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Bts Scenario | Riding

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What I Think Will Probably Happen in the Next Star Bomb

Star vs. the Forces of Evil will be back in less than three weeks, and Disney’s been spitting a bunch of promos and sneak peaks at us lately for us to overanalyze and go insane over, so I thought how about I take a crack at overanalyzing and going insane over the next bomb myself? That’s what all the cool people are doing right?

Anyways, I’ll start off my prediction by saying that I think Star and Marco are going to be separated for most of this bomb. The reason I believe this is because I’ve gone back and rewatched every promo and sneak peek that’s been released for season 3, and I’ve noticed that Star and Marco are never seen together in any of them. In fact, Marco barely makes appearances in the promos; he’s only been in two of them, and in those promos, he’s only shown for a few seconds and only has a few lines. It’s already been confirmed that Star is staying on Mewni for this season, but the reason why has not yet been verified, but I think that the typographic promo that came out last week gave us a huge hint.

Star is a rebel princess. That’s her thing. She’s never liked following orders or having to attend to her royal duties, she just wants to do what she wants to do. But as the series progresses, she’s beginning to realize that her impulsive gestures have been causing problems. Her choice to use the Whispering Spell and to attack Toffee directly may have worked out in the end, but she had not planned her actions, she just went with what she felt, and she put her family, her kingdom, and herself at risk upon doing so. If it had not been for Glossaryk’s magic pudding ball, she would be dead and Toffee would have won. Star is beginning to see that she cannot keep taking huge risks like that, and that she can’t always just do what she wants. As she had stated in the typography photo: “It’s time to be a better princess.”

As to why she is choosing to have a “longer goodbye” with Marco is because she knows now how strong her feelings for him are, but she also knows she can’t be with him because of her royal duties and because he’s with Jackie. She wants time away from him, not only so she can focus on being a better ruler, but also to hopefully fall out of love with him. This could also be why she agreed to go to the Silver Bell Ball with Tom. But apart from Pony Head, Tom, and possibly Kelly, Star has few friends on Mewni, and she misses the constant companionship Marco had given her (hence the “what I really need is a friend” line from the promo.) Also, since Glossaryk is clearly not himself, she’s lacking a mentor. This is where Eclipsa comes in.

I do think it is likely that Eclipsa could corrupt Star, but not in the way most people are thinking. I don’t believe that Star is going to become a full-fledged villainous “dark princess”. But I do believe that Eclipsa will be a very bad influence on Star. Eclipsa may not have any evil intentions whatsoever, and can still potentially corrupt Star, because even though we still don’t know at this time if Eclipsa is a misunderstood innocent or if she is a true villainess, we do know that she chose to be with the person she was in love with over her kingdom and royal duties. After some bonding time with Star, Eclipsa may discover that Star has fallen in love with someone who isn’t Mewman, like she once had. Upon discovering this, Eclipsa may tell her something like “You shouldn’t let being a princess get in the way of true love” to which Star may reply “Just because I’m a princess doesn’t mean I get to do what I want.” But we already know that the two misfits have many similarities, and as evidenced by the latest promo, Star will eventually become more comfortable with Eclipsa and may consider her advice. Eclipsa may influence Star to give in to her selfish desires, reverting the mature progress Star has been making for the past two seasons, and lead to her making more and more bad decisions. Also, if Eclipsa is indeed mentoring Star and teaching her dark magic, Star’s use of magic could make her even more dangerous. Eventually, her increasingly reckless and destructive nature could cause someone she deeply cares about to get hurt, bringing Star’s corruption into full circle. So even if Eclipsa is not evil, I still believe she will be the driving force of the main conflict for the next Star bomb.

That’s what is going to happen in the bomb. Maybe. Probably. Well, even if I’m 100% wrong about everything (which I probably am), at least I had fun overanalyzing and thinking up this theory and needlessly rambling about it on the internet. But by the miracle that I am right about one thing or another, I get icalledit privileges. Thank you for taking the time to read my insane analysis-theory thing. Have a nice day.

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“You’re a fucking coward, Keith. All you do is what everybody wants you to do. Do you even know how to think for yourself?”

Yeah i knowww I should stick to writing lol, but my Klance fic Follow My Lead has surpassed 2000 kudos and 30,000 hits so I just wanted to draw a little “pouty Keith in a business suit” for you guys to say thanks for all of your wonderful support! <3 


Hey! As I said befor, I decided to go with an idea of my own to the fluff with Zen for the 4k followers special. It’s just a silly thing I had in mind after watching “Singing in the Rain” for the millionth time. Anyways… hope you guys  like this, thank you for the support and love through these 9 months of existence of this blog, 4k followers is a lot, and though it’s humanly impossible to show my love to all of you, just know I’m grateful to eah and every one of you. So thank you all, I’ll be back tomorrow with the winner NSFW prompt for Saeyoung. Well, without further ado…

The walk to your apartment would be slower if it wasn’t for the rain. Zen wrapped an arm around your shoulder to have you close as he held the umbrella above both of you. His legs are damp from the raindrops, it’s cold and late, and yet… he wished the walk was longer.

But stalling became impossible, and now you were standing at the door of your building, you wanted to invite him in, but you knew he would get weird and start his lecture on being careful around him at night and blah blah blah. He wanted to invite himself in, but…well, you should be careful of him at night.

“Well, so… guess it’s good night.” You chuckle nervously.

“Yes, it… it will be a good night after hanging out with you, princess.” He smiles, trying not to shake his body and give away all his tension. “So… take a warm shower and keep you windows closed, be careful not to catch a cold.”

