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oisuga weekend: day three: costumes / promises

a follow up to this…! which in turn is a follow up to my hc that suga ended up giving oikawa the milk bread (but not before scoffing the entire first packet in front of him with kageyama) and his number :3c

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Okay okay. More yandere asks: How about yandere hcs for each team prime member? Like, their traits and tendencies as yandere bots, and what makes them fell that hard to the s/o? Thanks friends UwU <3

Combining these two!

Yandere!Team Prime Bots

Optimus Prime

- Optimus is definitely one of the more subtle yanderes out of the team. Most of what changes is how affectionate he is around the object of his affection; he’ll be much more gentlemanly and protective if his dearest is around. You bring out the best and the worst in him.

- The worst being that he could kill someone and no one would think for a second that it’s him. He could kill a target right in front of you, but you and he both know that no one would believe if you told them.

- Gets much more Ultra Magnus-type stern after he’s encountered a threat.

- Optimus is more likely to fall for kindred souls. Kind people who love their planet, or care about him and his team with all their heart. If you are loving to others, he’ll always love you.

- He also has a thing for long hair.


- As a yandere, Ratch is much more… grumpy? For the longest time, you believe he hates you. He ignores you completely, cuts you off as you’re talking, and barely listens to you. But you eventually understand why once the kids tell you.

- “It’s kind of like a 8-year-old schoolboy crush.” Miko chirped at you, making rapid hand movements to match her little speech. “He’ll pull your hair and act like a total jerk, but it’s really cuz’ he likes you!”

- Ratchet, once he gets over that little phase, is quite the clingy type. He acts like the worst kind of control freak mother hen.

- The doc-bot’s got a thing for logic and patience. He wants to have a forever-mate who can put up with things he does, as well as handle situations with him. He wants a true love that he knows he can put his trust in.


- Bumblebee is the “quiet, innocent” type yandere. He’s the most obvious out of the team, having an “innocent crush” on you. That is, until he kills someone because they were flirting with you.

- ‘Bee is the most clingy of the group, unsurprisingly. He’ll constantly ask you where you’re going, who you’re gonna see, when he’ll see you again, can he come with you??? No??? Are you sure?????

- He’s like a stingy dog that doesn’t want to let his owner leave the house.

- Bee is definitely attracted to sweet singing voices, as well as anyone very innocent and sweet. But honestly, he’s the one with the least standards; you could be a whiny brat but he’d still obsess.


- H O O B O Y

- Bulkhead is the yandere-who-doesn’t-know-he’s-a-yandere type. Very chill. He won’t be overly-possessive of you, and lets you do your own thing, but when someone threatens you or your relationship? BULK SMASH.

- Otherwise, he just seems like a very affectionate and protective friend. You know your Bulky would never hurt you, and only ever wants the best for you. He’ll drive you to school/work whenever he can, and always makes sure to make an exaggerated “Mwah!” before you leave the car. It’s endearing, and he swears his spark soars every time you return the gesture. He’s… not really understand of the fact it’s meant as platonic.

- Ol ‘Bulko gets worse as it goes. It’s basically a downward spiral from affection to obsession.

- Bulkhead is definitely more attracted to independence. If you’re hard-headed and can take a hit, as well as defend yourself the whole way through? Be still his beating spark.



- Not a very obvious yandere herself, but not any less dangerous. She’s possessive to a point it hurts even herself.

- She’s lost a lot of people in her life. Those close to her, and those she loved above all else. When she encountered you, it’s almost as if her spark imploded on itself; filling it with emotions she’d never thought she’d feel again. She vowed to keep you safe through any means nessessary.

- Very stalker-y. Will make sure you get home safe every time you travel, calls you consistently to check up on you. Gets jealous extremely easily; more than once your dates have stood you up for… unknown reasons.

- Arcee is attracted to calmness, but she also has a weakness for pretty eyes/optics. If she can get lost in them, there’s a high chance she’s already staring.

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I like how in the last update only shows flowey reaction implying that Chara reacted differently.

I was afraid this would be too subtle ahaha. But here’s an edited version of the text that ends the flashback. (Flowey and the first fallen human’s lines match exactly.)
So the kid did react differently, yes, but that’s because Asriel agreed to the whole Hero thing. Sunny deviated from the little memory-inspired mental script Flowey was following, and so that parallel was cut short. :)

But thank you, friend! uwu

Lady, you’re going to be the DEATH of me.
Listen here on 8tracks!

