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Going over their lines a couple hours before the highly anticipated scene versus Lovecraft!
“Dazai, you’re supposed to let me collapse…”
“Don’t worry, Chuuya! I’ll catch you anyways~″
Based off the HC that Dazai often stands on his tippy toes to glomp Chuuya while they’re on set.

Thank you guys so much supporting the blog!! We gained 500 followers over the past week, which is absolutely insane! I’m so glad everyone enjoys the AU as much as we do ^_^
We also made a BSDShowtime Twitter, where we post funny interactions and sick cast member roasts!
@mostladylikeladythateverladied Thank you for participating in the art raffle! I guess I ended up drawing the AU after all, haha ^_^

Hey friends! I updated my shop and Eevee & and the Clefairy Evo are now available as art prints! Most of my art prints come in two sizes (8x10 & 5x7). The eeveelution line are currently only one size (5x7).

I also decided to do a 2 day sale for you guys! 😊💖
Get 25% OFF on your entire purchase when you use the code “FAM25” at checkout.

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Heheheh more humor
Not as good as the last one in my opinion, but you guys are the final judges on this.
I really do hope you like it and that it makes you smile and laugh!
Feel free to leave any recommendation in the comments below and I’ll see to them being edited in the next humor video.

This is also a “hooray” for my followers, I reached 100. Thank you guys for your support! This one’s for you!

I'm Back Y'all!!!

Hey guys! As you can see by the title, I’m back from my work break ^^

Thank you guys soooo much for your support and being patient with me. I know I suck at update schedules but it makes me so grateful that y'all put up with me and stay~

So, I have a special thing planned for today as a make up for being gone and I’ll also be working on all the requests that I haven’t done. More info on that special event in a few.

Thanks again you guys for sticking with me and remember to keep being you!

Love, Admin Fiction

((thank you for all the Munday questions. I’m actually on my way to school so I won’t be answering them till later in the day when I can get on my tablet and draw out some updates for Gilen. Thank you guys so much for your support and kind words! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!
Do to a couple of requests; here is a selfie of puppy mun. I will be deleting it later, but till then, yanno, here lol
I love ya’ll so much and if you ever want to chat my messages are always open! Love ya’ll again! I’ll talk to you when school is over!))

shout out to all the non-americans:

thank you for reblogging and posting stuff about voting.

thank you for encouraging people to vote.

thank you for all the support you could give us, even from where you live.

thank you for showing that you cared about our future, our safety, and us.

thank you.


When it’s two in the morning and the startup screen is so beautiful that you take a zillion pictures.