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Can you write something with Luke where he randomly start to push you away (you’re dating) and you confront him and you find out its bcuz he thinks you deserve better and you comfort him and stuff

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Warning: slight smut

Your POV

Luke and I were sitting in front of the television, I was in my underwear because it was hot as fuck, but no matter how much I protested Luke wouldn’t take off his shirt. I wanted him to, though. I always thought he was attractive, no matter what time of day.

“Please Luke?” I begged, giving him my best puppy dog look I could muster. “For me?”

“No.” He stuck to his word and refused to do anything all night. I tried to kiss him, and he moved his face so I caught his cheek, and it wasn’t really doing wonders for my self esteem.

When a commercial came on, I thought it’d be fun to do something, so I climbed over him so I was straddling him, but he pushed me off so he could watch the Sham Wow commercial.

“What’s so fucking special about Shamwow that you don’t want to kiss your girlfriend over.” I started to sulk and grabbed the blanket so I was hiding under it.

“I’ve memorized this commercial, how is it not special?” I looked up at him, and his eyes were hiding something. I couldn’t tell what, but I felt like he didn’t want me here. If he didn’t, he could at least just said so instead of pushing me away all night.

I sighed and didn’t respond. Instead I tried to grab his hand. We were watching TV, of course I wanted to cuddle, but I guess I had the plague or something because he pulled his hand away from me, eyes glued.

“If you don’t want me here, then why don’t you just say it.”

“What?” he asked me, finally looking away from the TV. I rolled my eyes. He’s so fucking oblivious sometimes.

“You’ve been avoiding me all night, Luke. What gives?”

“Nothing gives, I haven’t been avoiding you.”

“You haven’t been avoiding me? I climb into your lap and you push me off, which you’ve told me you love by the way. I try to kiss you and you move your face so I hit your cheek. I try to hold your hand and you pull away. So what the hell is wrong? Am I annoying you?”

Luke sighed and turned off the TV, turning around to face me. He looked to the floor and didn’t look up. Instead he played with my fingers, causing me to bite my lips and look anywhere but at his eyes. “You’re not annoying me,” he said after a while of silence.

“Then what the hell am I doing wrong?”

“I just, I don’t feel like. Never mind.”

“No, Luke. Tell me.” I turned his face so that he was actually looking at me. He gazed into my eyes for a bit until he looked away. He was fidgeting all around, but stood up suddenly, taking me by surprise.

“Where are you going?” I asked him, getting up as well.


“What? Why?” I followed him outside as he grabbed his keys and wandered away.

“Because.” Was all he said. He went out the door, and I followed him.

“I can’t just let you leave.” I got into the passenger seat and buckled up. He looked hesitantly at the car until he gave in and climbed in. We drove in silence for a bit until I turned on the radio, but Luke immediately shut it off, making me wonder what the hell was going on.

After a while, he pulls into a park. Since it’s so late, we’re the only ones here, and honestly I feel like I’m going to get murdered. But I keep my mouth shut.

“Y/N..” Luke starts. My head snaps up and I see him, sad and everything. Why is he sad? I thought we were having a good time.

“What is it, Luke?”

“I tried to drive because I thought I’d be able to drive away from the thoughts in my head, but they just keep following me and I can’t get them to stop.”

“What’re they saying?” I reached out for his hand, and this time he didn’t try to pull away.

“I’m not good enough.”

“What?” I didn’t hear him all too well, he was whispering.

“I’m not good enough for you. They’re telling me that I’m not enough for you. That I don’t deserve the love you give me, I’m too ugly, just not right for you. They won’t shut the fuck up.” Luke puts his head in his hands, trying to rid his mind of the thoughts, and all I can think of is that he doesn’t feel good enough to be with me? That doesn’t make any sense.

“Luke,” I murmur, bringing him to me, and cradling his head in my arms. “No one deserves to have those thoughts. No one. You’re good enough to have me, there’s absolutely nothing that makes you worth any less.”

“I’m a terrible boyfriend, Y/N.” His voice is so quiet, I’m afraid it’s going to break. But I hold him close, telling him that everything is going to be okay. That he doesn’t need to be more than he already is.

“You’re not a terrible boyfriend. You’re just right. Look at me, Luke.” My eyes are met with his crystal ones, and I try hard not to kiss the hell out of him. “I love everything about you. I love your face and your hair and your lips. Your soft lips.” I kissed him briefly as I said that part. “I love your hair,” I whispered as I ran my hand through his soft blonde hair. “I love your eyebrows, and your eyelashes.” I kissed each eye, and he sighed briefly. “I love your neck,” I nipped softly at his neck. “I love your chest and your arms and the way you hold me.” I was straddling him at this point, his seat was pushed back so I could do this. “I love that right there,” I point to his dick, smirking slightly. “And the way it feels. I love your legs and the way you walk. I love everything about you, Luke. Everything.”

Luke just gave me a half smile, and his hands had wandered to my ass, squeezing it lightly. He brought me closer so we could kiss, and his tongue was exploring my mouth. I nipped at his lips, and my hands were wandering through his hair.

We were jolted by a light tap on the window, and when we looked out, it was a police officer. “I’m sure you kids are having a hell of a time. But go home. It’s late.”

I blushed and slowly crawled off of Luke. He just laughed and looked at me, his face flushed. “Well that wasn’t awkward,” Luke giggled.

We drove home, and I was actually really turned on by what had happened, and hoped Luke would follow up on what happened in the car. When we got home, I started to get out, but he stopped me. “Wait here,” he told me. I nodded and sat patiently.

Luke got out of the car and came around to the other side. He opened the door and opened his arms. I started to climb out, but he pushed me back in. “No, no, no. I’m picking you up.”

I looked at him in confusion, but he simply slid his arms under me and hoisted me up to carry me to our room. I held on for dear life, nervous that he’d drop me, though I did have full faith in him, I wasn’t too keen on being carried. But Luke seemed to think otherwise.

We got to the bed, and he tossed me on it, throwing off his shirt in frustration. “It’s just so like you to give me a boner in the middle of an emotional speech,” he giggled, climbing over on top of me.

“It’s my secret talent. Just call me Erection Girl.”

