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“Tony and Bucky were still grinning stupidly at each other, although they’d moved enough to link their fingers together.”

And then they moved a little more after the end ;) 

This is my part of the WinterIron Mini Bang, for @rothwen’s fic, And They Don’t Have a Clue, a really adorable “everyone thinks you are a couple except for you? How???” fic and you should absolutely read it! :D The other artist was @neutralchaos915 and you really need to check out her piece of art! Because it really makes you wonder how blind two people in love can actually be.

Every Wand’ring Bark

Okay so basically @jyncassians​ and @dyingsighs​ have both recently expressed an ardent desire for more Bail (and Breha) fic that isn’t about Leia, and me, being me, saw that and decided, “I can do that.” So basically, here you two–and everyone else who has expressed such a desire–go. (Feel free to–aka please! I would love it if you would–reblog and/or tag others who you know will enjoy this. I know it can be hard to spread fic about these two around :(.) Anyhoops, I hope you enjoy.

Many thanks to my roommate the kells for all her help (even though she’s not even close to being in the sw fandom), as well as @princess-sansa-of-ithilien​ and @absynthe–minded​.

This story takes place mid-The Clone War.

Title and all section headers are taken from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.

Every Wand’ring Bark

Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds

There is exhaustion in his bones, blood on his robes, and the ash of war in his eyes. Bail steps from the ramp of the ship that bore him to Alderaan, feeling in every step down to the earth of his home the hours that he has not slept, and the hours he has spent overseeing death and destruction with only the paltriest of healing condolences.

Breha meets him there, at the border between heaven and earth, and takes his hands in hers as he steps onto Alderaan for the first time in what must be years. “Welcome home, my love,” she murmurs, and pulls his head down so that she might kiss his cheek. They are not alone on the landing pad, and so the kiss is chaste and, though warm, distant: a dozen guards line the path from ship to palace, and two dozen more staff—councilors, administrators, ambassadors, courtiers—wait to smile and bow before their monarchs. The eyes of their world are on them, hard and heavy and demanding, and they know it.

Bail fights to keep from shuddering away from her touch. The stain of war which clings to him, he thinks, should never so much as touch her lips.

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Time to get real: real life

So I’m in choir WHOOP yay singing, and we have this competition called solo and ensemble where high school kids learn a song and perform it for a judge and then they get a rating.
There are different difficulties of song ranging from classes 1-3 (1 being hardest, 3 being easiest) and I did a class 1 (hardest).
The judges then can give you a score based on how well you did ranging from 1-5 (1 being the best, 5 being horrible) and I got a 1.
So I did the best on the hardest song.
And I’m so incredibly proud of myself. Because for once I had enough confidence to just get up there and not care about what happened. And when I competed, that was the best I had ever done. Every time during practice I would mess up so much and I just went in today and killed it.
Okay real life talk over, back to Dan, Phil, Yuri on Ice, and Haikyuu 😊😊😊

i’m not picture perfect

Summary: Adrien and Marinette have more in common than they think. 

Day #4 of Adrinette April, and the topic for the day is stuck in an elevator/cupboard! (You can check out the full calendar on @krazy-ky-sta-hatter‘s post here!)

AO3 link here!

Tikki had told her that the reason she was a ladybug-themed heroine with the power of creation was that ladybugs were supposed to be lucky, like how Chat Noir, the black cat-themed hero with the power of destruction, was supposed to be unlucky.

Well, the girl behind Ladybug’s mask knew for a fact that there was no way the boy behind Chat Noir’s mask was unluckier than her in that moment.

To: Alya

From: Alya
> And Adrien will be there to save you.

The situation didn’t get any better once Adrien had heard the poorly contained scream that Marinette gave.

“Don’t worry, Marinette.” the blond model said, placing a hand on her shoulder in an act of comfort. “We’ll get out of here safely, I promise.”

Considering Marinette didn’t die of a heart attack, Adrien was right.

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'And prepare yourself, because after tomorrow night, we live in a post-tatinof Dan and Phil universe.'

- Dan Howell, 04/10/16

Happy Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day!

Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you all about some talented writers I met here

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LMAO I KNOW THAT WAS LAME, BUT I TRIED OKAY. We should show our appreciation to our fellow writers every day, but I’d like to use this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people in this community that graciously use their own time to provide us with fantastic reading material! 

@writingbarnes @wakandasoldier @mangosoldier @sebstan-theman @fvckingavengers @writingcreatingstorytelling @whostheblondegirlwriting @just-call-me-mrs-captain @sebeefstianstan @assembletheimagines @waitingfortherightpartner @mattymattymerduck @avengersandchill @bovaria @bbbarneswrites @chrisevans-imagines @desire-to-write-marvel @evansscruff @hijikira @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @rogersxbarnesx @bemystucky @writing-soldiers @justareader @claws-of-vibranium @marvel-ous-imagines @knittingknerdy @avengerofyourheart @shut-it-tinman @canon-is-drarry @hes-a-ghoststory @bandpreferences15

I’m probably forgetting a bunch of people, but know that I love you all and appreciate everything you do! You guys make this community a whole lot better and I can’t thank you enough for that!

Victoria ♡



I’m extremely happy to present the finished video for the #GMM1000 Fan Project! I completed it sooner than expected but that gave me the opportunity to send it over to the Crew privately weeks ahead so that the guys would have time to watch it (which I hope they do!). So I said: ‘Why not show it to everyone if it’s done?”

I hope you enjoy it! It’s far from perfect in terms of editing but hopefully all the love and beautiful messages from all these amazing Mythical Beasts will make up for it, I promise!

