thanks for your patience my lovelies

She’s back (duhn duhn duhn)

Dear all of my readers, I must say thank you for your unbreakable patience.

in my months of absence I have missed you all so much but the consistent comments on all my works have just made me so fucking excited to get back and guess what


First update of the new schoolyear, Vintage Datemates Chapter 9 comes out tonight. CAW:KAW and others will update soon, and even more exciting, i have like THIRTY REALLY GOOD TANGIBLE IDEAs iM ALREADY WRITING AND KICKING ASS ON

it’s gonna be a hell of a year and I can’t wait to get started again with you all, I have missed writing and I have missed this fandom and I have missed these boys and I am ready to get back into it.

I hope you’re all still with me, and here’s to new updates and a hell of a lot of new stories !!

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thatrandompoet  asked:

Firstly, I think it's amazing that you are a teacher. It takes a wonderful heart (and lots of patience) to be an educator. Secondly, I admire how you find bright spots even in dark times, and not only do you find them, but you share them with others. You are such a lovely human being.

Brit, you left me speechless. Thank you. I’ll go and cry a little about this because my heart is happier, thanks to you :) <3 Thank you and I appreciate your time and effort and unconditional love you continue to send my way. I love ya, homegirl <3 :)

Thank you for your ambition. Thank you for your patience (with us readers and yourself). Thank you for letting us be a part of your creative process. Thank you for not giving up, even though I know the fandom can be exhausting. Thank you for sharing your talent. Thank you for letting us fall in love with our favourite characters all over again. Thank you for making the fandom experience a better one. Thank you for all the little extras, drabbles and headcanons. Thank you for making us cry and laugh and letting us go through a whirlwind of different emotions. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your words. 


home is wherever i’m with you

happy 8 months to the girl who saves my life everyday, who makes me smile when the rest of the worlds trying to take it away. thank you for your patience, your endless love, your constant positivity and making the miles between us seem not so daunting. everyone should be so lucky to love a girl as special as you.

Hello all, lovely people!
Thank you so so much for your patience, the books are finally here!

Here are the samples of the new books available!
Thanks again for being supportive!!♡

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You have to fully accept your own masculinity. But that has nothing to do with being macho. It also means that you can be like a mother; you can have a caring role. It’s about consideration, patience and cognitive skills. And if you can manage that, then when you die, someone will turn around and say, “Now, he was a good man…
—  Tom Hardy when asked if a certain degree of violence is an expression of masculinity (x)


Thank you all for your patience, I finally caught up with school work and will announce the details of my giveaway :D First of all I want to thank each and every one of you who has followed my journey to build the best collection of Alpacassos ever <3 They are a great passion of mines and I am so happy to be able to share photos of what I love with all of you XOXO

I want to shout out to moccoe, derpola, cowards-dice and rosy61987 who have been the greatest collector friends I have met and have been very helpful in helping me build my collection >///<! Thanks guys <3


***(Melon Alpaca bookmark NOT part of giveaway, using it as an example of a custom bookmark)

There will be 3 prizes/winners

  • Any one Suspender Skirt
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For each additional 500 followers that I gain before my giveaway ends, I will add another prize <3

Giveaway end date: August 31, 2014



  • This is a giveaway for my followers, so you must be following me to enter, I will be checking. If you unfollow me after you win the prize, you will be barred from being able to enter anymore giveaways and blacklisted. ovo I am holding this giveaway to show my appreciation towards my supporters and fans NOT to give out free things.
  • No giveaway blogs allowed, I will be checking!!
  • Each likes/reblogs count as one entry! You may reblog as many times as you like, but try not to spam your own followers :X
  • You must be 18 or older or have the permission from your parents to join as I will be asking for your address so I can send you the prize. This is open internationally :D Please have your ask open so I can reach you!
  • Winner has 48 hours to respond back. If I get no response by then I will be drawing another winner. The order in which I draw the winner by will be the order in which the winner can choose which prize they want.

Thank you all for reading and good luck to everyone! <3


One day Gilbert found that game (Kiku even made a mod just for him of course) and they didnt see him again for a month. (Gilbert at least answer your real canadian bf text messages.)

This actually came to be because I started playing it on the bus ride home this week and omg its so fun! beside that THANK OU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE! My hiatus is soon to be done since my con merch is almost done. the prucan and other art will flow again soon.;u; LOVE YOU ALL!!

