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I would like to start off by saying a massive THANK YOU. In fact, thank you doesn’t even begin to convey how utterly grateful I am to everyone who has, at some point, clicked that follow button. The fact that over 11,000 people have taken the time to follow my wee blog blows my mind.

Now I’m going to list some of my favourite blogs and write a little about my friends at the bottom! 

(I follow over 400 people so if you’re not on the list I’m sorry! I couldn’t list everyone or I’d have been here all day!)

Faves: bolded

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anonymous asked:

hi!! i am halfway through your blog for three days and i'm having the time of my life!! your blog is amazing and!! bye!! i'll go back to reading your posts!!

It amazes me how people have the determinations (much less the time) to do this.. Thanks for your support!! 


NEW VIDEO: “Pancake Art Fail” ft. Hannah Hart

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The Best of the Best Choreography - 11/11.
Yep. That’s it. The last one. That’s why there’s so many gifs right here! To go out with a bang. Hope you enjoyed! I will definitely keep making gifs though just not in a series like this (:

Thank you to acro-uprising, spannytampson, defsince92, viola-roadkill, arabianpunchfront and auntycosima for submitting!

Hope you all enjoyed this series!


Hey, guys!  Here is my fourth and final film made as a student at Calarts in the Character Animation program!

Thank you to my friends and family for their help and support!

And thanks to Hannah Rose Dexter for the awesome original music, Jon Meller and Derek Etman for wonderful Sound Design,Phil Rynda, Kyler Spears,  Mary Claire Garcia, and Chuja Seo for their awesome Voice Acting, My whole film workshop class, and Trevor Jones for all his help and support over the past few months!



This is a thank you to all of you guys for making MY 2014 amazing. I hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year everybody! Heres to an even better 2015!

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I found a goldmine of used books at a local thrift store. It made me smile.

Monday: Burger King unveiled their latest atrocity today: Mac n Cheetos. I won’t lie to you, I was one of the first in line to try these Cheetos-encrusted mac and cheese bites. They were exactly as disturbing and satisfying as I’d imagined they would be. They made me smile.

Tuesday: After eating my leftover Mac n Cheetos yesterday, Andrew decided he needed more. He went straight from work to Burger King and brought home two large orders for himself. His exuberance made me smile.

Wednesday: We attended the Lehigh Valley Style “Best of” Awards Party tonight at the Sands Event Center. For the past three years, the fantastic people at Lehigh Valley Style magazine have chosen LAMN as the nonprofit beneficiary of this event. I smiled widely and often throughout the evening as we met dozens of local business owners who want to get more involved with LAMN! Community support is invaluable, and I want to thank LV Style for always supporting us!

Thursday: I Skyped with Hannah before work this morning. Her smile made me smile

Friday: Pretty soon you’re going to think that I’m being paid by Mitzi’s to publicly endorse them. I promise I’m not; they just make me smile a lot. Today, during a lunch meeting at their restaurant, one of the owners came over to our table with a bowl of cheesy grits. “Shane, we heard that soft foods are easier for you, so I made these especially for you.” That type of kindness is just unheard of these days. It made me smile (and they were delicious!).

Saturday: Andrew and Laura and I woke up early and went prowling for yard sales. We stumbled upon a neighborhood that was having a community yard sale, making it easy for us to stroll the neighborhood and enjoy the beautiful morning sun. Plus, I found lots more books for my collection! It made me smile.

What made you smile this week?

Hannah Hart (mydrunkkitchen), Mamrie Hart (mamrie), and Grace Helbig (gracehelbig) made me a thank you video for supporting Camp Takota (camptakotathemovie)!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH HANNAH, MAMRIE, AND GRACE!! I’m glad I could support you guys! I loved Camp Takota so much!! I watched it twice in the first day! :D

(Oh, and it’s so awesome that Grace referenced the “Hey Mikey! He likes it!” line from the Life Cereal commercial, because that’s exactly where my Tumblr blog title came from!!)

Daddy 5SOS Preference: Career Day

You could do a career day scenario for Daddy 5SOS!

A/N: I hope this is good! I hope y’all enjoy it. Make sure to send me your prompts (off anon please!) Love you xx


“Hey, Daddy?” Kayla asked sweetly from the doorway. Luke chuckled and turned around, knowing exactly what that tone of voice was.

“Hey, Kayla? How much is this going to cost me?” he asked, mimicking her tone of voice.

“Actually nothing,” the seventeen-year-old smiled. “So that should help. Look, the senior class is trying to do a fundraiser for our trip, and I wanted to know if you wanted to help.”

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Ok so today, July 20th 2014, I, Jillian Daye, am 1 year clean of self harm. I would just like to thank The Holy Trinity fandom and The Holy Trinity themselves. These amazing people are who have helped me get through these struggles. Thank you to everyone out there who loves and supports me. Thank you Hannah, Grace and Mamrie and The Holy Trinity fandom. I love you,
Jillian Daye