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I’ve been in this fandom for over a year now and it took me that long to get a t-shirt ; w ; As soon as I saw wristbands were back and there was a new pin I decided to order everything. My brother got a wristband, too. We match~

(PS - I am officially going to buy every SPG-related pin I possibly can. I love pins.)

Little Do You Know [Part 4]

Summary : Sebastian Stan is your best friend, who you’re also in love with. What happens when he’s set to propose to his girlfriend? Can you move past your feelings or do you have to fess up?

Characters: Reader x platonic!Sebastian Stan (for now), Chris Evans, Liz Olsen. Reader x fluffy!Sebastian

Warnings: Angst, Sebastian Stan being Sebastian Stan, Feelings of love, Feelings of hate. Fluff.

Author : Barbigirlash

A/N : I don’t know own “Little Do You Know.” or “I Hate You I Love You” I just love the angst of these songs and I’ve been playing with this scenario for weeks. This is my first fic, so let me know your thoughts! Thanks for the support you’ve given Caitsy and I! They’ll be a sequel one-shot just to show where the Reader and Seb ended up. Because I’m a sap!

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I hate you, I love you,
I hate that I love you
Don’t want to but I can’t put nobody else above you
I hate you, I love you,
I hate that I want you
You want her, you need her
And I’ll never be her

“I don’t understand, what do you mean she doesn’t want to see me?” I could hear Sebastian yelling on the phone and it broke my heart. Chris and Liz had been playing messenger for the both of us for the past four days. And they had tried to get Sebastian and I in the same room. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

“Sebastian, she just needs time. She knows about you and Margarita.” Liz tried to explain but she was cut off by a loud click on the phone. She turned back to face me giving me a faint smile. “He just wants to talk (Y/N).”

“I know and eventually we will. Just Liz I can’t right now. I feel horrible. It’s my fault. “ I said as I stood up. I went to my kitchen grabbing a bottle of water. I hadn’t left my apartment since I came back after Sebastian’s party. I was a hermit, I was heartbroken.

I was about to say something else to Liz when I heard a knock at the door. We looked at each other unsure of who it could be. I walked over and opened the door. I instantly regretted that decision. There stood Sebastian and he looked even worse then I felt. He hadn’t slept, he hadn’t ate and he looked like death.

“Please let me in, (Y/N).” He asked in a begging tone of voice. I moved out of the way silently letting him in and Liz made her way quickly to the door. “Call me if you need me.” She said swiftly before exiting. I nodded my head and shut the door. I turned around to face him.

“Look (Y/N), I know ..” Sebastian started to pace and try to speak. I quickly cut him off.

“I’m sorry Sebastian. I’m sorry for ruining your engagement and just disappearing for the past five days.” I took a deep breath and stuck my hands in my pockets.  I felt Sebastian’s eyes on me. I took my hands out and ran my hands over my face. “I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t watch…” I felt myself tearing up.

Sebastian ran over and grabbed me. “It’s ok, it’s ok …” he kept repeating kissing my head as he rubbed my back and my shoulders. He pulled away from me and we just looked at each other.

It felt like three years ago when we both walked away from each other. Sebastian just looked at me. He handed me one of our first pictures together on our first date. The best night of our life. We were staring at each other. It was evident how insanely and madly in love we were and neither of us knew it.

“I…I…I…” He cleared his voice to talk. He just looked at me giving me a soft smile. “I kept it all these years. Even after everything. I fucked up majorly three years ago. I couldn’t handle my feelings for you. I was so in love with you, it scared me. Then we lost our baby and I lost it. I wasn’t sure how to handle it. How to be there for you. How to not be angry with myself or with you. I sought comfort with someone else. I abandoned you when you needed it most. “ He stopped to take a breath and read my reaction.

“Sebastian, we both made mistakes. I distanced myself from you and I didn’t fight for you. I didn’t know how. I was so angry with myself and then when you cheated I didn’t know what else to do. I thought I could just be friends and be happy for you.” I bit my lip and just sob laughed. “But I couldn’t. Every moment we are together was like that night. God, I have been insanely in love with you since the day I saw you. I can’t just be your friend Sebastian. I have to be more. I need to be more.” I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding studying his face.

