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“Thanks for patching me up Merlin” you said smiling weakly. Merlin however seemed a bit too upset you accept your gratitude.

“Arthur should have been looking out for you” he muttered cleaning the last of your wounds “he can be so irresponsible. He should-”.

“Merlin don’t be angry with him. Arthur isn’t my babysitter. I chose to go out with him, I knew it would be dangerous. This is on me”.

Merlin sighed.
“Just try to be more careful next time I suppose”.


July Re-balance Patch

(thanks to reddit user lalaca for translation)


  • CA added effect: increased DEF for 1 turn.
  • Fortitude added effect: Counter on damage (3 times)
  • Kagutsuchi: CD reduced.

Zeta (Fire)

  • CA added effect: increased Critical rate (self)
  • Spear of Arvess reworked: Fire damage to one enemy; inflicts Arvess Felmare(sp?) debuff (works like Jamil’s Hitmark).
  • Rhapsody reworked: ATK boost changed from enemy in Break to enemy with Arvess Felmare debuff. Additional boost if enemy is in Break.
  • Thousand Flame added effect: inflicts Break Boosted (Time).

Clarisse (Fire)

  • CA added effect: inflicts Debuff Resist DOWN.
  • Nano Analyze added effect: Fire Resist DOWN.
  • Atomic Resolution: CD reduced.

Charlotta (Water)

  • CA (5*): removed Break condition for bonus damage. Base damage and damage cap increased.
  • Blue Moon: Debuff success improved.
  • Sword of Lumiel @Level 100 reworked: 550% damage, reduce enemy Mode Gauge, 1-turn invulnerability (self).
  • Captain of Holy Knights added effect: status boost (ATK and multiattack rate) every turn (max 5 turns). Ends if hit.

Chat Noir

  • CA (with Forewarning): reduced turn count until damage.
  • CA (with Riddle): Debuff success improved. Paralysis from Phantom Thief is now considered a separate source for tolerance.
  • Spectacular Heist: CD reduced, charge bar cost removed.
  • Don’t Trust Your Eyes: more Dodges with Riddle status.

Societte (Water)

  • CA added effect: next use of Kagura Dance is cast on all allies.
  • Kagura Dance added effect: Water echo.

Cagliostro (Earth)

  • Phantasmagoria reworked: remove 1 debuff from self, Critical rate UP, special effect (multiattack rate UP, ATK/DEF UP). CD reduced. (affects all allies at Level 100 with no penalty)
  • Reinforce added effect: Refresh.


  • CA added effect: increase all allies Critical rate if 5 stacks of Loaded are consumed.
  • Anti-Social added effect: increases ATK based on Loaded stacks.

Feena (SSR)

  • CA added effect: damage cap increased based on Crushed stacks.


  • Right Hairsaber: increased damage.
  • Left Hairsaber: increased damage.
  • A.F.D.S reworked: increases Counter rate based on how low HP is; Ability damage cap UP.
  • Golden Luster added effect: increased ability damage each time ability is used (max 10 stacks).

La Fille (Light)

  • CA added effect: Mirror Image (1) on allies.
  • Jewel Mirror reworked: Counter on Dodge (3), Light echo until damaged.

Io (Grand)

  • CA reworked: Buffs allies based on Mystic Vortex stacks (Refresh, Stamina, damage cap UP).
  • Flowery Seven: base damage increased; damage cap increased based on Vortex stacks.
  • Mystic Vortex reworked: max 3 stacks, based on charge bar level (consumes existing bar instead of flat 25%?). Resets stacks on Charge Attack use, not ability use.
  • Enchanted Light reworked: allies’ Light damage increased based on Vortex stacks.


  • CA: improved triple attack rate.
  • Triad Deception: Debuff success improved.
  • Infernal Heaven: improved triple attack rate. Inflicts Debuff resist DOWN (stackable) on triple attack.


