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Question, genuinely curious and still learning about the whole libfem vs radfem thing. If I, a woman who was born a female, met a guy I liked and it turns out he was trans and he still had a vagina, and because I'm not sexually attracted to vags and prefer having sex with a dick, decided to not have sex with him, would that make me transphobic? Curious as to what the opinion is. Thanks.

No one is owed sex.


This sounds though waaaaay more like you were looking for a hook up then a relationship. Breaking up a relationship over him being trans is still okay but really says bad things about your relationship values…or at least to me. But that’s just my opinion and by no means does it mean that you have to even consider it.

The biggest thing is with sex/relationships and transphobia is that a huge crowd is using trans folks as viable partners as a political platform to accuse trans folks of homophobia.

Which is bullpoop considering there are trans folks of every sexuality.

Look trans folks are their own minority, finding partners is hard and when the community talks about those various frustrations it’s being taken up by bigots and spun to make their arguments.

You’re not transphobic but you best move on from the trans guy. You’re not looking for a relationship just a cishet hook up. Move on and leave the guy alone as fast as possible and don’t dawddle playing ego-stroke kinds of games.

You’ll both be better off.

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Hey Jessica, I have really enjoyed watching your progress as you have really transformed yourself into a sexy, beautiful woman. You have such great fashion sense and you look amazing in everything you wear (in my humble opinion). Do yo ever let guys take you out on a date for a night on the town? I would love to have you on my arm as we enjoy a romantic date together :) it would be quite easy to get lost in your beautiful eyes and want to kiss you all over 😘


Thanks for offering, but I’m afraid I’m already spoken for. I’m sure it would’ve been a lovely night though!

- Jessica Blaise x x

We hit 500 followers last night guys! Wow! We had to whip this up really fast because we thought we would at least have a few more days till the milestone was reached but you all are faster than us. We’re blown away that this many of you are interested in Royalblue. It’s incredible.

To thank you all for supporting us and loving these two dorks in the picture above, we wanna make some things for you. After some discussion we decided to make avatars/icons for RB that you guys can use anywhere you want if you so please.

There’s just one issue though. We can’t decide which characters to make! We can’t make the whole entire cast due to time and needing to crack down on more comics, so we can only do a handful. Sans, Toriel, and Paps will be made for sure, but we want your opinion on what other ones we should do. So we made a strawpoll that you can vote at here (closed, thanks for voting!).

So cast your votes to help us make up our minds and we’ll hop right on it. We still have a LOT planned for the future of Royalblue. A lot more Soriel development and a lot of comics that tell the backstories of the characters of RB. And of course, Chara appearing in the future as well. We hope you can hang in there with us as we take on this Royalblue adventure! 

And again, we wanna thank you for all the support! You guys are awesome.

~ Sol & Poisond

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Hey, just wanted to say that your blog is hella great. You're hella great. Your voice is hella great. And even though you don't like Onision, I respect your opinion. However, I would like to note that he is just a guy sharing his opinions, kinda like how you are. I love hearing opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own. Anyways, you're amazing!

i don’t think i dislike him i jus don’t care about him ? does that make sense ? like he’s not apart of my life so i’m not worried about it :) but thank you :)) i like the way you approached this ! have a good day💕

Klance Week Day 6: Hero/Villain

(I regret nothing. Also, today’s offering features a lovely cameo by @amalgamoffaces and @88madison88! Huge thank you to both of you for allowing me to use you as characters!

Disclaimer: The opinions and ships of the cameo characters depicted in this fic probably do not reflect the opinions and ships of the actual real-life people. I have no idea if you guys have ever even watched the show in question. But your fic counterparts have and your fic counterparts ship the thing. So MUAHAHAHAHA

Enjoy! :D)

“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad,” Lance grumbled. He had been standing outside the bathroom stall for what felt like thirty minutes, though it was probably closer to five. Either way, it was taking forever. He was bored.

“It keeps riding up!” Keith snarled, his voice echoing strangely off of the bathroom’s tiled walls. “I told you it was too small!”

