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Good morning! 😊 I just wanna ask, what is this concept book from BTS? What it will including? Also wanna thank you for helping us so much with your answers! <3

anonymous said: Ohh please tell me what does a concept book has???

anonymous said: Hi! Just wanted to know if the Wings concept book is available on their official website? Or only for the members of their fan cafe? Did they include the cost of it as well? Thanks in advance!

anonymous said: Hi! Just wanted to know if the Wings concept book is available on their official website? Or only for the members of their fan cafe? Did they include the cost of it as well? Thanks in advance!

anonymous said: Hi, i’m new to the fandom and this might sound utterly ridiculous and ignorant - but for the Wings Concept Photobook - do you know if they have an english translated version? Thanks !

Concept book contains behind the scenes photos from the WINGS era. So this would include the production process, exclusive interviews, behind stories. This would be content from Hoseok’s intro video filming, each member’s short film, and the BST music video. It will also have photos from their first BST comeback stage to THE WINGS TOUR concert. It will even contain photos of their outfits for this era. You can check out the preview photos they posted here. As for price, it is 55,000 KRW (~$48.46 USD) not including shipping costs. As stated in our FAQ, most if not all merchandiseis available, on various sites (ex., kpopmart,, Pre-order started yesterday, so you can start ordering now. As for the translations of the interviews, it is not stated whether there will be translations…Sorry…
- Kylie

Helping Evan through an anxiety attack would include

-him calling you in the middle of the night 

-he’s hyperventilating and sobbing so you can’t really understand what he is saying

-but it’s clear that he needs help so you race over to his house -Heidi opens the door looking stressed and concerned 

 -she immediately is relieved when she sees your face and she pulls you into an insanely tight hug 

-“thank god you’re here. He won’t talk to me and you’re the only one who can calm him town”

 -you sprint up the door and knock on Evan’s door and call his name but he won’t answer 

-all you can hear is his heavy breathing 

-you end up just running into the room and see him curled into a ball on his bed 

-the second that he sees you, he immediately starts sobbing more and he keeps apologizing -you go over to his bed and pull him onto your lap and just hold him

 -“I-I can’t do this anymore. It’s too much" 

-"Sh Ev, you’re fine. Everything is going to be fine. Just breath.”

 -you end up holding him all night and Evan eventually returns to his normal state 

 -he awkwardly thanks you for helping him 

-you to end up falling asleep cuddling in his bed 

-Heidi walks in, only to see you and her son looking happy next to each other -she may or may not have taken a few pictures of you

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What MBTI cognitive functions could be related to each & every instinctual variant? I am curious as to your personal insight. Especially from all of the information you have obtained from personality theories. You seem quite knowledgeable and I would appreciate your answer to such a question. It would help me better discover my stacking of sx, so, & sp immensely. Thank you so very much!

Se: sx (looking for intense experiences, exploratory nature)
Si: sp (appreciation of familiarity and security, inclination towards hoarding)
Fe: so (building self-value through interaction with people, awareness of power structures)
sp-blindness is more common in perceivers than in judgers.

those are the most apparent correlations. the other functions are not as directly related. it’s extremely rare to find an sp-blind ISxJ, an so-blind ExFJ or an sx-blind ESxP. but those rare combinations still exist so i don’t recommend typing yourself based on your MBTI type.

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If I'm having a villain as my protagonist, how do I make her into someone that the readers will hate, but at the same time, love and understand?

Thanks for your question, darling!  We have a few posts here that might answer your question :)  If not, be sure to write back with more information and we’ll try to help!

- Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

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Wowwwww just came across your page it is the best thing ever, I wanted to ask do you know any good products to get rid of small marks not really that dark and products to help hydrate the skin to look more alive and glowy and any top products for sensitive skin xx

Aw, thank you!

Getting rid of marks, it’s not quite the same question, but its the same answer.

Hydrating toners, essences/serums/ampoules, and oil all maximize your glow. I’ll list a few of my favorites:

  • Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner
  • Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion Moist
  • Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
  • Stratia Liquid Gold
  • Holy Snails Snowbang Essence
  • CeraVe AM or PM Lotion
  • The Ordinary Rosehip Seed Oil

Sensitive skin tends to be compromised skin. I would suggest staying away from any products that contain acids, astringents, and added fragrance. You want to nurture sensitive skin with hydrating and moisturizing products like the ones I listed above. Skin-barrier repairing ingredients, like ceramides and fatty acids, are also great choices.

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somebody @ mcclain-and-kogane screenshotted and reposted one of your klance posts??

!!! Thank you so much for telling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I checked out their blog and while I am not too happy about it, you can still see my url on it: 

so getting into a potential argument over this simply isn’t worth it for me. I mean, I would absolutely appreciate it if people wouldn’t repost my things, and I definitely thank you for telling me and encourage everyone to keep doing this, but in this specific case I’ll just leave it. I repeat: for me and in this specific case. I really just spent 5 minutes on the post and it was more intended to be a joke than a serious contribution to the fandom, so it’s whatever.

As a general rule though: Don’t Do This. It’s not cool. Why do it when you are literally in front of the post and are able to just click reblog? Your followers will see it anyway and in this case the screenshots almost ruin the proof because the pics I used were slightly pixelated from the beginning :P Other people might have spent minutes or hours on their posts though, so just. Don’t take the credit away from them like this. Because that’s what you do - while the url is still on it, people can’t click it anymore. And especially don’t do this with art. Other people, like artists for example, might already be struggling with gaining an audience for their posts, so it’s not fair to them. And especially don’t crop out the signature or url, don’t even get me started on why that is wrong, that takes any and all credit away from the creator!