“I’m not calling you that.” He tore off my shirt, and straddled me, pinning down my hands so I couldn’t push him off. Not that I wanted to, but just in case. He shimmied out of his pants, helping me out of mine too, and the only thing that was stopping us now was out underwear. Luke grinded up and down on me, causing me to moan and smile.

It wasn’t long before all the clothes were on the ground and he was going fast in me. We didn’t stop for a while. And we didn’t want to. We changed positions every so often until Luke was struggling visually to keep himself together. at this point I was sitting on him, straddling, moving myself up and down.

“Let go for me, babe,” I whispered in his ear. “I will too.”

He gave out on his climax, and I let go too, shooting a wave of euphoria through our bodies. We were sweaty and sticky, but we had got out all our frustrations in this. We were happy, satisfied.

I turned on my side, facing Luke, and he held my hands in his and kissed them. I smiled at him. “You really are the best boyfriend.” I sighed and kissed his fingers.

“I’m lucky to call you mine, Y/N.” We held each other like that until we both passed out from emotional and physical distress, but with a smile on our faces, because what better to fall asleep next to the one you love?

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do you ever have a day where literally everything goes wrong until after a certain point you stop being surprised or hurt by it you just kind of accept that today the universe is spitting on you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it

Pushed Over the Edge (Yoongi)

note to self: listening to 4MEN’s ballads while writing angst is a recipe for some angsty angstier angst. but really i love that this request allowed me so much freedom but it also gave me a a couple specific directions to choose from. 

if you have more requests like this (please refer to this for some options) for the other members, let me know! i’m still working hard on other requests as well. thank you lovelies for your patience <3

Genre: angst makes me cry

Word count: 1349

Rating: S for I always make yoongi Swear like a sailor im so sorry (language, involvement of alcohol, implied suicide)

**WARNING** please do not read this if suicide is a trigger or an uncomfortable topic for you. there is nothing graphic mentioned but suicide itself is clearly implied so please read with discretion.  

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Commission for the awesome Evoc!

this time it’s little Chio…he’s already had a snack…but that pensive look is directed at YOU, dear reader. Be prepared to run…or of course submit…i suppose it entirely depends on what side of the tum you’d like to be on XD

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Trapped Pt. 5

So I took forever, but I wrote the next part (though I did a crummy job editing it, so excuse the errors). Thanks for your patience! Now its borntosik’s turn to take it away (if you still want to that is)!

My first part

borntosik second part

lethallylauren third part

happyfrasers fourth part

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With her breathing back to normal she realized how close he was, and how the scent of tobacco on his fingers and the slight scent of CK One was heavenly. As his fingers stroked her cheek she started to lose herself in the sensation her eyes closing as she reveled in his soft touch. His touch was intimate and felt surprisingly comfortable. It was like when her mum used to comfort her after she fell and scraped her knee, but with there was the added shiver that ran down her boy and a sensation in her stomach she couldn’t remember ever feeling before.

She opened her eyes and gave him a timid smile. “Alright, girl?“ He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear as he looked at her, eyebrows raised in question. She nodded and he seated himself against the elevator wall next to her. She instantly missed his touch.

“How did you know what to do?” She looked over at him and met his stare for a moment, but he quickly looked away.

“Me nan had panic attacks when she started losing her memory. It was awful frightening, but eventually me and my da were able to calm her down.” He continued to avoid her stare, instead looking down at his fidgeting hands playing with a small hole in his jeans. She wanted to ask what happened to his nan, but hesitated, afraid of the inevitable answer he would give. “Does this happen to you a lot?” His hands had stopped moving and he looked at her, his face wrinkled in concern.

“Not a lot, but it happens. But I should be fine at work, its just something about elevators that make me panic. I can take the stairs from now on so you don’t have to worry. I don’t want you to think I’m mental, it’s just…”

“Hey, I wasn’t worried about how would it effect your work, I was just worried about you.” He put his hand over hers and made small circles with his thumb. “You really worried me for a minute, girl.”

“FINN, FINN, YOU IN THERE??” a familiar voice came over the small speaker in the elevator. Finn hoped up and pressed the button with a picture of a phone on it.

“Yeah da, it’s me and Rae, bloody thing just stopped out of nowhere.”

“Unfortunately it stopped between floors so we can’t pry open the doors and get you two out, but I called the company and they should be here within an hour.” Finn looked back at Rae who’s eyes had grown wide with fear.

“Well tell em to hurry, don’t want to waste my whole day in this bloody elevator!”

“I know son, well you two boys sit tight, they’ll be here soon enough.”

“It’s Rae as in Rachel, da, not Raymond”

“Well in that case, I don’t want any hanky-panky going on in there. I’m too young to be a granddad.”  Finn’s face turned bright red. Groovy Gary sure knew how to embarrass the fuck out of him.

“Da just tell them to hurry!” He turned around shaking his head and gave Rae a sheepish look. He noticed her cheeks had a faint blush to them and she shyly smiled back at him.

He paced across the small space. “He can be so daft sometimes. What the fuck does hanky-panky even mean? He thinks I’m just going to have sex with a girl in a broken elevator?”

“I know you wouldn’t do anything with a girl like me.” He hadn’t realized she could understand his grumpy, mumbled frustrations and stopped to look down at her, convinced he misheard her.

“Rae, what are you talking about?” She gave him a surprised look. I guess she didn’t realize how audible she was being either.

“Finn, I know there’s never any chance that fit guys like you would engage with me in anything that could be construed as hanky-panky” She spit out the last word like it was vitriol. “And there’s probably a girlfriend who’s gunna be pissed you had to spend your afternoon trapped in here with a minger like me.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend and even if I did, I could never be with someone who could refer to you like that.” He stepped closer to her so he was standing right in front of her.

“Rae, you just amazed me with your music knowledge. The way you can effortlessly articulate why you like nearly all the same bands I do blew me away.” He kneeled in front of her and lightly held her cheek. She kept her eyes averted from his glance. “When I ran into you in the elevator earlier I was so attracted to you I acted like a complete knobhead.” With this she looked up at him and smirked.

At that moment the elevator lurched and Finn fell forward, throwing his palms against the wall on either side of her to brace himself. This left his face so close he could feel her breath against his lips. Her breathing was heavy and she didn’t seem to be experiencing the same panic like before.