“It’s supposed to do that,” Lance insisted with a gusty sigh. “Pidge does not make mistakes when it comes to cosplay. She’s a perfectionist. If she tells you it fits, it fits. Now just hurry up and come out of there already!”

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asparagus, wisteria, glossy grape, & kitten gray! :)

Thank you!

Asparagus: What’s an unpopular opinion you have?

I’m not a fan of the Beatles. I don’t mind covers of their songs though.

Wisteria: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

That’s a hard question. I don’t know if this counts, but I think my favorite thing about myself is my taste in music.

Glossy Grape: Recommend something to your followers.

I see that most of you guys have watched Zero Day (if you haven’t you should). But I don’t really see anyone talking about The Dirties. I really enjoyed that one. It’s on Netflix if anyone wants to watch it. I reccomend it.

Kitten Gray: Do you have any pets? If so, describe them.

Yes. I have a dog and a cat. They’re the best part of my life. They are both black, but that didn’t happen on purpose. My dog was a rescue and my cat was found abandoned as a kitten. They have such a cute relationship but they only love on each other when I’m not watching.

I Told You So (Tony Stark x reader)

Request: Imagine the reader is Tony’s best friend. She’s getting married. The guy is a dick, he doesn’t listen to her, puts her down, doesn’t even care about her. And Tony loves her. A lot. The day of her wedding (which Tony was more involved with) they all find out he’s Hydra? Have the reader kick ass in a big ass gown? Tony and her kiss even though their both covered in blood. Maybe flash forward a few years to their wedding which goes better? Thanks. Love you.

“You’ve never liked anyone that I’ve dated, Tony.  It’s hard for me to take your opinion seriously.”

“That’s because they’re all a-holes.”

“I dated you,” you smirked.

“And my point is made.” Tony stepped away for just a moment, answering the buzzing phone in the pocket of his tuxedo jacket.  “Excuse me, sweetheart, be right back.”

You nodded silently, turning to smooth the silk of your wedding dress and check your make-up one final time.  Looking at the white dress was supposed to make you happy, wasn’t it?  You stared at yourself blankly, waiting for the tears of happiness to hit you, like you had been told they were going to, but they never came.  Your soon-to-be husband had been almost intolerable in the past few weeks before the wedding, more moody and angry with you than usual.  He had said that his job was really stressful, so you always gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was just overworked, and now you gave him leeway for wedding stress, but a part of you worried that this was who he was going to be from now on.

“Hey, (Y/N), we need to talk.”

Tony’s voice startled you from your thoughts, giving your dress a final smoothing before turning to face him.  “Can it wait? I have something to do first,” you smirked, spinning yourself in front of him.  “Kinda hard to reschedule.”

“No, it can’t,” he said with a stern expression, taking your hand and pulling you close, handing you his phone with the screen filled with information about your fiancé.  “Try to stay calm, okay?  My timing really sucks, I know, but you’re not doing this.”

“Hmm,” you hummed through tight lips as you read the information on the screen, seeing the intel that proved that the man waiting for you right now was HYDRA.  “Okay, so go ahead and gloat, Tony.  Let’s just get it out there now.”

Tony looked at you completely confused, having expected you to blow up, or cry, or anything more than the reaction you were giving him.  He knew that you were tough, but this was a pretty extreme situation to hold in. “(Y/N)?  Is that all you’re going to say?  For me to react?”

“Oh, I’m going to react, honey, don’t you worry,” you sighed, handing his phone back to him before turning back to the mirror.  “But first, you need to walk me out there.”

“No, (Y/N), there’s no way in hell that I’m walking you to that guy.  You’ve completely lost your mind if you think that’s going to happen.” He approached you to take your arm, but you didn’t see him and took a step forward before his fingers connected. Reaching into your bag you pulled out your handgun and slipped it into your garter.  

“Tony, come on.  My entire side of the church is made up of Avengers and SHIELD agents, and he knows it.  I guarantee that his side is filled with HYDRA idiots.  There’s gonna be blood on the floor.  Did you bring the suit?”

