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Rollo - Thoughts on Episode 4x16

Can anyone explain to me why there are so many people celebrating what happened in episode 4x16? Why am I seeing people happy about what Rollo did in last night’s episode?

“Finally! Rollo is back!”
“Old Rollo strikes again!”
“Poor Rollo! His wife has been nagging him for so long that he deserved a break.”

Rollo has been my favorite since season 1. Yes, even when he was an idiot who screwed it up constantly. No point in denying, I always liked him.

There was something about his character that I could relate to: having a successful sibling.
I could understand his struggle, because I had been there too.
I could comprehend his wish of wanting to be his own man, because I also wanted to be my own woman, without being constantly compared to my sibling.
I could identify with him knowing that he was a fool, but hoping that one day he would be wise, because I too knew that I did foolish things, things that I was not proud of, but I hoped that I would be able to learn from those and become a better person one day.

The way his character developed is what I adored the most about Rollo. He became a better person, he became wiser, and he did what was necessary to get what he desired more than anything: a family.

What happened last night has nothing to do with Rollo’s improvement. On the contrary, I consider it a retrogression in his character development. Not a single thing of what happened on last night’s episode contributed to the growth his character went through during 4 seasons of the show.

It seems that Michael Hirst does not see any worth in Rollo unless he has him raiding again. Which is a shame. Because it would have been much more interesting to show Rollo as the successful ruler that real-life Rollo was. Michael Hirst completely disregarded the character development that he wrote over these years for nothing.

We were not shown directly what happened with the women they encountered in the raid. But it was heavily suggested that they were raped. I have to assume that Rollo (as well as Hvitserk and Bjorn) raped someone in last night’s episode.

I don’t care if Rollo didn’t join the other guys right away, he still joined them. He still raped someone. I don’t care that he look tormented afterwards. He still raped someone. I don’t care if he realizes that joining Bjorn in this raid was a mistake and he decides to go back to Normandy. He still left his wife and children behind for some sort of post-mature mid-life crisis. I sincerely hope that Gisla does not take him back. He does not deserve her, he does not deserve the family they built together.

Nothing of what Rollo did in episode 4x16 should be celebrated.
No one should be happy about what Rollo did.

Hanna Week Day V: AU Day- Viking AU

My version of Hans and Anna’s viking attire. I have a few more designs in mind, especially for Anna<3 So I’ll draw up some more eventually.

Excuse to draw viking outfits ._.


The Presidents, as reviewed by a Drunk Person

George Washington: I’ve had some dreams I can’t describe in public about George Washington. 

John Adams: Old, boring, grumpy, and probably knew what he was doing. UGH. Has a boring HBO special dedicated to him, which was watched solely by people like him. 

Thomas Jefferson: President most likely to be related to Barack Obama. Wanted to be remembered for creating the most insufferably preppy school to exist outside of the Ivy Leagues because he sold out that hard. 

James Madison: Old, boring, grumpy, AND an owl. Remembered for the Federalist Papers, a bunch of documents created to torture first year Poli Sci majors. 

James Monroe: My boyfriend told me apparently he got his ass kicked by the English in the War of 1812. Or was it madison? I don’t know? What I do know if apparently during the war of 1812, they tried to take down DC but then Sharknado plus a tornado and a lightning storm wrecked the british because FREEDOM. Thank you history channel! 

John Quincy Adams: SIDEBURNS?
Andrew FCUKIN Jackson: Both the creator and embodiment of the “Florida Man.” Was a REAL dick to indians. OG End the Fed type before Ron Paul. Much like 50 cent, he got shot 9 times and still was standing. 

Martin Van Burien: Largely useless. Apparently is now on coins that can only be used on the metro. Subject of the most annoying Flo commercial ever produced , which is remarkable. HOW IS FLO FROM PROGRESSIVE STILL HAPPENING?

William Henry Harrison: A libertarian favorite in the sense that he did nothing in office and died of a cold 30 days later. 

John Tyler: The bougiest thing about me (rpp admin #2) is that I’ve been to a party with his great great grandson. Spoiler alert: they are still rich. 

James K Polk: Thanks to him, now we have tacos and margarita mondays! But also Arizona, which exists to make Alabama seem less racist. 

Zachary Tyler: Died in a mysterious boating accident. * 

(*Not true but don’t care)

Millard Fillmore: Known for accelerating the Civil War and being the Kansas of Presidents. Somewhat ironic considering he’s why Kansas nearly set Nebraska on fire. I am a proud member of his appreciation society. 

