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Love and Hockey- Nate Schmidt

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Ok! Nate Schmidt! I love this boy and he’s outshining some of our other D so I felt this was appropriate! Enjoy!

Dedicated to @schmidtyho from anon!

Warning: Cusses

Anon Request: Would you do a Nate Schmidt imagine? Either something smutty or something fluffy and sweet maybe with a baby involved? Or just whatever strikes your fancy? (also can you maybe dedicate it to schmidtyho? They seem to have been having a rough couple of days and they love Schmidty😊)


              You sat in the crowd with your baby boy balanced on your lap. Your red jerseys standing out among the crowd of black and gold.

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I think that's a good idea! For fanart, you can post them on Comyet and sometimes Myebi if you feel like it. As for OC asks, that could also go to Comyet, unless you think that it's very important to the character, which you can then reblog to Myebi. Hope this helps!

Yes, I should do it like that. But maybe that loses a bit it’s “clean” side if I reblog things here and there. I don’t want myebi to be a blog without interaction, but I don’t want it to be messy either :/ Considering the amount of asks I receive that are about Ink compared to the ones about my characters, I definitely know that Comyet is more appropriate for Ink asks, but for my own characters… Aaah I’ll have to see. Thanks for your opinion though, I’m glad you guys are helping me to figure this out! It means a lot!!

A Wolf's Daughter (Father!Newt Scamander X Teen!Reader) Part 2

Requested: Yes

  • @awesomesuperjanenguyen-blog: Oh my holy Niffler, please PLEASE continue this!!!
  • @thisthinghasclaws: This was amazing!!!! Is there going to be a part two though?  Great work!! 
  • @fab-notfat : PART 2!!!!
  • !!!!!!!! Do you think you will write a second part to A Wolf’s Daughter?? I liked it a lot! 

Word Count: 2 548

A/N: There have been so many requests for a second part and it is finally here! Thank you so much for all the kind words and sending me in some of your thoughts and opinions, it is great to hear that you guys like what I write! Sorry for such a long wait, but without further ado, I present you part two!




“For once in your life, shut up!” the guard who was watching her snarled furiously. She shut her mouth and blinked her eyes innocently. “Stop whining!”

“Oh, you think this is whining? No, I am just complaining about this terrible cell, you should really consider brightening up the place, maybe add some flowers here and there. But of course, I could start whining if you’d like!” she smirked and made her voice sound childish and high pitched. “Now this is whining!”

“Enough!” a strong voice boomed, echoing off the walls in the dark. The voice belonged to none other than the president of MACUSA herself, strutting in with an entourage of extra guards behind her. The girl in the cell rolled her eyes, talk about making a grand entrance.

“I will not do with this childish behaviour.” the president said sternly, eyes narrowing into slits.

“Well, I would stop if you let my dad and I leave in peace,” she replied with a smile, playfully tapping the glass of her cell. She was fully enveloped inside of a cube of strong, enchanted glass, with only a few spider webs to keep her company. The president and her guards were standing several feet away as if she could break through the glass and attack at any moment. Unfortunately, she couldn’t.

“(Y/N), you are here for a reason-”

“Ah, so we are now on first name basis, I see! Oh, I’m sorry. Please continue Seraphina.”

“We believe that you and your father may be a threat to us all. You could risk exposing the Wizarding World!” the president glares at the teenage girl and continued as if she hadn’t interrupted her at all.

“And what’s locking me up going to do? Look, Seraphina-”

“You will address me as Madam President.”

“Seraphina, you’ve captured the wrong people! Newt, Tina, and even Jacob the No-Maj are no threat to anyone! If anything that Mr. Graves character seems suspicious, he gives me the heebie-jeebies.” she crossed her arms over her chest and waited for the president’s reply. She wanted them to leave her, and soon. She could feel herself losing brain cells.

“There are dangerous things in that case! If anything, we are protecting you and everyone else from harm.”

“That is my home you’re talking about! Name one dangerous thing, in that case, go ahead I bet you can’t!”

Piquery takes a deep breath, trying her hardest not to completely lose her cool. This wolf girl really knew how to talk.

“There are beasts in that case, they are monsters!”

“Have you looked in a mirror recently? You’re the monster! Separating a girl from her family and home and then locking her up? Only a monster would do that. And you know what’s funny? I bet you don’t even know the names of any of the amazing creatures in that case because you - like everyone else- are just afraid of the unknown.”

At this point, Seraphina Piquery was fuming and she stomped her feet in rage. Her beautiful golden headpiece glimmered as she shook her head.

“You’re unbelievable!”

“So I’ve been told. Now please leave me be, I don’t want to see you again unless you’re coming to tell me that you’re setting me free.” with that, she faced the opposite direction of all the wizards on the other side of the glass and stubbornly sat down.
She heard footsteps receding and smiled with triumph.

“That must have pissed the president, she won’t be coming that anytime soon.” she hummed softly, pulling out a wand from her pocket. She had nicked it from a guard earlier when they were locking her up.

“Fenestra.” she murmured, pointing the wand at the glass. It dissolved instantly as a trail of sparkles erupted from the top of her wand. “I guess I really did learn a thing or two from the Niffler.”

She ran out of the room at an inhumanly fast pace, petrifying anyone who she met along the way. Her main priority now was to find Newt.


Newt’s hands tug his messy curls as he huddled into the tight, damp corner of the barred cell. It wasn’t for comfort, he just wanted to disappear. Besides, he wouldn’t feel comfort until he had (Y/N) by his side again.

Jacob whimpered as he tried to process everything Newt and Tina had said about the Obscurial, feeling both perplexed and terrified. The Obscurial was not Newt’s major priority at the moment, he pushed the thought of it to the back of his mind. He needed to get out of the cell.

“I’m so sorry about your creatures, Mr. Scamander. I truly am.” Tina whispers helplessly, tears welling up in her soft, sad eyes. “I’m sorry about (Y/N) as well…”

He just nodded and didn’t say a word. Tears blurred his vision as he thought of all the terrible things that could be happening to her and his creatures right now.

“I want my daughter back…” he murmured to no one in particular, rocking back and forth in the cold corner.

*****5 Years Ago*****

“Come on (Y/N)! Eat your vegetables, they’re not going to kill you!” Newt huffed, prodding a piece of broccoli at the young girl’s closed mouth, trying to pry it open. No use. “Stop acting like a three-year-old!”

