thanks kara btw

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For the prompt: "No, it was my fault for thinking you might care" Please and thank you. Angst would be great, but whatever you feel like writing is awesome too. Hope you're feeling better. 😊💙

You sit in Kara’s apartment, it was never yours to share anyways, and start to pack up your things. Kara had split off to Metropolis to be with Clark. She said the two of you needed the time apart. You couldn’t confide in Alex because she’s mad at you too, for a reason unknown. Maggie by association is off the table too. The only persons you can think have been in the same position as you before are James and Winn.

After trying to reach them both on their cellphones, and to have them both go straight to voicemail, you slump into the couch. You miss Kara, you miss all the memories you shared here. You figure it’s time to start making new memories, some far away from one another.

You go to the cabinet above the kitchen counter and find her sticky notes and a pen from the drawer. You begin to write a goodbye note to Kara, but you stop after the first teat falls. You can’t do this, you can’t leave her because it’s like leaving a fourth of your life behind too. You start to write a love letter when you remember what she yelled at you before slamming the door, you watched her through the window as Alex had driven off with Kara on the back of her motorcycle.

“Kara, we can fix this, I care about you-”

“No, it was my fault for thinking you might care, do you ever think that maybe the reason your mom left is because you never cared or respected her space?” she paused, seeing tears had welled up in your eyes. You bit your lip in an attempt to get it to quit quivering. You mulled over her words and nodded. Maybe she was right. 

After that she left you, left you in her apartment with pieces of broken glass on the floor from her anger. Not to mention several pieces of your heart too.