muns who talk to me while roleplaying  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

muns who send nice things to me (・∀・ )

muns who help me with something 。◕ ‿ ◕。

muns who like or reblog my stuff  (´∀`)b

muns who like me or my muse   (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

muns who roleplay with me  (ノ・◡・)ノ ♥

muns who worry when i am not online much (⊙ヮ⊙)

muns who say good night or morning to me(   ´∀´)☆

muns who follow me on other social media (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

muns who are crazy like me or sinners like me (ι´Д`)ノ


To: The YOI Fandom

-The People Who Make Inspiring Fanart.

-The People Who Make Outstanding Fics.

-The People Who Create Mind Blowing Theories and Analysis.

-The People Who Watch the Show And Cheer Everyone On.

-The People Who Aren’t in the Fandom But Support the Show and Fandom.

-Passionate Shippers Who Have The Same OTP as Other Shippers.

-The People Who Spread The Word About The Series, Making It More Well Known.

-The People Who Listen To The Awesome Soundtrack.

-The People Who Just Watch And Enjoy.

I want to say thank you all for your effort in making this fandom great and memorable.

From: Troubled Ship Anon

Happy Holidays, Gaang!

This is just a fast, little something for all the best Followers (and anyone else interested) in the world!

You are all the best and are always making me happy and I can’t tell you how truly thankful I am for all your love and support in all the silly things I do.

Have the best of holidays, everyone!

I am in the season of waiting in all aspects of my life and it’s been so hard. Iv’e been weeping to God and my cries are full of pain. But the amazing thing is while crying to Him, i feel His comfort and I know that He is hurting with me. How terrible it must be to see your daughter crying and hurting. But He’s been telling me to just wait and stand firm on my faith. He is molding me to be like Abraham, a man full of faith, even though there is no reason to hope he kept on hoping because he believed that God will fulfill all His promises.

So even though i’m in pain, I am also at peace because God is on my side. Iv’e been through a lot in life and He has always been there for me. This too shall pass.


사실 - Actually

그래서 - And so/ And then/ Therefore

그래도 - Even so

그리고 - And also/And then  

그런데 - But/And then/By the way

그렇지만 - But

그러면 - Then/In that case/If so

그럼 - Then/In that case  

하지만 - But/ However

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