“I am not three, I’m ten!” the girl replied, crossing her arms and turning her head so that the vegetable was nowhere near her mouth. Newt dropped the fork and his hands flew up in the air.

“Then act your age and eat your broccoli!”

“The wolves never ate plants so neither do I! Shouldn’t you know this? You’re a Magizoologist for goodness sake!”

“Yes, but now that you’re living in a world of humans you should be getting the proper nutrients to help you stay healthy. So please stop being picky and eat!”

By now, all the heads in the restaurant had turned towards their table, eyeing the pair curiously. The other wizards simply shrugged and continued with their meals. Cups, plates, and cutlery floated around, placing themselves down wherever they seemed needed.

“Please?” Newt begged, lowering his voice so that he was no longer on the edge of shouting. (Y/N) reluctantly picked up her fork and stabbed the smallest piece of broccoli on her plate. Hard. Newt flinched slightly.
She slowly raised the fork and put the broccoli into her mouth. As soon as it hit her tongue her face scrunched up and she started to make over exaggerated gagging noises, her hands wrapped around her throat.

Newt rolled his eyes and smiled at her behaviour.
She coughed a few times before finally swallowing with difficulty. She took a huge gulp of water from her cup as Newt watched on, an amused smile on his face.

“I won. It wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

To prove her point, she coughed a few more times before answering. “Do you think they have raw rabbit on the menu?”

“No (Y/N), not at this restaurant they don’t.”

She rolled her eyes and smiled. Newt picked up his glass of water and raised it to his lips.

“You humans are missing out on the good stuff. Can’t I just go hunting in that open field behind the restaurant? I saw few bunnies hopping around…”

“No!” Newt exclaimed, almost spitting out his water. She looks at him with large pleading eyes and he sighs. “Well, not here where everyone can see you! We don’t want to risk anything. If you really want to you can do it later.”

She squeals happily, clapping her hands. “Yay! Thank you!”

A waiter waltzes towards their table and whips out his notepad.

“Finished with ze appetizers, I see! The usual main course Mr. Scamander?” he asks with a painfully fake French accent. (Y/N) couldn’t help but snicker.

The waiter turns his head and his eyes widen as he takes notice of her.

“What do we have here? Is zis your daughter, Mr. Scamander?”

Newt chokes and spits out his water again and splutters, “No?! That would be weird?…”

“It would be weirder if she wasn’t your daughter.” the waiter playfully raises an eyebrow at the two of them and winks. The girl giggled and pouts, playfully sending Newt a glare. The freckled man seemed to be contemplating life.

The waiter chuckles, “I’ll let you two settle zis out. Your meals will arrive shortly!”
With that, he skips away leaving the two of them in awkward silence.

“Come on dad,” she emphasizes the word and Newt jumps slightly, almost knocking over his glass of water. (Y/N) gently shoves the glass away from him to prevent any more spillage. “We have been together for almost six months now and I’ve really grown to like you.”

He stays silent, playing with his cutlery so she continues. It was a rare moment to see her like this, emitting all of her feelings that she kept bottled up. He looked at her through his curls, eager yet afraid of what she was going to say.

“You’ve raised me and taught me so many things…honestly these past six months were probably the best months of my life. You always made sure that I felt comfortable, helped me back on to my feet whenever I fell, taught me right from wrong… You took me under your wing and raised me as your own in when I felt the most unwanted in my life and well…thank you, dad.”

There it was again, that word. That three letter word that held so much meaning to both of them.

“Dad? Please say someth-”

“Don’t call me dad.”

Her mouth snaps shut and she’s at the brim, blinking away a river tears that were threatening to fall.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispers. “I’m sorry you don’t think the same way. I’m sorry for just barging into your life, you must hate me you’re just too nice of a person to admit it. I was stupid for thinking that I could possibly-”

“I refuse to let you call me your father…unless I get to call you my daughter,” he says with a soft smile, wiping away her tears with an already soggy napkin. “Sorry that was a bit late, I am just not very good with words and-”

He didn’t have time to finish his apology for the girl leaped out of her chair and embraced him in a hug, knocking them, and Newt’s chair, down to the floor with a loud thud. Heads turned towards them again but this time, Newt didn’t care.

“I love you dad.” she murmured, snuggling deeper into his welcoming arms. He stroked her hair gently.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

They stayed like that for a while, lying down on the restaurant floor, simply enjoying the embrace and moment. Newt knew that they would have to get back up soon but he didn’t move, he wanted this perfect moment to last forever.
Right then and there he vowed again to protect the girl in his arms. He would protect and care for his daughter with his life.


Newt didn’t even fight as the executioners took him and Tina through the dark hallways, dodging pillars left and right.

They took them into a white room filled with a bubbling black liquid and Newt knew that this was potentially his end. But maybe not. Pickett was climbing down his arms and trying to unlock his chains but if he was unable to pick the locks in time…

“Please,” he begged to the closest executioner. “Let me see my daughter one last time. Please!”

The executioner simply ignored him and he could only watch helplessly as Tina’s memories were taken from her. She mounted the small chair in the middle of the pooling black liquid and she was slowly sinking deeper into it, almost enveloping her completely.

“It’s your turn.” the executioner murmured to him making him jump, he didn’t see her approach, her white attire blended in completely with the room.

Newt shook his head furiously as he tried to stall Pickett some extra time. The executioner’s wand was merely inches away from his temple when the door of the room burst open, the hinges swinging madly.

“Get that wand away from my dad’s beautiful little head right now!” (Y/N) shouted, pointing a wand at the executioner and baring her teeth at the other, who had just taken notice of their new visitor.

Newt was more than slightly taken back by her sudden appearance - and the fact that she just called his head small and beautiful - but he was thrilled that she was alright and almost jumped and squealed for joy. Almost.

He heard a loud blast and looked over to see on of the executioners knocked unconscious on the floor. The wand that was gripped firmly in (Y/N)’s hand was still pointing at her as if she was afraid that she would get back up.

The remaining executioner had her wand pointing at (Y/N), completely neglecting Newt. (Y/N)’s dramatic entrance had given Pickett just the right amount of time to set Newt free. He slipped the Bowtruckle back into his front pocket and swung both his arms at the executioner, hitting her square in the face. She fell to the ground with a loud thud.

“Stay away from my daughter’s pretty little head.” he snarled at the clearly unconscious woman. He heard giggling and his face lit up as he saw (Y/N).