A soriel mix based on Reapertale! Much thanks to renrink for suggesting some nice songs and creating this fantastic AU~ (annotations added for the feels)

cover art here 
(thank you my bone friend uwu)


1) October & April by The Rasmus (feat. Anette Olzon)
2) When The Day Met The Night by Panic! At the Disco
3) From Eden by Hozier
4) I See the Light by Peter Hollens (feat. Evynne Hollens)
5) A Thousand Years by Clara C (feat. Legaci)
6) I Love You Too Much by 【Anna】
7) Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
8) Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran
9) She Moved Through the Fair by Peter Hollens
10) For The Dancing And The Dreaming by Peter Hollens (feat. Evynne Hollens)


My life so far has been mostly practice, practice, practice. I have stage fright, but it’s worth it to see other people smiling back.

Olivia taken at Anime North 2015!

just so every one knows Lalna gave Nano the Sapphire right before she went into space at the end of Galacticraft #33 Hang Gliders ( ) , it came with her to the (at the time) new server and has only left her inventory once. this time was when she was riding the nukes they were launching at Lalna’s castle, she puts it in a chest in Flux Buddies #84 For Science! ( ), when they got back to panda labs two episodes later she instantly put it back into her inventory and it didn’t leave her inventory again. it became a part of Nano’s skin because Aeverelle (found here ) drew one metric shit ton of pictures where the Sapphire was a necklace, i can’t remember which one was fist though, and because Kirin made it so that Sapphires were SUPER hella rare in the RR3 Project Flux and because Kim and Duncan love to torture their fans. -Firewolf1800

This pretty much sums it up, yeah! thanks friend uwu

-Mod Peculier

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hey man you asked for sabriel prompts (I have so freaking many but I cant write fanfiction) -april fools where sam gets gabes wings -gabe forcing chuck to write fanfiction -gabes birthday results in a prank war (btw I love your writing)

(aww thank you friend uwu)

also this is short sorry—but i really like this idea so i may continue it sometime soon yeee 

Don’t ask Gabriel how it happens, because he doesn’t fucking know, okay?  

March 31st, 11:59PM, he’s happily curled up to Sam. Stretching his wings out after hugging them close to his body for too long in case a wave of pleasure caused them to poof onto this plane of existence again. (Which was something he’d never actually thought would happen till Sam’s new, ahem, talent was discovered. After the untimely demise of Sam’s bedside lamp, Gabriel learnt to be more careful about where he put his wings when he and Sam were dancing the horizontal tango.) 

April 1st, midnight. Four zeros on the clock, and he’s got a faceful of feathers. Golden feathers. With auburn tips. Very distinctive feathers. Very distinctively his. And very distinctively not attached to him in the slightest.

The wings they are attached to, however, are now whacking Gabriel in the face with small, panicked little flaps. 

“Would—you—stop—that—!” Gabriel releases a yelp of alarm as he’s knocked off the bed, landing face-down on the floor. With a groan, he hauls himself up into a sitting position and rubs his abused face displeasedly. He doubts it’ll bruise—he can thank the healing wonders of his archangelness for that much—but it still sucks a dick to have his face battered like that. Or, you know, doesn’t, since sucking dick can actually be fun sometimes. 


Using the eye that doesn’t feel like it’s been beaten into a glob of seeing-jelly, Gabriel peers at what’s on the bed. He raises his eyebrows. 

Sam sits on his haunches, wide-eyed and half enveloped by a pair of large, aureate wings—and, probably for the first time in his entire life, he actually looks dwarfed by something. He bats at one of the wings tentatively, lifts his gaze to Gabriel and says, “Wings!?“ 

"Glad to see at least your eyes still work.” Gabriel pulls himself to his feet, stumbling slightly. He holds out his arms till he regains his balance entirely.

"I’ve got wings,” Sam elaborates. 

My wings, to be precise,” adds Gabriel. 

Sam blinks, stretching one of the appendages curiously. Before Gabriel can warn him, the TV’s gone flying in a graceful arc straight into the wall. There’s a theatrical crash as it hits the floor.

Sam starts, craning his neck in an attempt to see over the arched tip of his wing. ”Shit,” he says when he sees the wreckage. 

“Yup,” Gabriel observes dismally as he stares down at the shattered set. “They were gonna play The Notebook in a couple hours, too.”


Gabriel shrugs off the apology, deciding that, worst comes to worst, he’ll crawl into Dean and Castiel’s bed to watch the movie. It’s doubtful that either of them would be too pleased by his presence, but they’d just have to deal with it. It’s not his fault his boyfriend grew wings. 

Speaking of. 

Gabriel reaches behind himself, grateful for his Holy Flexibility as he grapples uselessly at the back of his shirt. After some impressive contortions, he comes to the conclusion that there are no familiar wisps of warmth where his wings should be. Which means the ones Sam’s currently struggling with are, without a doubt, the real deal. 


