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“Strome’s ability to pick up the pace of the game, to make plays at a high pace, but also to be able to slow the game down to bring people to him and open up space for other players, that’s something that I wish I could say I could teach. It’s an ability he has that he uses to his advantage every shift and it’s a great quality.” (Image Source)

Big thanks for all the love today @yama-bato and @camera-raw​!! Every time I think about quitting this project somebody says something encouraging or shares one of my pictures and it really helps spur me on! 

his and hers

afraid of everyone

the all day nap

cat tale

@35mm-stories and @stephengillette who left comments on  keep your eye on the ball :  Jenny has always loved playing ball, but will not retrieve it. Her game is to play goalie, and she refuses to relinquish the ball in her mouth until she’s caught the second ball ( she runs full speed and stops it with her front paws and then makes the rapid switch) Once we realized what position she was playing, and stopped trying to get her to let go of the ball, we have a lot of fun : )