“Pretty little head, huh?” she smiles, still giggling uncontrollably despite the intense situation they were in.

“You started it.” he replied with a smile, running over to give her a hug. She hugged him tightly in return, burying her face into his coat, the familiar scent comforting her.

“I thought that you were gone, that I would never see you again.” she whispered, sobbing slightly. Newt hushed her and looked her in the eyes.

“I thought I lost you forever. But hey, hey it’s alright now. We are together and everything will be alright. I love you (Y/N) and I could never forgive myself if something had happened to you. I promise we will get out of here, together.”

They stayed in each other’s arms, afraid of what might happen if they let go.

“Mr. Scamander!” Tina shrieked.

“Just a second Tina! I’m having a deeply emotional moment with my daughter!”

“Newt!” Tina screamed again, still hovering over the black liquid of death.

“Oh, yes right! Sorry!”


Dear Seraphina,

HA! WE ESCAPED? How’s the taste of defeat? Of course, I wouldn’t know because I’m not on the losing side your side.

I must apologize for the extensive number of your crew who have been paralyzed, I might have overused the Full Body-Bind Curse…but in my defense I was simply protecting myself. There was no way I was being put in that bloody cage again.

I hope you’ve learned your lesson, from now on, please refrain from imprisoning my family, for now, you know what can and will happen if you ever try to deal with us again. With that in mind, I would like to suggest that you amp up your security, just so that real prisoners don’t escape.

Don’t mess with me again, 

(Y/N) Scamander

P.S. I’m keeping this wand.


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Light My Fire - Benedict x reader

A/N: This was much harder to write than I initially thought it would be… I hope you guys enjoy it though, and don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts about it. My askbox is your askbox :)
And again, thank you all so much for all the love and the requests you’ve sent my way!

Requested by anonymous: Benedict x reader. The reader is acting on Kingsman. Benedict didn’t know how much of a badass she could be. But she’s a good guy in the film

Word count: 2247
Warnings: mentions of violence and implied smut

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Your fics and blog makes this small corner of the world seem big. ❤ For the prompt​ list, 1, 2, and/or 5 Gaston x Reader, please!

yesss!! here is #2, and i know that mod gaston is doing the others 🕷️💋
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i hope i got everyone, i just went through the asks people have sent us asking to be tagged in gaston fics & previous fics, if you replied to a post asking to be tagged in batb/gaston shoot us an ask and i can add you to my list //

Prompt 2: Person B is getting pushed around. Person A offers to beat them up, but Person B is too independent for that. Person A decides there is only one thing to do, teach Person B to fight.

“Come on, I could do better in my sleep!”

“Gaston…I’m not…Used to…This…” You grunted rhythmically as you continued.

“Please, I’m getting tired.”

“Don’t make me take over, because you know I’ll only be more merciless.”

“Oh god alright, alright! Just…A few…More…So close…Ah!”

You finished, collapsing onto the floor, panting heavily.

If anyone were to hear the noises that were coming from your home, they certainly would get ideas. Yet fortunately you weren’t exercising quite in that way.

“I hate situps. Why did I think adding them into my training was okay?”

“Because I suggested it to you,” Gaston smiled from his seat a few feet away. Though he was your trainer, he spent his time ‘encouraging’ you, or as you liked to say, “Threatening you to do better or else he’ll up the ante and add three times the amount of training you already were doing to your workout.”

He preferred his way of saying it more.

“I regret asking your opinion,” you say, dragging yourself onto the couch.

“I offered to beat that guy up for you, but you said -”

“I am perfectly capable of handling myself, I just need to buff up a bit. Yes, I am fully aware, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“It was sarcasm.”

“…You’re welcome.”

You wiped the sweat off of your forehead, “Maybe I should let you just beat that guy up after all.”

“No, you’re in this for the real deal now. I’m just here to make sure you don’t slack. Now c’mon, thirty second planks. Or would you prefer the half mile run first?” he smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“Just, a five minute break, please…” you closed your eyes, still gasping for air.

“If you do the half-mile, I’ll run it with you, and you know -”

“- That you run shirtless, yes I know. I’ll take the planks, please.”

“Oh, come on! I have nice abs.”

“More like flabs, really.”

“You did not just - You know what? Fine,” his voice went from playfully flirty to seriously offended, “You’re doing two minute planks, and you’ll do the full mile run. Alone. With none of my amazing qualities, abs included, to accompany you,” he crossed his arms and looked away in a childlike fashion.



Cold Hands - Chapter 10 (Trixya) - Star

Trixya Victorian AU

Final chapter! I can’t believe this fic has come to an end, I’ve loved writing it so much! Thank you guys all so much for all of your fab support throughout the past weeks/months, it means a lot:)

This chapter is basically just fluff and more fluff, though as always, I hope you enjoy!:)

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It's canon that Phil worked on LOLA with his dad. Imagine Clint needed his car fixed/restored and Phil is his mechanic.

“So you bought her then? About damn time!” Sitwell chides Clint as he takes a slow walk around his friend’s “new” car, a Mercedes W113 Pagoda casting a critical eye over her.

Owning the classic 1968 280SL has been his dream for… well forever and he’s now at a place in his life where he can finally have one. When he saw this baby for sale, he fell in love… and bought her. No haggling, no pointing out her flaws. Just took her out for a spin with the owner, talked her ear off for almost two hours over coffee, and eventually handed over the cash in exchange for the keys and pink slip. He drove way a happy man.

“She’s not perfect. Missing a right rear hubcap, bodywork needs some care and she has a dent in the front bumper plus she’s not running quite right… sounds like Nick finding crap on his shoe - all growly and mean and not in a good way,” Clint tells him but grin on his face that’s threatening to split it in two makes it clear to the other man that he’s totally smitten and cares not a jot about her imperfections. His friend snorts.

“I know a guy who can help with that,” Sitwell says hunkering down in front of the bumper running his fingertips over it feeling the rough tarnish in the chrome. “Bring her paintwork and bodywork back to showroom condition too.”

“There’s a surprise,” Clint laughs, wrinkling up his nose with amusement.

Jasper Sitwell, his friend for many years “knows a guy” for just about anything. Need a table at the new restaurant that recently opened up - Jasper knows a guy; need the ‘must have’ toy for your kids this Christmas - Jasper knows a guy; need a problem taken care of - well you get the picture. However Clint might just take him up on it this time. He knows already he won’t let just anyone work on the new love of his life.

