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Benophie AU: Roadtrip

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Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth and Zachary Quinto talk Comic Con

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Happy Birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch

I was planning on only starting this year’s project next month, but several people are already fundraising, so we might as well start now. If you are doing anything charity related for Benedict’s birthday and you’ll like it to be included in this post / main page, let me know (the more the merrier!).

I think it’s still a bit early for the bday submissions, but feel free to start sending them whenever you like.

And with a bit of irrelevant negativity surrounding our fandom at the moment I think this year we should really do our best to show how much we support and like Benedict, right? ;)

Thanks for participating!

Sil (londonphile)

Happy Birthday Benedict Cumberbatch (19/07)

As it’s already a ‘tradition’ of sorts, the page is open for anyone who wants to send their bday message for Benedict (although there is no guarantee that he’ll read them this time). You have two weeks to submit, please read the criteria.

It’d also be brilliant if you could donate a bit of money or time to a charity of your choice :)

If you are involved in a charity project and you’d like it to be mentioned on the main page, let me know.


Sil (londonphile)