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We wanted to send you a package to show our appreciation for your kindness and bravery. Your story touched so many of us here at DC, WBTV, The CW and Supergirl, so thank you for sharing it. It’s people like you who truly make the comics industry great.

We’ve collected a few items we thought you might like, and have included some things for the girl you helped as well, in case you see her again.

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You can read Mary’s amazing and touching story here. x, x


Her personal courage and humor were immense. A fortnight before Vivien died Mary Ure and her husband Robert Shaw dined, together with George Cukor, at her house. “It was such an especially wonder evening that next day I said to Robert I must send Vivien a great bouquet of flowers. And I did. I received a card back written by her and after thanking me she said, ‘I only thought you got this (tuberculosis) in undeveloped countries.’”

Mary-Claire King: Geneticist, Human Rights Advocate, Single Mom

Geneticist Mary Claire-King has had an astounding career: she discovered the breast cancer gene; she definitively linked humans and chimpanzees; she’s used gene testing to identify the descendants of kidnapped children – and she’s done it all as a single mother.

This short 2015 New York Times article lays out her career with a great Q&A.

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                         HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM SHIPWRECKED!

Sean, Sinéad, MK, and Sarah want to send you the warmest of greetings this holiday season! Thank you for making 2016 a wonderful and exciting year for us. Stay tuned for a little holiday gift from us next Monday, and hopefully many more surprises in the new year. Happy holidays!

If they had a baby...part 2

Wow guys I can’t believe how many of you liked my head canons! I went to bed last night it only had 15 notes woke up this morning to over 700 more! I don’t usually post things like this because I get nervous but all of you have been so nice in your comments! I have a few more, I’ve been thinking about Katsuo’s character for a few days now actually. Thank you for all the nice feedback as well! 

  • Katsuo is born just about three years after the anime meaning Victor is 30 and Yuuri is 27.
  • A lovely anon messaged me the idea that Mari donated her eggs for the pregnancy, meaning Katsuo has Katsuki DNA in him.
  • When they bring Katsuo home and introduce him to Makkachin, the poodle becomes a doggy body guard and sleeps besides the crib at night.
  • Victor decides he gets to be called papa and Yuuri will be called dada.
  • When JJ finally gets around to congratulating the couple on their new baby he sends a onesie with his face on it. 
  • Yuuri and Victor throw it out right away.
  • The first time Katsuo becomes sick both Yuuri and Victor are in tears because they can’t stand the sight of their baby in pain.
  • When Katsuo is given his first shot they both tear up as well.
  • Yurio is scared of being alone with Katsuo out of fear of accidentally hurting him or not knowing what to do if he needs something.
  • The Nishigori triplets proclaim themselves older sisters to him and have fun taking pictures and videos of Katsuo.
  • Once old enough he develops the habit of pulling Victor’s hair and Yuri’s glasses off.
  • Katsuo laughs the most at the faces Chris makes at him.
  • After his skating career Chris goes into acting but realizes his little nephew won’t be able to see any of his movies because they’re rated R.
  • He decides to take on more kid friendly roles and to much of everyone’s surprise he becomes quite beloved by children audiences.
  • Katsuo’s favorite stuffed animal is a teddy bear Minami gives him shortly after he’s born.
  • As he grows up Katsuo is able to speak Japanese, Russian and English.
  • Yuuri worries about how they’d explain his and Victor’s first meeting to Katsuo once he’s old enough to ask.
  • “I fell in love with your dada the moment I laid eyes on his drunk dance moves~” or “I flew all the way to Japan and met dada in the onsen! He was really surprised to see me naked!”
  • Otabek smiles quite a bit around Katsuo and often comments how cute he is. 
  • Yakov enjoys reading Katsuo Russian fairytales when he visits.
  • The “uncles” usually fight over who the favorite will be.
  • “Yuuri I bought custom made skates for Katsu~ Aren’t they adorable! See they have his name on them too!”
  • “Victor he’s 5 months old he can barely even crawl!”
Cute Adrienette Stuff.

So the story is that they’re dating (duh. I’m totally not trying to reinforce endgame goals for this show or anything…)(also probably post-reveal), and they got into a bit of an argument over something.

Anyways, it all starts when Adrien sends Mari an apology letter. With a cat pun.

But Mari wasn’t gonna get played by this fool this time with his silly puns, so she sends him back an apology also, with a Ladybug pun.

And then the game is on. They each take turns doing cute/romantic/couple stuff to each other, trying to out-do one another.

Day 4

Adrien, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, Mari” he sniffled, “I just realized I can’t use the ‘tfw no gf’ meme anymore”

Day 12

Adrien, there’s a bouquet of… flowers… here for you.”

“Thanks Nathalie.” He grabs the bouquet “Wait, these are all just pictures of me attached to some twigs.”