Besides, Jas has his own classic - a bright red 1960 Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite which was in need of some serious restoration when he bought her. Nearly three months later after Jas’s ‘guy’ got his hands on her, she’s perfect. Cost a small fortune but he didn’t begrudge it and nowadays Maria purrs like a kitten.

“Text me his details, man,” Clint tells him. “Meantime come for a ride. See what you think.”

Jasper grins at him. “Thought you’d never ask.”


Clint pulls up in the parking lot of Phil’s Service. The place itself isn’t huge but it’s immaculate. White painted wooden shingles on the roof and whitewashed walls and there are even a few well-cared for conifers in pots outside. The building has three large roller doors which are all open allowing him to see the large service bay and workshop beyond. They also look spotless. In fact the place looks neater, and cleaner, than Clint’s apartment.

It’s set just off the roadside and has half a dozen classic cars outside - from a 1957 Shelby GT 500 Mustang to a 1970 Jaguar E-Type - all in various states of repair. Jasper’s guy obviously knows what he’s doing which makes him feel more at ease. Not that he thought Jas would send him to some dodgy outfit but it’s good to have it confirmed.

There’s also a mint 1962 cherry red Chevy Corvette which catches his eye. He walks over to look at her; she’s beautiful. Tentatively he holds out his hand to brush his fingers across the smooth paintwork of her front fender when a mild voice from right behind him almost makes him jump out of his skin.

“Don’t touch Lola.”

Clint whirls round to see a guy in his late forties maybe early fifties in a dove grey suit and a pair of aviator shades standing watching him. His hands are tucked into the pockets of his pants and there’s a slight smirk curling up the corner of his mouth. Clint’s heart was racing anyway but now it’s joined by his stomach doing backflips. The guy is kinda hot and giving off a calm competence that does things to Clint in a way that’s probably illegal in several states.

“Uhhh… sorry?” he says with a shrug then barely holds back a facepalm. Smooth Barton. Real smooth he thinks.

“Apology accepted,” the guy tells him, the smirk widening into a warm smile.

Clint frowns. He wasn’t really apologising. Well he was but… who the hell was this guy?

The suit jerks his chin towards Clint’s car. “She yours?”

He nods.

“Start her up.”


“Start her up. Let me hear what she sounds like.”

Okay this is getting weird. Seriously who the hell is this guy? Presumably a customer of Phil’s. The owner of the ‘Vette he guesses correctly and apparently one pushy sonofabitch. But for some reason, instead of questioning the command, he finds himself following it; sitting behind the wheel turning the key in the ignition firing the engine into life. At a hand signal from the suit, he revs it a few times then lets the engine idle making a face at the rough engine note and intermittent splutter.

The guy folds his arms across his chest and hunches over a little to listen. His head is cocked to the side and his expression is pained. After a minute or so he gives the universal signal for ‘kill it’ by making a slicing motion in front of his throat. Again Clint obliges and there’s blissful silence again.

“She sounds like a bag of spanners,” he announces, uncurling himself from his stance. “There’s a couple of cylinders misfiring and she’ll need a proper tune-up and service with an oil and filter change at least. Plus her paintwork… not so good. Still, looks like she’s been cared for at some point,” the guy murmurs thoughtfully, giving the SL another appraising look.

Clint’s barely holding back his temper. He was bristling when the suit said she sounded like “a bag of spanners” (even if it is the perfect description) but by the time he finishes insulting his baby, he’s close to knocking the guy on his ass. He doesn’t though. Instead he says stiffly, “Yeah well thanks for your opinion. I think maybe I’ll wait for someone who’s qualified to make that judgement.”

The guy takes off his aviators and holy fuck, his eyes are gorgeous. Clint can feel his stomach do that rolling thing again at the intensity of the gaze he’s being given. Suit guy shrugs.

“Your choice, Mr Barton but… anyone who tells you differently doesn’t know their ass from their elbow and… will probably rip you off.”

At the mention of his name who the guy is becomes clear. “You’re Phil Coulson?”

The smirk’s back and Coulson holds out his hand to Clint who takes it after a brief hesitation. It’s warm and dry and his handshake’s firm but not overpowering. All in all he finds it a pleasant experience.

“Who did you think I was?” Phil asks as he lets go.

Clint ducks head and peers up at the older man. His hand makes its way to the back of his neck where he rubs it self-consciously feeling a warm blush colouring his cheeks.

“Honestly? Some random jerk with a nice car and a big mouth. Your suit kinda threw me. I uh… was expecting oil-stained coveralls I guess.”

“This is a classy establishment, Mr Barton. We don’t wear oil-stained coveralls!” Phil deadpans. If it wasn’t for the mischievous twinkle in his eye, Clint would swear he was being serious. Hell! Thinking of the cleanliness of the service bay and workshop for all he knows maybe he is.

“Look, why don’t you grab a bite to eat across the road. Give me an hour or so to look her over properly and… I’ll give you an estimate for the job.”

Grinning, Clint nods. “Sounds like a plan. Maybe when I come back, you can show me round let me get a feel for what you do here. And the name’s Clint.”

With a slow smile Phil replies. “I think that could be arranged… Clint.”

He’s already decided he’s going to let Phil work his magic on the Mercedes no matter the cost of the estimate however the way the mechanic purrs his name makes the decision even easier. But he’s not going to tell him that… not yet anyway.

A/N - Thanks for the great prompt, Anon. And to @emyrldlady for Phil’s Service photo and idea for the name. The Mercedes is Jeremy Renner’s car (click on the link to his tweet) and I have a soft spot for Frogeye Sprites.

~ lola381pce

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hi! your response to that last anon sounded sad, so i just wanna assure you that a lot of trans guys really don't mind being called cute! like calling a cis guy cute, there's really no difference. i'm a trans guy myself and i love love love it. i understand why other trans guys don't like it though, but you didn't do anything wrong at all! (i feel like that anon's ask could have been worded more nicely but that's just my opinion ^ _ ^; ) i love your blog and i love you! 💕💕💕💕

Anon you’re so sweet. Thank you.

Don’t worry, I’m ok. To be quite honest guys my birth control has really made my emotions a bit wild as of late and I’ll cry at the drop of a hat haha it’s awful.

Savages (9)

Bucky&Steve x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, stress, threesome(s), graphic male-female and male-male sexual acts, SMUT.

(The moment of truth)

Short one! Enjoy!

