thanks guys for the epic movies

Guys I saw Beauty and the Beast!!!

The. Best. Movie. Ever.

Disney you are truly iconic.

Luke Evans stole the show. Like I’m speechless. He was absolutely phenomenal.

Josh Gad my smol son. I love you.

EMMA. Thank you for bringing two of my favorite characters to life. You mean everything to me.

Dan freaking Stevens. Perfection.

Ewan McGregor is simply legendary.

Emma Thompson is there anything you can’t do? Amazing.

The whole cast. The songs. The costumes. The effects. Epic.

darriness  asked:

What do you think the Flash characters' favourite candy are? What snacks do they get when they go to the movies?

Barry: the guy who eats like, six tubs of popcorn, so he always brings the entire team because “we have to at least make it look like we’re NormalTM” and Julian fights him the entire time over it.  He also has a thing for Whoppers, which is fine because they’re the one candy Cisco won’t fight him for.

Cisco: depends on the movie.  If he knows that the movie is going to make him cry, then he goes with something like Sour Patch; if it’s straight-up action he’s a Crunch guy; rom-com is Jolly Ranchers; and the midnight premiere snack of choice is Swedish fish.  He does not share.  (He does, he just doesn’t know it.)  He threatens to put itching powder in the suit if Barry eats all the popcorn before he gets some.

Caitlin: Hot Tamales, actually, because she knows Barry won’t steal them in bulk and she likes that they’re less sweet and more sharp.  She’s a take-two-handfuls-of-popcorn-and-she’s-done kind of gal.

Iris: Sno-Caps and whatever Cisco’s having.  She’s also the one who takes a tub of popcorn out of Barry’s hands and he just lets her have it, even though he’s been silently and energetically fighting Julian for the past hour over the rest.

Julian: he’s an M&Ms guy and a spirited combatant in the Epic Popcorn Fights of 2017, which usually digress into Julian in Barry’s lap because Cisco threatened to Vibe both of them into another universe if they didn’t shh, even though they’re not making any sound, and it’s the only way they can eat popcorn without re-initiating an arm wrestling match.  (It has absolutely nothing to do with the horror movie, Thank You Very Much Allen.)

Cindy: Starbursts!  She’s not much of a popcorn fan, but she’ll make exceptions.

HR: kumquats that he snuck in by the dozen.

Wally: Skittles.  Straight-up Skittles.  Steal at your own peril.  He also sits directly behind Barry and steals popcorn whenever Iris nudges Barry so he looks over.  Brother-sister mischief makers, at your service.

Jesse: Wally’s Skittles.  She’s willing to risk her own peril because it’s more fun than just buying a bag.  Big popcorn gal.  Shamelessly leans over Barry to steal a handful.  He’s gotta catch her if he wants to retaliate and they call her Jesse Quick for a reason.

Joe: Kit Kats, and if you want to keep that hand, You Will Not Touch.  He also bought his own tub of popcorn to share with Cecile.  (Who is also an M&M fan and enjoys stealing the rest of Julian’s bag because he forgot it while fighting Barry.)


Pairing : Winchesters, Reader. Cas, Mentions of others, and Daddy comes home.
Word count : 1,425
A/N :  NOTE THIS IS AN UNFINISHED SERIES! I’m not sure when or if it will be finished. I wrote this a long ass time ago.

Part 2 in Your fathers daughter.

Sighing you dropped into a chair in the war room. Sam came in behind you “You alright?”

You shook your head. “I’m tired of this Sam.” You looked up at him. “I’m glad it’s over. I was brought here to help, I barely did that. But she’s gone. So is Chuck, and I’m still here. Why? I want to go home, Sam. I miss my kid. I miss my spouse. I just want to go home.”

Dean sighed from the doorway. It was over, in a sense. The Darkness had been dealt with, though not how it had been planned. You had kept up a strong front the whole time. Playing your part like a good little soldier, even though you were far from it. You were a mom for Christ sake, yet here you were, still playing soldier to help them after months. He watched as you sighed one last time before getting up and heading to your room.

“I’m worried about her.” Sam said softly, after hearing the sound of your door echo towards them.

“Me too Sammy. Me too.”

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Guess who finally watched the Yo Kai Watch Movie? This guy - thanks Netflix! Anyway, it’s been a while now since I did the illustrations for the Yo Kai Watch TCG and couldn’t resist jumping back into that world, especially after seeing Nathaniel and Hovernyan in action. This one is totally just for myself (and Yo Kai Fans of course), so I decided to go big with it and created this image as an epic 16x24 inch poster, with prints available in my online store!

