thanks guys. like we didn't know that

Hi guys!!! So i recently hit 1k followers and I’m really really thankful for the people I met here and for everyone who brightens my day and my dashboard, so I decided to compile a list with my mutuals, pals and people I admire to show how thankful I am 💖

I also like to say that if I ever made anyone feel sad or uncomfortable: I’m really sorry, I hope you know that. And if we’re mutuals, but never really talked before: this might sound fake but I recognize you on my dash - I probably read your tags and go like “SAME” before reblogging something from you or get 🙈😭💖 while reading your tags on the icons/gifsets I make. And I totally notice when you change your icon/url and I also love your edits/fics/textposts. You guys are awesome and should be appreciated always, and I’m really glad you think I’m worth your follow. 

So many of you make me feel special (and for that I’m sososo thankful) but I’d like to give a special shout out to so many people but I can’t, this would be too long rip to Des - my hamburguesa - and Des - my desiland - for being literal angels. Ily guys so much, thank you for being so pure and amazing and supportive and having the same name lmao 💖🙃

Alright, let’s do this: follow forever under the cut, mutuals are bolded 😇💖

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anonymous asked:

oK so i know you have a lot of asks BUT . what will the (SF US paps & UF US sans) skelebois do if they would found out by accident their S/O (who's an artist) draws porn ? like hella good porn , the one you have to properly tag to find later cuz I t g o o d. Also the S/O tries to play it off cool but fails cuz they didn't want their skeleboyfriend , out of all their art , to see t h a t. (bonus if the skele was drawn in one of the pics 🌚👌) sorry for the long ask btw.

Thank you @fulltimeslave for letting me use these images!!! If you guys don’t know, we were on a discord server and they drew these pictures which coincidentally, matched this ask pretty well so they let me use them! Thanks so much babe, I love you! 

Swapfell Papyrus

It happened by accident. Rus would never intentionally scroll through your notebook like that, but once he saw the drawings, he couldn’t stop. Are those…pictures of him??? He’s blushing like mad because holy heck, you make him look so good, when you did even see him like that?? He tells you that he saw your drawings of course, he wanted to make sure that you knew that he never meant to invade your privacy like that. He still compliments on your skills though. 

Underswap Papyrus

Woah….He’s really impressed by your art! He..may or may not memorize some of the pictures for heh..personal purposes. He’s mostly surprised by how well you drew him. He may look cool and unaffected by those drawings of him, but really, he’s blushing like mad. They’re just soo perfect. Next time, please ask him to model nude for you. 

Underfell Sans

Oh god, Red is cracking up! Not that your porn isn’t good, oh boy, he’s going to use these later, but he never thought you had such talent and hid this from him! And shit, you even made him look hot. Like seriously, there’s no way he actually looks like this, in your drawing he’s like an Adonis.  Maybe next time, he can model for you….then as a reward, you can model for him too ;) 

Undertale Sans

Honestly, Classic is blushing so hard and he’s dying a little bit inside. He loves how you portray him so much, though he does give you tips on anatomy by giving you a demonstration. But really though, he’s impressed that you can draw porn so well and if it’s your passion, who is he to judge? 

  • Victoria: I can't believe I forgot my phone! I hope Amber liked her birthday present yesterday. Oh, she called.
  • Phone: You have 17 new messages
  • Victoria: What?!
  • *Message 1*
  • Amber: Hey Victoria, thanks for that Bazinga t-shirt it's... great. I was just calling because I might need a ride later tonight. Luna can't drive and I ran Krystal's Mazda into a ditch last week after we watched Fast 5 on Netflix.
  • Krystal: You still owe me for that
  • Amber: Yeah, yeah, I got you, I got you. Mazda's are really flammable, did you know that? I didn't know that. Well, I do now... but anyways I'll call you later if we need a pick up from the show, alright?
  • Luna: *snorts*
  • Amber: Woo! Luna, your up! Peace Victoria!
  • *End of message*
  • Victoria: I'm not listening to all of these.
  • *Message 17*
  • Amber: Oh my god, is he dead? Why did you put him in the car?
  • Krystal: It's Henry, you idiot! Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
  • Johnny: Amber, when are we going to Chucky Cheese?
  • Amber: Johnny, shut up! Victoria, please pick up! We are in so much trouble! The Iggy Azalea show went south, so we decided to make our own, but... Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Victoria, go to my desk, open the dark drawer, and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help the fire, you gotta do thsi, Victoria!
  • Krystal: Amber, eyes on the road!
  • Luna: Truck!
  • Everyone: *screams*
  • *End of message*