“Are you O.K.?” Her head moved up and down in the slightest nod.  

“Would it be terribly inappropriate if I wanted to kiss you right now?” The second he felt her whisper no he had engulfed her bottom lip with his mouth, running his hand through her silky hair and pushing their bodies flush against the wall. Her hands inched up his torso and fisted his shirt. His tongue pushed against hers and when he heard her let out the smallest sigh, he knew she was enjoying it. He started to trail kisses down her jaw and she leaned her head back against the wall, inviting him to devour her delicate porcelain skin across her neck and collar bone. One of her hands ran through the hair at the nape of his neck and he couldn’t help but moan against her skin. He lifted up to look at her and make sure she was comfortable, he didn’t often attack strangers who had just had a panic attack on the floor of the elevator, this was new to him. There bodies no longer touching she took the opportunity to relax her legs, so her knees were no longer a barrier between their bodies and instead of awkwardly leaning over her he was able to straddle her thigh and press his chest into her as he returned to submerge himself in her luscious lips. He felt her moan against him as he depended the kiss, slightly concerned how she felt about his erection now pressing into her leg. He pushed his worries aside as her hands traveled up his back and chest, gripping him tight against her.

The elevator jerked, jostling their mouths apart. They felt it start its ascent back up to the 7th floor and stared at each other silently.

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Iwaoi and nine for the pairing numbers!! Thank you!!

Hello and thanks, Anon! :D I hope you weren’t expecting any sort of sinful writing from me, but if you were, I hope you are prepared for DISAPPOINTMENT (6w6 ) (lots of love and thanks to Isy and Viv for the idea!)

Btw, overall ficlets progress - I ended up with a whopping 18 prompts (I LOVE YOU ALL) so I’m going to go through them slowly, and really appreciate your patience in the meantime! ( `v’)b Now, onto the fic!

(aged-up characters, restaurant AU, first meeting)

IwaOi + 9. grinding


“Cracked pepper on your steak, sir?”

“Oh, uh…” Iwaizumi gave the waiter, who was holding a large pepper grinder out to him, a quick half-glance in his direction out of politeness more than anything before returning his attention back to the document he was reading. “No, thank you.”

“How about with your mashed potatoes, sir?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you.”

“On your salad, perhaps?”

“No, I’m–”

“Your mushroom sauce, sir?”

“I– no,” said Iwaizumi, now looking up to throw him a look of annoyance. “I don’t need any p–”

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Hello, I love your imagines omg, anyway can you write one where y/n has never kissed someone before and she confesses to jack so he decided to teach her and end up having hot make out session?

AN This was super cute to write, thanks so much for requesting, guys. I try to get to you as soon as I can and I’m really sorry if it takes so damn long to get to you. I don’t work Tuesday, so maybe I can double update tomorrow night? That’d be cool. Thanks so much for your guys’ support and patience, I love you so much. [PS 13k reads on Wattpad???? wowzers]

Your POV

To say you’re my age and you’ve never been kissed is pretty embarrassing. Considering most of my friends have already gone further than first base, it’d make sense that I’d be nervous to tell my secret to anyone.

You talk to anyone at school and they’ll either ask you who I am, or they’d think I’m some experienced whore that fucks everything that moves. All this because I have a couple of guy friends. If anyone has had guy friends as a girl, you’d know that regardless of whether or not they like you romantically, they’ll automatically flirt with you. It’s in their blood as a dude. So that makes me automatically the world’s biggest slut just because I’m friends with people that have dicks.

This comes as a shocker to people when I tell them. This is why I refuse to tell anyone. But recently I’ve been getting really close with my friend, Jack. It started with just a few movies, but weeks later, we’d be at each other’s houses constantly. I think his mom is seriously questioning adopting me.

So Jack and I were hanging out at his house again watching Austin Powers, in his bed. Over the past few weeks, we’d been getting closer, and that just made it all the more comfortable to cuddle with him.

There was a funny scene in the movie, and when Jack laughed, my head slipped from my hand and fell on Jack’s chest. “Oops, sorry,” I said sheepishly, immediately moving.

“No, it’s okay,” he put a hand on my arm making me question everything in general. “You can rest your head on my chest if you want.”

“Okay,” I muttered before laying my head on him. It felt nice, but I was worried of crushing him, he felt so fragile.

“You can rest you know, don’t tense up.”

“Okay.” I relaxed my shoulders and neck allowing all the weight that would, fall into Jack. He sighed happily and rubbed his hand up and down my arm, sending chills throughout. Is it just me, or does this scream sexual tension? I’ve never cuddled with my friends like this before.

He gave me a short and sudden squeeze on my waist, and I tensed up again. I heard a laugh escape his lips, and he moved his head to look at me. He motioned for me to sit up, and I did - reluctantly.

“Do you want to play truth or dare?” he asked me suddenly.

“Why would we play that? I thought we were watching the movie.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve seen it before. Plus, we’ve hung out a bunch and yet I feel like I know nothing about you.”

I sighed before agreeing. “Fine.” He cheered and turned off the TV, facing me on his bed, crisscrossing his legs.

“You go first,” he said excitedly.

“Okay, truth or dare?”

“I’ll start with something easy. Truth.”

“Uh, when was the last time you masturbated?”

“Getting personal here, fine. You want the truth?”

I shrugged nonchalantly. “It is called truth or dare.”

“Today. Like fifteen minutes before you came here.”

“That seems legit.”

He laughed but nodded. “Okay my turn, truth or dare?”

“Truth, I guess.”

“What’s the furthest you’ve gone with a guy?”

Fuck. This is my least favorite question. I haven’t told Jack about anything of my nonexistent sex life or anything remotely close to that. Truth or dare, more like tell me who you like or perform some strange sexual act. “Uh. I haven’t.”

“What?” he cocked his head to the side, and it made me bite my lip. Why did he have to be so cute. One boy should not be this cute. “What do you mean?”

“It means I haven’t gone far with a guy at all. I’ve never had my first kiss.” Why didn’t I lie to him? I’ve always lied, it was easier that way. For some reason I didn’t want to lie to Jack. He felt like a safe person to invest my secrets in.

“You mean nothing past cuddling? At all? You’re 100% virgin?”