If you want to check it out, just click here:


Hey guys! I’ve reached a great number of followers recently (it’s 2′000 ohmahgosh) and decided to make something special for you all for being so nice to me and my art! Joining Tumblr was a hard decision to make at first because I was really used to drawing and not showing my stuff but with all your support now after almost two years I’ve become way more confident and got lots of new friends! Thank you for being with me all this time! 

So, this is my very first short storyboard (parody on “How to train your dragon” ‘cause this movie is epic and I love everything about it). I hope that you guys like it! Stay awesome, I love you all <3


Simon Minter Imagine//

This is my first ever so I’m so sorry if it’s really bad. If you read it, let me know what you think. Thank you
I woke up bright and early in Simons room to find him still editing from the night before. I got out of bed and threw on the nearest top which so happened to be his Adidas one. I walked over to him when he greeted me “hey babe why are you up so early?” He said with his hands pulling on my waist so I was sitting on the edge of his chair. “ question is minter, why are you still up?” He chuckled and yawned against my back causing a shiver down my spine, it was clear he was tired. “How about you finish up editing, I make us some breakfast and then we have a movie day?” I suggested whilst gathering up my hair to tie up. “sounds great, how did I ever get so lucky to have you?” He smirked, standing up to kiss me on the cheek. He whispered in my ear “I’ll have bacon” I giggled turning away and heading downstairs to make breakfast. About halfway through josh and jj came strolling into the kitchen simultaneously saying “dibs on some bacon” before looking at each other in shock and brushing it off. What a weird bunch of guys. I plated up food for the whole house and called them to come get it. A string of compliments and thanks were flown my way. I took simon and i’s plate through to the living room and put on a movie transformers was top of the pile so that would do. By this time Simon had came downstairs and brought his bed duvet along with him. We sat sprawled on the couch intertwined with each other engrossed in some epic fight scene. Around three quarters of the way through i noticed my arm was starting to get numb as Simon was laying on it, he had fallen asleep about ten minutes into the movie so he was out for a while now. I tried my best to slip out from under his grip without waking him but he began stirring and I mentally scolded myself for even trying to move in the first place. I got up and he was barely awake but enough to notice I was no longer cuddled up beside him “Y/N what are you doing? Where are you going? Come back” he was struggling to keep his eyes open. I bent over fixing the covers on him and kissed his forehead lightly to ease him back into a slumber. Before leaving the room to go clean up I heard a very mumbled “I love you Y/N” it was the first time I had heard that from Simon. It spread a smile on my face and without hesitation I replied with “I love you Simon” and meant every word of it.


(more details about the project will come later- no it’s not compulsory~)  

For now we just need to make sure we have ALL of our Hijack AUs listed!!
So please read though this and if you find that there are some AUs missing feel free to message so we can add them!! 

(Please note- Some of the AUs listed are very general. For example “Werewolf AU” would be covering any Hijack AU where either one of them becomes a werewolf. Even if there are 3 or 4 separate werewolf AUs they will all fall under the same category! If you think your version of an AU needs it’s own category let us know and we can discuss!

The list of AUs under the cut! 

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hi guys heres two songs that really really remind me of george and harold ok thanks