“Why on Earth would I bring my suit to your wedding?!” he said loudly, his hands in the air in exasperation as he turned and motioned to an empty room.  

“Because it’s you?”

He stopped and took a deep breath, his shoulders relaxing with his long exhalation, “yeah, it’s in the car.”


Tony held onto your arm with a grip that almost hurt, but you didn’t say anything, knowing that he was growing more and more nervous with each step closer to the altar.  Your no-longer-going-to-be husband watched as you approached, his disdain for Tony clearly written across his face.  He knew that Tony hated him already, but little did he know how much stronger those feelings were now.  You gave him a complacent smile, turned to accept a kiss on the cheek from Tony, then took a few steps up to your place next to him.  

“It’s about time you got here,” he whispered angrily.

“Sorry, I got held up,” you replied under your breath.

“With Tony, I imagine?”

“Yeah, we were having a heated debate about the similarities and differences between SHIELD and HYDRA and how that will affect this marriage.”

In the flash of seconds, you were both armed and aiming at each other, neither of you about to back down. The poor minister’s eyes widened and he gasped at the sudden outburst in his church, with not only the two of you now holding weapons on each other, but the crowd behind you doing the same across the narrow aisle.  It was a stand-off that had no likelihood of ending well.  Tony was only a few feet to your left, ready to summon his suit on your signal, and Steve was next to Nat and Sam in the pews, each of them armed and guarded by his shield that he conveniently had under his seat.  Clint had quickly grabbed his bow and quiver from a nearby floral arrangement, and Thor’s hammer was already in his hand.  

“When did you know? Did Tony tell you?  Of course he did, what am I thinking?  That guy has always been in our business.”

That guy actually cares about me.  Unlike you.  So don’t you think this whole wedding charade is a little elaborate to get at the Avengers? HYDRA must be running out of ideas,” you scoffed.  You raised your gun just slightly higher and steadied your stance, “you’re not getting out of here alive, you know.”  You were watching Steve from your peripheral vision, knowing he would give you a signal when he was ready.  When it finally came, you took your one chance to take your ex down for good.  

The room exploded with activity immediately, each side of the aisle attacking the other; Tony raised his hand for his suit to connect, but it never came.  He pushed you down behind the pulpit to protect you, despite your insistence to let you join the team.  “Do you have an extra gun?” he asked over the commotion, slapping his forearms over the malfunctioning chip implants to try to get his suit to recognize him.

“Yeah, Tony, I have a full weapons cabinet tucked away in here,” you replied sarcastically.  “It’s not exactly like a planned a bloodbath on my wedding day.”  You looked down at your dress, the white silk now splattered with blood.  “Well that’s just great.  There’s five thousand that I’ll never see again.”  Leaning to the side, you saw several HYDRA agents that were unarmed; you stood and took aim, easily defeating them and returning to your spot on the floor.  “Why exactly did the team bring their gear to the church?”

“Can never be too careful, sweetheart.”  Tony peeked around the side of the old wooden stand that was serving as your only protection and saw his opportunity.  “I need you to cover me so I can get to the suit.”  He stood and ran for the window before you could reply, so you jumped up to cover him without taking a sweeping glance of the surroundings, completely against everything Steve had ever taught you.

“Not cool, Tony!  You can’t just run off-“ you yelled, your words broken by a bullet piercing your shoulder and knocking you back, flat on the floor.  “You have got to be kidding me,” you hissed between clenched teeth with a few coughs to catch your breath.

Tony quickly ran back to you, dropping at your side and taking off his suit coat, tearing the sleeve away to tie around your wound for pressure to stop the bleeding.  “(Y/N), I’m so sorry!  This is all my fault!” he said as he continued to work frantically, “I’m sorry!”

“Yes, it is your fault,” you groaned, wincing in pain as he pulled the cloth tighter.  “It’s hard to cover you now, you idiot.”

“You know I can’t help as much without my suit.”

“Then learn how to shoot.”

“You wouldn’t teach me! You said I was unteachable!”