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Savages (1) Savages (2) Savages (3) Savages (4) Savages (5) Savages (6) Savages (7) Savages (8)

Summary: As a high-end fashion designer you’re living an extensively comfortable life. When your relationship of six years ends, you’re not too happy to see your newly-ex on the arm of another woman directly after; which is part of the reason you don’t mind running in to two men, who seem to have some exciting plans with you. As a woman who always gets what she wants, you immediately recognise men who are used to that exact same thing, and you’re more than happy to be the one to put them in their place.

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I'm 16 and am interested in a guy and we have talked about it and have decided with our busy lives that we would wait until junior/senior year to date bc we want to grow more with God plus sports and grades. Problem: my parents do not approve bc he is black even though he's adopted to a white family. My parents aren't Christian and they don't really care about what I say about Jesus or the bible. The guy and I are both seeking God in our friendship and his family is also Christian. Thank you!!

Trigger warning: Unpopular opinion

I’m a big fan of honoring and respecting your parents, even if they don’t do things that deserve honor or respect. I think unconditional love needs to be coupled with unconditional respect.

My opinion is that you obey your parents while you’re under their authority, which is usually as long as you’re under their roof and still a youth. Even if what they’re asking you to abstain from is totally fine for you to do under other circumstances. 

Will this be hard? Absolutely. Will you be made fun of? Possibly. Could you possibly lose this potential relationship if this guy isn’t on board? Yup.

But what is better testimony to your parents of your changed life through Jesus Christ than you choosing to respect your parents out of your respect for God?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you humbly said to your parents, “I disagree with your opinion, but because the Word of God says to obey and honor my parents, I’m going to submit to your authority and not date this person right now.”

With no sass. No arrogance. No rebellion. 

You know how big a seed that would plant in their hearts? That maybe this Jesus person can change lives? 

A respectful and honoring teenager is one of the biggest miracles God does. And when it happens, parents are changed day by day. 

Thank you so much for this kind message! We really enjoy seeing what everyone thinks and giving you guys a place to share your thoughts :) We most likely won’t share too much of our own opinions here, though, since we did that a few years ago and some people didn’t seem to like it. We’ll just reserve our opinions for our personal blogs! :)

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hi neatoh thanks for doing some prompts <3 number 7 with tim and kon bff's please ? :)

7: for warmth

Conner Kent is squinting down at the expanse of white below. The sleet is seriously messing with his view, and it’s not nearly so fun to fly in the freezing temperature.

But something, he knows, isn’t right. 

Which is why, when he sees the tiny figure below, he drops like a stone. Zeroing in. The figure is dark against the white of the snow, casting too-long shadows and visibly struggling in the knee-deep, powdery snowfield. But even from here, Conner knows.

It’s him.

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Surprise Box For Lavender

I’m so sorry! As said, I just cannot find the time or motivation to write scenarios, which is what the surprise boxes were originally meant to be - personalized scenarios for you lovely readers! However, since you gave me the go-ahead, I went with an upgraded, amplified match-up and I hope you’ll enjoy it and thank you once again!

In my humble opinion, your ideal BNHA match-up would be MIRIO TOGATA!

You definitely need someone who, in a relationship, will not only make you feel comfortable and at ease but will also complement you, encourage you, and push you towards becoming the best you that you can be. Mirio is that guy for you and, if he was ever asked, he’d proudly declare that you were that person for him, though he definitely has his work cut out convincing you of that sometimes!

Mirio is the perfect guy when it comes to dealing with your self-confidence issues. Having grown up with Amajiki, he’s perfectly prepared for dealing with any issues you have with yourself. Mirio is always encouraging you, though he’s very low-key about it. He doesn’t make a huge deal out of your issues with yourself, he just loudly proclaims how great he thinks you are and makes sure you always know how much he loves, respects, and admires you. 

Mirio tends to be quite talkative and energetic, which complements your more quiet and introspective personality. He has no problem chattering about this or that to keep you relaxed and entertained, letting you talk whenever you feel comfortable or want to. He doesn’t mind you being more on the quiet side - in a world so loud, he finds you relaxing and a spot of peace! He doesn’t even mind you interrupting out of the blue just to make sure you remember what you want to say! 

You and Mirio can get a bit upset with each other over little things. He’s so ready to throw himself into the midst of danger and that can really bother you. Though you want to help others, you don’t want to lose him, even if he’s saving someone else. He can’t even think about not rushing in to save someone, to stop putting himself at risk, which is always going to be a slight bit of discontent between the two of you.

Mirio is so up for anything and is passionate about involving you in his hobbies and life and he gets worked up abut wanting to be a part of yours. He’ll have no issues cosplaying with you - to him, it’s harmless fun and he’d treat it like a kid would, being excited about each and every little thing. While he doesn’t get your love of rhythm games, he’ll try to learn to love them. For now, he suffers through them, thinking that they’re probably good training in some way or another, for something or other.

Importantly, you and Mirio share the same common bonds of respect, passion for justice, belief in fairness and the general good of humanity, and a general positive outlook (yours on most things other than yourself). These things you share in common really form the glue of your relationship and he admires all these things and more about you.

Runners Up: Present Mic, Kirishima Eijiro, Tamaki Amajiki

Your best friend in BNHA would be TAMAKI AMAJIKI!

You actually met Tamaki through Mirio and the two of you hit it off right away, in your own awkward little ways. Your friendship with Amajiki was initially just a front because you both knew how much Mirio wanted you two to like each other and neither of you could stand disappointing him. Neither of you made a really favourable impression on the other upon first meeting. However, the more time the two of you spent together, either waiting for Mirio or hanging out with him, the more the two of you managed to become more comfortable with each other and to discover things the two of you have in common.

Your relationship with Amajiki is opposite that you share with Mirio. Amajiki and you bond over your shared qualities. He’s a walking ball of self-doubt and he’ll understand any issues you have with your own self-confidence. He’ll be able to commiserate with you over the feelings and the two of you will actually end up being able to help each other deal with the really bad bouts of depression or self-doubt. You both speak the same language, so to say.

Tamaki, though he won’t initially understand your love of media, will actually be easily brought into various fandoms and video games. He’s never watched much television or played a lot of games before but will find the distraction, the ability to detach and get involved in a whole other world, really addictive and you’ll have fun sharing your favourites with such an interested friend. However, he’ll be too shy to ever join you and Mirio in cosplaying or to really share his interest in anything with too many people other than yourself.

