period when rhythm and blues and country were very linked, just around the time Elvis kicked the doors down.”

The new record is called Detour, and Lauper joined NPR’s Rachel Martin in the studio to explain why she took the turn.

Cyndi Lauper Charts Her Own Path — Thanks, In Part, To Patsy Cline

Photo: Chapman Baehler/Courtesy of the artist

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Pupcake Modern day AU

It’s not that Patsy doesn’t love Trixie. She does. It’s just that she thinks, sometimes, Trixie takes the whole gay best friend thing a little too seriously.

There’s been an abundance of very awkward questions aimed at both Patsy and Delia:

“‘But how do you do it?’

‘Do what?’

‘You know…bang?’

‘Well, mostly we use our-’



“'Like, if I would totally bang Ruby Rose, does that make me gay?’

‘No, Trixie.’

‘Oh. Wait, not even half?’

No, Trixie.’”

and, Delia’s personal favourite:

“'You know the N word? There’s not, like, a gay form of that, is there?’

'Trix, are you fucking kidding me?’

'So there’s not?’

No, Trixie.’”

But Trixie is supportive, and Patsy is grateful to have her on their side.


“When’s your mum coming again, Deels?” Patsy asks through a mouthful of toothpaste. It’s late and Delia is on early shift in the morning.

“Thursday, I think?” Delia says, pulling her pyjama bottoms up around her hips, “Although I’m glad she’s staying with Babs and Tom. I can’t stand her breathing down our necks all the time. It’s like I can’t even look at you without her jumping between us,” Delia rolls her eyes in the most Delia-like fashion.

Patsy giggles agreeably, taking her hair down from the intricate style nursing requires and gets into bed next to Delia. She takes the smallest of moments to appreciate how easy life has become, and how - whatever happens - Delia’s warm embrace will always be there to welcome her home.

Patsy rests her head against Delia’s collarbone and the brunette balances her laptop on their stomachs.

“What are we watching?” Patsy asks sleepily, lazily pressing kisses to Delia’s jaw.

Bomb Girls. Apparently it’s got vintage Canadian lesbians in it. Trixie lent me the boxset and she-”


Delia’s tanned skin turns a fierce shade of red.

“Trixie and I - in our spare time - we, um, like to maybe discuss LGBT TV shows. She’s lent me quite a few boxsets now, and a few books. I just don’t always show you them.”

“I’m glad you and Trixie are getting along so well, but why am I being excluded from this club?”

“You get sad because all the lesbians die.”

Patsy shrugs, kisses Delia’s jaw once more and settles down to watch the first episode of Bomb Girls.

(And fingers crossed the Canadian lesbians aren’t hit by any stray bullets.)

No Closer to Heaven- The Wonder Years