“No, I said you were arrogant and unteachable,” you hissed, starting to feel a little lightheaded.   

“Okay, we need to get you out of here,” he said, looking frantically around him for a way out.  “Rogers!”

“I’m a little busy over here,” Steve called back, slamming his shield into the face of his assailant and moving on to the next.  “You sure have a strange idea of a fun wedding, (Y/N)!”

You pushed up on the elbow of your uninjured side and reached around the pulpit to shoot at another HYDRA agent, stopping them from getting closer, followed by two more who challenged you by mistakenly thinking you were vulnerable.

“Stop shooting, (Y/N)! Just be injured!” Tony scolded.  “Let me do that,” he snapped, reaching for your gun but failing to take it when you were too fast and pulled it away.  “Are you serious right now?  Just give me the damn gun!”

“You don’t know what you’re doing.”  You pulled your hand back and held the weapon tightly against you.  “And it’s mine.  Back off, Stark.”  

Tony reached for it again, leaning closer to get a better grip.  Your thumb shifted quickly to lock the safety, knowing that if Tony Stark were anywhere near a loaded weapon, someone was getting hurt, more so than you already were.  “(Y/N), why can’t you just do what I tell you?  You’re always so stubborn.  That’s why we never worked out, you know.”

Your brows furrowed in confusion at the sudden change of topic, wondering why he would possibly bring up your failed attempt at dating now, though it was likely just to throw you off guard.  It was long decided that you were great as friends, so this was completely out of nowhere. “Are you nuts?” you laughed, despite the stabbing pain growing worse in your shoulder as you fought him, “that was all your fault!  I may be stubborn, but you’re just plain impossible.”

“Well then maybe we’re perfect for each other and just didn’t realize it.”

“Yeah, a perfect disaster…” your voice trailed away as he leaned down to press his lips to yours, taking you by surprise.  You didn’t push him away, finding comfort in the feel of him and remembering how it felt the first time he had done the same thing years ago.  Even though the sudden weight of him against you sent a surge of pain through your arm, and the fight was raging around you, you didn’t let that stop you from allowing yourself to enjoy the unexpected moment with him.  

“It’s good to know that we could cover you guys for this…” Natasha huffed, leaning over the altar to look down at you, a smirk crossing her lips.  “Totally worth almost dying so you could make out in a church.  Seems a little distasteful, but, to each his own.”


2 years later

“How’s he doing?”

“Nervous,” Steve sighed with a small nod, “but he’s okay.”  

“No surprises this time, right?  No church full of HYDRA agents?  You left your shield at home this time?  Do I need to bring my gun again?” you scoffed, pulling your veil down over your face and turning to face him.

“No, there’s no HYDRA, and I prefer to not disclose the location of my shield,” he smirked.  “But you might still want the gun.  He’s never been more annoying and you might just thank me later.”  Steve linked your arm through his and led you through the door of the bridal suite and towards the chapel.  He rested his hand over yours, pausing to feel a slight tremble in it.  “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” you said with a shaky exhalation, “the last time I tried this, it didn’t go so well.”

He pulled you closer to him and gave you a soft kiss against your hair, “nothing is going to go wrong, just relax.  I mean, come on, what are the odds of that happening twice?”

“With this group, almost zero,” you sighed, finally catching sight of Tony at the end of the aisle.  “Don’t let me fall, Steve.”

“I could carry you, if you’d like to make a more dramatic entrance?”

“Hey, Rogers,” Tony called out from his position, “could you bring my lovely bride to me today, please? I’d like to get married before you’re a hundred and can’t make it this far.”

Squeezing your eyes shut, you let out a soft groan and shook your head, “no, Steve, I think we can take care of the dramatics on our own, thanks.”  You reached down to your side and tapped your leg, making sure the weapon at your side wasn’t too obvious.  “And thanks for the tip, this might come in handy after all.”


The Loft

A/N:Okay guys, so I am finally writing a new fanfic! I hope you guys like it! This isjust the prologue. Also, message me your opinions on how you think this isgoing to turn out, and tell me whom you want the main boy in it to be.Considering most of the boys are in it, we’ll just see where the story goes because I only have like a couple parts planned. This is definitely in AU though. Alright, love you guys! Thank you for 1.2k!



