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Nearing 9,000 words on this holiday fic, you guys. I can’t stop. Trying to finish and get it posted before I go on vacation. It’s almost there. Send me looooove.

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I actually have tears in my eyes over some of the messages I’ve gotten this week. I can’t believe my reminders, typography, and interactions have helped others. My life’s dream has always been just to help other people. I’m so thankful that by being myself I’ve been able to help others grow more confident. I hope most of you know I genuinely care, and I love the feeling that comes with running this blog. I try my best to keep it pretty personal and relaxed. It’s great to know that I’m reaching other people even through aesthetics.

Ever since my girlfriend and I have started dating, we’ve focused solely on building the relationship and each other’s mental health, and I’ve never been more stable before. I’m not saying that dating magically cures your mental disorders, obviously but I’m forever thankful that I’m with someone who pushes me to grow, build myself up, and heal. Let’s start promoting healthy relationships and self care this year.


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But this isn’t just a selfie tag to me. The first two pictures are me a few years ago, confused and unidentifiable. I didn’t know what to call myself during that period. I was always unhappy being just “Bonnie”.

This isn’t all about the hair either. The hair is the last thing on my mind, when I realized what made me happy. Hair doesn’t define a person.

I am Bobby. This name has helped me grow into myself easier, and I appreciate and thank all of my tumblr friends to help me through this process.

I am Genderfluid. I am both male and female. Sometimes even gender-less.

I am me.

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Could I have a reading on what I need to work on myself so I can grow? Thank you so much

Athena- wisdom

Athena represents clarity and balance of mind. It may be time for you to stop and take stock of your life. You may need to put feeling to the side and closely review your current situation. You may need to journal, meditate, or go for a long walk in order to obtain clarity.

Athena helps heroes win battles, but only through intelligence, clarity, foresight, and wisdom. This is a time to be smart, and wisdom only comes when the heart and the mind are in balance. If you feel muddled, overwhelmed, or frustrated, it is time to stop engaging in the dramas of your exterior life so that you can see what is really occurring and discover how to move forward and defeat the monsters in your inner life. This is a time to face yourself calmly and honestly, so that the guiding light of clarity can see you through to the next phase in your life.