  • 5* CA: Aubade Grynoth’s effect increased.
  • Forgotten Tales @Level 100: improved ATK boost.
  • Feel No Pain added effect: increases DEF based on how low HP is.

Beatrix (original)

  • CA added effect: gain Jammed.
  • Embrasque Sword added effect: increased evasion based on how low HP is.
Stim Freely Embroidery Patches - Imperfect Prototypes, on Sale for $5 each
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Hey all! To earn money for top surgery, I’ve started working on some autistic / neurodivergent pride patches. I’ve completed two so far, and because I’m working out how to make them they aren’t quite perfect – but the good news is, that means you can get them for a cheaper price than the perfected patches will be!

So check out these two patches or sit tight for the perfected patches, which should hit the store within a few days. 

We all deserve to stim freely – wear this patch on a jacket, a purse or backpack, or anything else you like to remind yourself (and others) of that.

I’d also love some more ideas for other phrases or designs to include on further autistic pride patches – let me know what you’d like to see on a patch!

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rainbow patch anon again! i had multiple comments of "i like your hoodie!" and a couple people asked for pictures yesterday. i'm normally super shy but that helped boost my confidence a bit. so indirectly, you helped me a lot. <3

AAAAAAAAAA THATS SO SWEET AND WONDERFUL!!! i am so happy to hear that!!!! :’)c

Brotzly Week Day #2: 'Jacket'

seemed a good time to break out this @princessparadoxical prompt! thanks dear ^_^

Dirk had always wanted his own honest to goodness detective agency. Unfortunately, since such things tended to require a fixed location (and maybe even an additional person or two), he’d never quite got past the early stages of conception.

But finally he’d made it- and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was well worth the wait.

Together he, Todd and Farah were a well-oiled detecting machine! Well, moderately well-oiled. Well… perhaps just very lightly greased. Point was they worked well together, and they got the job done. Sometimes. Through the power of teamwork! And dumb luck. But mostly teamwork. It was therefore of the utmost importance to Dirk that their team remained well greased. A metaphorically greasy team was a happy team.

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One for me, One for baby // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Can you do a imagine where the reader is pregnant & well chilling with him & his sister on the living room couch the readers odd pregnancy cravings go through the roof & Shawn has to go around look for stores that sell things like Sour Pouch & pickles among other odd combos & also he comes home to drop the food off & then goes back out within a few minutes to get more stuff & by the end he’s exhausted & just slips down on the couch with the two girls & it’s just funny fluff?

requested: YEppp

Authors note: I actually had so much fun writing this and I hope you guys like it oh and I know I’m a little late but this is celebrating me hitting 1000 followers!! (crazy)

“I think we should call him Y/n junior,” I smile fondly at my stomach where my 28 week old was growing. 

“Babe,” Shawn looks at me from where he was putting in a DVD for Aaliyah and I to watch on the TV. “You know he’s a dude right?” He smirks and I glare mockingly.

“I know that babe,” I joke back, my hand rubbing gentle circles on my baby bump.  “Y/n is a pretty cool name and I think that any baby would be lucky to have it,” I huff, slightly offended. “Especially our baby,”

“Definitely, because our son would love us for giving him a girls name,” He sasses me.

“Watch the attitude Shawn,” I say lowly at him. 

“I can’t believe you two are having a kid,” Aaliyah laughs from where she lays across the couch, legs chucked up on the arm rest. Shawn sends his best death glare at her. 

“What that’s supposed to mean?” He asks, tone sharp.

“It means that the both of you bicker so much when it comes to the baby,” I chuckle while Shawn just looks insulted.

“Shawn’s just jealous because I don’t want to call him Shawn junior,” I hum, Shawn letting out a cry of indignation.

“Babe we’re not calling our baby junior anything,”

“I guess that rules out Aaliyah junior,” Aaliyah and I laugh as Shawn scowls, turning to walk out the room.

“Oh wait, Shawn,” I try to turn to look over my shoulder to where he stands at the door.

“Yes Y/n,” He raises an eyebrow at me.

