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》"There are moments when the human body can overcome things you would never expect.“ Andrés Iniesta《


《"When he has the ball, it’s like everything else stops, like the camera is going in slow motion.” — Fernando Torres on André Iniesta》


This is for you, you made me love these colours. I’ll be grateful to you for the rest of my life.
—  Fernando Torres to Manolo Briñas after his 100th goal for Atletico Madrid

Saul is amazing. He has cried, he has thanked Moya, Nando, Koke and Gabi for keeping him with his feet on the ground and focused, he has said a lot of beautiful things about Atleti and he has handled the Theo question with grace. 10 out of 10.

Part 8 - Harry - He cheats on you SERIES

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//you BETTER enjoy it if you don’t I’ll make you eat some cake!  Joking…But if you like it I’ll give you a brownie that’s made out of something other than chocolate.. (Sorry sugar cravings)

Anyways, as always, I really hope you guys like this part. This series is slowly coming to an end :’(

And Harry’s teenager days are slowly coming to an end..

Just sayin' 


“Sophia! Y/N! Please just listen to me! It’s not what it looks like! Please LISTEN!” Harry screamed, tears running down his face. But Sophia hopped in the car, quickly sticking the key in, stuck her hand out the window for a quick second to flip off Harry, and drove away.

Present day:

Your POV: The ride to Niall’s flat was completely silent. While Sophia drove with anger and rage, I just sat in the passenger’s seat, depressed and confused. My phone was already blowing up with phone calls, voicemails, and text messages from Harry.

‘Tell her what she saw!’

What exactly was I supposed to have seen?

I let out a loud sigh. Sophia turned to look at me, sighing as well. “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” is all she said before focusing her attention back on the road. Maybe she was right.

Or maybe she was completely wrong.

In no time, we had arrived at Niall’s flat. Sophia helped me slide into my wheelchair and pushed me up to his door. I knocked on the door, while Sophia rummaged through her purse to find the keys, but by the time she stuck the key in the lock, a shirtless Niall had already opened up the door. “Oh uh…hey Y/N!” he smiled, although I knew he wasn’t so happy to see me.

“Such enthusiasm.” I smirked

He just laughed, “Sorry, I didn’t know you would be coming tonight.”

“Yeah…um…we had some issues with Harry. So she is going to be sleeping here for a few nights.” Sophia bit her lip as she pushed me into the dining room, where we saw a set of lit candles in the center of the table, with several plates of food (courtesy of Nandos) surrounding it. Niall chuckled when he saw the shock on our faces. “What? I’m romantic……….sometimes.”

“Niall…this is…beautiful.” Sophia gasped, looking around as if she had just stepped into Disney World for the first time.

“Yeah, you really outdid yourself buddy.” I told him.

“Well, what’s this about having issues with Harry?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Ugh… he –“

“Isn’t home right now.” I cut off Sophia, much to her confusion. “And…uh…silly me forgot my key.”

Niall raised an eyebrow, “Uh okay? But babe I thought you said that Y/N had to sleep over for a few nights?”

Sophia looked at me, then back at Niall, “Uh..” she stammered, “I just…misspoke. Just for tonight.” She smiled, “Well, I’m sure we’re all very hungry! Why don’t we all just sit and chow down on some Nandos?”

“Thanks Sophia, but Niall obviously went through a lot of effort to put this together. I’ll just take a shower and leave you two alone.” I said smiling at the couple.

Niall quickly shook his head, “Don’t worry about that Y/N there’s plent—“ “I’ll be okay Niall. I’m honestly not that hungry anyways.” I lied.

“Well, if that’s what you want. I’ll go take you to the shower.” Sophia said impatiently, as she quickly pushed me towards the guest bedroom, leaving her boyfriend both confused and suspicious.

When we were alone, she closed the door and slapped my shoulder. “SHIT!” I screamed trying to muffle my voice. “Is everyone okay?!” Niall called out. “NO SHE JU—“  I started but was interrupted by another slap to my neck. “We’re fine!” Sophia sweetly replied before turning around to face me. “Why the hell would you lie to Niall about Harry?”