Good Morning my lovelies!
Thank you so much for your time and patience with my hiatus. For that, I apologize. I’ve been on and off for the last couple of weeks and it’s been caused by several different things: possible depression, overwhelming amounts of stress, the upcoming AP tests and standardized tests for college, as well as some other things. Basically I just want to say thank you guys for being so supportive as I go through this! I’ve decided that rather than posting something I’ve made daily like I used to I’ll just post when I feel like I want to. That way the stuff will be of higher quality and I’ll be happier!

This is a picture of my monthly spread for May, I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks again!
- Em


I’ve been so wrapped up in selling and buying a house lately that I haven’t had much time for anything else. Did snatch a few moments last night though to draw up a new warm weather dress for all my fellow mermaid mayors out there! Still working on the historical fashion collection too, just slowly sadly…  (This and the other codes and mermaid fashions up in the archive as always!)

Also finally working through all the lovely asks and messages! thanks so much for all your patience

Cosplay WIP: UF!Sans

Finally! I am so happy to finally post this!

First of all!

I’d like to thank all of you for your patience with this entry. I debuted my UF!Sans some weeks ago and then immediately went on a vacation for 3 weeks time. In the meantime I have received almost only good feedback from you guys. You have been so sweet and you really encourage me to keep doing all this crazy shit that I love. So kudos to you all – and thank you!

Secondly, I haven’t answered any of your questions regarding the work-in-progress for this cosplay. Not even the short ones. I get these questions a lot every day across instragram, tumblr and deviantart and I hope you understand why I have spared myself a little and instead chosen to make this entry instead. It was the plan all along but I haven’t been able to until now that I have returned home from my vacation.

With that said. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

(Sprite icon by vandela12)

The outfit

I sewed the outfit myself – made from scratch! Not much to say there I chose a UF!Sans design I liked (mainly the version I draw myself + the collar), got the fabrics and made it.

Painted the shoes with paint for fabrics (got new yellow shoe laces now tho!).

His ”bones” are white leggings that I made, white long gloves, a high-neck tank top and a ski mask that I painted on with black dye for cotton fabrics. May I take my time and emphasize how glad I am to have made these parts from cotton? This costume can get pretty hot, so its good to use cotton as your inner-most layer so your skin can breathe. Otherwise prepare to sweat a lot in synthetic fabrics OAO (R.I.P. skin)

The collar is made from Worbla! The bone as well (had help with this one because I was under time pressure). But basically its all just worbla. I’m not good with worbla, so I won’t be lecturing on this one – there are many wonderful tutorials on google, so go nuts!

The mask

Okay so…the mask. First of all here’s the material/tool list:

  • 2 balloons
  • Newpaper
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wood filler
  • Sandpaper (I used grit 80, 150, and 250)
  • Modelling clay (must air dry)
  • Paint (white spray paint and acrylic paint in your desired colors)
  • EVA foam (or whatever you prefer for eyeballs)
  • Soft foam to rest your head on in the mask
  • Black cotton fabric to cover inside of mask (nice, not necessary)
  • Black semi-see-through fabric
  • Primer paint (preferably white)
  • Transparent sealer spray paint (I chose a matte one)

Step 1: Blow up some balloons
How much air you put in them depends on your head size. I made two pretty big balloons. Keep in mind tho, that it’s going to grow outwards. Make it JUST a little too big for your head, cuz it’s going to grow about 3-5 mm inside as well.

Step 2: Newspaper and Wallpaper Paste
Cover them balloons with newspaper and wallpaper paste! Don’t use anything that hardens so much that you can’t cut through it. Cuz ur gonna cut these balloons later on. I remember doing about 5-7 layers on each balloon. Depending on how thick u make ur layers. They should be thick enough for you to put modelling clay on them afterwards without them collapsing.

Step 3: Cutting Balloons
Remove the balloons. Do so slowly to avoid the balloons to collapse mask. If the balloon pulls the mask with it as you deflate it, you didn’t make enough layers.
You’re going to cut the balloons to create a head shape for Sans. You can create different shapes depending on how you cut them. I followed the first few parts of this tutorial, go see
When you’ve cut the balloons, use hot glue to put them together like in the video.

Step 4: Mark Facial Features
Use a marker/pencil/some writing tool to draw your facial features onto the mask. Remember, this tutorial is not only for UF!Sans, you can make any Sans you want x)
Make the eyes a little bigger (about 5 mm) than the finished result, cuz you’re gonna put some clay in those eye sockets as shown above. Carefully cut out the holes for the eyes when you’re done.