“Can you please get me some sour patch kids and a glass of caramel milk?” I ask, sending him an innocent glance.

“We don’t have caramel milk, I don’t even know if that’s a thing?” He questions, looking mildly confused.

“Please Shawn, I’m really hungry,” I plead, pouting my bottom lip. “Baby and I are hungry,” as soon as I add the last bit Shawn is grabbing his keys, laying a kiss on my forehead and heading out the door.

“Since he’s gone, want to go tell dad we’re calling him Y/n Junior?” Aaliyah asks, smirking at me.

“As much as I want to go do that, my sour patch kids hang in the balance and frankly I don’t think I’m willing to risk that,” I laugh, running a hand through my hair tiredly.

“Aw damn,” Aaliyah murmurs.

“Maybe next time,” I reassure, looking out the window in hope of Shawn returning in a miraculous 2 minute shopping trip.

10 minutes later however the sound of the door opening alerts as and Shawn walks in holding a bag.

“Turns out they sell caramel milk,” Shawn grins at me, placing a carton on the coffee table and chucking me the sour patch kids.

“Thanks baby,” I smile, leaning forward to kiss him, Aaliyah letting out a sound of disgust.

“I’ll never get used to seeing my brother do that,” 

Shawn chuckles at her mortified facial expression while I’m too busy opening the sour patch kids to respond.

“Babe,” I ask, a few minutes later, turning my head to look at him.

“Yes,” he trails off, eyes flicking to meet mine. 

“Can you get me some biscuits and cheese, the one in the blue packaging with the cow on the front?” I smile sheepishly.

“You are so lucky I love you,” Shawn groans getting up again .

“Can you get me some candy Shawn?” Aaliyah yells grinning at me.

“Get your own,” Shawn calls back and I laugh, hearing the door slam shut.

“He never gets me anything anymore,” Aaliyah pouts.

“I’ll see if I can bribe him next time,” I tell her and she nods, our attention back on the movie.

This time when Shawn returns, he falls back on the couch, passing me the single packet.

“Do you know how many weird looks the cashier lady gave me when I went through only buying one packet of damn biscuits with cheese?” 

“No,” I answer peeling open the wrapper.

“I’m not going again,” He mutters, chucking an arm over my shoulder.

“Next time buy two, one for me, one for baby,”

Aaliyah chokes back a laugh.

We sit there in a comfortable silence while I eat my food, the TV providing a faint background noise.

“Hey Shawn,” I test the waters softly. 

“What,” He asks suspiciously

“Can you get me like, one of those tubs of tomatoes?”

“Get away from me,”

Hello Kitty Band-aids (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request by @itybitynovak Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Peter Parker x Reader where Peter comes back from being Spider-Man and is a little bruised up and the reader helps patches him up? Extra fluffy please :) thank you! p.s. I love your writing xoxo

Originally posted by painfulblisss

A tap on your bedroom window at three am would usually be terrifying but not anymore. You’re excited about Peter’s visit tonight because you have finally psyched yourself up to tell him that you like him. This, however, was not how you’re him.

Peter’s sitting on your fire escape with the shirt part of his costume around his waist. Bruises and shallow cuts litter his chest. You cringe when you see them and usher him into your room. Feelings don’t matter at the moment, you have to help patch him up, you tell yourself. You pull the first aid kit from underneath your bed. You got it after the first time he showed up with cuts and scratches. 

He lies on your bed, engulfed by the comforter, and sighs happily at the comfortable position. You hesitantly straddle his hips and began dabbing the largest cuts with alcohol. Peter cringes at the sting but gets used to it quickly. “Hey,” he whispers quietly after a while. “Hey, Peter,” you whisper back with a smile. He sits up gently and props himself against the headboard before he pulls you into the same position. His forehead touches yours and you smile at each other. 

