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some doodles and stuff based on @lumorie‘s hercules au bc i just really love the au ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  • Writers: "katie we are giving Lena an ex boyfriend."
  • Katie: "but Lena is a lesbian.....?"
  • W: "no she's not and we need to show people that."
  • K: "so it's her ex and they broke up amicably because they are both gay?"
  • W: "no Lena is stra--"
  • K: "that's so progressive of you to include a gay man who isn't white wow you guys are the best."
  • W: "Lena is straight."
  • K: "straight up gay, yes I heard you the first time."

btvs 4x01 → ats 1x01

“This is the phone call sequence which again was a nod for the Buffy and Angel fans. […] You didn’t need to see the one to enjoy the other. But if you watched both, you understood what was happening. That there was a moment where they almost made a connection and didn’t.” - Joss Whedon


women in figure skating who inspire me ♥ – international women’s day, march 8th

mao asada - symbol of her nation, experienced the highest highs and lowest lows, rises and falls and rises again, she may bend but she will never, ever break; akiko suzuki - overcame an eating disorder and fought her way back to the top, a speaker for women’s health, radiates pure joy and love of skating; yuna kim - trailblazer, shouldered a country’s expectations and did not crack, returned so her compatriots could reach their olympic dreams, ambassador and activist; ashley wagner - the almost-girl-turned-queen, faces challenges head-on and doesn’t take shit from anyone; mirai nagasu - the child star who fell from grace but refused to let that be her story, the young woman who grabbed life by the reins and writes her own destiny; michelle kwan - the eternal champion, a model of grace, faced disappointments and triumphs with dignity and class; carolina kostner - living proof that you only get better with age; wenjing sui - stares down the impossible, lets nothing, not even injuries, stand in her way, loves what she does with every fiber of her being


Gotham City Sirens Print Giveaway Contest!

Well this hit 2,000 notes in a pretty short amount of time, so to celebrate I’ve decided to hold a little contest!

1st place randomly chosen winner will receive all three prints in the large size (11x14), and I’ll pick a couple of runner up winners to receive the smaller prints–either the three small size (5x7) or the one medium one with all three in it (6x18), winner’s choice!  (Mostly because I was indecisive as to which one to print–like I like all three of them in the panoramic, but the cropped 5x7 ones came out nice too…)  Here are the official rules:

1. Reblog and/or Like this post as many times as you like, I don’t care–if you really want these prints feel free to reblob a million times

2. Must be following me to win!  This is a thanks to my followers who liked/reblogged the piece initially as well as to all the new followers I’ve gotten recently, so I would love for one of you guys to win and not some random non-follower

3. Deadline to enter is about three weeks from now on Sunday, April 2 at midnight Jersey time (ET) and the winner will be announced at some point after that

4. Participants must have their ask box/messenger thing open so that I can contact the randomly chosen winner for their mailing address

5. Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll mail to anywhere—as long as you’ve got a legit mailing address somewhere and a mail person can reach you it’ll get there

I believe that covers everything!  Contest begins now, good luck everybody!


A reminder to the world why Peter Capaldi is an adorkable space nerd. He remembered all the chanting dalek lines from a Jon Pertwee episode (Day of the Daleks). He remembers ALL the lines. Like, what level of nerd or memory must you have to be able to that? I mean, I watch Doctor Who, but all I remember are the one-liners. This isn’t that. This is getting down all the lines, intonation, the pitch, everything you’d need to convince someone there are like a bunch of Daleks talking. Did he remember this from when he watched it as a boy, or on rewatch as an adult? Geez. Talk about the level of commitment to something. See, this is enough to do Nicholas Briggs proud. xD

Me, an actual native: Well no. To be honest she is one of the few queens who has been given an assignment based on another culture and has APPRECIATED it and not appropriated it. I’ve seen some other queens who have gone down the runway in A LITERAL HEADDRESS but have seen you praise those looks. Please learn what cultural appropriation is before giving your unwanted and uniformed opinion. Thank you.