Alright, that’s all :D Sorry for the mini rant at the end here. And thank you again, anon, it really means a lot to me that you told me about it <3 I’d mean even more to me if you and anyone else that sees reposts (url cropped out or not) kept notifying the original creators! It’s really reassuring to see that there are people out there that care for giving them the credit they deserve^^

[PS: don’t send the reposter any hate. don’t. do. it. just don’t. thank you <3]

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Your FAQ is really well written and helped a lot :) also wanted to say thank you for being a great positive influence. It's helped me figure out that I fit three categories (bi/pan/omni) and helped me pick which one I want to go by (omnisexual because it's the most specific and it has the prettiest flag)

Gosh !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And !!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you think so !!!!!!!! It was a collaborative effort between all the mods (past and present) and it’s so wonderful to hear that you found it helped a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad we were able to help you find language and identity that fits you and that makes you feel more comfortable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜

Mod Wesley

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I come here for teen mom stuff. Please stop answering people's pathetic, made up, pity parties they're trying to have you and your followers throw for them? Im over seeing shit that ISNT about teen mom. This spanking shit has gone on for too long. For the "19 year old" claiming she was abused or whatever- BOOHOO NO ONE FUCKING CARES EVERYONE GOES THROUGH SHIT IN LIFE. Please stop answering these people I dont want to unfollow you please just stick to TM stuff.

Maybe you should unfollow, cos I’m going to carry on answering whatever asks I like on my blog thanks.

Hope you never get into a situation where you have nowhere to turn to for help or support. Wouldn’t that suck…

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As bi I find it so important to have people talk about the fact that not all of us are attracted to people of our same gender. I am, but I see friends invalidating themselves over this. So I appreciate that you're vocal about this. And that you gave me words to explain to others why this is right. And letting friends read your posts made them feel better. You're important. Thank you.

So glad that we (presumably I) can help. It’s an important concept to me because… well, I have Issues with the standard perception of bisexuality, both in terms of what it means about me, and what it means about my attractions. So… I try to speak up in the hopes that I can help others feel less awkward than I have.

100 Followers holy fukj

Hi it’s your beloved Mod Ouma and I’m here to officially announce that we have reached 100 followers and still counting! Joker and I have agreed that for this, we will go ahead and open matchups for good (HOLY SHIT) alongside headcanons and scenarios. We also agreed that for a limited amount of time, you will be able to ask questions about us (Nothing too personal though, we do reserve the right to pass on a question that we aren’t sure of answering). 

We thank you for your continued support, and our thanks to all those who helped us get here. We look forward to further working with you.

OH and one more thing before I go, for the questions, do specify which mod you are asking for please! Unless you’d like for us both to answer.

Anyways, have a good day,

Love, your super high school level supreme leade– Mod Ouma

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Okay... I would just like to say thank you. For your existence and your blog, seeing your sapphic posts and your ADHD posts, they mean so much. I'm a lesbain and I think I have ADHD but because I'm underage my mum won't let me get tested and just... seeing your posts help. And I'm a huge coward for not coming off anon but yeah, this is weird. Just, thank you and please keep being you. ♥

this is the sweetest thing ever and i love you so much

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Hi! I need some help, I'm looking for gypsy FCs, preferably males, do you know any? Thanks for your help!

The fact that you used the term “gypsy” in your request, which is a racial slur, tells me that you haven’t done even the tiniest bit of research on Romani people, so I am not comfortable giving you FC suggestions.

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Completely unrelated situation, I'm ~technically~ pansexual or lesbiflexible. But I identify as lesbian because it's what I'm most comfortable with and I heavily lean towards females. That part isn't helpful, my point is, how you decide to label yourself is up to you. What makes YOU comfortable is all that matters. You define your sexuality and if identifying as a lesbian is what makes you most comfortable, that's valid. 100% valid.

my friend is kind of in the same boat as you so !! yeah lol
thank you !

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You guys are amazing! Your videos are really helpful and so informative and I want to thank you for that! I noticed that you jake are more into answer to messages, probably because you are the friendly one ahah I can't no longer hide I have a crush on you and Ed and Ollie but I like you all! Keep doing what you are doing because you guys can really make the difference.

Thank you so much :D
Yeah, I think I’m more the people pleaser ^_^ it was part of my role growing up but I enjoy making people happy! It’s what I’m all about :D so that includes answering as many asks as I can!
*Super hugs!*

“Grateful to finally have a book that has helped me clearly define and begin to answer all the vague questions I’ve been tossing about but avoiding.” Thank you @hillaryh2o for getting my book and your support! Keep doing you.

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Three! Weeks! In!

Welcome to the third week of our Mental Health Month prompts. We just finished up a week of posting it for each other. This week? We’re posting it for reflection. We want to give you the opportunity to look back on your personal experiences with mental health: the struggles you have overcome, or something you’re dealing with right now. We’re all a work in progress, and that’s okay. You can follow through however you please, including using some of our prompts below. Just don’t forget to tag it with #postitforward so other people can easily find it:

  • Make a post sharing your personal experiences with mental health. It can be a GIF, a text post, a video—whatever feels right to you.
  • Share a list of things you know now that you wish you knew then.
  • Here’s a thank you card. Reblog to thank yourself for being so strong, or reblog and tag someone who might have helped you through something.
  • Post a quote that helps you get through tough times.
  • Create a chat post conversation between you and your younger self.
  • Make a video talking about something you overcame.
  • Share a song that’s important to you, and tell your followers why.

We can’t wait to see these posts start rolling through our dashboards.

A small text addendum: We have some special Answer Times coming up that are centered around Mental Health Month. On the docket this week:

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