“I messed up our relationship three years ago. I want another chance (Y/N). I can’t say anything that is going to prove to you that I will be better and that I realize how much you mean to me. But my feelings never left. When I saw you at the party all I could think of was that night. My world almost ended when I walked out that door three years ago, please don’t let it end today. I’m sorry I’m so much of an idiot that it took me until now to realize how much you mean to me.” He looked up at me, his steel blue eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep and from crying.

You’ve always been that girl. I’ve been in love with you since the moment we met and you are the girl I’m going to spend the rest of my life proving how incredibly thankful I am that you’ve always been by my side. I don’t deserve you (Y/N).” Sebastian bit his lip, waiting for me to respond.

I wrapped my arms around Sebastian’s neck breathing deeply as my eyes met his. “One day at a time Sebastian. We’ll take it one day at a time and we’ll make it work. We’ll fight for each other this time.” I said softly. We both shared a smile small but I felt his lips press against mine.

I’ll wait, just wait
I love you like I’ve never felt the pain, just wait
I love you like I’ve never been afraid, just wait
Our love we see right here stays so lay your head on me
I’ll wait, I’ll wait
I love you like you’ve never felt the pain, I’ll wait
I promise you don’t have to be afraid, I’ll wait
The love you see right here stays so lay your head on me
Lay your head on me
So lay your head on me
‘Cause little do you know
I love you till the sun dies

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this was one of the best days quite possibly ever (and week) 🍃🌻

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Albeit after some persuasion, John joins a veterans rugby team. Bill Murray is your man to thank, or blame depending on your perspective. After a few catch up pints John had definitely showed an interest, but in the morning with a sore head he wasn't as sure. As Rosie spooned porridge into her mouth in her highchair, Sherlock guiding her hand, John didn't have to even mention it. 'You should go. It'll be one evening a week. A few hours on a weekend if you decide it's for you,' Sherlock said. (1)

John still wasn’t sure but a week later ended up at a training session that he really rather enjoyed. It was nice to get out in the air, chuck the ball around and have a laugh with some really nice lads. He decided it would be a nice little hobby to dip in and out of, it was only a casual arrangement after all. 

Over the next few weeks Sherlock noted that the endorphins and the exercise were making John 37% less grumpy, 45.25% randier, and he was looking fitter. Both he and Rosie were enjoying his renewed energy in different ways; play time had the little girl in giggle fits more than before, and in the bedroom Sherlock was very satisfied in bed - as always, but somehow more so. 

Anyway, a few weeks later word of a friendly match against a veterans group from Slough, and John thought he might as well have a go. So Sherlock dutifully wrapped Rosie up in her coat, hat, and mittens, and popped her in the buggy, and went to stand at the sidelines -avoiding most of the mud as he kept his eyes on John. It was a very friendly game, both sets of players tackling not too hard, and helping each other up where possible, but nonetheless John’s team won. Rosie’s cheering for ‘Dada!’ had captivated a few of the other partners and players, of course, and once John was showered he wasted no time in showing his two loves off to his new pals. Sherlock kept close to John, absolutely enthralled with how utterly /sexy/ his man had looked on that field, muddy and sweaty. 

Mrs H didn’t mindtaking the little one for the evening, so Sherlock could show his appreciation and John could use up the rest of that energy. Over the next few months John played a match here and there, continued the training every week or so when life wasn’t too hectic, and this pattern continued; Match = Earth shattering sex, and even more so when he grew that stubble out. Oh yeah, the Posh Boy definitely enjoys his bit of rough. (fin).


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Do you ever worry about what TBL PTB have in mind for the finale? (not the season finale but the finale finale?) I'm getting ahead of myself, I know, but more and more I'm just convinced they're gonna have Red die, then show Liz taking that "walk in the park" with TK/Ressler/some other dude. And it's KILLING ME. But it really does seem like something Bokenkamp & co would deem "great" storytelling. Like yeah, let's play both sides til the end, have Red die, then

be called Original for telling an epic love story that was neither romantic or paternal. UGH.

