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Chrianna Interlude: WTF

A/n: for @thenotorioussob 😊

Rihanna took a break from her photo shoot and politely excused herself to her dressing room. Plopping down on a couch, she sighed as she went through her recent contacts for a well-used number. Clicking on the FaceTime option, she waited as it rang a few moments before a face filled her screen.
“Hi Gorgeous.”
“Hey Babe, what you up to?” Rihanna replied with a soft smile.
“Getting ready to go to this party. What about you?”
“Photo shoot, I’m on break.”
“That would explain the hair.”
Rihanna scoffed, “what’s wrong with my hair?”
“Have you looked in the mirror?”
“Fuck you. You just talking all that shit because you have a hat on.”
“I can take it off.”
“I’m scared if you do.”
Chris frowned causing Rihanna to laugh, “you ain’t shit.”
“And ain’t never gonna be shit.”
“Running your mouth while looking like Lorde. Don’t play me.”
“Ooh Nigga, you got so much fucking mouth. Take your hat off.”
“Nah, you ain’t ready.”
“Chris, take your hat off.”
“Aight, you asked.”
Chris slid his cap off his head and Rihanna burst out laughing, “Oh my god, Babe what did you do to your hair?”
“Nothing. I was just playing in it.”
“You going outside like that?”
“You went outside like that.”
Rihanna flipped him off and Chris chuckled, “Don’t get mad at me because you look like that girl from the Exorcist movie. I waiting for your head to start spinning.”
“I know you ain’t talking looking like an obese Wiz Khalifa.”
“Obese? Really?”
“Yes really. What the fuck are those supposed to be? You look like you got blunts growing out your head.”
Chris stifled a laugh and Rihanna chuckled, “gotcha to laugh at yourself. Ha-ha.”
“Oh fuck you.”
“You need to, to be honest.”
“If you would bring your ass home then I would.”
“I’ll be there soon. I gotta get my Christmas presents from you.”
“That’s all you care about ain’t it?”
“No, I want some of Mama’s good cooking too.”
“Oh just fuck Chris then. My company ain’t worth shit huh?”
Rihanna chuckled, “Nigga, you just told me I look like Lorde, ok? You lucky I ain’t hang up on your ass.”
“Pssh, you love me and you laughed, so stop being fake mad ok?”
“I don’t like you.”
“You like me, you love me, you wish you were with me right now.”
“Nigga please.”
“You gonna quit with all this attitude, Robyn.”
“Come fuck it out of me then.”
“Keep playing and I’ma find a gig in Paris just to do it too.”
Rihanna laughed, “Don’t waste the energy, I’m leaving tonight anyway.”
“You coming home?”
“Maybe. Maybe not.”
“Oh, that’s how you gonna play me.”
Chris pouted and Rihanna let out a soft aww, “Babe, I was just playing. I’m not sure what else I have to do before I head back your way.”
“You don’t gotta make up any excuses. It’s cool if you don’t wanna see me. I’ll be alright.”
“Chris, don’t be like that.”
“Nope, I’m not your friend no more.”
“What about if I flash you?”
Chris’s face visibly perked up and Rihanna laughed, “you’re such a pervert.”
“It’s your fault.”
“Yea. No, it’s not. You’ve been like that way before you met me.”
“Nah. I got it that first time and I’ve been fucked up ever since.”
“Cause I got it like that.”
Chris rolled his eyes, “you sprung off me too, you ain’t gotta say it.”
“You wish.”
“You ain’t never had a nigga put it down like me. Don’t play.”
“I think whoever did your hair, rolled that shit too tight because you wildin’.”
“You just pushing me to have to teach you a lesson when you get home, huh?”
“You ain’t gone do Shhhhiiiittt,” Rihanna mimicked Kevin Hart and Chris burst out laughing.
“Robyn, I can’t deal with you no more. I’m supposed to be the silly one.”
“You love me though.”
“You don’t love me so I don’t love you.”
“Yup. I’m taking it back.”
“You taking back ten years?”
“Nigga please. Did you see my picture earlier?”
“From yesterday?”
“Yea, I saw it. You look good in those Tims.”
“Thank you. My best friend bought them for me,” Rihanna replied cheekily. Chris chuckled and wiped his hand down his face, “I’m glad you like them.”
“You wore yours yesterday too.”
“You must’ve been peeking in my window.”
“Nah, we telekinetic, Robyn. Always reading each other’s minds.”
Rihanna chuckled, “Babe, we’re just too much alike.”
“But it’s a good thing. I like being in sync with you.”
“Aww…aren’t you sweet?”
“I’ll be even sweeter when you bring your ass home.”
“I’m coming back, no worries.”
“Good. I got some of your gifts the other day.”
“Oooh what you get?”
“You’ll find out when you open them.”
Rihanna pouted and Chris mimicked her, “I love you, Robyn.”
“I don’t like you.”
Chris chuckled, “oh cheer up, I’ll think about giving you one of them early.”
Rihanna danced around in her seat, “Yay!”
“Just so childish.”
“Don’t you even go there.”
“Baby Girl, I miss you.”
“I miss you too. Keep my side of the bed warm for me.”
Chris chuckled, “Robyn, that’s my line.”
“Well since I’m the one out of town, it’s my line now.”
“Whatever Baby Girl.”
“Go have fun but not too much.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Chris chuckled and blew her a kiss, “I love you Robyn Rihanna Fenty-Brown.”
Rihanna laughed, “I love you too Christopher. See you soon, Baby.”
“Ok. Talk to you later.”
Rihanna blew him a kiss just before ending the call.