Other Friends: Izuku Midoriya, Bubble Girl, Uraraka Ochako

ah, sorry for lack of art updates on the blog today;;; I’ve been feeling pretty down;;; however, Im hoping to resolve that soon ;v; 

But thank you guys for always being so sweet to me in your messages! I was thinking of planning something special soon after I finish off the first round of interactive asks and draft some of the other requests! So I wanted to get some opinions! 

The interactive asks are actually really fun (I have a few more I want to get posted between today and tomorrow!)! I was thinking of expanding on them a little bit in the future though! 

I was thinking maybe I could open the box to simple s/o (or crush or etc.) scenarios? and draw them out in comic form (With a little writing to carry some parts) but in the POV of the reader (Probably only seeing the reader’s hands or smth)! they’d be simple things to start out with (AKA, like “A confession of love” or alonge those lines) 

I wouldn’t be able to do it as easily as regular art requests, but I think every now and then I’ll open the ask box to something like this and take a few scenarios! (I’ll make separate rules for this when I officially open this as an option)

That being said I hope im explaining this well ahaha;;; Im going to put up an example later either way! So please look forward to that and the other usual updates! 

Also if you could please REPLY with a vote for the example comic I’d really appreciate it! Since im kind of indecisive haha;;

1. Bokuto + First Kiss 


2. Kuroo + Flirting/teasing his crush 

Im off to work on some other stuff from the ask box now! <3 Sorry this post got so long orz 

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I am studying abroad in Europe this summer, and I am currently trying to learn more about what Europeans think of the European Union.

If you currently live in Europe or have lived there for a significant amount of time in the past, can you please reblog this with your opinions on the EU or send me a private message if you aren’t comfortable sharing publicly? There’s no wrong answer!

I’d also really appreciate it if you reblogged this so I could get more responses! Thanks in advance!

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☆7 47 48 50?☆

Sorry I didn’t reply to this yet, I couldn’t be on Tumblr before now :( But thank you very much for the questions!

7:  what was your life like last year?

I’ve grown quite a lot as a person in the past year! My life was pretty similar despite that though.

47: turn ons

I really like intelligent guys, sweet guys but also guys that are a little aggressive! Besides that, I really don’t think it’s too much for me to ask for a guy that is prepared to eat me out? Oral sex is pretty important in my opinion :)

48: turn offs

Guys that are so fucking full of themselves that they don’t even realise you don’t like them, too much body hair (get that hairiness away from me) and guys that are too dominant or too submissive… I really can’t think of much else atm

50: favourite picture of your idol

I already answered this one, but I couldn’t help but pick another one haha. Here it is:


Ask me tag

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How do you guys do the collab writing? Do you like alternate writing chapters or do one of you write and ask the other for opinions or what? Collab pieces almost always seem better than individual(Both of your individual works are v amazing though!)and I am another fanfic writer and want to try it with another fanfic writer I'm friends with here on tumblr but we don't know where to start? Advice? I love you both, this collab story and like all of your masterlists thank you for sharing your gifts

Hi! For Beyond the Sunrise we use googlge docs, which allows the both of us to edit the document at the same time. Sabrina and I outlined the whole story and before starting to write the chapter we decide what from the outline will happen in said chapter. After that, we just start! Sometimes I start, most of the times Sab does because she is freaking phenomenal with first lines (like she is with everything else), and when the inspiration runs out we simply stop typing and the other kinda ‘grabs the torch’ and continue until we finish! 

I think my main advice would be to outline and plan where the story will go, together, so neither of you will stray from the goal in the story! Also have fun, discuss ideas and don’t be afraid to question what the other is writing, because that is what makes a story more complete and full of detail! Hope this helps <3 - Ren

Klance Week Day 6: Hero/Villain

(I regret nothing. Also, today’s offering features a lovely cameo by @amalgamoffaces and @88madison88! Huge thank you to both of you for allowing me to use you as characters!

Disclaimer: The opinions and ships of the cameo characters depicted in this fic probably do not reflect the opinions and ships of the actual real-life people. I have no idea if you guys have ever even watched the show in question. But your fic counterparts have and your fic counterparts ship the thing. So MUAHAHAHAHA

Enjoy! :D)

“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad,” Lance grumbled. He had been standing outside the bathroom stall for what felt like thirty minutes, though it was probably closer to five. Either way, it was taking forever. He was bored.

“It keeps riding up!” Keith snarled, his voice echoing strangely off of the bathroom’s tiled walls. “I told you it was too small!”

“It’s supposed to do that,” Lance insisted with a gusty sigh. “Pidge does not make mistakes when it comes to cosplay. She’s a perfectionist. If she tells you it fits, it fits. Now just hurry up and come out of there already!”

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I Told You So (Tony Stark x reader)

Request: Imagine the reader is Tony’s best friend. She’s getting married. The guy is a dick, he doesn’t listen to her, puts her down, doesn’t even care about her. And Tony loves her. A lot. The day of her wedding (which Tony was more involved with) they all find out he’s Hydra? Have the reader kick ass in a big ass gown? Tony and her kiss even though their both covered in blood. Maybe flash forward a few years to their wedding which goes better? Thanks. Love you.

“You’ve never liked anyone that I’ve dated, Tony.  It’s hard for me to take your opinion seriously.”

“That’s because they’re all a-holes.”

“I dated you,” you smirked.

“And my point is made.” Tony stepped away for just a moment, answering the buzzing phone in the pocket of his tuxedo jacket.  “Excuse me, sweetheart, be right back.”

You nodded silently, turning to smooth the silk of your wedding dress and check your make-up one final time.  Looking at the white dress was supposed to make you happy, wasn’t it?  You stared at yourself blankly, waiting for the tears of happiness to hit you, like you had been told they were going to, but they never came.  Your soon-to-be husband had been almost intolerable in the past few weeks before the wedding, more moody and angry with you than usual.  He had said that his job was really stressful, so you always gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was just overworked, and now you gave him leeway for wedding stress, but a part of you worried that this was who he was going to be from now on.

“Hey, (Y/N), we need to talk.”

Tony’s voice startled you from your thoughts, giving your dress a final smoothing before turning to face him.  “Can it wait? I have something to do first,” you smirked, spinning yourself in front of him.  “Kinda hard to reschedule.”

“No, it can’t,” he said with a stern expression, taking your hand and pulling you close, handing you his phone with the screen filled with information about your fiancé.  “Try to stay calm, okay?  My timing really sucks, I know, but you’re not doing this.”