Anon, you’re talking to an inherently positive TV show watcher even if TBL has really been testing that instinct. I have definitely thought about the finale, though I also try to take things one week/episode at a time. I don’t think what you’re worried about will happen. I simply don’t. I would like to believe that TBL will end with Red and Liz lounging on the porch of some Maldivian beach house, sipping cocktails and watching the sunset, with Agnes asleep in her room. The list will be completed, the criminals will be caught, Tom Keen will be erased from everyone’s memory. (That whole scenario is about as likely as Lizzie ending up with Ressler at this point- no offense.)

Despite what the first half of the season may have shown us, I do think that Red and Lizzie remain (and will remain) the center of the show. TBL is their story and at the end of the day everyone else is a supporting character. There are some I deeply appreciate, there are some I loathe with every fiber of my being (you can take a wild guess who I’m referring to). But TBL can’t exist without its core relationship and that goes for its beginning and its end, even with some obstacles in the middle. Whatever those final moments may look like, if they include a beach house or not, I don’t think TBL will conclude as a tragedy. Red tells Liz in the pilot, “the two of us have overcome so much.” They deserve their happy ending and they deserve to earn it together. And I’m confident they will.

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Now I reeaaally want a grooming scene btw Red and Liz. Can you imagine??

ahhhahaha it’s been playing in my head on a loop, anon. maybe one day they will manage to recapture a similar level of trust and closeness. i would like that a lot. for gsr it took about 7 angst-y years to get there and while i doubt tbl (still) has the same luxury of time (thanks to tim who’s so interesting that not one but 2 shows are now failing to capture his complexity), there’s still time for some good decisions.

(for those of you who are seeing this randomly on your dash, let me add that we are referencing a shaving scene feat. romantic bonding btw two adults)

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hi!! so i need your help, i hope that's okay! i have a pretty short drive to make every day when i go to college/town (around ~20min) but i don't know many podcasts that last long enough but not too long >> do you by any chance know of any podcasts that fit that requirement? in terms of genre i like fictional stories (any genre rly), urban legends type stuff (like Lore for instance) or "advice" shows!! thanks in advance <3

Hey there! This actually reminds me of a ‘perfect for car-rides’ podcast list that I’ve been thinking about curating last December, but alas. Perhaps this could serve as a draft of sorts? Anyhow, this list will contain non-fiction and fiction. As for advice shows, that would be more of Liz’s @collected-sports-bra alley.

  • Just One Thing - I think you’d love this one. It’s like a shorter, scifi/pseudoscience version of Lore and clocks around 15 minutes per episode. Unfortunately, there are only 12 episodes out right now.
  • Qwerpline - Reports on the fictional city of Nsburg. As I’ve said before, one of the most hilarious things I’ve heard in my life. Episodes are around 10-15 minutes each.
  • The Truth - This one is an anthology of some of the best short fiction I’ve heard. Some episodes are longer than others, although there are plenty under 20 minutes. I wrote a review here.  May I recommend That’s Democracy?

Some more fictional podcasts that need to be listened to in order but are mostly under 20 minutes:

  • Our Fair City - I consider this a podcast classic. A post-apocalyptic satire about capitalism. Currently at its seventh and penultimate season. 
  • The Bright Sessions - About kids with superpowers, and their therapist. It has lately been clocking at more than 20 minutes in its second season, however.
  • Spines - Horror, about a ritual gone wrong. Currently on a break between the first and second seasons.

As usual, everyone’s welcome to add more.

“I got to meet Elizabeth Taylor in Los Angeles back in 1983 while working as an assistant manage for a multiplex theater. She was in line purchasing a ticket, I believe the movie was E.T. I couldn’t help but notice her eyes. I asked her if she was wearing contact lenses, she smiled, and said ‘no’. I was nineteen years old at the time and didn’t know it was Liz Taylor. I said, ‘You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen…’ She seemed to come alive right before my eyes and said gracefully, ‘Thank you’. My bossy was sitting next to me and punched me in the arm, saying, ‘Dummy, that was Liz Taylor’… to see them up close, the color was really amazing. I’ve seen photos, movies, television shows, but in person, wow, they were really something, beautiful violet eyes.” -Mike Pierce

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break me with some angsty locklyle because I'm a horrible person

NO YOU ARE A LOVELY PERSON DON’T SAY THAT (Also, a patient person, because this has taken eighty years to write, so thanks for putting up with that. Now, onto the show!

