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Question: do you prefer your comics not get reblogged? I just wanted to ask, because some of your pages are super cool and funny! But I didn't want to reblog without your permission

Whaat, of course I love it when you reblog my work!! I think every artist loves this?? It’s a way for our work to spread and get noticed, and it really means a lot!! So I would be really grateful if you did!! <3 


happy st valentine’s day, my friends! i love you all, stay awesome and spread as much love as possible!
now have some poorly photoshopped portal valentine cards for all your portal valentine card needs!

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I have to ask; that picture of Chell with the glowing yellow eyes. What's the story behind it?! :O It's fantastic and thank you for sharing, by the way!

She fled a world of wreckage and was welcomed with a scant few flickering lights that struggled briefly to shed their incandescence into the gloom before they too passed on. She made her way regardless, relying as much on sound and instincts and purely blind determination. 

No panels rearrange themselves at her presence; no voices call out from the walls.

She had considered herself worth a warning, at the least, but silence is all she receives. 

It’s strange for her to experience the facility this way, as if traversing through the belly of a beast long since passed, and she finds remorse in the idea that the world below might be as dead as the world above.   

Eventually, she reaches the the heart of the complex an within it, a leviathan laying haphazardly across the cold floor.  

Dread tightens the muscles in her throat and clenches her jaw until her teeth grind; she approaches slowly, her body not yet ready to settle on any single feeling. 

She waves her hands in front of the optic that used to outshine the fires they caused. 

When this yields no results, Chell turns her attentions to the surrounding monitors, all equally black and lifeless; pressing them frantically yields nothing but echoing clicks of nails against keys. 

With nothing better to do, no other pressing matters to attend, she walks along the monster’s body. When she reaches the head she stops and rests a hand against the armored plate. One stroke, gentle in its reverence, was all she spared.

Even gods slept, she supposed.  

She turned away, memories overlaying the darkness  with every step she took nearer the exit. 

A click caught her attention, prompting her to turn once more.

Before her, the supercompter rose from the ashes reborn. 

The giant optic flicked on, casting the room in its faint yellow glow.

A smile graced the human’s face as the computer began to speak; 

“Oh, it’s you.”   


“…what do they see in him???”

Thank you guys so so much! I never expected I’d get these sweet messages! It really means a whole lot to me! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy Wheatley all the androids! haha! I really hope to keep it up! Much love to you all! 

((I know this isn’t Half life related, but I just want to draw attention to how Glados moves in the games. She’s not ridgid or limp; she moves, almost like she’s breathing. I really like the idea that she looks like Caroline bound upside down from the ceiling, and you can see it in her, just while she’s sitting idle; she’s not a robot, she’s alive, at least in a way.))

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Yes hello i have been informed of a portal party. That being said I'm here to inspect the cake. Can't have a party without the cake being officially inspected by an official cake inspector, which I am. ((((also hi I love your Wheatley))))

(((Also hi there friend and thank you!!! He loves you too!)))

Dude, like all I wanna do is draw geekenders fanart (who you all should totally check out if you haven’t yet) but my tablet is acting up, so have some art I did a few weeks ago, inspired by one of my personal fave Portal pieces, which I can’t seem to find anymore? If anyone knows where the original piece has gone, please let me know so I can give credit~

Now back to fighting with my tablet.