James Buchanian: Our first FABUUUUULOUS president if you get my drift. 

Abraham Lincoln: Odd looking giant with an unfortunate taste in musicial theatre. Basically your run of the mill beloved American tyrant. You can determine how much fried chicken someone consumes by their opinion on him. 

Andrew Johnson: Tough to follow Beyonce when you’re Souja Boy 

Ulysses S Grant: He has a fun name and that’s where the fun ends. Wins the Civil War by taking a poo on the American South (according to my southern friends). Mostly in over his head 

Rutherford B. Hayes: uhhhh I had to google this one. I guess he supported the gold standard and hated racists so that’s cool. 

James Garfield: He liked Lasagna. 

Chester Arthur: another president I had to google. Much like every new york republican, he had a flair for interior design and left nothing in the history books. 

Grover Cleveland: HE RODE A MOOSE THAT’S SO COOL. Wait…. that was teddy roosevelt. Okay, well apparently he was a “bourbon democrat” which I also enjoy bourbon. According to historians he was “tencious” (YOLO), brave, and didn’t really bother “Robber Barons.” (old timey code for corporations which is new timey code for “makin cheddar”) 

Benjamin Harrison: The cheese and ham of the Grover Cleveland sandwich. Gave us Hawaii, one of the few legitimate succession movements left. 

William McKinley: We’ve had a lot of owl presidents but he was our first inside job. 

Theodora Roosevelt: FINALLY. One I don’t have to Google! Should have been the first president in GQ. Rode a moose. Enjoyed riding scary large animals as much as he loved signing executive orders. Thank you for Yellowstone. Is the reason why John McCain was allowed to legally run for President. (Panama, fun FACT.) 


Woodrow Wilson: The namesake for the high school Ted Bundy went to. He lead us into World War 1, that conflict everyone’s APUSH teacher ignored. Widely likable yet probably worse than FDR, another well regarded World War president. 

Warren G Harding: Our nation’s first BRUH president. He was known for getting drunk, leaving work at 3pm, and gambling away the White House’s china. (I mean, who HASN’T?) His drunken nonsense lead to a TEENSY scandal where one of his bros stole like $64 million from the Veterans Adminstration. Naturally, he called that bro into the West Wing and choked him out because that’s how this dude rolled.

Calvin Coolidge: The most underrated conservative president of all time.

Herbert Hoover: So bad at economics, his name is associated with living in a tent by the river.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: THIS GUY IS SERIOUSLY THE WORST. How is this guy allowed to throw people in concentration camps (minus the mass murder) and gets to be considered one of the best presidents of all time? Ugh, I can’t deal with FDR. 

Harry Truman: Is the reason why we had Kim Jung il looking at Things. 

Dwight D. Eisenhower: He provided America the most ignored warning since William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. 

John F Kennedy: By far, our best looking President. Successfully navigated many crises that older men would have crumbled at. Member of the scariest, most Connecticuty political dynasty until the Bush-Walkers. He couldn’t handle Marilyn Monroe at her worst and then he died.

Lyndon B Johnson: There are too many obvious jokes here. Kind of a racist for being so pro-civil rights. It’s way too easy to accidentally call him “LGBT.”

Richard Nixon: “I MIGHT BE A CROOK.” 

Gerald Ford: meh. 

Jimmy Carter: Jimmy Carter is kind of like if your well meaning liberal neighbor who rides his bike to work became president. 

Ronald Reagan: The last time Republicans respected an actor’s opinions on politics before Clint Eastwood talked to a chair.


Bill Clinton: Bill Clinton was the president you wanted to grab a beer (and maybe a few shots with) before George W. Bush was a thing. 

George W. Bush: Iraq. Afghanistan. 9/11. Florida. A troubling and difficult presidency for a guy who just wanted to be baseball commissioner.

Barack Obama: Our first president in being African-American, a meme, and employing flying death robots. 

Adopted Navajo and Culture

Anonymous asked: 

This is going to be a bit of a weird and long question. One of my characters is a young Navajo boy adopted by a white woman (long backstory there), and pretty much grows up knowing only the bare minimum about native american culture, let alone Navajo. Later on, when he decides he wants to learn more about the culture, a close friend tries to help out by getting him a book on Navajo legends and folklore. In it, he learns about the significance of turquoise, and asks his mother to get him which she does, and it soon becomes important to him sentimentally. I’m a little worried going about it like this, because although these scenes are important for character development, I fear that I’ll end up treading into racist territory. So my question is, what should I keep a keen eye for as I’m writing these scenes? (Also, in general, are there any cliches that I should avoid at all costs too?) Thank you in advance!

