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Well, Carmilla is over, and so is this ink series. I’ve been working on it for a year, and now it’s done, but I feel… empty? Carmilla has been my inspiration for almost two years, I’ve grown up as an artist thanks to all these people. There’s so much I want to say about each and every one of them, but I’m no good with words, so I hope that awful lot of drawings inspired by this show says it all for me. These portraits are just a tiny bit of my Carmilla art. Of course I’ll keep making Carmilla fanart though, because there’s still a lot of words that can’t be said, but beg to be painted. Thank you for everything, Carmilla, thank you so much.


“You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that’s really embarrassing, but thank you.”- Jennifer Lawrence

The finished piece of ~cyber punk anime dad~ (as I’d liked to call this (’: ) I did for Lawrence’s birthday (and as a little thank you, honestly<3)! 

Put way more hours in this than expected, but that usually happens with my paintings, honestly. I’m pretty happy with the results though! Especially since I worked outside of references /a lot/ with this piece, lots of trying to imagine how things would work and lots of fiddling around with lighting and stuff. Was fun to work on though, especially ‘cause I really like the colour theme with the greenblue and red! 

(For anyone who’s curious; the kanji on the collar says ‘anime dad’, and the barcode is ‘′ which stands for the individual letters in ‘Lawrence’. The arm/shoudler tattoo was loosely based on circuits and simple minimalistic designs like in Mirror’s Edge. Hatsune Miku was added in as a kinda virtual reality/artificial intelligence buddy, like Cortana in Halo or the A.I. in Red vs Blue. I also added the little astrodemonio from the TKDK hoodie he wears sometimes; cause I thought it was a cute design that fit the colour theme here! Lastly; I did the clothing design myself which makes it not as interesting or unique, but I tried my best painting folds without reference for the first time (’: )

Also here’s a bonus note I did that I plan to tweet alongside the painting:

Iskra Lawrence

27 gifs from an anonymous request.  There will definitely be more added, I was just having problems with my editing program and wanted to get some of these uploaded for anyone who needs/wants them!

P.S. how freaking beautifulgorgeous is Iskra Lawrence?!  Thanks to that Anon for bringing her to my attention!

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