Just over 1,000 followers since I last checked, thanks everybody for all of your support over the past two to three years, it’s extremely satisfying to see these images get taken on, commented on, shared, and generally appreciate by a broader community.

Following spree

Most of the blogs I follow are slowly moving to different fandoms or leaving (and a few have turned really negative and hateful towards people/ships) so I want to start following more blogs

- don’t have to be mutuals
- must be hate/wank free
- 80-90% Supernatural

So if you reblog this I’ll check out your blog!

ashleyfrangiqane deleted

hey guys! it’s anna / ashleyfrangiqane, my blog was terminated for a reason that’s still unknown to me but for some reason it’s still showing up when searched so while i try to get it back, there’s a chance that i won’t which is really disappointing since i’ve had 10k+ and really loved my baby blog but until i get back ashleyfrangiqane or if i get deleted i’ll be using this blog for now! mutuals please reblog/like this and i’ll follow u! also feel free to message me! i want to thank my best friend iamhalseys who gave me this url and helped me when i was freaking out! i love u so much gabby. anyways, please feel free to inbox me and please help me spread this!

Hello there I have reached another milestone and I’m quite surprised that I reached it early than I would have expected. And made a number of new friends along the way yey. Anyway thank you guys for following me and putting up with my shitposts. As per tradition here are some top Quality™ blogs 

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أرى على الطريق أشخاصًا عابرين. بعضُ ما بقي مني يرى أشخاصًا. هؤلاء، على الأرجح، لم يفقدوا شخصًا أحبُّوه. أم أنهم فقدوه، ومع ذلك يكملون الطريق؟! لا أعرف كيف لا تتوقف أرجلنا عن المشي حين نفقد شخصًا نحبُّه. ألم نكن نمشي لا على قدمينا بل على قدميه؟ ألم تكن النزهة كلها من أجله؟ ألم يكن هو النزهة؟
كيف يمشي واحدٌ إذا فقد شخصًا! أنا، حين فقدت شخصًا، توقفت. كان هو الماشي وأنا تابعه. كنت الماشي فيه.و حين توقَّف، لم تعُدْ لي قدمان.
—  وديع سعادة