thanks little fella

WicDiv Challenge Day 19

Day 19: Favourite Fan Art

Trashcans are art, especially this one.

This could have easily echoed yesterday - seeing our world reimagined by so many hands, in so many different ways, in so many mediums is a joy. Some are just stunning…

…but this fellow sits on my desk next to my David Lafuente art, stares at me, and helps in a small way. There’s a writer thing that, to avoid losing the core of your work, you put the themes on curt post-it note and stick it to your monitor, so every time you glance up you’re reminded of what the story actually is. It’s a magnetic north, and you stick to it if you’re lost.

This is like that, but providing a more limited navigational aid, reminding me that Woden is fucking trashcan.

Never forget, Kieron. And thanks to this little fella, I won’t.

The Challenge.