thanks john waters

I’ve struggled with my appearance and body image my entire life, and a foolproof solution to particularly low periods is always watching a John Waters movie.

I’m not traditionally pretty person, I’m fat (and even when I wasn’t I thought I was), I’m queer, and I grew up poorer than dirt.

While the rest of the world says I’m trash, John Waters tells me that trash is fabulous.
That fat girls can be sexy, filthy, fierce badasses.
That the glitz and glamour of the thrift store is the highest form of fashion.
That queerness is glorious, and a blessing .

Thank you, Trash Pope, Saint John of the Waters for showing me I’m better than fine, not despite being different but precisely because I am.

what does it matter? hes one of my few friends

(this got me all kinds of emo. i was gonna clean this up more but im too lazy so thats that. god im so EMO)

Karkat Forgot

He learned 2 Valuable things today:

1. John is a magnificent cheat at water races

2. He’s a total shit at splash battles and attacks from all angles

I spent like 20 minutes thinking about mermaid!john + young folks AU


for those who are confused this is what happened


                                        The 100 Ships Week 6 ↴

                                                                 Murphy and Emori

“Thanks for the Water”


John stumbled outside to meet Sherlock; John only waited a couple of seconds before he got there. Sherlock asked the driver to wait and got out of the car. He strode over to John who had tears in his eyes.
“I’m sorry, you want to hit me?”
“No, I want to take you home and get you sober, then we’ll talk about this.” Sherlock said quietly and pulled John gently to the cab. The journey home was silent.

Sherlock paid the cabbie and helped john out.
John stumbled up the stairs and sat in the living room on the sofa; he was joined shortly by Sherlock.
“You do hate me.” John whispered “Don’t you?”
Sherlock turned slightly to face John. “I do not hate you John.”
“Yeah well… you dislike me… lots.”
“No John, I like you, lots.” Sherlock pulled John to the side into a hug, “Now go to sleep, we’ll talk about this in the morning.”

John woke up underneath a blanket on the sofa, he heard Sherlock padding into the room.
“Are you awake?” Sherlock asked quietly.
“Urm… yes…” John said suddenly remembering what happened.
“Some paracetamol and water here if you need it?” Sherlock asked and John sat up.
“Thank you.” John took the water and the pills, turning red as he did.
Sherlock spoke after a couple of minutes “I think we should talk.” John bit his lip
“I know…”
“No, you don’t know and that’s the problem!”
“I-” John was confused. He looked down towards his hands.
“John, look at me.” Sherlock said putting a finger under John’s chin tilting it so John was looking into Sherlock’s eyes. “I love you too.” He whispered then kissed John gently and chastely.

My hand slipped. 

Bastille/TFIOS inspired vinyl art. “Oblivion is inevitable. / When you’re in my arms, but you’ve gone somewhere deeper.” [x][x]


Hazel and Augustus | Stay with Me by Sam Smith