“Sure am.”

“That’s surprising.”

My eyebrows shot up and I smacked him on the arm, earning a small grunt in pain. “What’s so surprising about it?” I inquired.

“Well I mean like, the people that know who you are tell me you’re some slut that only hangs around guys so she can fuck them.”

“You think that was what I was doing to you?”

“No, I think you’re really cool actually. Just wondered why they thought that. I mean you’re so tiny and pure and innocent. It’s kind of adorable actually.” My heart fluttered at his words. Jack calling me adorable? I simply can’t take it. Why would he do that?

I didn’t say anything, and just hid my face, looking away. I suddenly felt so self conscious. I pulled my sweater over my hands to cover my mouth so I could feel better. I don’t know why that always helps.

“It’s your turn, you know,” he reminded me.

“Right. Truth or dare?”


“I dare you to tell the next cute girl you see that you’re a unicorn on a secret mission.”

“Y/N, we’re in my room at ten at night, what cute girls would I see that aren’t you.”


“I’m a unicorn on a secret mission.”

“Hey, that’s not fair.”

“What, you’re a cute girl and I see you, so I have to tell you.”

I blushed and glanced down at my hands. Damn, he was smooth. Maybe I walked into that one. I wasn’t thinking though, I was expecting him to like yell it out his window or something. “Your turn,” I whispered.

“Truth or dare.”


“I dare you to kiss me.” What the fuck? No way, I’m not kissing this noodle. I don’t want my first kiss to be wasted on some dare with a guy in his room at ten at night. My head shot up and my eyebrows furrowed.


“Think about it, Y/N. You’ll be getting your first kiss out of the way. Plus, it’ll be my pleasure to teach you the basics and whatnot. I can’t say I’ve done many interesting things with my life, but I can definitely say that taking your first kiss would be my pleasure.”

Well, Jack’s not wrong. But giving him my first kiss? That’s a weird thing to think about. I’ve never had a perfect image of what it should be like, no white horses or large castles or anything, but I did want it to be with someone I liked. But he said he could teach me. It’d suck to kiss someone you liked and then be terrible at it. Plus, Jack is cute, so it wouldn’t be too wasteful.

I took a deep breath before replying. “Okay,” I said to him. His head snapped up, and he stared in my eyes.

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, sure. It’ll be easier.”

“Okay.” He gave me a wide grin and I smiled shyly back. He scooted closer, still crisscrossed. I moved my knees out of the way, and leaned in close to him. He grabbed both sides of my face, and kissed my lips gingerly. It wasn’t like how I read in books. It was wet and warm, but it felt sweet.

Jack was going with an open mouthed kiss right off the bat. He moved his lips against mine, and it was starting to get me excited. I wanted to kiss more passionately, but I didn’t know how. I felt something sharp grab my lip and pinch and I pulled away before things could go further. I covered my mouth with my hand and looked up at Jack.

“What was that?” I asked him, exasperated.

“I bit your lip while you were kissing me. It turns some people on. Did you like it?” I slowly nodded my head before looking back into his chocolate eyes. I wanted more though. Did he? “Good.” He smiled triumphantly. “Do you want to go on?” Again, I nodded my head. “So I’m going to lick your bottom lip okay? And if you want, you can open your mouth and we can deepen it. Only if you want.” As he said the last part, he placed his hand on my inner thigh, causing me to tense up. His touch was so warm and gentle, I wanted it all over me.

I nodded again, leaning in. Maybe I would want to deepen the kiss. He kissed my lips again, this time caressing my waist. I moved my hands up to rest on his shoulders, but then his tongue came. Okay, here we go, this is what I was waiting for. I opened my mouth to grant access, and it was the passionate explosion I was going for. Not like a butterfly explosion, though he was causing a lot of that. But it was everything I thought a kiss should consist of.

I started to get excited and my hands moved a lot more over his body. They came up to his hair and I pulled on it lightly. Jack let out a moan against my mouth, and holy shit it was surreal. I wanted more so I climbed up to my knees, keeping our lips walked and climbed into his lap. His hands were riding up and down the hem of my shirt, probably debating on whether or not to feel me up.

He fell against his pillows, and I was whining against his lips. He was nothing like how I expected, but he was everything I wanted. Jack’s wandering large hands made me feel the kind of pleasure I’ve been longing to feel. His taste was warm like honey, and I kept wanting more as my fingers tangled in his hair, our tongues meshing.

There was a small knock from the door, causing both of us to jump and regain our original placements, trying to look like we hadn’t been making out a few seconds beforehand. “Y/N? Jack?” I heard Jack’s mom say.

“Come in,” Jack croaked and I smirked, noticing at how heated the situation became.

“Y/N, honey, it’s your mom on the phone, she wants you home now.” I nodded and climbed off Jack’s bed. Jack sighed, probably out of discomfort or something. When I looked up at him to say goodbye, I noticed a bulge in Jack’s pants. Does he have a boner? Did I give him a boner? I say I’ve done well.

When Jack’s mom left, he groaned and fell back on the bed. “I’d go with you to the door, but I have a massive boner.”

“Walk with me to your bedroom door?”

He nodded, and came with me to say goodnight at his door. “So that was fun,” he mentioned as I turned around.

“Yeah,” I smiled and nodded. It was so much fun. I want to do it again.

“So, uh, call me sometime, huh?” I nodded again, trying to figure out where to look. I really wanted to stare at his boner, but that’d be uncomfortable. I reached up to hug him, and he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close. I could feel him against me, and without warning, I pressed my body closer. We pulled apart, and he smiled down at me. His goofy smile. “Hey Y/N,” he called as I was about to walk away.


“You did really good.”

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“I hope I can take a few more first things later.” He winks at me, before shutting the door. What the fuck does that mean? Holy shit, does that mean he wants to have sex with me? Can I have a fuck buddy even as a virgin? Jack was confusing, but he was a good choice as my first kiss. I only wish I could do it again. I turned around, and walked back home, thinking about mine and Jack’s kiss the whole way.