Blue's Clues: A Jurassic World chatfic that went progressively out of hand
  • Owen: Slowly... slowly...
  • Hoskins: Grady, tell it to back off. We could still make a fortune out of both of them. Just let it stand down.
  • Owen: They're your weapons. You disarm them.
  • Delta, in Raptorese: Father, shall I slay the corpulent unpleasant one so we can dine on its flesh in your honor?
  • Owen: Chirp chirp.
  • Delta, still in Raptorese: Father is kind <mauls Hoskins>
  • Owen: Zach, Gray, drop the chair.
  • Lowery, grabbing the thinking chair: You heard him.
  • Hoskins, while being eviscerated: At least let me shart on it first.
  • Dr. Wu, in the choppah: Why does everyone want to pass gas on my good chair!
  • Owen: Lowery, lower the chair.
  • Lowery: Awww man.
  • Barry: We will need a lot of therapy to make this moment in our lives okay.
  • Gray: Hey, remember when just a few minutes ago when we were going through the motions of a show you watched when you were 3.
  • Zach: Where's Aunt Claire?
  • Indominus, outside, doing the bring it pose: Claire Dearing, this ends now!
  • Claire, eyes glowing, flares on hand: It's come to this, Indominus. Run, or face me like a woman.
  • Indominus Rex: Fool, you are but one woman and I am the greatest carnivorous mechanism of the terrestial vertebrata there will ever be. What chance have you?
  • Claire, using her high heeled shoes as imrpov nunchuks while levitating: You assume that I fight alone, sparsely feathered one.
  • Zach, as wind effects too expensive for even Spielberg's budget swirl around his aunt: Oh no. Aunt Claire's entering the High Heels state.
  • Gray: Awesome!
  • Blue and Delta, standing by Claire's side: Chirp chirp.
  • Owen, in a kinda perverted way: I'll say. <sees raptors run toward Claire as she battles the I. Rex with only her high heels.>
  • Echo, in Raptorese: Father disapproves of our betrayal.
  • Charlie, as if they can speak anything other than raptorese anyway: How can you tell, sister?
  • Owen: <stares, "I am disappoint">
  • Echo: How shall we seek his forgiveness.
  • Charlie: As recompense for our disloyalty, we must challenge the one they call Indominus.
  • Echo: Indominus. Let's put her name to the test.
  • Claire: Lowery, now.
  • Lowery: Now, what now? <sees a flare> Oh, that. <the "Be a Man" song from Mulan plays in the background>
  • Rexy: Roar.
  • Raptor squad: Chirp chirp.
  • Owen: They're switching sides! Attagirls!
  • Claire: We fight as one!
  • Rexy, roaring as if to say: Bitch I work solo.
  • Indominus: Well, granny, nice of you to join us. <pwnage>
  • Rexy, in Rexese: Okay, I take it back. We share the glory.
  • Raptor Squad: Harooh, Harooh, Harooh <it's chirping, but whatevs, there was pwnage>.
  • Indominus, as her ass is handed by Rexy, Claire, and the Raptor Squad: This cannot be, I'm indominable. <gets hit by Claire's shoes, specifically the heely bits, in the eyes> AAAAAAAGH
  • Rexy: Bitch, shut your face.
  • Indominus: This is Madness.
  • Claire: We're not doing that reference! <the combined awesomeness of her, Rexy, and the raptor squad push I. Rex into the lagoon.>
  • Mosasaur, chomps on Indominus: Omnomnomnomnom.
  • Owen: I'm so proud of you girls.
  • Blue: Is Claire going to be our new mommy?
  • Owen: I have no idea what you just said Blue, but you do daddy proud. Go, for now it's time for so long...
  • Zach: Owen, we might have to do this in the ferry.
  • Owen: No, we have to do it here.
  • Owen, singing: But we'll sing just one more song. Thanks for doing you're part, you sure are smart, you know with me, and Claire, and these guys here, we can...
  • Claire: Owen, wrap it up.
  • Owen: Alright, alright. <goes to the ferry, waving at the raptors as they board> can and will be awesome, everything is cool when we're part of a team.
  • Zach, holding a yellow pages in his hand: And yet he butchers it again.
  • Gray, overlooking the yellow pages: Nitpicking later, find therapist now.
  • Zach: Dr. Malcolm seems affordable. Think our insurance would cover it?
  • Owen: Goodbye kids. See you soon.
  • Raptor squad: Chirp chirp <Farewell, father! We shall rule the island in your name>.
Death Threats and Cookies

Prompt: “fighting over the last cookie” This is the second fic I’m posting. Hope you guys like it! Thank you to ichabodjane for her help! (Any comments are always appreciated<3) 


“I swear to god, touch that cookie, and you’re dead.”

Clarke pauses in the middle of reaching for the last chocolate chip cookie and meets Bellamy’s eyes across the living room.

She cocks her eyebrow drolly.

“You know, if you’re gonna kill somebody, it’s probably best not to announce it,” she says in an exaggerated deep voice, echoing something Bellamy commented during a movie a few weeks ago.

Tonight is another one of their gang’s infamous movie nights and everyone is crowded around Monty and Jasper’s epic flat screen TV. The awesome TV almost makes up for the pretty pathetic assortment of other furniture which always makes for less than comfortable seating arrangements.

Clarke managed to get a seat on the couch; squeezed in beside her are Raven and Monty, who is snuggled into Miller’s chest.

On the floor in front of her are Octavia, Murphy and Wells. Bellamy scored the cushy sofa chair everyone always fights over, the only condition to getting it being that he has to share it with Jasper; who, by virtue of owning the apartment, got first dibs. Clarke fleetingly notices how cute the two look practically spooning, before she pushes that thought away because Bellamy Blake is not cute. Oh, who is she kidding, she’s been in love with this idiot for years, of course she thinks he’s cute.

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