tfw someone says one word to you or holds a door open for you and you feel yourself developing a slight crush and then five minutes later your brain is like ‘hey so imagine marrying them?????’

Hey guys! So I reached a huge milestone about a month ago and I said that I will do this follow forever which took me forever but here it is!

I would like to thank all of my followers who are always showing me love and support. I never thought that I would get this far. I started to like BTS literally out of nowhere and decided to post about them and here I am today completely obsessed. I honestly don’t think I deserve all of your love. You guys always make my day better by simply stopping by to reblog, like, and talk to me. The sweetest, most caring, down to earth, and beyond amazing award should go to all of you. I’m so cheesy but it’s so true! I love you all so much and I hope I can continue on with you guys for a while  ♥

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How to Train Your Dragon {Sentence Starters}
  • "You have to give me a chance to explain!"
  • "You must feel horrible. You've lost everything."
  • "Everything we know about you guys is wrong."
  • "See? Nothing to be afraid of."
  • "Why is this so important to you all of a sudden?"
  • "It's not so much what you look like, it's what's inside that he can't stand."
  • "What, is it always going to be this way?"
  • "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile!"
  • "Thank you for summing that up."
  • "I am not listening to anything you have to say!"
  • "Look the point is, stop trying so hard to be something you're not!"
  • "Okay, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"
  • "The rest of us would have done it. So why didn't you?"
  • "Watch out, babe, I'll take care of this."
  • "I bet he's really frightened now. What are you gonna do about it?"
  • "I'm proud to call you my son."
  • "I was a coward! I was weak!"
  • "What do you want me to do, block out the sun?"
  • "Stay out of my way! I'm winning this thing!"
  • "We're leaving! Let's pack up."
  • "This time! This time, for sure!"
  • "I'm sorry! Just get me off of this thing!"
  • "I want to know what's going on."
  • "Start talking! Are you training with someone?"
  • "I can do that, but I don't have the time right now!"
  • "OW! Why would you do that?"
  • "Turns out all we needed was a little more of this!"
  • "Extremely dangerous, kill on sight."
  • "Looks like you and me are taking a little vacation. Forever."
  • "Ooooh, love on the battlefield!"
  • "Most people would leave. Not us."
  • "Your only chance: hide and pray it does not find you."
  • "Oh, I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!"
  • "Trolls exist! They steal your socks. But only the left ones. What's with that?"
  • "You're crazy! I like that."
  • "Oops! Now this one has blood on it."
  • "You were wise to seek help from the world's most deadly weapon. It's me."
  • "Aw, come on, let me out, please?"
  • "This conversation is feeling very one-sided."
Meeting with all my rapper friends
  • Me: First of all I wanna thank Fetty Wap for bringing this nice bottle of 1738 for us to share.
  • Fetty Wap: Hey What's Up Hello
  • Me: Anyways, I called this meeting because--
  • *Drake walks in, dragging Meek Mill with a leash.*
  • Me: Um...
  • Tupac: That's messed up man.
  • Me: Tupac? I thought you were dead!
  • Tupac: Death is an illusion. So is life. I transcend all realms of existence.
  • Me: I think I drank too much 1738--
  • Meek Mill: *Barks*
  • Me: Shit, did he really just--
  • Drake: I trained him well.
  • Me: Jeez...
  • Frank Ocean: Drake, I think you have some serious psychological issues you need to--
  • Eminem: Did I mention I can rhyme words with orange?
  • Me: Yes Eminem, and we're all very proud of you, but there's something seriously wrong here we need to talk about.
  • Meek: *mouths "help me"*
  • Me: OK, will someone just call Nicki? This is out of control.
  • Childish Gambino: I like Asian women.
  • Everyone: We know, Donald.
  • Drake: Why are you guys being so hard on me? I mean, didn't Kendrick kill someone?
  • Kendrick: No, that symbolizes me blaming myself for the murder of my friend Dave, as well as the proverbial death of my childhood due to my experiences growing up in Compton.
  • Me: Wow I love you Kendrick. Thank you for making sense here while everyone--
  • Kendrick: THIS DICK AIN'T FREE
  • Me: Cmon man, I know that song symbolizes how you've been used by the rap industry but now's really not the time
  • Iggy: I'm so--
Thank you, my dear followers!