“Hmm,” you hummed through tight lips as you read the information on the screen, seeing the intel that proved that the man waiting for you right now was HYDRA.  “Okay, so go ahead and gloat, Tony.  Let’s just get it out there now.”

Tony looked at you completely confused, having expected you to blow up, or cry, or anything more than the reaction you were giving him.  He knew that you were tough, but this was a pretty extreme situation to hold in. “(Y/N)?  Is that all you’re going to say?  For me to react?”

“Oh, I’m going to react, honey, don’t you worry,” you sighed, handing his phone back to him before turning back to the mirror.  “But first, you need to walk me out there.”

“No, (Y/N), there’s no way in hell that I’m walking you to that guy.  You’ve completely lost your mind if you think that’s going to happen.” He approached you to take your arm, but you didn’t see him and took a step forward before his fingers connected. Reaching into your bag you pulled out your handgun and slipped it into your garter.  

“Tony, come on.  My entire side of the church is made up of Avengers and SHIELD agents, and he knows it.  I guarantee that his side is filled with HYDRA idiots.  There’s gonna be blood on the floor.  Did you bring the suit?”

“Why on Earth would I bring my suit to your wedding?!” he said loudly, his hands in the air in exasperation as he turned and motioned to an empty room.  

“Because it’s you?”

He stopped and took a deep breath, his shoulders relaxing with his long exhalation, “yeah, it’s in the car.”


Tony held onto your arm with a grip that almost hurt, but you didn’t say anything, knowing that he was growing more and more nervous with each step closer to the altar.  Your no-longer-going-to-be husband watched as you approached, his disdain for Tony clearly written across his face.  He knew that Tony hated him already, but little did he know how much stronger those feelings were now.  You gave him a complacent smile, turned to accept a kiss on the cheek from Tony, then took a few steps up to your place next to him.  

“It’s about time you got here,” he whispered angrily.

“Sorry, I got held up,” you replied under your breath.

“With Tony, I imagine?”

“Yeah, we were having a heated debate about the similarities and differences between SHIELD and HYDRA and how that will affect this marriage.”

In the flash of seconds, you were both armed and aiming at each other, neither of you about to back down. The poor minister’s eyes widened and he gasped at the sudden outburst in his church, with not only the two of you now holding weapons on each other, but the crowd behind you doing the same across the narrow aisle.  It was a stand-off that had no likelihood of ending well.  Tony was only a few feet to your left, ready to summon his suit on your signal, and Steve was next to Nat and Sam in the pews, each of them armed and guarded by his shield that he conveniently had under his seat.  Clint had quickly grabbed his bow and quiver from a nearby floral arrangement, and Thor’s hammer was already in his hand.  

“When did you know? Did Tony tell you?  Of course he did, what am I thinking?  That guy has always been in our business.”

That guy actually cares about me.  Unlike you.  So don’t you think this whole wedding charade is a little elaborate to get at the Avengers? HYDRA must be running out of ideas,” you scoffed.  You raised your gun just slightly higher and steadied your stance, “you’re not getting out of here alive, you know.”  You were watching Steve from your peripheral vision, knowing he would give you a signal when he was ready.  When it finally came, you took your one chance to take your ex down for good.  

The room exploded with activity immediately, each side of the aisle attacking the other; Tony raised his hand for his suit to connect, but it never came.  He pushed you down behind the pulpit to protect you, despite your insistence to let you join the team.  “Do you have an extra gun?” he asked over the commotion, slapping his forearms over the malfunctioning chip implants to try to get his suit to recognize him.

“Yeah, Tony, I have a full weapons cabinet tucked away in here,” you replied sarcastically.  “It’s not exactly like a planned a bloodbath on my wedding day.”  You looked down at your dress, the white silk now splattered with blood.  “Well that’s just great.  There’s five thousand that I’ll never see again.”  Leaning to the side, you saw several HYDRA agents that were unarmed; you stood and took aim, easily defeating them and returning to your spot on the floor.  “Why exactly did the team bring their gear to the church?”

“Can never be too careful, sweetheart.”  Tony peeked around the side of the old wooden stand that was serving as your only protection and saw his opportunity.  “I need you to cover me so I can get to the suit.”  He stood and ran for the window before you could reply, so you jumped up to cover him without taking a sweeping glance of the surroundings, completely against everything Steve had ever taught you.

“Not cool, Tony!  You can’t just run off-“ you yelled, your words broken by a bullet piercing your shoulder and knocking you back, flat on the floor.  “You have got to be kidding me,” you hissed between clenched teeth with a few coughs to catch your breath.

Tony quickly ran back to you, dropping at your side and taking off his suit coat, tearing the sleeve away to tie around your wound for pressure to stop the bleeding.  “(Y/N), I’m so sorry!  This is all my fault!” he said as he continued to work frantically, “I’m sorry!”

“Yes, it is your fault,” you groaned, wincing in pain as he pulled the cloth tighter.  “It’s hard to cover you now, you idiot.”

“You know I can’t help as much without my suit.”

“Then learn how to shoot.”

“You wouldn’t teach me! You said I was unteachable!”

“No, I said you were arrogant and unteachable,” you hissed, starting to feel a little lightheaded.   

“Okay, we need to get you out of here,” he said, looking frantically around him for a way out.  “Rogers!”

“I’m a little busy over here,” Steve called back, slamming his shield into the face of his assailant and moving on to the next.  “You sure have a strange idea of a fun wedding, (Y/N)!”

You pushed up on the elbow of your uninjured side and reached around the pulpit to shoot at another HYDRA agent, stopping them from getting closer, followed by two more who challenged you by mistakenly thinking you were vulnerable.

“Stop shooting, (Y/N)! Just be injured!” Tony scolded.  “Let me do that,” he snapped, reaching for your gun but failing to take it when you were too fast and pulled it away.  “Are you serious right now?  Just give me the damn gun!”

“You don’t know what you’re doing.”  You pulled your hand back and held the weapon tightly against you.  “And it’s mine.  Back off, Stark.”  

Tony reached for it again, leaning closer to get a better grip.  Your thumb shifted quickly to lock the safety, knowing that if Tony Stark were anywhere near a loaded weapon, someone was getting hurt, more so than you already were.  “(Y/N), why can’t you just do what I tell you?  You’re always so stubborn.  That’s why we never worked out, you know.”