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who sent entries or expressed their support <3

170 Mythical Beasts from 24 different countries put together in one video to say “thank you” to both Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal for making us laugh and smile when we most need to!

[Read the video description for more details and use headphones for a better sound experience :)]

IMPORTANT: Just a reminder that this video will NOT be featured on the 1000th episode, as the Crew’s already preparing to do their own official compilation as of last Friday, but they told me to send it over to them anyway! You guys don’t need to send the link to the video to them (definitely not the guys themselves!) as they’re already aware of it :D

so what do we say in this situation?! i’m all fired up!!

hello!! so i recently hit 200 followers and i wanted to color something special as a thank you!! i am so proud of how this turned out and i just asdfgh thank you guys so much for everything and for making it possible for me to post my colorings here!! i appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart!!

Little!Shiro: “Haise, give me back my body…”

Haise: “Not now Kaneki, please try to smile!”


Soooo there we go, my 3rd Follow Forever this time for 6k+ followers aaaaand 1 YEAR IN THE TOKYO GHOUL FANDOM. Or how I usually say “1 year that I’ve lost my life and I’ve sold my soul to this serie” ahahah

Ok, what do I have to say? *panic* First of all thank yu so much to all my followers, in this year I met wonderful people who have supported me during difficult times even just by chatting a bit with me.

Well, then how it all started a year ago? No okay okay I will not tell the whole story, don’t worry hahaha I just say that I based this day as “birthday in fandom” for the first drawing I made about Tokyo Ghoul, I have it in a frame on wall and every time I look at it I still remember those days and I always say that time is past really quickly. The only thing I regret is not being there early, but I’m so happy anyway, it’s important to have discovered this wonderful series and have started this fandom even more wonderful!

So thank you so much again!! I’ll don’t put names in bold or italics in the list indicating who is mutuals or who’s friends, each of you has contributed in the same way to make my experience here on tumblr special!!

A - H

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As always I’d surelly forgot someone but please think that for me there’s everyone of you in this list!! ;-;

thank you so, so much to everyone who follows me. before i started on tumblr i didn’t think it would be worth it to make an account because i wouldn’t get follwers, but in a span of only six months, i’ve made some amazing friends and hope to make more! it makes me even happier that i reached my goal before new years! i love you all, and i wish you a memey 2016 B).


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and ofc my sons who have brought light to my life


My blog just officially hit a year old today! 12/26 ✿

Okay, so this was due like months ago but I figured I would wait until my blog finally hit a year. Also, this is in recognition of me reaching 2K+ followers on here (I still can’t believe it, I still cry! How is that even possible??? ) To everyone who follows me, thank you so much, you guys are honestly beyond amazing!!!    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

To the wonderful people who fill my dash up with beautiful Haikyuu!! & Iwaoi content, I love you guys so much. Thank you for making my experience on here a great one. You guys are constantly supporting me in everything I do & always messaging//tagging me wonderful things. 

I’ve mentioned this multiple times before in tags but I just wanted to say it again. I’ve been in many fandoms before this one but I can honestly say the Haikyuu!! fandom is the best one yet. I was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to participate things I would have never done before. This year, I picked up writing & even though I know I still have a long ways to go and a lot to work on, I feel pretty confident about improving because you guys are constantly sending me encouraging words and critiques. From my bad days to good, when I need a helping hand or just advice, someone has always helped me on here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything guys!  

A special shoutout to this wonderful person:

@crossbelladonna, you were the first person to follow me on this account & message me at that. You’ve been nothing but kind to me on here & I just want to thank you for everything <3 It’s such a grand honor to have you follow me and chat with me time to time. Thank you so much Paola! (●´ω`●)/

Without further ado, here we go :


❀-I absolutely adore you, thank you for being wonderful 


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A/N: I’m a little disappointed because the I lost the original header for this & the main list of people I already had (it was deleted twice). I’m really really really sorry if I missed you, I’ve gone through this like three times but it’s a bit tedious and I’m blind so if I missed you, it honestly wasn’t intentional & I apologize!!  

Anywhooo~ I just want wish all of you a wonderful new year and I genuinely hope 2016 is filled with nothing but greatness for all of you. Love you guys!! Thank you for making my first year on here one that I will hold close to my heart <3 xx// Oikawa-the-grand-king

[!!] The MV for ‘Very Nice’ has hit 1M views at Seventeen’s official YouTube channel within 24 hours.

Great job, Carats ! You guys have worked so hard. Let’s keep up the good work and hopefully, we’ll be able to hit 2M views soon ^^

- Admin Leen

We did it guys!!

I’m going to keep this very short, thank you all so much for coming around and staying around. I appreciate you and I adore you!

My lovely friends: @winchesterenthusiast @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @manawhaat @aprofoundbondwithdean @abaddonwithyall @spnashley @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @mamapeterson @pada-ackles @oriona75 @kayteonline @kittenofdoomage @withoutaplease and many more, I’m sorry if I forgot anyone!

Now, as for the special surprise…

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I am (again) joining forces with @king-crowley-tho to do a giveaway! I’m going to make a giveaway post tonight with the items and rules.

Imagine holding a small Christmas party for Seventeen after their concert where you guys exchanged presents and had an overall great time.

BONUS: After receiving Woozi’s present, you opened it only to realize that he got you something you’ve been wanting for a while now. You looked at him in disbelieve because you didn’t thought he’ll remember about it before pulling him into a hug to show your gratitude.