1989: Style

To celebrate finally being done with the first draft of the second chapter to My Soul to Keep, a collaboration between me and the beauty known as Des aka rangerhuckleberry which can be read on our joint account lxcayawriters, I decided I would post the third installment to 1989! Those of you who follow me on my FF at smileslikesunset, you have probably already read this, but I am happy to announce that I am currently in the middle of writing the long-overdue fourth chapter to this story. Thanks guys for all your love and patience. I have a few different projects in the works right now that I think yall will enjoy, so hopefully you can wait just a bit longer to see what comes of them!

Also, if you want to read the first two chapters you can click the links below or find them using the #lucaya1989

Chapter One: Welcome to New York
Chapter Two: Blank Space


You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.
Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

(Taylor Swift, 1989)

It was the homecoming dance, their first dance as high school students. The gym that Lucas had run laps around on many a rainy day since joining the school football team had been adorned with hand-made posters and decorations in a desperate attempt to distract from the of school bleachers and taped floors. The boys clung to the walls like monkeys to the bars of a cage, only prying themselves off because of the tugging hands of giddy girlfriends. On the dance floor couples danced with an awkwardness that had not quite left them since middle school, and groups of girls circled in packs, their heavily eyed lines scanning their surroundings for a victim to dance with. Lucas was at the center of it all, hands on the waste of his girlfriend, and trying very hard to fight the frown that was tugging downwards on the corner’s of his mouth.

He hadn’t wanted to come to the dance. He had told Maya that every time she had come up to him with a determined look in her cerulean eyes that eventually forced him to comply. She had bugged him since he had told her he was planning to spend the homecoming evening at his apartment to catch up on some homework he had slacked off on in preparation for the big game, and had only stopped after she refused to leave the boy’s locker room until he agreed.

That had been fun to explain to his coach. (No, Coach, that was not my girlfriend. Yes, Coach, I am sure. Yes, Coach, I am aware it is sad to be so whipped by a girl who isn’t even your girlfriend.)

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Can u do one where you’re dating bad boy Calum and u feel like ur not good enough for him so u try to star smoking to be “bad” but since u got asthma something goes wrong and Calum is freaking out since he is the one who finds u unconscious and takes to to the hospital and cute and fluffy please????

AN I promise I’m getting to the Killer Calum and Demon Luke soon, guys. I like to go in chronological order though so I don’t leave anyone out. I hope you understand :) I hope this was fluffy enough to satisfy your fluff needs. Thanks again for all your guys’ patience, I love you! Enjoy badass Calum xx

Your POV

Let me ask you a question. How do you date a bad boy while at the same time not become corrupted yourself? My boyfriend loves to drink, smoke, do anything that his parents would disapprove of. He likes to ask me if I want to sneak out, and is perfectly willing to sneak out himself to come see me.

Honestly, I don’t know what he sees in me. Am I someone that he would want to be with? My main question, is am I bad enough for him? Sometimes I don’t feel like I belong standing there with his friends, while they’re talking about the next party, I’m thinking about what I have to do for homework that night. I mean I’m not a goody two shoes, but never have I ever had the “bad” image down.

I can go to parties with Calum, and I can go drinking with him sometimes, but I like my head clear of clouds sometimes. But have I ever felt like I belonged with him? My heart tells me yes, my brain lies to me all the time.

Those voices people say that they have, they’re not really actual people telling you these things. It’s your subconscious. And my subconscious loves to pick on the social things I do.

I say an answer in class. Immediately my brain tells me I’m wrong and that was stupid of me to even push myself to answer. I pick up a pencil for someone, and my brain tells me that that wasn’t their pencil, it was someone else’s, and you just made a complete fool out of yourself, congratulations. So you wouldn’t be surprised when my brain told me that I wasn’t bad enough to be Calum’s girlfriend.

Even the people he’s hung out with, all of them have at least one tattoo, a couple piercings. I mean I love tattoos, one of the reasons why I love Calum so much, but my parents won’t let me get any tattoos until I’m 18. And I’m stuck feeling like the odd one out in a group of social outcasts.

To feel cool enough, I thought I could take up smoking, but I didn’t take into account a certain important factor. I was asthmatic. Why I never thought of that when I bought my first pack of cigarettes, I don’t even know.

I purchased them from the vendor, and wandered off to where Calum usually was when he smoked. I didn’t want to get caught or anything. For my first time doing this, I wanted to do it by myself so I didn’t look like a complete idiot when I joined everyone.

I took out one, and it smelled of peppermint, which I was confused about, but whatever helps them sleep at night I guess. There’s something beautiful about killing your lungs slowly. It’s not a romanticisation, it’s a fact. A dying flower sometimes looks beautiful as it’s withering away. I placed it to my lips as I’ve seen so many people do. I took out a lighter I most recently bought along with the pack and lit the death stick in my mouth. As I took in the tobacco, I could feel my lungs start to close up, inducing me into an attack.

I gasped for air, and I didn’t have an inhaler on me, due to the fact that it only got hard in allergy season and exercise, but this meant that I was slowly going to suffocate and there’d be no one around for hours. My lungs felt like they were on fire, and I dropped the cigarette to the ground, causing me to lose balance, and my head to become light. I fell to the ground and then everything went black.

Calum’s POV

Y/N wasn’t answering my calls or my texts, and I was starting to get worried. I didn’t think she’d forget about our date, she was usually the one to remind me. She may didn’t seem my type, seeing as though she’s less of a “badass” type, but she was still my girlfriend, and I loved her. Love her.

I peeked around for her, not knowing where the hell she was. She wasn’t at her house, she wasn’t at her friends’, I even looked at my house. She was nowhere to be found. She could be talking to some of my friends over behind the school, but I doubted that. I should go check anyways.

When I rounded to corner, I noticed a body on the floor. My first thought was murder until I saw no stab wounds or anything so I knelt down quickly to see if I could get Y/N to awaken. Her pulse was faint, but it was there, and I immediately called for an ambulance. I looked around to see what could have caused it when I noticed a barely smoked cig laying there next to her. Was she trying to smoke for me? Shit.

I went with her in the ambulance, and they asked me all sorts of questions I didn’t know the answer to. “What’s her blood type?” “Does she take any medications?” “Does she have a history of heart failure in her family?”

We got to the hospital and I was in shock. I felt sort of out of place given my all black clothing and the hospital being so bright. But I’d bear it for her. I didn’t want her to go through this alone.

