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pls know that i recently found out that i added your fic links to my bookmarks on my phone while completely smashed one night about 6 months ago because i read all your work in almost one go and Loved it and it's the best decision drunk me has ever made because your writing is class. thanks for all your writing and being an overall lovely person of the internet!

honestly this made my life

drunk you needs to be my best friend bc this is iconic and i have never felt more validated

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Do you ever think about Flynn's reactions every time he gets back from a mission and learns how the Time Team thwarted him? Like... *watches new Bond movie* "So that's how they escaped the nazi castle!" *googles Jesse James* "...LUCY killed him??"

Oh, my god, Anon! I never thought about Flynn watching the new James Bond movie! You’re killing me! That’s hilarious! He would though, right? He likes Bond, too. All four of them like Bond, and I find that adorable. Flynn reads the synopsis for the movie first and he’s like, “Wait a minute…” Hahaha. That’s fun. 

The Jesse James one, I feel Flynn might have looked that up, yeah. He did not want to leave his gun with Jesse, and he did not feel good about doing it. I don’t know if he cared enough to check the fallout, but maybe he did. Given the vagueness of the historical account though (that you see Lucy reading in the end), Flynn wouldn’t know it was her who killed Jesse. I think it’s simply credited to the posse that went with Reeves. Flynn probably assumed Wyatt did it. I still want Lucy to be mad at Flynn for putting her in a position where she had to kill someone. But now Flynn’s mad at her because of the finale, and… his wins. Dang.

Should I go through every episode? I’ll go through every episode.

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@thelunarelixir​ some post-viktuuri wedding drunkenness, god bless

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5/365 Days of Jung Daehyun   : I like his mouth a lot