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I think that’s really what we worked to get to. I auditioned Timmy to get into this school. He just happened to come to my room for the callback audition, and I remember his audition because I gave him the highest score I’ve ever given a kid auditioning. He was really that good, and he must have been, I don’t know, 13 at the time. It was riveting. He did two monologues, and then I think we had him read his scene. It was already clear that this kid was so interesting and gifted and compelling, and he didn’t get accepted [into the school], which surprised me. His sister was in my class, and she told me, “He didn’t get in.” I was like, “What? How did that happen?” I went to the principal [of the school at the time] … For some reason, who knows, maybe it was something on his middle-school record, lateness, or I don’t know what—[he had been] rejected in the interview. Thank goodness the principal was responsive to me, because I was very incensed that Timmy didn’t get in. To her credit—this was the last principal before the current one—she admitted him. In fact, thank god she did, because, I don’t know, he’d probably be in medical school now.

I’m SO LATE but hey everyone I disappeared over the past few months because I was making a shuyuu doujin for @shuyuuanthology :’D

It’s basically an AU of “what if you could date Mishima before his rank 7 scene” which is a concept I’ve been wanting to explore for a while now…

Anyway preorders end very soon (tomorrow in fact because I’m a big dummy and I forgot to post sample pages till RIGHT NOW) so you can preorder it here at this link

Everyone worked super super hard on this ;o;)

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Do you thnk they kissed at the end of botw?? It’s impossible to tell bcos of how far away the camera angle is and i just want to k n o w

i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can see it pretty clearly in this video if you set the quality to 1080p and watch in fullscreen: Zelda turns around just as Link reaches her and they walk towards the horses together. that’s it

when i first saw the ending i was sitting with my face roughly 1.5 inches from the tv praying please lord nintendo just let them hold hands but i have big dreams about Link picking Zelda up and twirling her disney princess style 


Happy 2018!!

A show of appreciation to @danielhowell for opening up about depression and encouraging people to do the same and get the help they need ✨

Mental health isn’t talked about enough and that’s really harming the people who really do have to go through mental illness. Hopefully this is the year that changes all that!!

Once again, thank you, Dan <3