thanks liger!

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I will never be over how much I ADORE your Jay??? Like I wanna pet his hair and give him hugs forever and knit him a goddamn sweater whY IS HE SO CUTE AND SOFT AND WARM. GOSH

BLESS YOU this makes me so happy & also makes me laugh because if you knitted him a sweater he’d love it SO MUCH and wear it proudly, and eventually probably knit you one in return as well and his sweaters and pullovers are a bit unique because at some point he just stops paying attention and goes ‘oops I thought I was knitting the sleeve’ when in fact he’s been knitting the turtle neck or something like that. :’D (”Well the positive side is that you can VERY easily hide in it. Just like a real turtle.”)

Okay, here’s the colored lineart of Ibeyla Secura that the lovely Liger drew for me! Ibeyla isn’t just my alias, she’s also one of my most well-known OCs. People started referring to me as Ibeyla after several fics featuring her on became popular, so I adopted her as my pen name. Ibeyla specializes in healing, using herbal remedies and concoctions to heal any range of aliments. She’s been in the Zoids, Kingdom Hearts, +Anima and other scattered fandoms, along with in my own original storylines. She’s my most versatile OC to date. Her alias is “Ghost of the Desert”, which is where my URL originates.

She’s holding a bushel of StarTiger and Ruby-Sapphire flowers, the nectar of which she uses to make a potent anti-anemia serum and an healing potion.

There you go. A proper picture of Ibeyla. :)

ligerstorm submitted:

It’s great to you update again! I’ve been following this blog for a long while and it makes me happy to see it on my dashboard again. When I saw your profile picture I just had to draw her, I really love your design. I hope you like it!

“Oh, my god! This is awesome! Thank you, Liger! I’m glad to make y'all smile and heres to staying updated. Cheers!”