“Yes… you be careful too, Zenny.”

“I will. But if I caught a cold, you would stay at my apartment to take care of me, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course, but… well, you heal so fast, I would just stay a few hours…” you smile playfully when he notices he got caught.

“MC?” he gets serious all of a sudden, making you lose your smile too.


“I hate that you have your apartment and I have mine… I mean, I hate… we live separated. I mean… I hate we don’t live together.”

Oh? Zen usually doesn’t trip in his own words, except when the subject is about the future steps of your relationship. Living together felt like the most natural one, even after he realized that you moving in to his apartment right after the RFA party seemed unnecessarily rushed. Well, things are a little different now, you’ve been dating for almost a year, he is growing in his career, so are you, so… it wouldn’t be rushed now, it would be… natural.

“I hate it too.” You say, hoping the rain didn’t muffle you voice. “Let’s do this, Zen.”

“I know you want to go slow, babe, and I… wait! What did you say?”

“I said we should do it, we should live together.”

“You’re… are you serious? Are you saying ‘yes’?” he holds his smile as much as he can, trying to confirm this isn’t an illusion.

“Yes, I’m saying ‘yes’, Zen.” You laugh at his widen eyes and grin.

“Babe, do you… do you have any idea of how happy I am right now? I’m… I’m the happiest man on Earth now!”

He hugs you tightly and places a kiss in your forehead, then in your cheeks, then in your lips, staying there for a few seconds. And he wishes his could last forever, but… it’s raining, it’s cold and it’s late… really late…

“I-I should get going, princess… morning rehearsals tomorrow, you know… so uhm… can I text you later?”

“Yes, sure. We can talk more about it, if you want…”

“Oh, I definitely do!” he hugs you again, holding himself to not kiss you again. He knows he’s never leaving if you get too close again. “So… good night, MC!”

“Good night, Hyun…” you stand on your tip toes and press your lips against his quickly, giggling when you pull away and see his flustered face. You wave at him as you open the door and go inside the building.

Zen waves back with a foolish expression. He is so happy he forgot how to smile for a second, he is so happy he feels like his heart is muffling the sound of the rain…

He’s so happy he could dance. Right then, right there.

The rain is nothing but a drizzle as he twirls the umbrella over his shoulder and sways his body from side to side, smiling widely.

Moving in together is a huge step, it’s the first one towards marriage. Ah, he was just so worried you would think all his promises about the future are nothing but words. If you suggested moving in together, it’s because you know how sincere he is, it’s because his dreams for the future are the same as yours.

And this makes him happy, so happy he is dancing like a fool. A fool in love who thinks the umbrella is only getting on the way, so he puts it down, letting the raindrops soak his clothes, his hair, his smiling foolish face.

Words can’t express his happiness, so he dances. And he could dance all night, trying to epress to himself how much this means, maybe he would if…


He hears your voic behind him, turning in your direction slowly. Oh… you were not supposed to see this. He never minds you watching him perform, of course, but this… this isn’t a performance, this is… just a fool in love.

You are holding your umbrella, curious eyes stare at him. Both of you just stay there facing each other for a few seconds.

“B-babe? Why are you here?”

“I was trying to reach you to give your jacket back, thought you might need with this cold weather. What… what are you doing?”

“M-me?” he looks at his umbrella, then at the whole scenario, and finally at you. “I’m dancing… and singing in the rain…”

You laugh as he talks like this is the most natural thing in the world. Well, to be honest, all the extra things that happen only in musicals or movies feel natural when you’re with him. He makes unusual things feel right… like moving in together after meeting each other only for 10 days… or dance in the rain.

“Well, sounds fun…”

“So do you want to join me, princess?” he offers his hand to you, and you smile.

“I would love to, but right now I have to bring my boyfriend to my place and make sure he doesn’t catch a cold or something worse… a pneumonia would be bad even for his monster healing…” you take his hand, but bring him towards you. “So come on… I’ll make you some tea and grab you some blankets.”

“B-ba-babe! I… you… I told you before you have to be careful of men at night!” he reprimands you, looking around as if he is saying the most outrageous thing you’ve ever heard.

“Well, good thing you’re not just any man, you’re my roomie, right?”

Oh god… what did he do to deserve someone so sweet, so caring… and that takes him so seriously? Zen looks at your hand intertwined with his, remembering this connection you have is so pure, so honest… everything he ever wanted with someone, and something he’ll work every day on making it stronger…

“Yes, let’s go, roomie.” He lets you guide him through the wet sidewalk.

this post seems so…attention seeking but anyway unfortunately my dad passed away today and honestly it was so unexpected and he was like my best friend so it’s sucks, but i just want to say thank you for all the support you guys showed me on my last post! i plan to thank you all individually but things are hectic right and I just wanted to let you know that all of your support was received and I appreciate it.

Thank you guys so much for 100 follows!! I’m very grateful for your support and  can’t wait to draw more for you!! ;3; <3 

Drawing made traditionally with Copic and Touch markers, a couple of hours. 

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I felt like letting you know I followed this blog because y'all have great Voltron content overall, not because I particularly shipped Hidge- but you're converting me. Bit by bit I'm slipping into Hidge madness. So good job guys!

WHAT CAN I SAY EXCEPT thank you for your support and welcome aboard the hidge canoe

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Keith! When will my Life Begin animatic for the Klance Tangled AU!!

edit:sorry about the fire cracking up. I think it’s the gradient that’s causing the file to become a little corrupt. I’ll try to fix it and update it asap

edit edit: The song is a pitched down version of the original song