Your brows furrowed in confusion at the sudden change of topic, wondering why he would possibly bring up your failed attempt at dating now, though it was likely just to throw you off guard.  It was long decided that you were great as friends, so this was completely out of nowhere. “Are you nuts?” you laughed, despite the stabbing pain growing worse in your shoulder as you fought him, “that was all your fault!  I may be stubborn, but you’re just plain impossible.”

“Well then maybe we’re perfect for each other and just didn’t realize it.”

“Yeah, a perfect disaster…” your voice trailed away as he leaned down to press his lips to yours, taking you by surprise.  You didn’t push him away, finding comfort in the feel of him and remembering how it felt the first time he had done the same thing years ago.  Even though the sudden weight of him against you sent a surge of pain through your arm, and the fight was raging around you, you didn’t let that stop you from allowing yourself to enjoy the unexpected moment with him.  

“It’s good to know that we could cover you guys for this…” Natasha huffed, leaning over the altar to look down at you, a smirk crossing her lips.  “Totally worth almost dying so you could make out in a church.  Seems a little distasteful, but, to each his own.”


2 years later

“How’s he doing?”

“Nervous,” Steve sighed with a small nod, “but he’s okay.”  

“No surprises this time, right?  No church full of HYDRA agents?  You left your shield at home this time?  Do I need to bring my gun again?” you scoffed, pulling your veil down over your face and turning to face him.

“No, there’s no HYDRA, and I prefer to not disclose the location of my shield,” he smirked.  “But you might still want the gun.  He’s never been more annoying and you might just thank me later.”  Steve linked your arm through his and led you through the door of the bridal suite and towards the chapel.  He rested his hand over yours, pausing to feel a slight tremble in it.  “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” you said with a shaky exhalation, “the last time I tried this, it didn’t go so well.”

He pulled you closer to him and gave you a soft kiss against your hair, “nothing is going to go wrong, just relax.  I mean, come on, what are the odds of that happening twice?”

“With this group, almost zero,” you sighed, finally catching sight of Tony at the end of the aisle.  “Don’t let me fall, Steve.”

“I could carry you, if you’d like to make a more dramatic entrance?”

“Hey, Rogers,” Tony called out from his position, “could you bring my lovely bride to me today, please? I’d like to get married before you’re a hundred and can’t make it this far.”

Squeezing your eyes shut, you let out a soft groan and shook your head, “no, Steve, I think we can take care of the dramatics on our own, thanks.”  You reached down to your side and tapped your leg, making sure the weapon at your side wasn’t too obvious.  “And thanks for the tip, this might come in handy after all.”

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I know that Hussie said about Vriska being fat, and other things like that, but are there any canon appearances for the trolls or kids, like from things they say to each other? ((Example: calling each other blonde vs brunette, tall vs short, ugly vs attractive...?)) or their voices (like was it ever confirmed that Sollux had a lisp, or is it just generally agreed because of his quirk?))

John mentions Dave’s bro being a white guy.

EB: that’s fine, you are entitled to your opinion, i am just saying that being a white guy who is a rapper with a ventriloquist doll is not cool by any stretch of the imagination or by any definition of word cool, ironic or otherwise. that’s all i’m saying.

He also mentions Dave being “attractive,” but in an entirely joking manner.

EB: yes, it is understandable because you are really attractive. i am attracted to you. 
TG: thank you 
EB: jk haha.

AR mentioned PM to be a “tall attractive female.

AR shows to find her attractive on more than one occasion.

WV also seems to think that she’s lovely. And both mention finding WQ pretty, as well. It seems that tallness is attractive to at least dersites, if not both dersites and prospitians.

Rose and Roxy are blonde, according to John. It can be assumed that Dave and Dirk are as well.

Karkat thinks that Terezi’s attractive.

Jake thinks Arenea is attractive.

Calliope does not consider herself attractive.

Calliborn says that Jane is “attractive in a very unpleasant way.“ He also tells her (in a horribly disgusting, pretty terrible way) that she’s started ”filling out.” He goes on to talk a lot about her being fat, and making gross comments about it, so uh. I guess just a warning to anyone who wants to read through the log again and didn’t remember that? Yeah.

I believe that he mentions somewhere in there that she’s bigger than Roxy is, but I don’t care to do more than skim the log since the whole thing makes me kind of uncomfortable? Apologies.

Mindfang mentions the Dolorosa’s horns making “attractive shapes.“ This implies that Kanaya’s, too, would be considered attractive.

Calliope thinks that trolls are beautiful.

Jake says this to Jane at one point.

GT: I consider you to be a lovely lady of the highest caliber and i really think any gent worth his salt would be a huge bozo to let the chance to go steady with you slip through his fingers.

That seems more talking about her personality than looks, though.

Roxy mentions that Fefeta “was beautiful and sweet and lovely

Tavros thinks that Vriska is beautiful.

Meenah thinks that her future/post-scratch self is beautiful.

Dad thinks that Mom is “enchanting and beautiful.

Mom also thinks that Dad is handsome. It also mentions him having a “proud, powerful nose” which I thought was just a little funny.

Caliborn calls Jane and Calliope ugly on many occasions. Along Roxy, as well. Though he describes her as “an ugly hot woman,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Terezi thinks that Gamzee is ugly.

Sollux says this to Karkat:

TA: the only thiing youre good at ii2 yelliing and makiing huge mii2take2. 

But that seems mostly like “angry lashing out” sort of thing than like he was serious. Especially because they both make jabs at each other about being horrible and/or unattractive.

But people do seem to think that Karkat’s horns are dumb. They’re usually mocked when mentioned, though some think they’re “adorable.”

Karkat refers to John as an “ugly pile of trash,” but his insults go to just about everyone, regardless of what he actually thinks of them.

Karkat also refers to himself being ugly/unattractive on different occasions, which I believe to be the only really notable instance of him calling someone ugly.

I do not recall anything being mentioned about heights, and a quick look through says just the same. It doesn’t look like anything was mentioned about that.

For your question about Sollux, this is in his introduction page:

Your trolltag is twinArmageddons and you tend two 2peak wiith a biit of a lii2p.

Although “a bit” is often completely exaggerated in fanworks, but still. He does in fact have a lisp.

I recall Vriska drawing out her words even in regular speech. I believe it was said somewhere that Karkat usually speaks loudly. Terezi definitely does. (Though this does not necessarily mean that they’re constantly screaming.)

Tavros seems to have a hard time speaking quietly, considering his terrible whispering skills.