I sighed, “I don’t know Soph, okay? I just…I’m not sure. What if he wasn’t cheating on me? What if it really was a misunderstanding or something?” Sophia just rolled her eyes and kneeled down so that she could look at me in my eyes, “Listen to me and listen to me good. Harry is no good. He cheated on you with that slut once and then he takes advantage of the fact that you weren’t home to have a quick shag session.” “Well, I mean…we weren’t dating or anything. We were just –“ “Why are you continuing to defend him?” she asked me curiously. I looked at her in shock, “I’m not! We’re all innocent until proven guilty, right?”

“Yes Judge. Now let us look at evidence A, shall we?” she asked as she looked through a dresser for some pajamas. “He cheats on you for the first time. Evidence B: he agrees with management and says that you are too clingy and that you cuss too much. Evidence C: he brings the same girl that he had in the beginning back to his flat when you’re not there, and we just happened to walk in on them making out.” She said pulling out some lingerie.  I rolled my eyes, “You’re going to give me lingerie to wear to bed?” “Hell no, this is for me for tonight.” She smirked giving me a quick wink as she set the lingerie down on the bed and continuing digging through the dresser.

“I don’t know Sophia. These last few weeks were…different.” I said, watching her turn her attention to me, “We got to know each other a little better. We shared a lot of laughs and remembered some old times we used to have together.” I sighed, not wanting to believe that he had cheated on me yet again. My friend just sighed, pulling out a pair of rainbow printed pajamas and tossing them on the bed. I’m guessing those were mine for the night. “You can figure out if this was real or a ‘misunderstanding’ tomorrow.” She said making air quotes when she said “misunderstanding.” But for tonight, just rest yourself. Okay? I’ll sneak you a plate later.”

The tears came out in the shower, as most of my tears usually did. I started asking myself questions. Who was that blonde haired girl? Did Harry want her? Why was she at his flat? Did these last few weeks mean nothing to him? And the most important question of all: Was the whole thing a misunderstanding? After about 30 minutes of standing under the hot water, I turned the handles off and unwillingly stepped out into the cold air.  I welcomed the semi-warm towel to my body. It felt good to do something for myself again. Showering was still giving me pain in my side, and the stress that Harry was putting me through was definitely adding to the pain, but at least I was able to walk.

Kind of.

I put on Sophia’s pajamas and walked out, smiling when I saw, resting on my bed, a plate wrapped in aluminum foil. There was a sticky note on it. It said: Just rest<3 Don’t think about anything tonight! Xx

If only it were that easy.

I whipped out my phone, ignoring Harry’s 43 calls, 23 voice messages, and 57 texts, and went to YouTube, finding a video that would make me laugh while I ate. Everything was good for about 30 minutes, until I eventually found my way to some of One Direction’s interview videos. It was an interview about 3 months before any of this craziness happened. I was about halfway through the video when the interviewer asked Harry how his relationship was doing. He immediately spread a wide grin on his face, “I’m guessing it’s good then?” the interviewer joked. “It’s great.” He smiled, “Not just great, amazing.” He went on and on about you two, until you just turned it off and went to go look at his texts.

Hazza: Baby PLEASE look at this

Hazza: I love you

Hazza: It’s not what you think I swear

Hazza: I know it’s hard to believe me right now, but please just trust me ok?

Hazza: she wasn’t there for sex or anything

Hazza: She was there for a different reason

Hazza: I promise

Hazza: But I don’t wanna text you about this can we meet?

Hazza: Babe?

Hazza: Helllllooo?

Hazza: I know you see this

Hazza: Come onnnn :((((( You’re killing me love

Hazza: Honestly babe you don’t know the whole story

Hazza: Please answer

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please?

Hazza: Pretty Please?

Hazza: Pretty please with candy sprinkles on top

Hazza: ……………………

The texts went on and on about nonsense…they were sent mostly likely to make me smile.

They didn’t.