Anthony Lockwood is nothing, if not always in control.

Well, usually always in control.

Which is why he’s terrified out of his wits waking up from a disastrous nightmare, gasping for air like a drowning man, the echoes of the dream ringing like bells in his mind. Those moments are purely chaotic. He sits upright in his bed, hand pressed to his heaving chest, trying to return his breathing and the reeling world around him to normal.

He’s nowhere close to regaining control when the door to his room flies open. There’s Lucy, standing a safe distance away from him, saying his name, but not the usual one. The other one.

Anthony. And it’s buried in a flurry of other words, like just breathe and you’re going to be alright.

It takes some time, but his breathing slows. All around him, everything starts making sense again. Except for one thing: Lucy Carlyle sitting side-saddle on the edge of his bed. That doesn’t make much sense to him.

“What are you doing awake?” he croaks. His throat feels like he chugged acid, and the churning state of his stomach makes matters worse.

“Anthony, you were screaming bloody-murder,” explains Lucy. “I’d be surprised if George and the rest of the neighborhood aren’t awake too.” Anthony. There it is again.

“Nightmare,” is all he says. His hoarse voice cracks, and he coughs, which makes it even worse. Lucy frowns and gets up from her perch.

“I’ll get you some tea.”

When she comes back, Lucy hands him his tea. He nods gratefully and thanks her, the warmth seeping into his bloodstream.

There’s an awkward silence then that’s occupied by Lucy running her hands over the fleece blanket, avoiding eye contact while Lockwood sips his tea gingerly.

It’s nearly pitch-black in his room, the only light bleeding in from Lucy’s room. But even then, Lockwood can just faintly make out Lucy’s profile: the strong jaw, long nose, and perpetually-pouting mouth. Not pretty, but certainly interesting to look at. But that’s not the reason why his heart’s racing.

It has more to do with the fact that he’s still shaken by the nightmare than because the girl he’s loved for the last year or so is sitting on his bed, but still. There she is. Dauntless, clever, remarkable Lucy, who he knew he would never be able to shake from his bones the minute he pulled her back from the mouth of the well at Combe Carey. Anthony Lockwood knows nothing for certain about his future but one thing: if he dies at seventeen or at seventy, he will never be free of her.

And still. There she is. Sitting on his bed, fidgeting awkwardly in the dense silence. There she is, Lucy Joan Carlyle.

And he loves her.

“Well,” she begins, shattering the silence.“If you’re all set, Lockwood, I think I’ll go back to bed now. Need anything else?”


But he can’t say that. Not now, not when everything is already so complicated with the Orpheus Society and all these mad conspiracies. No, saying that would make matters worse. Maybe. Would it?

Oh, damn it all to hell.

“Forgive me, Luce, if you find this forward, but, you. Would you stay?” His voice cracks again, and he clears his throat. “That is, only if you’d be comfortable doing that. Only then.”

He might as well have just thrown up his dinner all over the front of her dressing gown, by the way she doesn’t react. He can’t quite see her face, but he can feel her wide-eyed stare on him. Stunned silence makes the air buzz with tension. Has he gone too far? No, of course he has! He was a fool to ever let those words see the light of day.

Lockwood’s near-panicked thoughts screech to a halt as Lucy plucks the mug of tea from his hands and sets it on the nightstand. She gestures in a shooing motion at Lockwood.

“Budge over,” she says. “I need some room.”

He complies. It’s a bit awkward at first, but soon Lucy’s pressed into his side, face buried in his shoulder and hand resting on his racing heart. He places his hand on her waist and takes a deep breath. This, he concludes, is high on the list of the most reckless acts he’s ever committed.

They whisper good night to each other before sleep overcomes them, taking Lucy out before Lockwood, who spends a good period of time boring holes into the ceiling, thinking so much but so little at the same time. Then, finally, he falls asleep,  and when he does, he rests more soundly than he has in years. 

