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Hayate blog update:

Hello, good evening
It’s Hayate Wada

Thanks to everyone I was able to complete the entire process of the NEXT PHASE tour successfully ☺ ︎

It was about half a year
It went by in a blink of an eye

Every venue was fun to the highest level
My capacity for happiness was full!

I received strength from the sixth side of Da-iCE ^ ^

Thank you

Since I posted Into You on insta
Check it out if you didn’t see it!

I will post a picture too  ☺ ︎

Photo by SHOWMOV director!

Ah, I want to see you all again soon!

I want to see the best view with everyone!

From now on, I will never forget our time together!

I will sleep earlier today and go to bed ٩(๑'ꇴ'๑)۶

See you later.


riza hawkeye // seatbelt hands

Ken-chan with Fukurodani!

All of Fukurodani are considered third-years now.  He asks them all for their favorite foods!

  • Yuuki (Sarukui) answers ramen!
  • Kousei (Akaashi) answers sushi!
  • Jun (Washio) answers chocolate!
  • Masaki (Komi) answers fruits!
  • Kouki (Bokuto) answers fried food!

And Ken-chan wraps up with his favorite, donuts.  Then he says that summer is wrapping up, but after their summer ends, there’s more summer to come, and Kousei cuts in with, “A Summer of Evolution, right?” and then everyone teases him for stating the obvious and calls him cute lol.  

Ken-chan then apologized in his tweet because he couldn’t find Takumi to include in this video.


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Got any random Black Hayate Headcanons?

Because Riza lives in an upstairs apartment, the mailman doesn’t come to a door (but rather a P.O. box at the front of the complex). Even so, Hayate knows when the mailman’s arrived. Dogs can just sense these things. Riza, however, has yet to figure out why Hayate perks up to let out a small growl and quick bark at roughly the same time every day.

Riza once let Rebeca watch Hayate for a weekend while she and Mustang went on a covert mission abroad. Rebeca thought it would be cute to put Hayate in a onesie made for dogs… Hayate did not agree. Riza had to return from the mission early after receiving a message from Rebeca about her screaming Shiba Inu that would no longer let Catalina within ten feet of him. The onesie, or what was left of it, became a cleaning rag.

Hayate still refuses to go anywhere near Edward Elric if there’s any sort of beverage in the vicinity.

Alfonse is Black Hayate’s favorite Elric brother, even if he does frequently smell like cats. Though he is still confused by Al’s sudden shrinking and acquisition of hair.

Hayate views Den as an old, wise uncle.

Hayate doesn’t let Mustang anywhere near his puppies if the man’s wearing his ignition gloves.

There was a consequence to biting Gluttony. Once Black Hayate had a taste of it, it never quite went away. It manifested as a lasting hunger. It lingered and festered to the point where, the older Hayate got, the more he ate to try to quench it. He lived to the ripe age of fifteen, but was over twice the girth of the average Shiba Inu when he passed.


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How about some headcanon's of one of Team Mustang's most helpful, courageous, joyous 2nd Lieutenants.. BLACK HAYATE!!!

Ahhhhh Hayateeeeeeee!

  • He sires two litters of puppies with the white dog seen at the end of Brotherhood. Riza keeps one from each litter.
  • When he’s promoted to Second Lieutenant he is given a little tag that says such.
  • He loves sleeping on Riza’s feet but if she’s having a nightmare he will creep up to her and position himself next to her. Sometimes she wraps her arms around him and squeezes him but he never objects.
  • Whenever Riza has a moment where she remembers Ishval or is generally depressed he never leaves her side. Never. He’ll sit by her or curl up on her lap. Or sometimes he’ll beg to go outside and if it’s a nice day he’ll drag her along because he knows that sunny days make her happy.
  • When Breda finally pets him and gives him positive attention, he moves very slowly without any sudden movements.
  • Whenever Riza has to go somewhere Fuery is always the one to watch him.
  • He loves Roy to death and always gets sad and whimpers when he has to leave.
  • Riza is very strict about his diet but will sneak him table scraps every now and then. His favorite is chicken from stew.

We were able to perform at the event ♂ ️
Thank you very much! !


Taiki: Thank you TGC HIROSHIMA!


Yudai: TGC Hiroshima! ! ! !
Thank you for a pleasant time! ! ! ! ^ ^


Hayate: Hiroshima, thanks ^ ^
#TGC Hiroshima # Da _ iCE


Sota: TGC Hiroshima!
Everyone who came,
Everyone who checked out our LINE LIVE,
Thank you very much! ! !


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Evolution


  • Noah thanks Takato for staying late with him and helping him with learning his acrobatics.
  • Takato in turn, thanks Hayate for staying late to teach them.  He really feels like he’s improved thanks to Hayate’s help.  And of course, he says that Hayate and Noah are both adorable.
  • Kairi is troubled that everyday his candy seems to turn into thin air at rehearsals when he’s not looking.  
  • Bishin apologizes for not taking more photos with Nekoma; they always have so much fun he forgets to.  

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