I waited for her to wake up, my head buried in my hands. Before long, she started to stir after they tried a bunch of shit. Thank god she was wearing her “I’m asthmatic” bracelet I always gave her shit for. Never again.

“Y/N!” I called as she woke up, I ran to her bedside, taking her hand in mine, and stroking it thoughtfully. “I thought I lost you, I was so scared, oh my god, thank fuck you’re okay.”

She giggled a little bit before coughing. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“What were thinking? Taking up smoking while you’re asthmatic? Taking up smoking in general? You know it’s a nasty habit, why would you do that to yourself, babe?” I gave her my best puppy dog eyes I could muster. No one was here for me to keep my badass image up for. I always let it down when I was alone with her. It’s what she did to me.

“You do it,” she mumbled quietly.

“Yeah, and you know how much I hate it. I started when I wanted to hurt myself, but now I have a reason not to, and that’s you. You know I’m trying to quit, don’t you?”

She shook her head, with teary eyes. “No,” she whispered, her throat croaky. “You never told me that. I thought I wasn’t good enough for you. Or technically in this case, bad enough. So I tried it. I didn’t even think about my condition.”

I nodded, pulling her into a tight hug, but she coughed so I quickly pulled away. “You had me so worried, babe. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.” I kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, causing her to blush. Then I continued to kiss her all over until she pushed me away.

“You were really thinking about quitting for me?” she asked me, a hopeful look in her eyes.

I nodded before biting my lip. “You’re my only exception, Y/N. The only one I’d do anything for. Okay? Don’t scare me like that again, I’d probably have a heart attack and die.”

She giggled at my over dramatization and pulled me by my black tank to give me a kiss on the lips. “I won’t scare you, Cal. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I told her between kisses. “I forgive you.” She held on to me tight, and I didn’t want her to let go. I never wanted to let go of her. Who knows when the last time I’ll see her again will happen? “Don’t leave me, okay?”

“I won’t Cal,” she reassured. “I won’t.” I climbed into her hospital bed with her, pulling the weird smelling covers over us and held her close to me. I may act like a badass, but with her I can’t help but be soft. She softens up my core, and I can’t find any other emotion but happiness with her in my arms. I don’t ever want to leave her alone again.


Happy Two Year Anniversary my love!
You are my heart dear creature. I am so thankful everyday that I get to have you in my life.
You are my best friend, my partner in life, my light when I need it, my unconditional love.
Your patience and gentleness are everything to me, you keep me smiling and silly, you take care of me, you believe and support me at every possible corner and milestone. You are incredible.
I miss you in every way when you are not here, but I love you always. Thank you for everything you are and everything you have brought into my life. It is a gift to know you.
I love you forever mon amour ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Captain Swan Fiction - The Pirate Queen Part 17

A/N: This chapter took far too long to get to you, my lovely readers. Thank you for your kind words of support and your patience! It’s extra long, so I hope that makes up for the wait? I look forward to hearing your thoughts! (And a major thank you to burntbrokensoul for this impressive banner. I’m so happy to finally have a chance to use it!)

Summary:  On a fateful journey to the New World, a terrible hurricane strikes and destroys the Montgomery. Emma Swan is the lone survivor of the wreck and wakes to find herself aboard the Jolly Roger and at the mercy of the infamous pirate, Captain Hook. Will she be able to outsmart the villainous Hook, or does fate have another plan in store?

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Star Vs. The Finale - Chapter 13 - The Boy Who Fell In Love With a Princess

Previous Chapter: Tumblr |

Hello everyone! Thanks for your patience and support!
This chapter is quite long (for my standards at least) and was remarkably difficult to write. Feel free to correct me since English is not my first language.
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So… what do Lord Deimor and Marco Diaz have in common?
I guess we’re going to find out.
Thanks for reading!

Chapter 13 – The Boy Who Fell In Love With A Princess

Marco felt his phone vibrate one more time on his chest.
He was lying on his bed, looking more like a lifeless corpse, blankly staring at the ceiling; the boy checked his messages, but he knew who it was.

“Dude, stop moping around. We’re coming…”

Ferguson and Alfonso were his bros, always ready to cheer him up when necessary. He simply replied with a short “k, thanks” and was glad that his friends were coming over, hopefully not with their annoying “We told you so…” attitude, since he never admitted that he had feelings for Star in front of them, despite how much they teased him about it. “They were right all along and will never let me live it down…” he realized.

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Making the bras I sell on etsy is so difficult, especially since I don’t have my license and have to rely on others to drive me to get supplies. Each bra takes around 2-4 hours to complete (if I’m doing it nonstop). Slaving away at my table, burning myself with my glue gun. Running around downtown trying to find supplies that usually are out of stock at most stores.

So if you have ordered one from me in the past, or are currently waiting for yours, thank you for your patience if the bra took a while to come. It takes so much time and effort. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of my bras and want my customers to love and appreciate their handmade peice. ~ <3

I have been very bad at tumblr lately, and Instagram and my phone and communication in general. There is a lot on my plate and it’s crushing me. But that happens, and changes, and gets worse and gets better and ultimately passes. That’s existing I guess. I’m lucky that there is a lot of good love in my life, but heavy self hatred and stress looms over me. I feel so deeply and so much all the time and it’s exhausting. I’m trying to better control that but still be myself. Idk who I’m talking to, just ranting I guess but I feel good things ahead of me (or maybe I’m just telling myself that) so bare with me yall. And to everyone who has always been there for me and shown me the kindest love and patience, thank you. I am forever in your debt.

What Happened in Vegas .35/44

Guys and girls, I apologize for making you wait longer than usual. Life’s simply been very busy, but I hope to make it up to you with a chapter that’s also a little longer than usual. Thank you for your patience and your general awesomeness. I am grateful you’re on this journey with me. I hope you like this chapter that can also be found at Ao3. :)

A special shout-out to MellieTheAmazing over at who’s attempting to translate this story into Spanish.  She’s crazy to do this, but I love it.

Albiona, my unicorn-muse in rainbow colors, thank you for hanging in here with me. (I love the reverse ‘verse. And I love you!)

April 6th, 2013

Oliver had many habits Felicity didn’t exactly approve of.