Adrien picks up the note that was stuck inside the bouquet:

To my fair Adrien, I spent hours looking at flowers, yet nothing I found could mirror your beauty.

~ M.

Day 15

What a cute little Italian restaurant, Adrien. But when will the waiter bring us some menus?”

“Oh, don’t worry Mari, I ordered for us ahead of time. You’re gonna love it.”

Her eyes narrowed, “What did you do?”

Suddenly, a waiter drops by and places down a large plate of spaghetti between them.

“You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find a place that would serve spaghetti with only one, long noodle. Now we’ll have to reenact that scene from Lady and the Tramp.”

“You’re a dork.”

“No, I’m the Tramp.”

Day 19

Hey, Mari. What are you writing?” Adrien asked, looking up to her balcony from the sidewalk below.

“Oh, just all of the reasons I love you.”

She lets the page unfurl, as a very long piece of paper stretches from her hands down to Adrien’s feet. Picking it up, he gives it a glance.

“All this says is the word ‘You’ - Oh.”

Day 21

Adrien, what took you so long at the store?”

“I went to the one by the Louvre.”

“Don’t tell me. ‘I asked for their finest work of art, but it didn’t even come close to you.’”

“No, I just wanted to go the extra mile for you, bae.”

Sherlock x Reader: First Kiss

A/N: My second reader insert. I will try to write with more fandoms but I think I will mainly write with Sherlock characters. Please send me requests. x

Rain. Why did it have to rain? Typical English weather. You had taken Mrs Hudson out to dinner as a thank you for her putting up with yourself and the boys. Although John was living with Mary now, he was still round at 221B frequently. Married life had not changed the friendship between the three of you like Sherlock thought it would have. You were becoming quite close with Mary too. You moved into Baker Street when things were not going very well a home so John (while he was living there) had offered you a place to stay. Sherlock reluctantly agreed but after a while you had both become great friends and he valued you as a good person to have on cases. He respected you and Sherlock does not respect many people.

The restaurant was walking distance so no taxi was required however you were regretting it as you were wearing high heels which you were not used to and it was wearing. Your umbrella was only small so you had insisted Mrs Hudson take it for the journey home. Although you loved Mrs Hudson dearly and was glad she wasn’t getting rained upon, you were very uncomfortable. The purple lace dress you were wearing fit you perfectly until the rain came lashing down resulting in your hair sticking to your face and your dress clinging to your body.

Finally, you arrived at your destination which was 221B. You fumbled with your keys before opening the door. You wished Mrs Hudson goodnight before going upstairs.

“Hi Sherlock,” You said smiling despite being drenched. The man looked up in acknowledgement and then returned to the book he was reading. He was sat in his chair. You glanced around the flat to see what he had managed to mess up this time. No science experiments on the dining table, no eyeballs in the microwave, no sheets of paper and books lying everywhere… Surprisingly tidy. The flat had been a lot cleaner since you moved in. Both you and Mrs Hudson were running around after Sherlock now. You glanced back at Sherlock who was now staring at you. You were expecting him to deduce you any minute. About to say what you ate, what your conversation with the older lady consisted of and your exact movements from that evening. Except he didn’t. You sighed and was about to walk to your room to change into a onesie but Sherlock spoke up.

“Stop,” he instructed. So you did. You were confused. Sherlock was always acting weird, that was his personality but this was strange. He hadn’t deduced you yet. He walked up to you and got close. Uncomfortably close for Sherlock. His pupils were dilated and that happened when… Oh god. There was a glint in his blue eyes. Sherlock tucked a loose strand of your hair behind your ear before leaning closer until his lips were upon yours. The kiss was soft and short but to you it seemed like an eternity. He pulled away and his cheeks were flushed.

“Goodnight Y/N,” He said quietly before sitting back down and resuming reading his book.

A/N: I am not very good at writing kisses and I think I made Sherlock too OOC but I tried to make him spontaneous like he is in the TV show.

Making Time


Well I didn’t forget. And-as always-special thanks to my beta-love @cfordwrites

Anonymous Request:  Imagine request if that’s okay :D celebrating Christmas with Sherlock?

Making Time

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anonymous asked:

Could you please find some tiaras belonging to the Romanian royal family? I am very curious about them. I love your blog, by the way :-)

Thanks, the story of the Romanian jewels like the story of the Romanian royals is a rather sad.  During WWI, the Romanian government decided to send the country’s valuable objects and 120 tons of gold to Russia where it would be safe from the invading Germans.  Unfortunately, Russia was not the best choice because of its impending revolution.  After the Bolsheviks took over the government, they refused to give back the Romanian treasure and Queen Marie’s jewels were most likely dismantled and quietly sold off.  She lost at least three tiaras including these.

