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Hey guys! Ive been looking to follow some more blogs that have more of a variety, so reblog this if you post/rb about at least one of these artists, and ill check you out (and most likely follow you)!

-Twenty One Pilots

-Melanie Martinez

-Troye Sivan



-Dodie Clark


-All Time Low

-5 Seconds of Summer

-Mayday Parade

-The Royal

-Fall Out Boy

-Bea Miller

-Panic! At the Disco

-Oh Wonder

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Hey guys, I need more friends and people to follow, so do me a favor and like/repost if you post or reblog any of the stuff below. Or if you just post a lot of music stuff. Thanks, I appreciate it.

- Melanie Martinez


-The Front Bottoms

- Halsey

- Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch

- Mystic Messenger

- Keaton Henson

-  Other bands (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco,  Blink 182, ADTR, etc.)

- Any anime

- Memes

- Zelda

- Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/Youtubers

- Indie games

-Depressing stuff/meaningful words and whatnot

-Or if you’re just cool!

To the boy who cheated and regrets his actions (a letter I’ll never send)

I first off want to say, I know how long it has taken you to get to the point where you fully understand who you lost. I am glad you now understand what it is that you took for granted. I am glad you now know what I deserve. I also want to tell you that not only did you ruin the relationship we built, you also put my health in danger and that is not something I think I will ever be able to forgive. I want you to know that I have however, forgiven you for your actions, but that doesn’t mean that I will ever forget what you did to me. Instead I want to thank you. 

Thank you for showing me what true love isn’t. I hope one day I will find a man who will love me with a love that is true and kind and whole. Thank you for showing me that I should never put a man before God. I compromised on almost everything that I stood for. And I know that says things about me as well, but you knew I was compromising and you didn’t care. Thank you for showing me just how much I can take and when to walk away. I now know when to say no and when to walk away from a bad situation. I know that I am strong enough to walk away. Thank you for not caring. I now know what it looks like when someone doesn’t care, I hope to learn what it looks like when someone does care. Thank you for giving me my freedom. Each time you reach out it only furthers my freedom, it furthers my knowledge of not wanting you to be apart of my life ever again. Thank you.