Regularly getting injected with Vertigo and nearly dying was very high on that list. Very. High.

Last night, after The Hood confronted Dr. Webb, the psychiatrist who had hidden The Count in his quasi-basement (this city just spawned the crazy like… well, crazy), Oliver had swayed back into the Foundry, seeing double or probably triple. After all, he had aimed three arrows at the psychiatrist taking over The Count’s drug making business to ensure that at least one of them hit the bad guy. Felicity didn’t know how many hands Oliver believed her to have, but he had missed all of them and had instead reached for thin air in his attempt to assure her that he was perfectly okay. That had been an epic failure—as had the kiss he had aimed for her lips but planted on her nose.

The only thing Felicity could to do then was get him home and into bed. God, she kind of wished she’d use the latter expression under different circumstances. Much less platonic circumstances.

Oliver had been sleeping for eight hours now, a personal Oliver Queen record since he had returned to Starling City. And, yes, he was sleeping. She had checked.

Making sure your husband was still breathing must be the worst way to start the day.

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I seriously can’t stop reading ur stories ….they make my day better. ;) can you do one smut where jack and I are best friends but they have a one night stand(drunk) and she get PREGO and never tells him but they remain friends then she know her daughter is starting to look like him and she knows she has to tell him. And he over hears her talk about it and got super pissed and slaps her and says some mean stuff but then they work it out thanks so much

AN Requested by the user: PierceTheVeil_30 on wattpad. Also friends, since I don’t work tomorrow (yay) I’m doing a double update! Yay! So expect some happy things here. Thanks so much for your patience, guys. You mean the world to me, and I’m so glad you love to read my things. No conversation for this one, enjoy my lovelies xx

Warning: Smut/alcohol mention

Jack’s POV

“Come on, Y/N, it’ll be fun!” I shout, jumping up and down. I was trying to convince her to go out with me. Alex wanted to stay home with Lisa, and I wanted to go out. No one would go with me, so my best friend was a good option. If she ever went out.

“No Jack, you know how I get when I drink.”

“Yeah, and it’s hilarious. You flirt with every guy you see.” It made me nervous when she got drunk because she always ended up in some stranger’s bed. She couldn’t help it that she always got horny when she was drunk. I couldn’t complain either. I’ve done the same thing. But she doesn’t like to go out anymore because of it which is lame. “It’s alright though, you don’t even have to drink.”

She gave me the weirdest look, and kept it for a while. I just stared at her. “How long have you known me for Jack? I see alcohol and I drink it. That’s what happens. I’m not just gonna ignore it all night.”

“So you’re coming?” I gave her my most cheeky smile and she rolled her eyes while sighing a bit too loudly.


I cheered and brought her upstairs to her room to look for something to try on. This was my favorite part about having a girl as a best friend. Y/N didn’t really like to do much, but when she did, she let me choose what she got to wear. I was so wonderful at straightening hair, given my years of practice in high school.

I was already basically ready. I didn’t try too hard at clubs because I was mostly there for the dancing and the booze. If I so happened to get laid, then that’s a plus. And that plus happens nearly every single time.

I was searching through her drawers, looking at all the dresses she has. I stumbled across one I hadn’t seen before. “Hold the phone, what is this?” I pulled out a sparkly silver dress that I hadn’t recognized. It was much shorter than I’ve seen her wear, and honestly it was cute as fuck.

“That’s nothing,” she said quickly before pulling it from my hands.

“Hey, I like that one, you’re wearing that one.”

“What the fuck, why?”

“It’s cute. Cuter than cute. It’s fucking hot. You’d look amazing in it so put it on, I’m gonna warm up the straighteners.”

She groaned, but she complied, while I walked in the bathroom. When she was ready she waltzed over to me, and if I was able to be physically attracted to my best friend, I’m sure I’d have a boner right now, because damn she was hot. She looked uncomfortable though, pulling it down like it was too short. It was longer than I’ve seen, so I figured it was good.

“I bought this on a whim, okay? Don’t judge me.”

“Hey, no judging here. You look hot as fuck, babe.” I kissed her on the cheek. We acted like a couple sometimes that old people would periodically come up to us and tell us we were cute together. I liked to joke around with her, but I didn’t think of her like that. She’s my best friend. It just so happens that we like to be cute together. But even Alex ships us, and that doesn’t go over well sometimes because I punch him, and he gets mad at me.

I did her hair and makeup before we left. She smelled really pretty because of all the things I put on her. It was fun to dress her up because she let me. We took my car and made it to the club. We could feel the beat in our toes even before we got out.

I brought her up with me to the bar to get a couple shots to loosen up and relax the day away. After about three shots of fireball whiskey later, she was gone from my side, and I was here alone. Again. Just like how I didn’t want. But at least we came here together. I just hope she isn’t giving some guy a blowjob in the men’s bathroom. That place isn’t the cleanest.

I’d do a round of dancing for a couple songs, then refilling on my shots, then dancing some more, then refilling the alcohol. By the time I wanted to go home, my vision was blurry, and I was stumbling around. My words were slurred and I couldn’t really hold well. I knew I needed food, so I grabbed a sandwich at the bar. That helped a little, but I still wasn’t okay to drive home.

I wanted to take a taxi but I always hated taking them alone for fear of them robbing me. It was a weird phobia I had. I found the nearest girl, and she was wearing something sparkly. She smelled familiar, but in my drunken state, I couldn’t remember where I smelled that before.

“Hey,” I slurred, leaning over her.

“Hi,” she giggled. She was about as drunk as I was.

I pointed my thumb to the door. “You wanna share a taxi with me?”

She giggled and nodded and we waited outside for a taxi to show. We were laughing and stumbling around until one showed up. “So where are you going?” I asked her, or attempted to.

“I came here with my friend but I don’t know where he is. Jack!” she called.

“Your friend’s name is Jack? That’s my name!” I said excitedly.

“If your name is Jack, why don’t I just go to your house? I’m sure my Jack won’t mind.”

So we did. We went to my place, but apparently this girl was into all sorts of things because as I stepped out, she smacked my ass, giggling like a four year old while doing so. We made it into my apartment, but before I could so much as set my jacket down, she jumped my bones. I was happy to comply because I was very turned on by the sight of her.

