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Fruits - Peter Parker

request -  hi! i was wondering if you could write something about a peter x fem!reader where she’s homeschooled and doesn’t have friends and then she meets peter and they become close ? thanks!! 

a/n - i changed the request up a bit, and made the reader tony’s daughter to give it an even more ‘fluffy’ feel to it and i think it failed horribly BUT thank you so much for 1k!!! i can’t even believe all the love i’m getting for these fics, it makes me so happy to know you guys like them :) don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

I sat at the dining table just across from the living room, headphones in as I watched a math lesson that was just uploaded onto my school’s website. It was just around 10 AM when my school day started, a bowl of freshly cut fruits on the table as I took notes in my small book, sometimes glancing around to see if something more entertaining was going on.

Being the kid of a billionaire had it’s perks, but some downsides to it as well. Sure, I was able to access anything through money, but I was stuck at home a good 99% of my life, hidden away from the public eye at the request of my father. I’ve never been able to go to school and have a ‘normal’ life, with my only friends being the middle aged people the world calls the Avengers.

I paused the lesson and took my headphones out, heading out to the kitchen counter to pour a cup of coffee for myself, only to hear the door opening.

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Hey-o! I recently hit 300 followers! Thank you all, I’m glad you enjoy my content enough to hit the button! To celebrate, I’m going to do some blog rates! The format will be under the cut. Just do the following:

  • Send me an ask with a book/song recommendation
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  • That’s it, it’s not too much of a list, I just like bullet points

I will be tagging these and rbs as marissa’s300 if you want to blacklist

But first, I’d like to shoutout my mutuals, a lot of whom I talk to a lot, so big yay to you guys.

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if i forgot you, soz feel free to mentally throw sticks

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Also bit sudden but:

Shout out to @edible-opposing-forks, your tags on my works always make me smile so much :’D Thank you so much for always sharing your reactions with me, they’re such a joy to read!

Certainly not just limited to just them, I am so incredibly grateful to everyone for your tags/comments/replies ;A; I read the tags and comments ALL the time (it’s the number one place I turn to when I feel frustrated and am considering ditching a wip) and it makes me so happy when any of you share your thoughts with me <3 Even if it’s just a few words, a rambling spew, shouting, exclamations, anything, it really means a lot to me, so thank you for taking the time to share with me m(_ _)m

So thank you so much guys!!!! You being so awesome reminds me that I’m not just throwing work into a void, that people are reading my comics and feeling something from them, and it motivates me so much to draw and post more ^ ^


Today sucked. No other way to put it. There are going to be days like this. There’s unfortunately no getting around that.

I was feeling down. I had gotten hit with that one thing too much: that one comment, that one post, that one action that compacted everything into a huge ball of hurt. To be honest, I was contemplating stepping away for a while; taking a break and deciding if this was all worth it. I write because it makes me happy, and if this was the result… I got off Tumblr and busied myself the rest of the night. I needed a break from drawing and decided to tempt fate and come back for a few minutes.

Holy cats, you guys…never would I have ever expected…

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for all the kind words. I really can’t express how much they mean to me. I’m literally crying right now and I can assure you that is not something I do easily.

Today sucked but today was also an amazing reminder that while sometimes things seem bad, there is always good to even it out.

A special thank you to @overworkedunderwhelmed, @lahiffed, @yoyos-on-the-wharf, @youcancallmecirce, @pyromania2014, @casforpenelope, @alya-bug, @lalunaunita@tournee-de-la-ladybug, @dragonfantasy90, @tearoffire, @lunian, @maerynn-blog, @alpacalypticpotatoes, @talvin-muircastle, @newrageinc, and all the sweet Nonnies who sent me messages. Guys, I can’t even…your support and love mean the absolute world to me. Thank you with everything I have in me. 


Goodbye everyone! I love each and every one of you! Thank you for your loving support! But unfortunately, I can’t hold on longer for the time being.

@mc-and-elise / @derpyfangirl
Thank you for helping me through my tough times and making me happy with your Yoosung roleplaying!

Thank you for chatting with me everyday and cheering me up with memes!

@i-am-macki, @toy-bonnie-the-toy-bunny, @rice-cancer and @kittietv
Thank you guys for sticking with me from day one! I love you guys and you guys have helped me anon hate from the start!

Thank you for completing me and making me happy at times with your wonderful writing skills and headcanons!

Thank you for roleplaying with me! It was so much fun and I enjoyed talking with you!