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Can you do a blurb or one shot with any of the boys where they are on tour and you surpire them by showing up at a meet and greet and it get all cute and fluffy!! Thanks love x

a/n: this is honestly so cute thank you for requesting it i really don’t think i did it justice omg i’m sorry also any time y’all give me an option i will literally always choose luke lol :)

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It was Liz’s idea, really; you had popped in to say hi while Luke was away on tour — and, okay, maybe you wanted to stop by his old room and steal one of the hoodies he’d sent her to wash. Sitting on the couch next to her with a cup of tea, she smiled softly, “I don’t want to make you… sad, love,” she reached out and pet your hand affectionately. “But — our boy really misses you, you know?” You felt your cheeks blush crimson at her words; not only at the thought of Luke calling his mum to whine about missing you, but because she approved of you enough to happily share her youngest boy with you.

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Before tonight’s episode I would like to thank all the lizzington shippers out there who didn’t give up. I must say that after 3x11 I didn’t want to watch anymore, I was really sad and disappointed, but seeing that a lot of us kept a positive attitude towards the ship ignoring all the daddybait and the tom/liz nonsense really helped me and now I feel curious about how this wreckage of a show will go on. So thank you, because even if this ship will go down, at least we’ll be together.

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Thoughts on Marvin Gerard


Overall, LOVED the ep.  Greatly appreciate the step away from procedural to serial this season, and I can only hope they keep it this way. It works.  And I can’t think of many shows that have switched from one to the other? I’m sure there’s some, but this feels new to me.

Not only does Ressler have confidence in Liz not harming any of the hostages, he also has confidence in Liz keeping Red from harming any of them.  I think that says a lot about how much he feels Liz has a say in Red’s actions and has power over him.  

CAN LIZ AND RED JUST HUG OR SOMETHING. SERIOUSLY. These two have been through a lot. I think they both need to hug it out a little.

Liz’s reaction in the diner brings up some interesting questions - she’s reacted very negatively to spousal abuse before, has the warrior gene, and she shot her father.  I feel these all go hand in hand.  (Totally reminds me of Clarice Starling and her coda “Over this odd world, this half the world that’s dark now, I have to hunt a thing that lives on tears.” and also “The world will not be this way within the reach of my arm” @iwouldlovetoeatyourtoast​ has a gorgeous piece of Liz Keen art with the quote here.)

Was Liz’s mother blamed by the Cabal, just like her, just like Red?

Gerard’s fiancee was a lot younger than him and there wasn’t a single negative connotation to their relationship from anyone.  The way he reacted to seeing her was fantastic, like he saw his home, and if it was supposed to be a subtle parallel to Red’s words to Liz later, then good job tptb. 

Red discusses the Cold War and ‘spies to run’…maybe Katerina was one of these?  Perhaps Liz’s biological father is/was a member of the Cabal and her mother was spying on him?

I CANNOT GET OVER THE SHIPPING CONTAINER HIDEY HOLE OF COOL.  That’s a seriously styling hideout Red.  Props.

Also, do you think he ran through the list of places he could hideout with her and was like ‘hey that shipping container is pretty awesome and might impress her - let’s go with that one’? Because I totally do. 

So Liz wore the compass rose like a crown…

and Red had this one made out of the light fixture, and the only thing I can think is that now that Liz sees herself as a monster- a hideous fish? - she’s starting to see Red as her ray of light?  Maybe? Liz is Red’s direction, Red is her source of light in the darkness? These were totally perspective shots.

And I really hope this is all intentional framing and not just someone saying ‘hey wouldn’t it look cool if we placed them like this for the scene?’ Particularly because when Red points to the North Star, the tip of his finger ‘touches’ that light fixture ( you can see it in the first gif from this set from @kissthefuture here).

It’s as if Red realizes Liz does better with ‘show not tell’ when it comes to their conversations, and it keeps him from having to make direct eye contact with her by showing her what she is to him, that constant in the unfathomable vastness of dark space.  You get that sense of wonder from them as they look at the wide open starry sky before focusing on Polaris (side note, being from a shore town, our high school had nautical-themed EVERYTHING, and I ran a group called Polaris, and was involved in something else with the name ‘North Star’ and I always get a kick out of North Star/nautical stuff.)

ALSO: That moment where Liz whips her head around to look at him? That may or may not be ‘Oh shit he love loves me’ for Liz and I love it either way. 


