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Spain's female bodyguards who protect abused women - BBC News
The story of Ana, a victim of domestic violence, and how an organisation of women bodyguards came to her help.

Edemm is a Basque organization that protects women from their abusive partners - much like India’s Gulabi Gang, or the Afghan secret service organized under Soraya Tarzi, both covered here previously.

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Reign II (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1774

Summary:Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader.

Warnings: None

A/N: Part two! I hope you all enjoy this. If you missed part one, the masterlist will be linked below. message me or comment if you want to be added to the tag list!


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I have already posted this on my instagram @/frankdrawz, but I thought I needed to post it here too.

Those are the eyes of a guy full of dreams and goals, inspiring people to follow and accomplish their own dreams and goals. Thank you, Thomas, for making lots of people smile every day. Thank you, Tommy, you are amazing, so talented. Thank you, Tom.



#TGIF!🎉🎊🎉 The Roma Cartoon Festival starts today and I can’t wait! 😆 It’s been my dream to do a show here in Italy for years! 💖 I can’t thank Francesca and Sonia enough for having me!! You’ve made my dream come true☺💓Which is why “Diana Dreamcatcher” 🐍🦋🐞 is such a perfect fit for this show since she’s the goddess of dreams😪💭Diana’s as warm and sunny as Rome is right now! 💛☀Holy mamma yamma it’s hot! 😲🌡I hope you lovelies can come see me today and take a break from the heat! 😊 I really wanted to bring some special items with me for the festival✨✨ I’ll be here all weekend so you can check out “Diana Dreamcatcher” and my other fun goodies in my exhibition room 😀💞 I also have some live painting today and signing events scheduled too 🖌✏❤  Stop by and come say hi! 🤗 See you soon lovelies! 😄💝

anonymous asked:

What do you think the Saving Francesca gang would post about if they had Instagram? Would they be themed, artsy, pictures of each other etc??

oh this is interesting to think about!

out of the girls, I feel like Siobhan would be the last one to get Instagram; she’s more of a living in the present kind of person, but after the girls kept pestering her she relented and created one. She usually posts photos of her everyday life for the girls, where she’s been and where she’s going, pictures of buildings and places (and sometimes cute guys sightings at the subway), Euro trip photos. She has an A+ aesthetic game because Siobhan is a flawless Queen of everything.

Frankie would be the type to post candid pictures and videos of her people; the gang getting together, Ned flipping T-bones at Stani’s, embarrassing photos of Luca (and tagging Anabel in all of them, much to his horror), Bob and Mia looking at each other with love over breakfast, cheek to cheek selfies with Will (who hates selfies and almost never stares straight into the camera). The best thing about Frankie’s Instagram is, of course, her music covers, sometimes featuring Luca or Tom on the guitar.

Tom’s Instagram would be basically similar to Frankie’s. I don’t see him posting much on it but when he does, he posts about his people: his women (Jacinta, Anabel, Georgie, Nanni Grace, and Tara), Anabel learning guitar (while Luca hovering in the background) (cropped, of course), Ned lying bleary-eyed on the couch in the morning during one of his sleepovers at Tom’s house, Tara’s cooking attempts, Cards Against Humanity nights with the gang + Ned & Mohsin. Tom’s a troll-commenter tho. He especially likes trolling Frankie’s missing-Will posts.

I feel like Justine’s Instagram would be the most artsy of the crew. For some unexplainable reason, in my head Justine can knit (hahah) so her Instagram would be a mix of display of her knittings, doodles of EP cover design ideas, screenshots of her currently-listening songs (she and Tom exchange new music discoveries), and sporadic pictures of Ben Cassidy. Also Justine’s room aesthetic is A+.     

I also don’t really see Tara posting much on Instagram but when she does, she makes it count. Hers would mostly be on current events happening all over the world, and she writes long, loooooong passionate captions. Tara prefers Twitter to Instagram; easier to do long threads of discussion. 

Jimmy treats Instagram like Blue’s Clues. He posts obscure pictures of the places he’s currently in for the gang to guess (this stresses Frankie out a great deal) and reveals the places later in. Once out of the blue he texted Frankie to keep an eye on his posts and started posting pictures (and exasperated the heck out of her; “This is a white wall. WHITE WALL, JIM. HOW IS THIS HELPFUL?”) until the last one revealed to be her own front door, and when Frankie ran to open it there he was after a few months away, standing on her front step with a big grin on his face. He made her cry.

Will would blatantly refuse to get Instagram no matter how hard Frankie pesters him to because ain’t nobody got time for that. He prefers to send photos to Frankie privately anyway ;)

[Full Quotes Regarding Irene]

“Oh the posh boy loves the dominatrix, he’s never knowingly under-clichéd, is he?”

“How does this work? You and the Woman. Do you guys go to a discreet Harvester sometimes? Is there nights of passion in High Wycombe?”

“She’s out there, she likes you, and she’s alive! And do you have the first idea how lucky you are?! Yes she’s a lunatic, she’s a criminal, she’s insanely dangerous. Trust you to fall for a sociopath!” 

“Just text her back. Because High Wycombe is better than you are currently equipped to understand!”

“Just text her, phone her, do something while there’s still a chance, because that chance doesn’t last forever. Trust me, Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it. Before you know it!”

For reference ☺ Plus the confirmation that Irene had always known Sherlock’s birthday whilst not even John did.

*Editing to add (thank you! @francesca-wayland): “People text. Even I text. Her, I mean. Woman. Bad idea. Try not to, but you know, sometimes..”

@woman-in-the-box tagged me to post 9 of my top favorite albums and then tag 9 people - thank you Francesca!! 🤘🏼🖤🕷💿 

My favorite albums are always liable to change but this list is a few of my all time favorites that I listen to on a regular basis ♥️

  1. Dirt by Alice in Chains
  2. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge by Van Halen
  3. High Voltage by AC/DC
  4. Boggy Depot by Jerry Cantrell
  5. Push by Gruntruck
  6. Facelift by Alice in Chains
  7. Rock and Roll Over by KISS
  8. Ballbreaker by AC/DC  
  9. A Different Kind of Truth by Van Halen 

Now I’ll tag these people and feel free to ignore this if you’ve already been tagged or don’t want to do it: @fresh-deadly-rosess, @rock-basstard, @i-think-its-gonna-rain, @afterthe-ordeal, @latoolralus, @gimme-stitches@arpeggiii, @grantcary, @alice-in-pearls, @greywouldbethecolour 😊


camp korra: the line, the party, the sdcc tradition

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Jessie Mueller & Kelli O'Hara (aka Francesca Johnson) - Halloween 2015.