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Make Me Choose (2.5k Celebration) @rainmyselfinharmony asked:

Sherlolly being cute OR Sherlolly being all emotional

I couldn’t choose and you know why? Because Sherlolly is both at the same time, is cute, is emotional, is all the fluffy and all the angst! They are all of that, because the lived all those emotions, they shared those smiles, and looks, those tears and worries about each other. They love each other, and no one will tell me they don’t!

In other news I love gerard way in the deepest, realest way I know how and he’s the reason that I’m able to stand here with my back straight and my fists clenched and face everything, he’s the reason I can fight my way back to being a little bit okay, despite it all, the reason I’m still alive and here and breathing, and I’m so, so fucking thankful

everyone needs to know that even’s clip has only been out for like a day and it already has more likes than any of the other clips this week, i dont mean this to offend any character we love all of them but i just want it to be known how loved even is in this fandom.

butterflyonawheel  asked:

I just made my blog a week ago and since yours grew so fast I was wondering if you have any advice for people like me on how to build your following? Also youre the best :))

aaah hi!

so I honestly still have no idea how my blog went from brand new to 5.5k in like four months (holy shit how) so I’m probably not the best person to ask but here are some things I did that might help I guess:

  • make original content. this is probably the biggest one just because it gives people a reason to follow you rather than the people you reblog from, sets you apart as an individual blog with something unique to offer.
  • be engaged in the fandom. send asks. reblog selfies (if you want idk I know a lot of big blogs don’t). try to make friends. don’t be scared to reblog content similar to your own (I emphasize that because I used to be this way and … don’t. it’s just way more fun in general to be engaged).
  • uh … depending on the type of blog you want doing ask games or posting personal things might help ??? idk I like coming off as more than just a gif maker so I do that.
  • retags !!! idk I love when blogs write in the tags it makes me smile and more likely to follow tbh
  • have a good theme that people can like understand how to use and can easily read and stuff

I honestly dk beyond that though. I got lucky tbh. a few big blogs followed me really early on (like one of the most known blogs in the fandom followed me before I even hit 20 followers so them rbing my stuff helped a lot). and I came into the phandom already knowing how to make gifs and write fics so I wasn’t really learning from scratch to make original content and stuff. idk.

good luck with your blog tho! 

I’m back and it was so much fun!! 

I made so many new friends!! I felt so welcome there, I’m excited to go back once school officially starts. 

It felt so great having people who wanted to eat breakfast with me, I even left campus to go to food lion with a few new friends after a meeting and we just hung out and ate candy in one of the dorms. 

I made a lot of connections and it was amazing how much in common I shared with so many people. 

I know my University is going to be a second home for me. It was just so amazing. 

thehallowedangel  asked:

Now, as you know I'm a stickler for pukey Mori, I don't supose you could do a little something where he doesn't come in to school? Honey gets really worried and head to his house after school only the find Mori curled up in bed with his arms around his stomach and an empty bowl on the floor, refusing to be sick. He keeps apologising for worrying Honey, for being too week to go into school, but Honey keeps telling him it's okay and then he needs to be sick or he'll just keep feeling worse.

here you go! thanks for the prompt @thehallowedangel!

Honey wasn’t a worrier.

Worrying was a waste of energy, in his opinion. Energy that could be put to better use planning things like strawberry shortcake eating contests or pranking the twins.

But when Mori didn’t show up for their first class together - on a Monday - he couldn’t help feeling a little concerned. He was also confused. Two very unpleasant, unfamiliar emotions coiling into a little anxious ball in the pit of his stomach.

It wasn’t like his cousin to abandon him. And it certainly wasn’t like Mori to neglect to inform Honey of his whereabouts. Or, at least he didn’t think it was. His cousin was always just…there. Honey had never been forced to wonder before.

He hadn’t realized how accustomed he’d grown to having Mori’s constant, infallible presence by his side. And now he wasn’t answering any of Honey’s texts. He wasn’t even answering his phone calls.

When the bell rang signaling the beginning of his second class, Honey decided that nothing was more important than making sure Mori was all right. Besides, he really hated Physics.

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I have a lot of feelings about that new episode of Rick & Morty and I’ll get around to drawing them, but first things first… Morty Falls is a show I would totally watch.

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Fun fact Juju, in breath of the wild, you can sneak into Zora's domain and get a voiced cutscene with Sidon being like "who are you? Get out of my house my father isn't accepting visitors right n- wait are you a hylian?"

Love at first sight