I am not Navajo, but I am in a similar position to your character in that I was assimilated into white society (generations ago, mind), and now have to reconnect. So while I can’t give the exact specifics, I can give you some points to watch out for. 

Tribe Reception

The thing about trans-racial adoptees like this, especially in Native context, is children were forcibly taken from their tribes thanks to arbitrary lists of guidelines over what makes a “good parent” that were impossible to keep track of without a lawyer. Look up the 60s Scoop and you’ll see some of the extent. The system is still in place today and has damaged hundreds upon thousands of Native families. It began far earlier than this and the wounds are still very fresh.

So you end up with a whole bunch of potential for how the kid was taken, either a genuine “this situation was terrible” (which would need to be handled very delicately, considering addict and abuse stereotypes) or “this child was stolen from us” (which… again would need to be handled delicately, but at least this option does not feed into the aforementioned stereotype). Once you’ve picked that, you’ll have some idea how the tribe would see him, his family, and his upbringing.

(A note— I have been incredibly lucky that my tribe welcomed me back, but not all tribes are so open to assimilated individuals. You’ll have to look into the Navajo in particular to find out how easy a time he’ll have)

Parental/Family Support

How does his adopted mother see this? How about his birth mother (if she makes an appearance in the story— which you’ll have to consider because you will need a tribe presence to do this properly)? Does he reconnect with any extended family (you’ll have to check how the Navajo view family, but my gut instinct is “it’s important”)?

How ignorant is his adopted mother, and how open is any blood or found family to his upbringing? Will have have resistance? How will the tribe take his adopted mother?

This is all very, very complex stuff I cannot speak about because I am not Navajo. It is, however, something you’ll have to ask a Navajo tribe member, to discover how these relations would go.

Watch Who’s an Authority

Navajo individuals should always be your top authority, both in story and out. The single most experienced person about Navajo culture in story should be an elder within the tribe that your character respects and appreciates. No matter where your character starts off, this should be your end point. This is why I said you’ll have to include the tribe at one point, because you cannot fully reconnect with your tribe through books (especially if they’re written by anybody white; these are generally considered appropriative unless there is a ton of Native approval/input). 

It would be extremely problematic to have any sort of white character be a long term authority. They can be a start point because the character(s) don’t know better, but they should fade out in favour of a tribe authority. This is really the big red flag for racism, and what I would minimize (not saying your book on folklore has to be written by somebody Navajo, because it is a start point and your characters might not know, but the resources should shift to Navajo members as quickly as possible).

That being said, it would be preferable if the turquoise was from a Navajo maker. That would allow for supporting craftspeople within the tribe and give a more direct connection to it.

Reconnection is Personal

The bottom line is everybody reconnects differently. I found my tribe thanks to a History channel documentary that my adopted uncle hated because of how it was framed. Somebody else could discover it through a book of folklore. Somebody else could chance going to a pow-wow and discovering they feel alive. It varies.

It also changes by tribe, with the potential for adoption rituals and reconnecting rituals. Mine was simply a gift in my uncle’s office (he taught at the same university I attended), but others have full ceremonies… while some wouldn’t allow adoption at all. This is where you’ll have to research the Navajo themselves. Check out this post for a youtube channel that could be of help, and this post as a general research guide.

Hope this helps! If any Navajo followers want to chime in, please do!

~Mod Lesya

King George III and his punkass Parliament passed the Quartering Act of 1765 in, wait for it, 1765 today, legally binding the colonies to provide barracks or other living spaces for British soldiers stationed in the Country Not Yet Known as the United States But Would Be in a Few Years, Just You Wait and See, You Loser Brits.

it further twisted the colonists’ panties, which were already wedgie-ing up a storm due to the motherflipping Stamp Act passed two days earlier. drunk Bostonians heading home from Cheers and Red Sox games would heckle the redcoats chilling out in tents on Boston Common, which led to frequent donnybrooks - the apex of which being the 1770 Boston Massacre, which is important because it is the textbook A+ case for people who want to learn how to properly corner a bunch of unarmed civilians when you have lots of firepower.