Bad. (N.M.)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

I took a look at her. She had long blonde hair with a maroon shirt, white shorts pair with some sandals.

“As Mrs. Anderson said, I’m Liz Cooper. Here’s my number if you ever need anything. It looks like you have Miss. Dickinson first hour Pre-calc that’s down the 300 hallway…” by the time she was done showing me all of my classes the bell releasing 1st period rang. “You can eat lunch with me if you’d like.”

“Thank you I obviously don’t have any friends yet.”

“Ok I will wait by your locker.” She said giving me a side hug. Liz was nice ver talkative, and energetic which I liked. The day flew by and I didn’t see Nate again. Lunch was here and Liz was waiting by my locker like she said.

“Did you get lost?”

“Almost the schools pretty big.” I put in my combo grabbed my lunch and followed her to the cafeteria. She made a beeline to the center table. there were two guys and another three girls.

“Guys! this is Katherine she’s a new student. Katherine that is Tom,” pointing at a guy with short blonde hair and  a blue shirt on. “That is Kimberly,” a girl in a floral dress waved at me. “That is Brady,” a guy with brown hair nodded at me.“That is Asia,” an Asian girl dressed in all black but not like gothic all black more like grunge which I took notice right away. “Finally that is Alyson” a girl with wavy brunette hair gave me a big smile.

“Nice to meet you.” I said and sat down beside Liz. The rest of lunch was small talk. the remainder of the day I didn’t see Nate at all but I couldn’t stop thinking about him in those glasses I don’t even know the guy he’s just really hot. The bell rang for 7th period. French. It was the only class I actually enjoyed but that was probably because the teacher was gay and he made it fun. I walked in late to class due to trying to find it. The teacher was a woman, older in her early 70s.

“Sorry, I’m late I got lost.”

“Oh, Katherine right” I could feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“yes ma'am.”

“You can sit beside Nate in the back row.” I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. I strolled through the aisle to the back sat my notebooks down and slide in beside him as far away as I could.

“We meet again Lil Mama.”

“Hi” He scooted closer, I scooted away almost falling off. He caught me by arm fast.

“What is up with me catching you?” he chuckled.

“My name is Katherine.”

“I know” You could cut through the sexual tension this guy was admitting. It’s ridiculous.

“Not ‘Lil Mama’” I said signaling air quotes.

“It’s just a nickname”

“Nate please. You have already been sent to the office once today, don’t make a second.” the teacher said.

“I’m sorry ma'am” he said winking making the old lady blush.

“You like older woman?”

“She’s cute.” he shrugged. “what are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing. Why? I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Oh come on. It’ll be fun.” He whispered back. “I’ll pick you up at 8. Wear something casual.” he grabbed his things and stood as the bell rang. Speechless, I sat for awhile.

“Are you all right?” the teacher asked. The room had cleared.

“Yes, I was wondering what supplies I needed for this class?” She handed me a list. “Thank you.” I walked out. Liz was waiting by my locker.

“I didn’t know if you needed a ride.”

“I’m fine I have a car.”

“Alright, I’m gonna get going.” I decided that I was going to stop by Target to get all of the supplies I needed. I pulled into the lot. Jumped out.

“Hey Katherine!” I turned around trying to find who was calling me.

“Hey Asia, I didn’t get a chance to say that adore your outfit today”

“Aw thank you. What are you doing here?” we walked in together.

“Just getting some supplies. You?”

“Closest Starbucks.”

“Oh.” I laughed.

“I help you though” She helped me pick things for each class, and told me about each teacher.

“Thank you so much for your help. See you at school tomorrow”

“You too.” I took the long way back to the house. When I got home, Caleb was the only one home. It was 7:30pm. That didn’t freak me out it was that I never told Nate my address.

Chapter 4

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Just started watching The Blacklist and powered through S1 S2 and caught up in S3. Am I missing something? Why is Liz so enamored with Tom? I mean, Tom is a sociopath, right? And why doesn't Ressler have a love interest? He's a cutie even in rehab. I'm SO confused and hoping you can break this down for me? Thanks and much respect for your time and lovely big brain :-)

First off, welcome to this mess of a show & its fandom. Please fasten your seatbelt and return your tray table to its full upright and locked position bc we always seem to be experiencing some turbulence.

