thanks guys for the epic movies


Guess who finally watched the Yo Kai Watch Movie? This guy - thanks Netflix! Anyway, it’s been a while now since I did the illustrations for the Yo Kai Watch TCG and couldn’t resist jumping back into that world, especially after seeing Nathaniel and Hovernyan in action. This one is totally just for myself (and Yo Kai Fans of course), so I decided to go big with it and created this image as an epic 16x24 inch poster, with prints available in my online store!

If you want to check it out, just click here:


Hey guys! I’ve reached a great number of followers recently (it’s 2′000 ohmahgosh) and decided to make something special for you all for being so nice to me and my art! Joining Tumblr was a hard decision to make at first because I was really used to drawing and not showing my stuff but with all your support now after almost two years I’ve become way more confident and got lots of new friends! Thank you for being with me all this time! 

So, this is my very first short storyboard (parody on “How to train your dragon” ‘cause this movie is epic and I love everything about it). I hope that you guys like it! Stay awesome, I love you all <3