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All the twilight talk is reminding me of that one story Robert had about a stalker of his - she was outside his hotels day after day for weeks on end, and finally he agreed to go on a date with her, but then on the date he made himself as boring as possible and complained about his work until she had her imaginary version of him completely shattered, like what an #icon


hello have you heard of brad bradson who believes in you very much

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You know i began to follow you because i liked your art style and your comics at first sight, and you're always showing more and more skills into your drawings... i'm deeply impressed, as the story's good, the characters are charming and the way you draw everything, from joy to sadness, is so well done, i hope somedays i'll reach a level this great. Have a nice day, night or morning ❤

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Under the cut you’ll find 80 medium, textless, hq gifs of HAILEE STEINFELD in THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN. All of these gifs were made by me so please like and/or reblog this post if you are using them. As long as you don’t claim them as your own you can use them in any way, but if you add them to a crackship, turn them into gif icons or anything of the sort, please ask for my permission and give me credit.
Warning: Contains drinking.

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You never fail to make me absolutely love your blog! ❤️❤️ okay so I'm really short 4'11. I obsess a lot over tv shows and bands/singers. I'm really funny I guess haha, I make lots of sarcastic and dirty jokes. I like reading a lot, there's never a time in not in the middle of a book and listening to music. My favorite color is yellow which contradicts my dark clothes. I'm really quiet and awkward at first but I can be really loud and have a "I don't give a fuck" attitude. Anyone is fine :)))

To the Anon with the dirty jokes and fighting spirit! Thanks for your support and all the love <3 

You & Saeran 

  • You sat back in the office chair with your legs crossed in front of your computer
  • Book in hand, you were in the middle of a paragraph when a familiar face peered over the top
  • “What are you doing?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.
  • “The concert tickets are about to go on sale and I’m not moving until I buy them,” you said in determination.
  • He glanced at the countdown clock on the screen. “Not even for me?”
  • “Nope, I’m getting these tickets,” you flipped to the next page.  
  • Shiny laminated rectangles dangled in front of you now.
  • “I guess me and my backstage passes will just take our business elsewhere,” Saeran stated in a dismissive tone.
  • Dropping your book you tried to grab them but he held them up high.
  • Even kneeling on the office chair you weren’t tall enough to reach them (that didn’t stop you from trying though).
  • “How did you get those?!”
  • He shrugged. “Places.”
  • You narrowed your eyes and jumped for them only to have him move them higher. “Saeran!!!”
  • “So close shortie,” he had a mischievous smirk. “Maybe if you beg me I’ll give them to you.”
  • “You mean like you did last night?”
  • There was a hint of a blush as he was blind-sided.  “I didn’t-“
  • “M-MC, faster. That feels sooo good,” you imitated being out of breath.
  • His blush deepened. “S-shut up, just take them already.” He dropped them and walked away.
  • You clutched them to your chest and smirked in victory.  You would go find him and reward him for such a great gift.
  • You thought to yourself,  Imma climb that boy like a tree. (≖ᴗ≖)

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Tbh IF Louis ends up with Sony (lets hope not) people would say that he was forced to be with Sony- now believe me, if he ends up with Sony i'm sure he would of have been forced to- but the same people were bitter and nasty towards Harry signing with Columbia as if Harry is free and made that decision himself without obligations and restrictions like i believe he had. So its really obvious that they're not all free at all and had to remain tied to some OT teams, part 1/2

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Niall is still with Modest, Modest Golf, SJPR. Liam is stuck with Chiam, Louis with JGG, SJPR and Simon, even Zayn is tied to Syco. The same people think Liam, Niall and Louis are forced to do things for OT but Not Harry because he has the Azoffs, well- the Azoffs dont have 100% control over Harry because Harry is still tied to OT like the rest of the boys are, why do some thing he did that because he likes Sony? Part 2/2

That’s something I wonder too, because to me no one’s free here 

You are like an Iceberg
You’ve been hurt before and there is so much more
I don’t know
Something made you turn from God
When I see you
I want to watch you
To know you
But I won’t,
because I know i’ll care too much
And it will ruin me

I don’t know your heart
But I know the Lord does
After one of our drives
The lord spoke to me
He said, “I died for him”
I know you don’t have a heart for God
But know, he has a heart for you



His Love For The Unsaved ©

still pecking away...

fixing my broken vines…5 every day…

Because that is all the stupid upload glitch will let me do when editing and uploading video to old posts…it’s so weird. I could make and upload  50 new vines in one day if they where all new posts, but after only fixing five old posts it’s like nope, sorry, you’re done.

So lets see..almost 6000 vines, @ 5 per day…hhmmm….

It’s only gonna take a little over THREE FUCKING YEARS

let’s hope they fix it soon…..lmfao.