Edinburgh Turquoise Tiara

Massin Pearl & Diamond Tiara

Diamond Loop Tiara

After the war, Queen Marie went about replacing her jewel collection with both new and old pieces.  The royals who made it out of Russian after the revolution without being killed needed to sell their valuables to support themselves and their families.  The market was flooded with impressive jewels which meant that they were being sold at prices much less than they were previously worth.  Queen Marie bought quite a few of these cheap but magnificent Russian jewels (as did Queen Mary of the United Kingdom).

Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna’s Diamond Fringe Tiara

Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna’s Sapphire Kokoshnik

Cartier Pearl Tiara (newly made, not a Russian one)

The three above tiaras were all inherited by her daughters (Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, Archduchess Ileana of Austria-Tuscany, and Queen Elisabeth of Greece) and were later sold which is not surprising given the unstable condition in the Balkans during the 20th century.  The only tiara still in the possession of the Romanian Royal Family is Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna’s Meander Tiara, which Queen Marie gave to Princess Helen of Greece when she married her son, King Carol II of Romania.

Also, the Cartier Blackened Steel Tiara may have belonged to Queen Marie or possibly one of her ladies-in-waiting.  I find it hard to believe the Queen Marie (who loved a photo-shoot) owned this beautiful tiara and was never photographed in it.  My best guess is that is belonged to Princess Elisa Ştirbei.

Santo Bambino in Santa Maria in Aracoeli

Happy Christmas to all followers of All about Mary.

The photo is taken in the chapel of the Santo Bambino, the “Holy Boy”, in the basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome. The statue is the object of special devotion during Christmastide, while all year round people from all over the world send letters of petition and thanks to the Divine Infant. These letters are then placed before the statue on the altar.

When Matthew Crawley Made Me Laugh

In general, Matthew Crawley wasn’t a comedic character. He primarily tended to produce a sense of moral rectitude, angst, and attraction to Mary. But it’s to Dan Stevens’s credit that Matthew didn’t end up as stiff and unvarying as a board. Stevens made the most of what little he was given to work with. I often smiled just watching Matthew’s expressions, particularly when they were directed at Mary.

But here are the moments when Matthew Crawley actually made me laugh:

Chewing while Mary calls him a “hideous sea monster” in front of the whole family at their second meeting:

If you like a good argument, we should see more of each other.

Looking bored while dancing with Mrs. Patmore:

(To be fair, she looks pretty bored, too. Guess they’re not an OTP—and no, that is not an invitation to send me recommendations for Matthew / Mrs. Patmore fics, thank you. :)

Giving Mary this look when she interrupted his marriage proposal to demand that he get down on one knee and do it properly:

(He obeyed her, of course.)

Wincing when the bagpiper circled the table before dinner at Duneagle:

After Mary has been sniping about a man they’ve never met, and they see him for the first time, Matthew dryly observes, “What a disappointment. He looks perfectly normal.”

(Mary’s expression in response is hilarious.)

For most of these moments, Matthew drew a mere snicker out of me and I loved his dry wit, but this one made me laugh out loud:

It was a shock to see such a totally inelegant, completely-recognizable human gesture on so snooty a show, and it spoke volumes about the comfort level of Mary and Matthew’s relationship (she’s sitting in the room, watching him at the time).

Making me laugh = making me love you

(hence why I love Violet so much)

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Hon hon throw a baguette at Stéphane ⚔ ( Accepting ) ⚜

     The smack against his shoulder caused Lord Narcisse to turn, eyeing the Queen of Scots as he fumbled to catch the baguette.  Stéphane frowned, managing to get it, but not before he made a mess of crumbs against the front of his doublet.  As if he needed a reason to like Mary less, this had provided him with a temporary one.  “I would have thought the convent taught its inhabitants not to throw their food, Your Majesty.”  He discarded the bread on an empty table then started brushing its remnants off of himself.  “Why are you so desperate for my attention that you would resort to such a childish act?”

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"I'm gonna protect you." (For chlonette, that is if you're still accepting them)

(I’m always accepting these :D They’re a nice challenge as well as short and sweet! Thanks for sending!)

“I’m gonna protect you.”

That’s what Chloe had said when she pushes Marinette beneath their desk at the sounds of an akuma.

“I’m gonna protect you,” she said again, sending a wink Marinette’s way as her form was overcome with a bright yellow light and she became Queen Bee.

Marinette blinked at the hero before her, and instead of staying put as she was told, she climbed out from underneath the desk and took Bee’s hand in her own.

“I’ll protect you too,” she breathed, and let her own transformation take hold.

“I always thought you looked amazing in red,” Bee commented with a smile, pulling a laugh from Ladybug that could put any piece of the universe to shame; hand in hand, they made their way to the battle and came through with their promises of protection.

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