Oh Aless, I hope your relationship with @neiropun goes well! And don’t worry about not doing your part on the art trade! I forgive you!

And how can forget you? I will never forget you! I only met you about a couple of days ago but I loved when I met you! You were funny and cool! Stay strong! Thank you for calling me your child haha

a quick note!!

hello!! i’m very sorry that i have to make this post, but i sort of anticipated it when i turned anon on.

any hateful/rude asks will just be deleted, and won’t get any answer at all. this blog is a positive and happy space. if you’re not a fan - that’s completely fine!! you can block this blog, or just avoid it. just please, refrain from sending mean messages. i just want this to be a happy place, because it’s what makes me and every who follows this blog happy. if it’s not you cup of tea, then it’s easy to just leave us be. it takes more effort to be mean that it does to just ignore it.

but i also want to take a minute to say thank you so so SO much for all the lovely and sweet messages all of you guys send!!! it’s really encouraging to see that people like this blog - i couldn’t do it without you all!!!

-mod ❤️❤️❤️

Munday Post!

First off, I would like to say a… I dunno, an extra thank you to all of you guys… Not just the people who sent these asks, either, just… All of you. Whenever I’m down, your comments and tags and asks and projects and… Everything, you always make me feel so happy… Thank you so much…

Anyway, I know that’s boring but… so are the rest of my responses! XDD So let’s get on with it! :D

AH thank you?!!! Haha, I don’t understand how at all but this is really swee- no… No puns for now… This is really kind and lovely! TTwTT I am doughy like a cinnamon roll… TT-TT C…Cinna…cinnaMUN…roll… Ghhhh I’m sorry… I’m not one anyway just gggghhhaaaahsorry… X’D This is so lovely…

Oh my goodness, this means so much to me!!! There are so many EXCELLENT England blogs, I’m surprised you found mine, haha! Thank you so, so much! I hope I can make posts worthy of such praise!! ^w^

          !!!!!! Oh my, this’ll be a big list!!!! Well, there is one blog that is sort of… Well, let’s just say before I had a working phone and a tumblr account, I would steal my friend’s phone every day to look at her updates… ask-aph-fruk and therefore heyhellohowdy, as well as her artblog heyheyartman and another is ask-miss-sardonyx (To scared to tag them at all haha… XDD.. Also all of her friends are also really good at art?!!?) but… Really, she’s the reason I really got into Hetalia and had any courage at all to make a blog… hahaha… X’D She’s my idol for pretty much everything… I may have em…wept and printed out the photos when she answered my asks…and wept again when she talked to me haaaa… This is really embarrassing actually… X’DDD I’m so sorry for my weirdness oh goodness…
          The cosplayer farorez (used to be aph-england I believe, once again, not tagging haaa) is just… Wow, his cosplay is like… Oh my god if you go to his blog you understand why, he is a god of Hetalia cosplay and his England and France and EVERYONE just are so good looking… AH!
          The artblog ask2p-fruk (aka akusheepdraws and amelval) is also… Wow, both of them are so talented, like… Same as ask-aph-fruk, I’m surprised they aren’t all working in professional publishing studios writing series and manga and stuff, ahaha… They’re awesome! And also so kind wow, when they responded to my post so long ago I just curled up and died… XD
          All my cosplayer/art/other peeps who I was just…terrified of at first, I just… Holy shit, they are all my rolemodels when it comes to this blog, actually! :) In no particular order, they are @ask-aph-francis @ask-aph-franceypants @askcosplayaphcanada @ask-the-german-commander @ask-aph-ameridork @askagrumpyfemnation @ask-ollie-bloody-kirkland @askitaliaromano @fruk-de-lys​(but you know XD) I feel like I am forgetting someone, I’m so sorry… TT~TT

And some assorted other senpai (sorry for that word but it fits!) blogs that I adore! Like… bears-again (ask-aph-witches), askcosplayfrance, t-stray, ask-the-boldcourageoususofa, ask-aph-russia, manabombs, all of the people at ask-a-nation (especially their England who was absolutely lovely to me and has bloody fucking BRILLIANT England cosplay GGGH! TTwTT…. Yeah! XD

ok so again it’s really early but i actually…love my retail day job a lot

like it’s retail so i was like “this is maybe going to be bad even though i love this brand” but it’s actually really nice

most of my job is styling people and helping them choose glasses and it feels really nice to help people find frames they actually sincerely love and look good in

i styled this guy for literally almost an hour today bc he was struggling a lot with wanting to come out of his comfort zone a little but not get anything too crazy and i found him some really nice frames and he was like…genuinely super happy and thanked me a lot and it’s so nice to know i’m helping people find glasses that like make them feel good abt how they look idk