“Why is Liz so enamored with Tom?”

Well, the “official” message seems to be that we all really should be enamored here because T/J is a freshly-minted, dashing lover & fighter now and definitely not the task-oriented socio/psychopath from previous seasons. How, when, and why he transformed abruptly from one to the other is still a mystery (not even his creators/writers seem to be able to find a unifying theory to explain that one), but of course Liz cannot let this hero version go. What sane woman could? He’s a real catch. This “image management” is at the root of my biggest issue w/ TBL right now, and judging from your question, you are struggling w/ it too. Good news is, you are most def not alone.

Since the 2nd half of S2 the show’s been trying its best (and worst, lbr) to present Liz as someone who’s still in love with a perfect husband who is real, except his name is not Tom but Jacob. It clumsily yet forcefully has been trying to code that love as a perfectly okay, natural reaction by attempting to cloak T/J in “borrow’d robes” of a selfless white knight. I heard that the official social media sites (on Twitter and Facebook) are full of “T/J the hero” promotion while Liz is being reduced to a trophy that’s waiting for him at the finish line. The (sensible) alternate of Liz being a struggling survivor of systematic, prolonged emotional abuse and conditioning (i.e. someone who keeps “falling off the wagon” and who should be provided w/ sympathy, support, and DISTANCE from her abuser - at least until she gets better and gains some much needed perspective) has yet to be straightforwardly pitched to the viewer as a legitimate explanation of her behavior; in fact, such reading is being actively discouraged by this Tom/Liz love story nonsense. They keep forcing them together - often in pointless scenes (see the diner meeting in “307”) -, suggesting that so much of that fake marriage and T/J’s cover role was real while attempting to ignore/erase the staggering mountain of evidence to the contrary.

I believe Red (and by extension probably James, too, but I cannot be sure) views/treats Liz as a survivor and T/J as a continuous threat to her mental/emotional well-being, but the show as a whole (+ its promo department) still doesn’t and, imo, this dissonance is what (understandably) keeps many viewers from truly connecting w/ Liz’s character and recognizing why she acts the way she does. The scene at the diner in “302” where the abused woman was still clinging to, defending, and worrying about her abuser who got his ass kicked coupled w/ Liz’s insistence on apologizing to T/J for dragging him into trouble & painting herself as a terrible person unworthy of his valiant efforts may be an indication of a perception shift coming, but for now we are still pretty much saddled with the irritating, frustrating, and - imo - deeply insulting “Liz is in love and she just can’t help herself bc this guy is truly amazing and irresistible” spin.

In short, TPTB seem to want us to believe that Liz is into T/J bc T/J is someone Liz should be into. My take on her behavior, however, is that she is still afraid to face the fact that the man she fell in love with doesn’t exist and by hanging onto T/J she is hanging onto her last remaining link to that comforting, self-duping fantasy; it’s an escape from the aggressive chaos that her life is right now (for Red, it’s usually alcohol, drugs, and sex; for Liz, it’s T/J). And T/J is always quick to capitalize on this bc his goal is to suck her back into another self-gratifying, self-serving relationship. He believes that he and he alone is the answer to Liz’s prayers (he keeps contacting her to tell her how he is gonna save her and keeps the ambiguity of “I want to give you a second chance” & “I want you to give me a second chance” going in their convos), but let’s hope Liz will wake up in time to smell the B.S. and the show will finally shed this sugarcoated nonsense and unveils the reality of her situation, namely that her reluctance to let T/J go was never romantic but toxic, and letting go is the only way she can move forward (Red already told her as much in “218”). Even if she cannot do it right away, this message, her framing as a struggling survivor, should be clear. We’ll see.

“Why doesn’t Ressler have a love interest?”

Oh but he has. It’s called the Federal Bureau of Investigation. ;)

Good things (I think)

They are aware of the strong reaction and they are aware that most of us didnt like that twist.

Now, they are either trying to calm us down or they really telling us something.

I’ll go with the first option since it’s the second person of the blacklist prod/writers team to ask us to wait. Plus, Jon told us that it wont turn into the Liz/Tom happy show.

(Thanks to @only1isawanderer​ to point me out to that tweet)