I listened to the last voicemail he sent. He seemed to be crying in the background. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered, “Baby I love you so much. I need you so bad. I need you with me….I know you’re probably over at Nialls, but I don’t want to go and bother you. Plus Sophia would probably kill me.” He said letting out a small chuckle. His voice turned serious, “I need to talk to you. Not like this…even though it would be amazing to hear your voice right now… but I need to talk to you face to face. I need to tell you what happened in there. Let me put your mind at ease. Please?…….and babe….” He sighed pausing for a while, “I’m—nevermind. I’ll just…okay…bye babe. Have a good night sleep.”

I sighed a sigh of relief. Harry’s story better be good. I was at the point where I didn’t care if his story was true or a lie. I just wanted him back. I wanted him to wrap his arms around me and promise me that none of this would never happen again. I wanted him to whisper to me that everything would be alright. I just needed something to hold on to again.

I hesitated for moment, typing a text to him. Should I send it to him? Or should I let him suffer for the night? It sounded harsh, but he’d put me through hell in just a matter of a month. I sighed, pressing send, and immediately regretting the decision.

Me: Meet me tomorrow at the park.

My phone immediately began to blow up with texts, mostly stupid ones sent to make me smile. This time, they did. All of them made me eventually fall asleep with my phone gripped tightly in my hand and a dumb smile stuck on my face.

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#133: Twitter conversation with the other members


@Y/T/N: Was reading a kids joke book while waiting at the doctors. @Harry_Styles I know where you get your knock knock jokes

@Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N knock knock

@Real_Liam_Payne: @Y/T/N @Harry_Styles dont fall for it!!!

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles who’s there?

@Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N tuna fish

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles tuna fish who?

@Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N you can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish! 

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles no.


@Real_Liam_Payne: third wheeling @zaynmalik and @Y/T/N with (Y/N) at the wheel. Lets hope we survive this roadtrip :D

@Y/T/N: @Real_Liam_Payne hey! You didn’t die, did you. Next time I’m not driving you.

@Real_Liam_Payne: @Y/T/N @zaynmalik help me here mate

@zaynmalik: @Real_Liam_Payne @Y/T/N sorry mate you caused this aha :) 

@Real_Liam_Payne: sorry @Y/T/N. u drive great!


@Louis_Tomlinson: ‘Lesson learnt. Eating burritos wrapped in pizza slices with generic coke is not the best the night before an exam.’ @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson I was supposed to send that to @NiallOfficial hahaha

@Louis_Tomlinson: @Y/T/N @NiallOfficial How can you mistaken Louis Tomlinson for Niall Horan ??

@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial I don’t use proper names on contacts


@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial omg


@Y/T/N: @NiallOfficial thanks for shouting me Nandos :D Always knew the Black Card wasn’t a rumour

@NiallOfficial: @Y/T/N had a right laugh wit u ! Still have a stomachache from the chilli ? 

@Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial @Y/T/N heeeeeeeeeeey. where was my invite? :(

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles you were in the middle of training at the gym! You looked really passionate

@Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial shout me nandos too. I feel left out. 


@Louis_Tomlinson: at Bondi Ink with @zayn_malik. @Y/T/N giving us support and pitching in ideas !! 

@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik you guys should have gone with my idea to have ’(Y/N) is the best’ tattooed on your arses :)

@zaynmalik: @Y/T/N @Louis_Tomlinson we said we would do it if you gave us £10000 each 

@Y/T/N: @zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson too much. @harry_styles should have come. He said my idea was great.

@Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik i’m really sorry. I was having a wee.


A few pictures from the Bristol Against Austerity protest tonight.

It was honestly so exhilierating and so empowering, being able to do something outside of voting (which I, and many of the other protesters, are too young to do).

Some of the slogans in the picture include:

“All I want is enough money to buy a cheeky nandos… Thanks Austerity”

“NHS > Trident - Spend on health not harm”

“Same old Horror S-tory”

“We are the 63%”

It’s also unclear in the pictures exactly how many people were there. The facebook group says about 4000 people attended, and honestly I would say that’s an underestimate. 

TL;DR: The sheer number of people taking up this cause with such passion is astounding. Not just in Bristol, but everywhere. And the number of young people too, who have no other way to get their voices heard. I just want to offer a congratulations and a huge thank you to every one who attended tonight, and to everyone protesting all over the country.