He looks at his chest and huffs a laugh. “What’re these?” “They’re, um, Hello Kitty bandaids. I kinda ran out of the other ones.” You say, embarrassed. “Thanks for patching me up,” he says quietly. His breath is warm against your lips. You shake your head and his head moves with you, “It’s no problem.” He leans forward and connects your lips quickly but gently.

“Hey Pete?” you say carefully, almost questioning yourself. “Yeah, (Y/N)?”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, (Y/N). You and your Hello Kitty bandaids.”

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Mark dancer for red and 1989 did a little interview and talked a little about Taylor. Note most of the interview is sad when he talks about unemployment after 1989 ended 😔 honolulumagazine(.)com/Honolulu-Magazine/June-2017/QA-Mark-Villaver-World-Touring-Dancer/

Q+A: Mark Villaver, World-Touring Dancer


You may recognize 26-year-old Mark Villaver, the Kalihi B-boy turned professional dancer, from the 2014 viral video of him and his deaf mother, Emilia Villaver Daquiog, dancing together. Since then, he’s performed with Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and toured with Taylor Swift during her 1989 World Tour in 2015. Although 2016 was a year of development for the dancer, he’s back in the spotlight and auditioning for season 14 of So You Think You Can Dance.

We spoke to Villaver about going pro, his local roots and working with Taylor Swift. […]

HONOLULU: What happened last year?

Villaver: From 2012 to 2015 I was doing really well, careerwise. I was dancing for artists. I was going on world tours with Taylor Swift. After that, I came off of tour, got my own apartment. [I was] living alone and you know, no job. I’m unemployed. [I sustained] an injury. It was my first time living alone by myself. So that made me feel even lonelier. I started losing myself up in my head. I wasn’t working. […]

HONOLULU: On a lighter note, is there anything you can tell us about working with Taylor Swift?

Villaver: Taylor, the Swifts, we’re all family, we’re all cool. There’s never a bad thing because it’s very chill. I can be chill with them and they love that about me. I can just be the Hawaiian like, “Oh hey, what’s up!” That’s why I’m blessed to be from Hawai‘i, how you raised yeah? So much respect.




So excited to be able to share with you all my new machine embroidered patches that are finally here! The little bee & her sparkles are metallic thread that catches the light just how I’d wanted & they’re self-adhesive too which is handy. Here’s a link to them in my shop for anyone that would like one - ✨🐝✨ thanks so much to everyone that has already preordered, I’m hopeful I’ll be able to ship them all out by the end of the week. You’re all the best 💌

A Kiss Will Make It Better - Jason ToddxReader

This story was requested by the lovely @memento-amare

I hope you like it dear! Apologies for taking so long!!

Warnings: Swearing, Mild Blood and Injury

Word Count: 1210


Living with Jason Todd was always an adventure. Even before I found out he moonlighted as a Gotham vigilante. We had met through his brother DIck and had become fast fast friends.

He was have parental issues with Bruce and I was getting ready to start the pre-med program at Gotham University so we decided to rent a place together.

It wasn’t until about half way through junior year that I found out he was the Red Hood. I had come home late from a night in the library to find him bleeding out on the couch.

I dropped my school bag and ran into the living room.

“Jason. Jason! I need you to talk to me. What happened,” I asked as I started to check his pulse.”

His voice was low and his breaths were shallow. “Stabbed, twice in the stomach. Some asshole got the jump on me. Couldn’t make it back to the cave to get fixed up.”

I started to feel mild panic set in after the word stabbed, but soon my trauma training kicked into high gear.

“Okay, okay. I’m going to run and grab my kit and I’ll be right back.”

I came back with my med kit and sat down on the floor. “I’m going to start stitching you up, but your going to have to talk to me okay?”


“This is gunna hurt like a bitch but something tells me you know that. Tell me how this whole vigilante thing started.”

Once he got going on the story I began to stitch up his wounds. It took more than an hour with how wide the gashes were.

“Okay Jay, let’s get you to bed. Some rest is going to be the best thing for you now.”