Step 5: Clay time!
Use your modelling clay to start shaping the head and the facial features. I started around the eyes and mouth and then added a little to the cheeks. Remember dry time! If you keep building on top of your ”wet” clay, it will harden slower and while it’s not hardened it may be too much weight on your mask and it might collapse. Also when you allow it to dry, don’t turn the mask to face the ceiling. If you do this, the clay will use the force of gravity, to make your mask look flat. The weight of the clay will push down on your mask and it will turn flat. Don’t make yourself redo ur work because of this. I had to pull off almost all the clay and force my mask back in shape. Hardly survived. So. Put the mask on a dummy or let it stand up against something while it dries.

I went over the mask with clay about 3 times in total, using wood filler in-between.

Step 6: Wood Filler and Clay
While sculpting the mask with clay on the front, I started to add wood filler on the top and on the sides to stabilize it. This shit get really hard (har-har), and actually hardens pretty fast, so I suggest using water as well to smooth that shit out. The instructions always says to wear gloves but, CRIME RIDER, I didn’t. Shit kept sticking to the gloves so I just used my bare hands and water. Again, allow dry time! Whenever you feel like you have placed much new weight on your mask, let it dry before continuing.

Remember to put clay on the borders to create a smooth transition to the inside of the mask. This also goes for the eye sockets.

Put 1 or 2 layers or wood filler inside the mask as well to harden it from the inside (not while the outside it wet tho).

REMEMBER to always make sure your head still fits inside the mask. Mine ALMOST got too small because I placed in in a stupid position while it dried. Be careful!

Step 7: Sanding and Primer
When you’re done with your head shape it’s time to sand it down. This requires time. I actually sanded it down, and used more wood filler in the places where it turned out too uneven. Be patient in this progress – you’ll love yourself later for it! I used sand paper XXX for the rough sanding, down to XXX for buffering.
When you’re done, use your preferred type of primer coat on the mask. I used regular paint primer (2-3 layers). Some use wood glue and water. Pick your poison.

Step 8: Paint
It’s time to paint!! I chose a non-shiny white spray and gave it 2 layers on top of the primer (allowing it to dry for 6 hours between the coats). Remember that dry time is fricking important - gives the best results!

After the spray paint I started on the details. First I used black strokes to map out the primary features. Then I got my air brush, mixed a light grey color and gave my mask some gradient shadow features. This is not necessary, I just thought it would look nice. Paint it however you’d like. If you feel like you made a mistake, allow the paint to dry completely and then paint it over XD

Finish your master piece with a transparent coat for protection. I used a spray of transparent sealer. Some use wood glue. Again – chose your poison. There are many options.

Step 9: Final details
I put some soft foam inside the mask and covered it all with black cotton fabric afterwards. It feels a lot nicer and the cotton helps if you start to sweat.

I painted some black EVA foam sheets with different types of eyeballs. I left a tiny black “leg” on each eyeball to put into the little pocket inside the mask (like a little blue STOP-signpost…only they’re read…..and doesn’t say “STOP”….ahem…) You put them in the pocket from the outside of the mask. I even painted some white eyelids. The possibilities are endless - knock yourself out.

Now for the eyes. I cut out two pieces of the black semi-transparent fabric to cover the eye sockets from the inside of the mask. Make them about 2-3 cm bigger than the actual eye sockets. I use some of the extra space to place my eyes and eye lids to create different facial expressions. I’ve tried to illustrate it below:

The mask is pretty open on the back and that is the reason I can get my head inside it xD


I hope this tutorial will finally answer some of all of your questions!

I can only imagine I will keep getting questions, and if its concerning something I may have left out, I’ll update this entry later. With that said, regarding all future questions, if this entry doesn't hold the answer, I probably don’t either XD

Here’s a link to my first cosplay pictures entry!

And here’s Sans….


This is the cover of my collection of writings coming at the end of this month! Thank you all for being so patience and sticking with me while I took my sweet time working on it. I don’t think I would have the courage to complete this project if it weren’t for your love and faith in me. I love you so much and I can’t wait for you to read it soon.

I will update you once the file is uploaded to give you more information on shipping, pricing, and etc.