Look at what beautiful thing waited for me when I opened up my tumblr today.

Well I knew I’d likely reach this point someday, but not so soon! OMG guys, I don’t know what to say. Thank you all so much for the support and showing me that my blog is worth following. I appreciate every single one of you and I sure hope we’ll be able to communicate more in the future. (Hint: I like making new friends through shared interest, so if you feel like venting about something Taron related then go ahead. It can also be a one time thing, if you don’t feel comfortable with messaging that much). 

I have something in mind to celebrate, just a tiny little thing from me personally, but I’ve been very busy lately preparing for a con I’m going to next week (not comic con, sadly. I would if I hadn’t had this other con planed a whole year in advance) so it will just have to wait a bit longer. Maybe will show some pics, if anyone’s interested, since I’m actually going as Eggsy… 

Thank you all <3

drunk!yuuri at his own wedding reception
  • yuuri: *one drink* there are so many people here and everyone's looking at me where's victor???!! oh he's right there, thank god
  • yuuri: *seven drinks* woooo dance-off!!! *strips*
  • yuuri: *twelve drinks* did you guys know i married victor??? THE victor nikiforov??? ohmigod i love him sooo much, you should all meet him, he's my coach!
  • everyone: yuuri, we were all there. we all know him.
  • yuuri: oh yeah right well anyway do you SEE how beautiful he is??? Much prettier than a katsudon, i'm glad i didn't marry a katsudon, i doubt that's legal, but i like vic-
  • yurio: kill me
Neil, ladies and gentlemen
  • Neil: If you're given the chance to have a swastika painted on your ass, glitter on your nipples, and to simulate sex with a man and a woman behind a curtain, then do it- provided it's Cabaret on Broadway, and not in some dude's basement.
  • Neil: I'm more worried about my eyebrows than having to tuck my wiener down with duct tape.
  • Neil: Put a condiment on your sausage and your wife won't get crabs.
  • Neil: *On making out with Cobie*
  • It's a fun new feeling downstairs.
  • Neil: It was a very strange feeling having the tail of a snake wrapped around your stuff.
  • Neil: It's not fondling if you're not feeling anything.
  • Neil: I was equally horned up as Barney, pre and post coming out.
  • Neil: (On his role jn How I Met Your Mother)
  • I never thought I'd get to make out with so many chicks. It's like... A lot. I once dry humped an old lady. And then I came to work.
  • Neil: Now I can do more porn and you guys won't think badly of me!
  • Neil: (Concerning his Rolling Stone cover)
  • We didn't know what to do with my erection. It just didn't seem to be going away. So they were like "let's put a hat on it," and I was like "okay."
  • Neil: I should have taken the Stormtrooper costume because Cobie and I had sex in it. While she was wearing it.
  • Neil: I think I'm like one-sixth robot. And it's the bottom sixth, if you know what I mean.
  • Neil: (After a man leaving Hedwig commented "thanks for the lapdance)
  • Thanks for the boner.
  • Neil: I just hope my porn career doesn't affect my future filmmaking.
Jimin - Birthday
  • Jimin: *walks into room* why are the lights off???
  • J-Hope: *whispers* when can we turn on the lights i'm like kind of really scared
  • Rapmon: Shut the fuck up
  • Jin: Hey we don't use those kind of fucking words in this house
  • Jungkook: Now he knows and the surprise is ruined guys
  • J-Hope: *whispers* maybe he didn't notice
  • Jimin: maybe I should take off my headphones
  • V: omo thank goodnes-
  • Everyone else: SHHHH
  • Jimin: *laughs*
  • BTS: Happy Birthday!
  • Rapmon: Now.
  • Jungkook: *presses button*
  • Jimin: wait wha- *elaborate trap starts*
