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I said I’d update the collage, so here it is ~ RL Harumichi Shuu & Sayaka ♥


Phil Collins Kevin Spacey joins Pat Sajak and Kelly Ripa on Live with Regis and Kelly to chat about A Moon for the Misbegotten. April 13, 2007

A Witch’s Full Moon Traditions

I just sent off my third lesson for Movements of the Moon (and it’s a Full Moon tonight), and felt quite pleased with how my brief rundown of common lunar traditions came out - so here it is!

Across many practices, the Full Moon is the most important lunar date of the month. It signifies a time of maximum power and magic, and many traditions choose to commemorate, celebrate, or use the day in their Craft. Some basic Full Moon traditions include:

  • Rituals: Many Witch cultures have some form of a Full Moon honoring ritual. For instance, in Wicca, we have the Esbat: a ritual that celebrates the Moon, the turning of its faces, and the Goddess and the God (in this case, particularly the Goddess). There are many other Full Moon honor rituals for secular witches without the deities, or for Witches of other religions (such as my Hellenic self), you can invoke or call on your own powers and deity(s) as to your personal beliefs. The particular word “Esbat” has also evolved to mean rituals of commemoration and thanks undertaken on the New Moon and Dark Moon as well, per practice. There are many scripts for the Full Moon Esbat, though most should be variations on the same rubric.
  • Drawing Down the Moon: Though sometimes performed as part of an Esbat or Full Moon Ritual, drawing down the Moon is an energy exercise where you connect with the Moon’s energy by calling it into you. This is done by going outside, grounding and centering, and then “breathing in”the Moon by feeling it rush into you and filling you with its light. When done, the energy can be released, used, or dissipated.
  • Offerings: Many Pagan Witches find it optimal to use the Full Moon to connect with their deity or pantheon, and use it as a regular, ideal time to connect, commune, and thank their deities.
  • Meditations: Many secular and nature-based Witches find it lovely to just sit outside, enjoy the moonlight, and spend time meditating. Sometimes, an offering of thanks is left to the moon, such as a small coin or stone.
  • Spellwork: This is the obvious one! The Full Moon is a time of maximum spellpower, and, indeed, certain spells are best cast (and, some may stubbornly argue, only can be cast) on a Full Moon. As a general rule, the Full Moon both indicates the heady powers at hand, but also “flavors” and affects your spell, depending on the Moon and the time of year. A common piece of craft to do on a Full Moon is to create Sacred Water, or Moon Water (every Witch seems to have a different name for this!). Simply put, one draws power from the moon and imbues a vessel of water with it, to charge and keep for later work. There are hundreds of variations on this technique!

These are just a couple examples. There’s a myriad of activity to be had on the Full Moon - I hope you can see more than a couple jumping off points from here!



“I had a show to put on now. I knew the role I would play - I had the character down: I would be the villain. I would lie and ridicule and be cruel […] It made it worse to know that this would be the last memory she would have of me. This was my farewell scene.

I found some cute things while thrifting, the cashier complimented me on my hair, a client called me a faerie princess and said that I always float around the salon, plus my boss was proud of me bc I asked for help with something once then was able to do it on my own 💕 I even did a simple cleansing, made a little spell bottle and did a ritual for the new moon, wrote in my journal, set my intentions and meditated before bed ~ so yesterday was a good start to the week and although I woke up with back pain I plan on making today even better 😌🕯✨