Happy Birthday to the most incredible human being I have ever met. I have waited my entire life to find you and every day I am more bewildered by your patience, humility, and compassion. One day we won’t have to spend your birthday apart but until then I am sending you all the love in my heart. You are extraordinary so today is an extraordinary day. I love you babe, thank you for existing, happy birthday. <3

OK, I really love this blog and very much appric8 both mods’ effort and patience with everyone. (I am especially a fan of when they aren’t patient and answer sarcastically in joke format. The squiddle one is my most recent fav.)
So… I did this! Based on the mods classpect in the FAQ and their stellar selfies in their blogs! :3 (stalker-ish, I know, but your fault for postin’ ‘em in public view so >:P]
Mod T is Mage of Time and Mod A is Sylph of Breath. Sorry in advance if it looks weird, but I really hope you like it! ^3^”

Thank you so much!!! I love this :D I’ve always wanted to have art of me as my godtier. The awesome person who submitted this great picture has requested to stay anonymous. Kinglyvoid check this out!

Dear God,
  • Thank You for accepting me the way I am.
  • Thank You for loving me even when it's hard.
  • Thank You for all the answered prayers.
  • Thank You for your patience and understanding.
  • Thank You for giving me reasons to live.
  • Thank You for giving me more than I deserve.
  • Thank You for giving me another chance to start over again.
  • Thank You for being there for me when no one else was.
  • Thank You for standing by my side in times of trouble.
  • Thank You for staying even if You had every reason to leave.
  • Thank You for all the joy and pain, You've made me stronger physically, mentally and spiritually.

Good evening my loves! I’m catching up on all your 2016 calendar/print orders! Get yours at

Thank you for your continued patience as I try to get caught up for all of you! Rest assured, all orders will be in the post before the end of the month :D
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Sir~ Chapter 5

Genre: Angst, CEO au

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Length: 5440 words

Summary: He got everything he wanted- and I was on his list.

Part: 5/?


A/N:  Hey guys, thank you for your patience and cooperation in this tough time. I really do appreciate it :) love you all. I won’t forget the kind messages you sent. As a sidenote, those of you who continuously pestered for updates, shame on you. Anyway, and here is the anticipated update! Enjoy~

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a darker hollow...

I got a prompt for a Neverland canon divergence/missing scene and I finally had time to write this out. It’s set between “Dark Hollow” and “Think Lovely Thoughts”. I’ll put the prompt at the end of the story, as it gives too much away. (thanks nonnie for your patience!)

Focusing on the sounds is easier, the cacophony of foreign insects and wind blowing unexpectedly cold through the thick trees, while eerie, don’t scare her as much as her thoughts. It’s all too much, fear, anger, confusion, attraction, revulsion, all jumbled up much like the thick jungle surrounding their sleeping rescue party. Taking her turn at the watch, the solitude is welcome, giving her physical, if not emotional distance from Neal and Hook. The events at Dark Hollow, her magic’s reaction to him being in danger, him more than Neal, it’s left her unsettled. She doesn’t need some mystical force she never asked for acting on behalf of feelings she isn’t ready to deal with. Not now, not here, not until they’re back home…safe with Henry.

Maybe not even then…

She knows herself well enough to admit that.

A footfall too heavy for an animal jolts her to her feet, her hands curling tight around Neal’s cutlass as she prepares for an attack. Groaning inwardly when she realizes, she hates herself for the pinpricks of awareness that creep up her neck before he even comes into sight, goddamn magic or pheromones or what the hell ever it is.

“I know you’re cross with me love, but there’s no need to resort to that level of violence.”

His good hand is wrapped firmly around his flask as he emerges from the brush, his inky hair disheveled in ways that take her back to their shared moment, the thick strands soft between her fingertips as she lost herself in that damn kiss. Why the hell does he have to be so infuriatingly attractive…all the damn time?

Dropping back down to sit on her rock, she uses the point of the cutlass to draw nonsense in the dirt, anything to keep her attention away from him as he draws closer.

“I thought you were Pan. And I’m not cross with you. I’m just not interested.”

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After an incredibly long wait, I am proud to present the title of the third installment in the Bone Season septology: THE SONG RISING, out in November 2016! It might be my favourite title so far – I hope you all love it as much as I do! 

I just want to thank you all for your incredible patience in waiting for this reveal over the last year. I feel so grateful to have such loyal and enthusiastic readers – thank you, thank you. I know another year is a long time to wait to have the book in your hands, but I’m confident that Bloomsbury has chosen this date for a good reason, and I will do my utmost to make the wait easier to bear with teasers and hints. 

THE SONG RISING will be available to pre-order from all reputable retailers very soon. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up. Have a fabulous Fifth of November!