He only grumbled in reply. I helped him up and guided him to his bedroom. I didn’t bother getting him out of the rest of his uniform because he was so out of it.
Once I made sure he was comfortable enough to not pull anything I leaned over to give him a kiss on the forehead.

“Sleep tight Jay, I’ll see you in the morning.”


I was making eggs the next morning when I heard Jason’s shower turn on. I smiled to myself knowing that he was at least able to get up from the bed and make it to the bathroom.

After 20 minutes or so he wandered over to the dining table and sat down where I had placed his plate.

“Good Morning Sunshine,” I said casually after he sat down.

He looked up at me and answered with a grunt. We spent the next few minutes in silence.

“So are we not going to talk about last night?”

Jason set down his fork, and looked up at me.

“I seem to recall that we talked about pretty much evertything while you were stitching? Is there anything else you wanted to know? I’m sure you’ll probably say something about being careful and what not, but trust me it isn’t anything I haven’t heard before.”

I put down my own fork and sigh.

“I didn’t think there was anything else, but I wanted to make sure. There’s no need to be sour, especially when I kept you from bleeding out. A thank you would be nice, by the way.”

“Uh….thanks,” he said. “I really appreciate it.”
“You’re welcome. Just so you know I’m willing to help whenever you need it. I am going to school to be a doctor ya know.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. While we are talking about it, did you kiss my head last night?”

“Uh, yeah. My mom always said that a kiss could make anything a little bit better, no matter how big, so its something I’ve always done with my siblings and kids I babysit. It’s a force of habit really, I can stop if you want.”

“Oh. Nah it’s fine if you wanna keep doing it. Doesn’t bother me,” he said as he got up to head to his room. “Thanks again for the patch up Y/N.”

And that’s how things would be anytime Jason came back from patrol or a mission with an injury. I would patch him up and send him off with a kiss to the cheek or the top of his head.


“Yo, I’m here with the food,” Jason said as he comes through the door. “Roy’ll be over to hang out in a few.”

I put my notes back into my textbook and turned to face him. “Sweet, you got pizza! I’ll go grab some drinks.”

I got up to head to the kitchen as Jason slide a piece of the pizza onto his plate. A few moment later there’s a muffled shout “Dammit, I burned tongue.”

“Should I kiss it to make it better?” I shout from the kitchen while grabbing drinks from the fridge.

The next thing i hear is Jason choking. I run back into the living room to see him sputtering with his head between his knees.

“Here drink this,” I said as I handed him a water bottle. He grabbed the bottle and chugged almost half of it before he calmed down.

“Y/N, do you realize what you said?”

“Nooo,” I said as I started to think back to what had just happened. I ticked each of the events off in my head until arrived at what I said.

Instantly my face began to heat up. I flopped back onto the couch trying to hide myself from the embarrassment that is slowly taking over.

“I’m sorry Jay, I don’t know what I was thinking it just sort of slipped out as a force of habit.”

“I mean I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” Jason said with a smirk. I shot up to look him in the eyes.


Suddenly Jason seemed to have a nervous energy about him. “I mean yeah. I’ve kinda had a thing for you for a while, but I wasn’t reallly sure how to go about it cause our friendship is super important to me.”

I had lost all function. The only thing I could do was stare at him. The guy I have had a crush on just admitted to having a crush on me. I literally thought my brain had started to malfunction.

“I guess no response means that you don’t entirely feel the same way…I will just go back to my pizza now, forget I said anything.”

I took me a second to comprehend what he was saying, but when I did I found a new kind of resolve from somewhere.

"No, it doesn’t,” I whispered as I grabbed his shoulders to make him turn back towards me.

“What are yo..” he starts to ask but I cut him off with a kiss. It takes a second to realize what’s happening but he quickly reciprocates.

"EWWW! Not over the pizza guys!”

Roy’s voice from the doorway had us instantly pulling away from one another.

“It’s about damn time though,” he said as he sat down on a chair.

“Yeah, it is.” Jason smiled and leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek. A blush kept onto my face and I couldn’t help but agree.