  • Rapmon: cue the sharks! Bring out the choir!
  • Jin: Bring out *whispers* the big thing
  • Jimin: guys what is this *giant box falls from roof*
  • V: Just open it
  • Jimin: *opens it*
  • Jimin: *releases single tear*
  • Jimin: Tony?
  • J-Hope in a Tony mask: That's right
  • Jimin: This is the best birthday ever
  • Jungkook: and I love you hyung
  • Jimin: YES
  • Jungkook: also jk
  • Jimin: oh
pitch perfect 2 starters
  • This could be the most significant conflict between America and Germany in history!
  • ...Crack a book, ___
  • You are one of us, you paid the registration fee.
  • You're the big B.M!
  • You're the most talented person I know.
  • I've met three of the Wiggles... intimately
  • Listen, I don't want you guys to fight.
  • Everyone loves a good Bhloe.
  • Just tell her
  • I heard that!
  • Tell me what?
  • Aw, no. I clearly said... Fruffa fruffa muffa...
  • What kind of white shit is this?
  • You have a lovely vagina.
  • Thank you.
  • Your sweat smells like cinnamon.
  • All my teeth come from different people.
  • You seem so tense.
  • Do you need a backrub?
  • Several body parts are rubbing my back right now, thank you.
  • You know, one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't do enough experimenting in college.
  • I sleep upside down like a bat.
  • Oh, we don't have ladders. Ladders represent a social hierarchy that's counterproductive to what we're trying to do here.
  • Don't take this the wrong way- you're the dumbest person alive.
  • Groovy like a drive-in movie.
  • That's not my name.
  • I don't know your name.
  • Could be anything.
  • Any ideas?
  • Say one more hipster thing and I'm gonna shove you in your vintage bassoon case.
  • Don't say it again.
  • Go in the corner - go eat your lunch in the corner.
  • But what am I gonna do with my Sriracha?
  • I keep a quarter under my tongue.

[guys, even though i talked about woozi having abs, i honestly have no idea there were pictures because the owner of the fanacc ((where i got the info from)) said that she doesn’t have any. if you guys just so happened to scroll through whatever social media and see pictures of the boys during their free time, please ignore it or tell the person to take those pictures down because it is a breach of privacy and we don’t want to show this negative side to the boys. let them enjoy their free time without having to worry about their privacy being compromised. thank you.]

Honestly? I’ve never been in a more lovely fandom than the XCX fandom. Everyone is always so kind and considerate towards each other, we all love memes, and I’ve never seen a single mean person. We don’t attack each other’s ships and we all really respect each other. I’ve made so many friends because of this amazing game.

So: thanks, guys. Carry on being awesome.

  • *Emma and Regina get a new puppy*
  • Henry: You guys are so awesome! Thank you so much.
  • Emma: Glad you're happy kid.
  • Regina: We all agreed it was time for a dog. Now do you want to know his name?
  • Henry: You didn't name him something lame did you?
  • Emma: Your Mom chose the name.
  • Henry: Please be something cool like Thor or Hercules or Simba.
  • Regina: Absolutely not. His name is Patch.
  • Henry: Patch?!
  • Regina: Yes after 101 Dalmatians.
  • Henry: You are such a Disney nerd.
  • Emma: But she's an adorably cute one.

anonymous asked:

Can I just thank you for shooting down all that "Steven is instinctively scared of Jasper so we know she's going to be a bad guy because his ~Steven Senses~ are the law" stuff I'm seeing all over the place. A few popular fanblogs were posting theories like that lately and I was seeing them everywhere and it made me SUPER uncomfortable but I didn't have the energy or way with words to argue at the time.

