thanks guys for the bday wishes :)

My gross old man Gaster and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!! Sorry I haven’t talked to ya in a while tho;;… I hope a drawing of this guy being adorable will suffice!


You're welcome (for my birth)

When I was around 15, my birthday was on a school week. Friends and acquaintances would wish me a happy bday in the halls and I’d thank them awkwardly (the attention made me very uncomfortable). On my way out of school territory, a sorta popular guy I didn’t really know called me by my name and wished me a happy bday. Now I wasn’t popular in HS but I was very social and it occurred to me that maybe this guy knew me from a common friend. The realization had me panic (I wanted to say his name too to acknowledge him cus that’s the polite thing to do, right?) and all I could say was “you’re welcome”. Loud enough for his friends and him to hear. I saw the look of confusion on his face. I worn the exact same look plus eyes wide like UFOs. I just turned around speed walked to the other side of the street while my friend,who had been beside me, went “wait, did you just–” I know, girl. I know. To this day I remember passing for arrogant or stupid or stupidly arrogant to some cool kid who knew my name and wished me a happy bday.


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Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! You all are seriously the best! It’s been a great day. 💖 😘 💌

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes!!!

Guys, I just wanted to give a shout out to every single one of you who wished me happy birthday today. You made me feel so special & loved & appreciated. 😍 I didn’t do much for my birthday this year (on the actual day), so it was honestly the biggest highlight of my day to have so many of you coming into my asks, wishing me well & how you hoped I would have a good day (& a good year!).

To further emphasize my point, here are the stats for all the bday wishes I received on all platforms:

Tumblr asks/replies: 22
Tumblr DMs: 4
Twitter: 7
Facebook: 20
Text: 11
Phone call: 1
In person: 3

You guys are amazing. Truly. Thank you. It is the best feeling in the world to feel as appreciated as you’ve made me feel today.

I love you all!!


SO MUCH THAN YOU TO YOU ALL WHO GIVES ME SO MUCH LOVE AND KIND WISHES TODAY!!!! I’m really happy about it!, you are really the best persons in the world!.

I just wanna say, thanks to all of you I was so happy today, even more with all of that cute stuff you made for me!!!! thanks, if it wasn’t for yah, maybe mah day was a normal one, but all of you made it magical!!!!I’m so grateful! I never expected that a lot of people could cosider me someone special and greet me today! I’m blessing with all your love. To have you here by my side is the best  thing that could happen to me.

Loves you all!!! thanks to be here =3

A very important birthday u guys

guys its @yukiwrites (in her timezone lol)birthday and I just want to say how grateful I am that you came into my life! You are a very sweet and kindhearted person AND AN AMAZING WRITER (seriously check yuki’s stuff out). I always enjoy when u send me good Saizo content and I always look forward to it!<3

i hope you have a wonderful birthday today and thank you for being an amazing friend!

hey guys!! I fuckin forgot? that tomorrow was my birthday?? so I guess I’ll be doing Birthday Things (aka going cd shopping, clothes shopping, getting food? not much really) but I’ll be out a bit. if you want to send me bday wishes tomorrow I’d be thankful!

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Happy birthday esmee! I hope that you had an awesome bday! Also congrats on all the voice acting that you guys drew in. You guys deserve all the attention and have a lot of ppl cheering for you, I'm super excited to see who all will be cast X3 LuckyCats

Thank you for the birthday wishes and of course, your kind words. :) We’re currently busy putting the cast together and we can’t wait to announce which talented voice actors will be lending their voice to Vicboys. 

~ Esmeé