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Thank you all so much for getting “Pre-Bendy Buddies: The New Employee” 1,000 hits!!!

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Dr Who: The Tag Game

Tagged by: @spacegranted​ (ohh thank you! i haven’t done one of these in ages!)

Doctor you started with: Nine. Spent the first episodes of season 1 thinking the show was pretty bad. Then I saw ‘Dalek’ and was hooked.

Favourite Doctor: Three and Eight

Favourite Companion: Yeah, I can’t think of anyone better than Jo

Favourite Episode: Ack, so many! Um. The Natural History of Fear

DW OTP: Doctor x Master
Also Eight x Fitz

Favourite line/quote: ‘Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold.’
Also, the daisiest daisy

Favourite Character that isn’t the Doctor or a companion: me!
Also the TARDIS

BrOTP: Doctor and TARDIS

Favourite DW fic (if you have one): It’s a really tough call, but ‘come to me with remedies’ is one I keep going back to (mentally ill Eight in the Obverse, how can I not?)

Favourite DW fanart/blog (if you have one): @actionfiguresfanart​ for telling such compelling stories through photos

If you could pick anyone to be the next Doctor, who would it be? (Why, if you feel like explaining): (i don’t have anything to say for this one)

If you could pick anyone to be the next companion who would it be? (Why?): why does Bill have to leave?!?! :(

Favourite fan theory: I love this little headcanon of mine

After Three got Bessie, they wanted to drive everywhere. It was ridiculous.

Dr: Let’s go, Brigadier. Hop in.
Brig: The meeting is one block away. Let’s just walk, shall we?

Dr: Good thing I got Bessie cleaned up this morning!
Benton: Doctor, we’re going two buildings over. Do you really need to drive?

Dr: Let’s go ::taking out the car keys:: Come on, Liz!
Liz: Don’t be ridiculous, we’re not even leaving the building.

Other fandoms: Babylon 5, Poirot, Broadchurch (though I’m behind…), Star Trek (and shows that I don’t think have fandoms like Cheers and Psych)

Tagging: oh geez, do I know anyone? if you guys haven’t done it and want to:  @natalunasans​, @naughtylupine​, @billspotts​, @crazytarawitch​ (hi. i haven’t talked to you in ages, but you still like dw, right?)

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Fun fact Juju, in breath of the wild, you can sneak into Zora's domain and get a voiced cutscene with Sidon being like "who are you? Get out of my house my father isn't accepting visitors right n- wait are you a hylian?"

Love at first sight


My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good?