In high school, girls never really liked me. Partially because I lived in Omaha, Nebraska, which is obviously the hometown of the boys Sammy Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson and Nate Maloley. I moved to Omaha freshman year as the shy girl who never spoke. Which is still pretty accurate, but when I moved to Westside high, the boys kind of took me under their wings. Honestly, those boys made my high school years tolerable. But due to me being the only girl that was close the boys, I got a lot of hate. Not only from the girls that went to my school that were very fond of the boys, but girls from the Internet as well. A lot of their fans loved me, but a lot hated me and were jealous of me, too.

However, it’s been 7 months since I’ve seen any of them. They’ve been on tour with all the other boys from vine; Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Matthew Espinosa, Aaron Carpenter, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Caniff, Shawn Mendes. I’ve only gone to two of the events, and they were both at the beginning of the tour. The boys flew me out there because they really wanted me to experience it with them. And when I wasn’t able to be there, they would facetime me constantly, fighting over who gets to hold the phone. I got really close to all the boys, that’s when everything got screwed up. The boys I went to high school with got jealous because I was trying my best to hangout with all of them, they all sort of flirted with me, but I couldn’t date any of them. So I just left. The last event I went to was 7 months ago, and I left in the middle of the night because I just couldn’t take the bickering anymore. I never understood why they flirted with me or got jealous. I mean, maybe it was because they couldn’t really date or talk to any other girls due to their fans. Maybe they were desperate. Who knows?

All I know, is I regret it more than anything. They’re all off tour now, doing their own separate projects. I just watch behind a screen, but God, I miss them all so much. I should’ve never walked out that night.

After that night, I got a new phone, moved into an apartment in LA next to my soon-to-be-college. The boys eventually found my new number, they all have connections. They still call constantly, all of them. Trying to check up on me, make sure I’m okay. I’ve ignored them for months, and they still cared. I wonder what their life is like now, have they changed?


I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing in my dark room, it’s the middle of the night. I squint my eyes as I pick up the phone with the lit up screen. The caller I.D. says unknown. 

Well, it’s not one of the fans, I changed my number, there’s no way they could’ve gotten it.

I’m too curious to not answer. 

“Hello?” I answer in a raspy voice, trying to wake up.

“(Y/N)? I knew you’d answer. Pack your shit. I’m coming to get you, and you’ll be staying a while,” It took me a second to know the stern, deep voice. But I could recognize that voice anywhere.

“Jack? It’s two in the fucking morning. Go to bed, I promise I’ll call in the morn-“

“No, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Stay right where you ar-shut the fuck up guys- just stay right where you are, don’t move.” He sort of yells into the phone, as I hear the boys in the background gasp and begin scream.

Before I’m able to reply to him and attempt to talk him out of coming to get me, he hangs up.

It takes me a minute to realize that this is reality, and Jack Gilinsky will be at my door in a matter of minutes.

Without hesitation, I get out of bed, and start to pack my bag. I pack a couple pairs of shorts, leggings, t-shirts (most being the boys’), a toothbrush, a couple books (of course), my makeup bag. I know I’m forgetting a ton of stuff, but I just grab everything that comes to mind. After pacing around the room, I look in the mirror on my wall. I look like a wreck. Oh well, they’ve seen me at my worst. I finally sit down for the first time in at least ten minutes. I look at the clock,

He could be here any secon-

I hear a single ring at my door.

He’s here.

 - - - - - - - - - - - -  

A/N: Okay guys! Let me know if you like it, you have no idea what I have planned for the first few parts. It’s definitely going to be interesting. Request for any other requests you have!

Much love, x



This is a bit late considering I reached 300 weeks ago but THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS, I never thought I would reach 300, seriously.

Shout out to those people who followed me because of my mikayuu rants. Especially @no-signs-no-lights This is for you. Thank you for sharing your opinions and pain with me. I hope you like it <3<3
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