We made out, very sloppily I might add, and stumbled up to my room. Or we tried to at least. We made it to my room, and she flopped on my bed. I tore off her dress, leaving it to fall to the ground. Her in her underwear made me excited enough to get a boner. Just seeing her and I was already turned on? That’s a first.

She took off my shirt and was moaning all over the place. “Jack,” she’d whisper in my mouth as we were kissing. Her hands wandered up and down my back while tugging roughly at my hair making me moan. My hands went for her panties, and hers wandered to my jeans. We both wanted this. At least drunk we did.

She pulled off my jeans, and I unclipped her bra and threw off her panties, putting my fingers around her. She was so turned on that I didn’t have to try to to push them in. So I inserted myself, going slow at first. In my drunken state, I completely forgot a condom, but I assumed this girl was on the pill because she didn’t ask me about one.

We went hard and fast, and my hands were groping her all around. She had enough for me to grab onto, and she was screaming my name while clawing up and down my back. I grunted with every shove, and by the time I reached my climax, she did too and we both let go.

I pulled out and rolled over, panting hard and pulled my covers up. “Holy shit, Jack.” she slurred, her eyes brightening as she smiled.

“Holy shit indeed.” I grinned at her, and she wrapped her arms around my torso. We were both tired and drunk and ecstatic, so we fell asleep in each other’s arms soundly. It wasn’t too long before I realized my mistake.

Your POV

When we both woke up, realizing what had happened last night, Jack and I both agreed to never let it happen again. I don’t know what our drunk selves were thinking because I didn’t even know he was my Jack until that morning. But now it’s way past that and I haven’t felt the same since.

Jack and I had always been friends through thick and thin. When we were mad at each other, we’d tell each other. Sometimes he’d playfully hit me and I’d slap him right back. But it wasn’t serious. Never was it serious. I’d have thoughts about it at random times. I’d catch myself thinking about him in the shower or in my bed late at night.

Since that night, though, I had felt sick to my stomach. I got worried when I realized that my period hadn’t come yet. I was nervous. Why the fuck would that happen. Unless? No, that can’t be right. But sure enough, I was pregnant with Jack’s baby. I knew it was his considering I hadn’t had sex in forever, and he was the last one. I didn’t tell him that.

He found out I was pregnant, and he was happy for me. I thought. Sometimes when I’d look in his eyes I’d notice the sadness. It made me worry. But we agreed to never speak about our one night stand, so how even was I supposed to bring it up. Usually people don’t sleep with their best friends.

I couldn’t hide it forever. When I delivered the baby, Jack was right along with me, holding my hand. He was pissed that the father had left me and didn’t want any part in this. That’s what I told him anyway. I think he decided that he’d be the pseudo father. I was okay with that.

I still couldn’t hide this forever. Jenny was definitely starting to look like him. She had his dark eyes and his dark hair, and I didn’t know what to do. She looked so much like him, it was scary that he didn’t even notice.

“Zack, I’m worried.” I confided. I told Zack about what had happened and that Jack was the baby daddy because I knew he could keep a secret. Alex couldn’t because Alex can’t keep one worth shit, and Rian tells Cassadee everything, so I had Zack left. And Zack was a perfect choice, because he always thought before he spoke. “I’m noticing the similarities between Jenny and Jack. Can you see it?

“I actually can,” he said, nodding.

“I mean, I want to tell him, I just don’t know how. How do you tell your best friend that that night you had a one night stand, you got pregnant with his baby? How do you tell someone that?”

“You wait for them to overhear you say it to someone else,” I heard a voice say. When I whipped around, Jack was standing in the doorway, his arms crossed and his brow furrowed. Fuck me.

“I’ll just be going,” Zack said sheepishly and snuck out of the room leaving me to face Jack alone.

“I can’t fucking believe that Jenny is mine. She is, isn’t she? Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know how!” I defended. “You told me to never speak of that night again, how exactly was I supposed to bring it up?”

“Maybe while I was holding your hand, helping you deliver her? That’d be a good time? Or at her first birthday party? I could’ve been a father to her this whole time but I missed out on the beginning because you were too chicken shit to tell me I had a fucking daughter?”

“I’m sorry Jack, I really am.” He smacked my hand away when I reached out for his arm. I took a step forward, but he slapped me instead.

“I missed out on so much because of you being a fucking coward and a fucking slut!” His anger was rising, and my tears were welling, and I just wanted to go home. Thank god Jenny wasn’t here to see this. “I could have been a father to that little girl, but her mother’s such a fucking slut that she wouldn’t even tell me!”

“Jack..” I whispered. I didn’t have any volume left. His insults were ripping the air out of my lungs, and all I could do was fall to my knees and sob.

He stood there, his fists were clenched, and I was on the ground. After what felt like forever, I was still sobbing, but when I looked up his expression had changed. He wasn’t angry anymore. Instead he fell to his knees with me and put a soft hand on my back, but I flinched.

“I’m so sorry for hitting you Y/N. Oh my god I’m so sorry. I was just so mad that I didn’t even have the option to be a father to her because you didn’t want to tell me. You have no idea how much I’ve been secretly wishing that she was mine.”

I looked up at him, my eyes full of tears. “She definitely is. I hadn’t slept with anyone before or after you.”

He nodded and rubbed his hand lovingly on my back. “Do you think we could raise her as best friends? Or do you want to try something more intimate?”

“I don’t think you’ll ever see me that way.” I sighed and bit my lip, tearing my eyes away from his dark ones.

“You’re wrong,” he smiled, shaking his head. “I’ve already started.”

My eyes went wide, and I stared up at him. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in for a hug. He kissed me all over, sending chills throughout my nervous system and I just squeezed him as tight as I could. Now Jenny has her father, and my best friend is now my lover. I didn’t know that this would play out that one night, but I’m sure as fucking hell glad it did.

Sorry for another update!

So I went to the ER and the visit went fine! Thankfully ^^

I’m still not feeling 100%, and my levels of energy and nausea vary throughout the day. One minute I’m pulling out my laptop to respond to messages, the next I’m almost passed out.

I’m going to start to blog again very soon as well as responding to everything, be it tomorrow or in the next few days. I’m setting up my queue now, and then I’ll move on to questions once I can.

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