Well, for reasons stated, it also makes me uncomfortable, so I’m happy to offer you some consolation in this dark time?

I’m not going to argue that Jasper hasn’t done bad things or that she doesn’t have character flaws, but it bothers me that people judge her so harshly for The Return and Jailbreak when almost everything Jasper did in those episodes she did with Peridot’s active and willing assistance. If anything, Peridot was way more excited to have Jasper square off against the Crystal Gems than Jasper was.

I mention that in particular because it seems like people want to grapple with the idea that Peridot did dodgy things in the past by going “It’s all Jasper’s fault, Jasper made Peridot do it” when it actually seems more like Peridot made Jasper do certain things- in that Jasper suggests she wouldn’t be on Earth if it weren’t for Peridot asking for her (“You needed me for this?”) and, again, Peridot was the one itching to see Jasper get the Crystal Gems out of her improbably geometric hair.

I hate to say that it’s because Peridot is small and cute and people want to believe she’s incapable of being wrong, or that Steven’s stopped being worried about or alarmed by her behavior entirely since her reform arc, proving she was an innocent nugget all along. [Image is from When It Rains, Steven clutching at his stomach and sweating as Peridot talks about her plan for dealing with the Cluster, oblivious to his discomfort]

The idea that Jasper’s rotten to the core and somehow Peridot’s behavior towards her in The Return- trusting Jasper as someone she can turn to in times of need, and someone who is safe to argue with, who won’t use her advantages of rank or physical power to Peridot’s detriment- is just because Peridot’s oblivious to it or somehow acting that way while she’s scared of and disliking Jasper- bothers me because again, it seems to rely on the idea of Peridot as an unreliable narrator for her own experience and comfort.

Suggesting that Jasper was unpleasant and abrasive towards Lapis and towards the Crystal Gems because she’s just abrasive and unpleasant towards everyone ignores the fact that Jasper is a very opinionated individual and seems to have more going on than we’re aware of at this point. It’s literally impossible for Jasper to be only what we’ve seen thus far, and that’s my issue with the fan response to Jasper.

I can understand that some people don’t really want to get to know Jasper or spend a lot of time dwelling on her character, and for some people, Jasper makes them really uncomfortable for a couple of reasons. And that’s fine! It’s fine to criticize Jasper’s actions, or be uncomfortable with Jasper. But I tend to play a little more defensive over the idea if people are actively coming onto my neck of the internet and telling me that I shouldn’t see Jasper the way that they are- or that I’m reading what isn’t actually there because the only thing Jasper is is Mean. Matt Burnett explicitly described her as a complicated character, and if someone’s complicated, it means you don’t see all of them in their first few appearances.

Ok so around 400 followers ago I did one of these and 400 later seems like a good time to do a new one. I’m super lazy so if I know you have a second character blog I won’t tag that character on here, only one blog unless you end up on here twice cause i didn't know you had two blogs. But anyways I never expected to reach 50 let alone 800 of you and I can’t thank you guys enough for being so good to me. 

Ok so bolded names are my bae’s aka the people who are stuck with me and probably won’t get rid of me. And if you’re on here and we haven’t done a thing it’s cause I stalk/admire you from afar. Strikethroughs are blogs that aren’t active anymore but I still love them forever.


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anonymous asked:

After 21 years I never thought anyone would like me, let alone be okay without having sex. But I've just met a guy who is the sweetest, and being really respectful, and didn't even hold my hand when we went out because he didn't want me to be uncomfortable and he didn't know my boundaries. I always heard stories about other people and never thought it would happen to me and it has! I have this blog to thank for helping me accept myself

I’m so happy to hear that you have a relationship that is working out for you! I wish you all the best!!!

Mod Blake