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Voltron + favorite character

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If you start to fall, I will catch you
When you need to cry, I will hold you
If you get lost, I’ll go and find you
I’ll be your lighthouse, your lighthouse

And when life becomes a darkened ocean
Never doubt, you’ll conquer the sea
Look for the light, it’ll lead us back to save shores
Where stories tell the greatest victories
I’ll be your lighthouse
Your lighthouse

  • me: *walks into audition* hi, today I'll be singing Seize the Day from Newsies.
  • me: *clears throat*
  • me: thank you.
  • me: *walks out*

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Oh my gosh In your Mercy76 art I just saw of them sleeping is Mercy wearing the Evenstar??? Omg is that a joke about how young Mercy stays even as she gets old?

Ahaha! Ok, this is fun!

Since you’re the second person pointing that to me, (@stevethesloth sent a similar ask but I answered privately) I must confess that it wasn’t intentional to make her necklace similar to LOTR’s one, so it definitely wasn’t made on purpose and definitely not a joke, but hey! The headcanon that Angela could know about the series and being a super fan (and a super Arwen/Aragorn shipper) seems a cute headcanon, to me! :D

So, yeah, why not?! XD Ahah!


Updated: 06/27/2017

Tom Holland:

Distracted By Her Beauty

Surprise Guest

Flirting At Comic Con

She’s Basically All He Talks About

Matching Tattoos

Thanks To Tessa

Getting The Most Candy

If You Can Beat Me

Not Quite What I Expected

Stronger Than You

//Two part fic//
Part one: Turning Flips

Part two: I Won’t Fall

Cuddle All Day

Not In Front aid Of Your Dad

Don’t Want To Sleep Alone

I’ll Show You Around

She’s Sick And I Have To Go

Cuddling With A Cutie

Swearing Like A Sailor

Winning More Than Oscars

He Just Has RBF

Lost At Comic Con

I Miss Everything About Her

All About Her


All For Nothing

Sing Me To Sleep

If You Had Died

I’’ll Always Pick You

Award Show Kisses

Done Flirting

Must You Draw On Your Hands?

The Nanny Series:

The Nanny

Falling For The Nanny

Nanny Bear

Don’t Anger The Nanny

Little Waiter Boy

Party Nanny

Jealous Of The Nanny’s Friend

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

So Please Don’t Leave Me

Secret Tattoo

//Two part fic//
Part one: Spider-Man Onesie

Part two: Spider-Man Onesie: Alternative

//Two part fic//

Part one:Cat-Girl

Part two: You Were My Cat?


Halloween Everyday

Wonderful Witch

Ghostly Encounters

Don’t Scare Me While I’m Watching AHS

Silent Treatment

I Caught You Cutie

He’s Not That Great

Don’t Laugh But…

Come Back Home

Spilled Coffee

Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

It’s For The Best series:
It’s For The Best

Broken Up Over A Break Up

//Two part fic//

Part one: Singing And Dancing To My Milkshake ft. Peter Parker

Part two: Singing And Dancing To Lip Gloss ft. Peter Parker

The Hello Kitty Pants Series:

The Hello Kitty Pants

Guardian Angel

He Saved Me

Late Night Visitor

I Really Like You. A Lot.

The Date

The Holland Twins

You Look Like A Turtle!

Once Upon A Time


Henry Mills

She’s Not An Elf!

Love And Fish Scales

From A Different Book

Accidentally Summoned


Peter Pan

Not Alone Anymore

Grant Gustin

Celebrity Crush

Barry Allen

You Weren’t Supposed To Hear That

The Dolan Twins

Being The Dolan Twin’s Best Friend Would Include:

Dating Ethan Dolan Would Include:

Dating Grayson Dolan Would Include:

i need you right here with me

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*GASP* You guys didn't rudely correct someone cause they called Chara "she" for the first time! Good job, I'm proud of you guys! Thanks for hopefully realizing everyone has different viewpoints and opinions and that not every one likes to call Chara by those ridiculous pronouns! :)

Actually I did it because I didn’t notice. An understandable mistake since so many people do it.

Also They isn’t a ridiculous pronoun. The singular They has been used since Shakespeare’s time and is still often used for individuals whose gender is unknown. You’re the ridiculous one for belligerently refusing to be polite to your fellow human beings. You don’t have to understand a person’ gender identity to call them the thing they ask you to call them.

Scorbus Poems

I was really sad not to have time to write a birthday fic for the amazing @ohscorbus, but while I was talking to my dad about my predicament, he joked that I should write some Scorbus haikus. I don’t think he expected me to think it was a brilliant idea. So without further ado, here are some Scorbus haikus, and a bonus limerick because why not. (Trying to find rhymes for Scorpius is really hard, in case anyone’s interested). 

Just a note: If any of the haikus are incorrect I apologise. I counted all the syllables multiple times but I have been known to miscount. 


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HEY so do you think that if Guzma were to become our bug type trial captain, his trial would involve strategically approaching several Wimpod (just like you do to catch one) and each one holds some sort of clue (received after battling it) that leads the challenger to the next one, until they finally reach Golisopod?

It takes place in Po Town of course. And when I say “strategically” I mean catch the bug by any means necessary. I bet some trainers just try to dive tackle ‘em. Those trainers are Guzma’s favorites