100 Follower Milestone! || REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

So I went to check what I was at cause, that’s just what I do. And I about fell out of my chair when I saw it! I have 101 followers! Thank you all! I am so happy you want to read my ramblings!! I’m crying so hard!!! I first off want to thank @itshaejinju her sharing my work really helped make this happen. She inspired me above all else to continue my work! Id also like to that @promptoargentum-is-my-husband they have been such a great friend to me and commenting on my work and sharing it. God I love you both and wouldn’t be here without you!!!

That being said:


I will do anything you guys want me to NSFW (keep them reasonable and detailed) Headcanons, anything really! I would love to get ideas from your guys’ ideas! Please! My inbox is open! 

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I got to commission the extraordinarily amazing  @skyheaven1231 to draw one of my OCs and I CANNOT STOP SMILING. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Hel is one of my oldest and possibly the closest to my heart. It makes me so happy to see her drawn this beautifully by one of my favorite artists. Thank you so so so much, Jenny.

You guys should totally check out her commission page!!! 

Jordan’s Trope Challenge

We have finally hit 1,000 Followers! I am beyond grateful for this and I can’t help but thank each and every one of you who supports me. I wish I knew all of you personally and for only a few of you, I do. 

But thank you, for helping me make this happen because I couldn’t truly have done it without you guys. 

So thank you so very much. 

So for this challenge, I will be hosting a writing challenge for you lovely and talented writers! I present to you a Trope Challenge

A trope is an often used plot device or a common theme you might see pop up frequently (various AUs, bed sharing, pregnancy, etc.).

Below the cut, I have made a list of tropes that are very common. Also, the rules have been clearly stated below as well! Happy Writing!

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anonymous asked:

okay so i'm in a very healthy polyam relationship (with 2 bfs and 1 gf. they're not dating each other, just me dating them) but i think i'm falling for this guy i met a while ago and he just makes me so happy. i dont know how to react though ;w; it's so nice to have so many people to love but also so difficult!! but it makes me happy!

!!!!!!!!! a Good Ask

moosiemoo  asked:

Eyyy, I wanted to just say that you, skrill, and many other of your friends are my biggest inspirations for being better at animation! (And you kinda inspire me to do song covers, I love your voice) I hope that someday I'll be good enough to join you one day, thank you for your time! <3

aaw I’m so happy to hear it! ;; I hope to make you guys happy! and I hope that my friends do the best for ya guys! because they diserve a lot of luv!

Upcoming Works

I was tagged in this by both @persephone-is-here-omg and @thecrownedrose, so here you go.

1. The rest of Cherchez la Femme. Frankly, I’m sad about it, because the reception of it has been mostly blah (you guys who do comment on it, you really don’t know how happy you make me, seriously, I grin stupidly every time I see a like or a comment, so THANK YOU), but if I do not post the rest of it, I definitely know of three people who will come from their respective locations and strangle me, and I don’t wanna die.

2. All of This Blood: For @emilyevanston‘s CAH Challenge. I’ve had it in my computer and I keep forgetting to put it up. It’s coming up today.

The rest of these are on hold, because I’m seriously debating whether or not I want to post any more multi-part fics at that moment

3. Taking Consequences (ON HOLD): This was going to be a fic about Incubus!Steve, requested by @find-me-here2, but the user seems to have disappeared off the face of Tumblr. This makes me sad, because I liked her and she was the first person to ever plug Cherchez. Wherever you are, I hope you’re okay!

4. Diablerie (ON HOLD): This is about Chase Collins. It’s a Reader fic, but it’s mostly from his perspective, so it’s really interesting to write. I’m writing it right now, but I’m kind of iffy on putting it up. 


anonymous asked:

As another trans guy who loves your blog, I'm so happy you wrote for that josu+oku+trans guy s/o request! They were so lovely and supportive, and it helped me get out of a really shitty mood. I dont know what else to say... I'm just so grateful that you are in this fandom!💕💕💕

thank you friend!! <3 i honestly think a josuke/okuyasu boyfriend team would be nothing if not UNERRINGLY SUPPORTIVE AND LOVELY to their s/o no matter what

i’m glad i could help make your mood lighter! <3