thanks matt for playing this regeneration

To grow attached to a Doctor…Some of us don’t. Some take years. Some take just a few episodes. Some need a very intense moment. And there are those who take seconds. So please respect each whovian time. As the Doctor regenerates, so do we. We change, we adapt. To the new person playing one of our favourite characters (if not the favourite). Don’t push it or say we need to just accept it. We’re all different, and that’s what makes our fandom beautiful.

nerdbitchandproud  asked:

Hiya, the little girl in the dalek outfit is my niece, she's autistic and was finding it difficult coming to terms with the regeneration as Matts doctor is her imaginary friend, she was worried PCap wouldn't want to play with her. We are very ecstatic that he took time to reassure her. He's brilliant!

I AM CRYING EVERYWHERE, thank you so much for your message, give your niece a big hug for me - Ashley