Liz's thank you message in the Simple Life EP lyric booklet

Liz would like to thank…

I have so many people to thank… I’m just gunna get down to it! First, God, for not only letting me know what I was put on this earth to do at a very young age, but for putting me in all the right places to actually do it. My Mom, who is the real rock star out of this whole situation. My rock, my inspiration, my teacher, my protector. She has always put us and this crazy dream before anything else, which is something that I will never be able to re-pay her for, or say thank you enough. To my Dad, truly our number one fan. I am so happy that I am able to make you proud everyday. To Grover, for forever believing in us, but specifically ME. You are one of the few people who I have met in this business who sees me for ME and not as just half of Megan and Liz. And Grover, you know how much you mean to our career. *Places two fingers on forehead* ; ). Ana Guillen. The woman who has seen us at our absolute best, at our absolute worst, been with us on almost every 6 AM flight. But really, you poured everything you had into helping us. I saw it sitting in the shot gun seat of many a rental car, trusting a GPS and *MY* eyesight to get us where we needed to go. ; ). You have forever impacted my life. Will Granbury. Thank you for truly understanding the language that is “Megan and Liz,” which includes all things cats, obscure internet memes, and unnecessary abbreviations. You also broke your back for us, so we could make this EP, so thank you. *Chloe Face*. Mikelle! Thank you for always getting us, always making everything so neat and clean, making everything so easy for us always. Daniel Kalisher. You are my brother, you are my musical soul mate I think. You are so incredibly talented, and you are a HUGE reason if not the main reason this EP was able to come out and be the masterpiece that we are all so proud of. Writer, producer, soul soother, guitar player, you do it all! I am so happy that you were put into my life. I love you. The rest of the band that went on tour with us (and will go again ASAP) Rob Humphreys, Will Harrington, Nick Campell, and Jake Hartsfield. I made some of the best memories OF MY LIFE with you, and that all poured into this EP I think. You all made my soul come alive and inspire me every day. Mike Shimshack, for helping us create what is one of my favorite songs I have ever been a part of, and showing us both that there is something beautiful in being totally broken. To John Fields for being an amazing producer and having some of the quickest, but most efficient sessions I have ever seen! To Kevin Griffin, for making a first co-write turn into a nostalgic mushy graduation song. Brandon Hood, for making us sound like total BOSS’s and taking our acoustic song and bringing it a whole new meaning and a whole new level of Megan & Liz. To the two people who I gave my love to, and you gave it back… thank you for inspiring me, for changing me, for still forever being with me, even if you don’t know it. To KayKay, not only for making me look pretty in pictures, but for being my best friend, and teaching me so much about giving and working, and learning and just living life. I don’t think that there is a day I don’t miss sharing a home, and our walks to Starbucks. #CryingAtCoral. To Bri, making me laugh harder than anyone, even in the absolute hardest moments reminding me that I can laugh and be happy, and all it takes is an earthworm snapchat. Jillian and Brianna, two of my other soul mates, thank you, I love you. Thank you to MEGAN. God put us on this planet to live this crazy life together, to cry together, to say things in unison too much, to share our emotions, to support each other. I would never be able to do any of the things I do without you, and I know that this life that we have built is just the beginning. We have so much to do, so much to see, so many songs to write. You are so driven, so passionate, so incredible. I love you. And last, to YOU reading this. This EP, these songs, we did for us, but we also did for you. I can’t believe that you guys actually care enough to listen to them, to read this, to support us like you do. I wake up every day feeling so thankful that even just one of you cares enough to listen to the stories I tell, to call me out on all my food tweets… ; ) You all taught me a new way to love, a new way to appreciate, and a new way to discover who I am. So Thank You.