"Houston,” says Gabriel slowly, “we have a problem.”

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           The motherly warning had come a few days too late, and that much could probably accredited to the simple fact that he had no mother to provide him with such cautions. It was likely one of the building blocks that shaped his reckless impulsivity as well– the kind that urged him to go leaping across the rooftops of Paris in below freezing temperatures without any precautionary measures, such as a hat or a scarf or a coat.

           The shiver that wracked him could more truthfully attributed to the fever he was running rather than the frigid wind chill. And by the third day of ignoring the onset symptoms of the cold, he’d finally been done in. Weakness had begun to set in, his limbs weary from fighting to stave off the infection, and it was probably the first stroke of good luck he’d had since acquiring the Miracle Stone that this particular roof hadn’t been especially high. Because by the time he’d landed on it, his vision was swimming nearly as much as his head, and the toe of his shoe caught the lip of the scaffolding and sent him tumbling off the gutter and into the alley, his fall only partially broken by a trash can. By the time he’d gathered enough awareness to realize he’d fallen and summon the strength to sit upright and recline his back against the wall, his consciousness had begun to fail him. He even imagined briefly that he heard the warm, welcoming voice of his Lady coming to care for him.

           Warmth. Suddenly, there was warmth surrounding his mouth and cheeks, and while initially he’d thought it to be the comforts of sleep, he was soon withdrawn from the theory by that same familiar voice. Emerald eyes glazed over with fever and exhaustion reflected against heavenly blue, and a drowsy disbelief was offered in response as she knelt down before him.

           ❝Mmn… my …my lady…?

           Make that his second stroke of good luck, as it seemed. He was clinging to consciousness by a thread as thin as the string of her yo-yo, but a thick, tight blink of his eyes in an attempt to clear his vision swept what surely must have been the hallucination away. No… no, this wasn’t her. There was no red; no mask. This was the girl who sat behind him in class– Marinette. But by this point, his teeth had begun to chatter so viciously that he couldn’t articulate the correction, and the icy burn of the snow his limbs had settled in had started to seep into his leather-clad skin.

my lady…. as soon as those words left his lips, a fleeting look of panic came across her face. He recognized her, by the sound of her voice or maybe the way her hair fell – but he didn’t really realize it was her, he surly hadn’t before at least. He seemed like he wasn’t himself and she looked to him in concern, hand reaching to brush some fallen snow off the ears on his head.

“Chat, I’m not…” she started. She took notice of how his eyes were feverish and she instantly took her hand to his forehead, feeling the heat of his skin beneath her palms as the heat clung to her skin. A fever – how long had he been out here? Concern clear in her eyes, Marinette shrugged off her jacket and wrapped him in it, the cold air biting through her sweater. She couldn’t leave him out here, couldn’t let him freeze - who was she to save Paris with? Who would give her cat related puns at almost all times? The chattering of teeth pulled her out of thought as she pulled her warm overcoat around his shoulders. She had to get him inside.

“It’s me, Marinette.” She told him, leaning forward and pressing her palm to his upper arm. Gently, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him, thinking maybe she could bring him to her house and get him somewhere warm, safe, and NOT a backstreet alley in the middle of the snowy winter. “You remember me, right?” she asked, giving him a small smile. 

“ What happened to you? Why are you out here without something to keep you warm?” She questioned, voice clearly more heavily laced with CONCERN than anything else. Even she as Ladybug had taken to put on an overcoat when they patrolled the city in this cold weather, he hadn’t - even after she told him he should these past few days. This is what happens when you have bad luck & tempt the cold. She thought as she looked towards the end of the alleyway and could see the lights of the Dupain-Cheng household and bakery, it really wasn’t that far, she could carry him if he let her. “Care to come to my house and thaw out?” She asked with a warm smile, nodding towards the direction of her home.


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I get that not everyone obsessively watched all the Mackie/Stan videos or was tagged in maybe literally every one that was floating around tumblr THANKS FRIENDS UWU but I feel like we as a fandom need to embrace the bald fact that Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are as well cast in their roles as Chris Evans and RJD are in theirs, that the Russos explicitly based Sam and Bucky’s interactions off the way the actors behave in real life (which is flirty as hell, especially on Mackie’s part) - but even going strictly by canon, just by what is up on screen, Sam’s got just as much innuendo/in-jokes, bedroom eyes, 

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lingering, meaningful glances,

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and banter,

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as Steve and Bucky do, with the added bonus of two fewer canon female love interests than Steve, and one fewer than Bucky, 

and you walk out of the theater thinking Sam’s the only one of them who couldn’t be queer, who’s “just an ally,” then I don’t know, 

maybe you should think about why.