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Hey, I was wondering, how did you make the extra links on the top of your blog? I have the same theme as you, and all the tutorials I've searched don't make sense to me :\ Thank you in advance if you do answer this :D

i’m bad doing ‘tutorials’ but well hope it helps :|

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[Welcome to publish] Hello! I just wanted to give you all a big internet hug. I found this blog shortly after my boyfriend broke up with me. Following that, I renewed an old search in figuring out just how I identify & what my sexuality really is. I suspected first that I was Asexual, but now I'm most comfortable as Pansexual & that comfort is thanks to all of the wonderful posts you do! Supporting people and answering their questions really helped me figure out & embrace my sexuality.

I’m so happy you figured out what to call your attractions. That’s wonderful. Thank you so much for your support. 

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Hi I just wanted to say you answered the ask about street harassment wonderfully. It's a difficult situation to be in, my heart goes out to radical-loving-kindness, I was in a similar situation and the only advice I got was to "ignore it" which wasnt exactly helpful and made me feel quite powerless. So thank you, your responses don't just help the asks but the other people reading them too. Hope you have a great day, oh and weight related comments drive me up the wall too! Love to you xx

Oh I love you! You are simply the greatest!!!!!! I’m glad it was helpful (I felt powerless myself reading it so can’t imagine how radical-loving-kindness feels!) I really hope it helped her a little bit. Far out, being told to ignore it is definitely NOT helpful, I am so sorry that is the ‘advice’ you got darling. It makes me so angry that women/people have to deal with this kind of thing! Sending you all the love back <3 xoxoxox






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1. What time is it? currently 10:31pm as I’m doing this tag

2. Would you rather make dinner or do the dishes? make dinner

3. If I called you and asked you to help me move a body, what would you say? (I apologize, it’s late) “why do you need to move a body?”

4. Favorite part on your biases’ body? his smile UGH ♡_♡

5. Any songs stuck in your head today? Sober by Big Bang

6. Who can you not say “NO” to? my adorable godson

7. Favorite bromance? LEE JONG SUK AND KIM WOO BIN

8. Airplanes or road trips? road trips :)

9. What’s your favorite smell? cranberry pear bellini from bed bath and beyond :3

10. Favorite movie quote? Not a quote but it’s from the short of Inside Out cuz it’s the cutest thing EVER :D 

I have a dream. I hope will come true. That you’re here with me and I’m here with you. I wish that the earth, sea, and sky up above will send me someone to lava.

11. Early bird or Night owl? Night Owl


1. If you could go anywhere in the world and live there for a month, where would you go?

2. What is one thing you want to do before you die?

3. Who are your top 3 biases?

4. Which of those biases would you want to spend the day with?

5. What would you guys do?

6. Would you rather wait patiently to meet your soulmate and leave it to fate to meet or actively find go out and find your soulmate?

7. What’s the first song that comes up in your head RIGHT NOW?

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

9. Which idol do you see as your best friend?

10. Would you rather work to do what you love or love the work you do?

11. If you could be in a group, which one would it be? 

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Hi, your stories were some of the first I ever stumbled upon and inspired me to do my own (although, I am more off the charts in the mature section). Thank you so much for all your hard work and attention to detail. I don't have a question, just love!

Aw, hi! :D That’s one of my favorite things to hear, thank you! I was inspired to write Sherlolly after reading the unbeatable fic The Full House, so to hear that I’ve helped do the same thing for someone else will never loose its thrill. (And if you have anything of a lower rating, I’d love to check out what you’ve got!)

Happy writing and tumbling to you! Oh and thanks for the follow too. ;))

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(this is the 18 ace girl) thank you for answering. It just feels so weird because everyone (well mostly on tv) seems to feel sexual attraction while I'm just standing there awkwardly. Thank you for your advice, it is definitely helpful! (sorry for the mistakes, I'm not fluent)

Yes I understand that it feels weird, but I really think that the media is kind off the ones showing down our throughts that sex has to be such a big part of your life and that everyone has it, when in reality not everyone enjoys sex and feels no need for it what’s so ever. 

Love - the glitter clit

Scenarios, Written/Gif Reactions and Written/Selca Ships

Heya my sweet angels! This week was super busy for me so I’m really sorry it took me so long to get your requests out! Thank you for your patients and I hope you’ve all had a super fab week, My ask is pretty much cleared up now and I had so much fun doing all your requests so I’d thought I would make this post to let you guys know that I’m opening the requests for everything again! So please send in as many as you like my sweets (Just thought I’d mention I’m still doing questions so please ask away, send in a fact about your self and question you’d like me to answer, I’d love to get to know you guys <3) Thank you again for requesting and Im here if anybody ever needs help, I love you all! ~~

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I'm hoping you can help. We live in flats with a veranda, and out veranda is full of our plants. Recently children have been doing things like picking flower heads off before they open and knocking plants over. I've never been able to catch them at it, so I can't tell them to stop. What could I do magically to protect my plants? I've thought about making a sigil, but I'm not sure if it will be enough. Any help is really appreciated thanks :)

In this instance, I’d recommend practical intervention over magic.

Post a sign by your plants that says something like “Please Leave The Plants Alone.” You can even imply that the porch is under surveillance. It doesn’t have to be true, you just have to imply it.

If you see any children in the area, of course tell them to stop messing about. And you can contact parents in the area to ask them to tell them kids not to mess with your garden. You don’t have to make an accusation, just say you’ve heard kids playing around and knocking things over, so could they please kindly remind their offspring not to do these things.

You can trace or draw a sigil onto one of the veranda posts, like this one, if you think it might help.

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(to the anon confused about sexuality) I think the words youre looking for is (assuming you are a female): youre sexually but not romantically into girls (homosexual) but youre romantically into guys (heteroromantic) BUT if youre also somewhat sexually into guys then you'd be bisexual dn heteroromantic! But honestly, why label it? Just do you man! You don't need a label :) but if you wanted some I hope this ask helps!


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Hi. I know you must here this all the time but I love your blog, Amy, Virginia and the way you put yourself into all this sort of things... It's amusing! I just read the question about cigarettes and... I started smoking a while ago and it's just helping me, you know.

eh, take it easy, smoking is enhancing and all but it’s not the definition of “help”, it’ll never be, if it feels right to you then you simply do it & that’s all, thank you for messaging me though you strike me as a darling


i love love love all the sleepover saturday messages i receive but i sometimes have issues answering them all (especially in a timely manner bc i suck eggs) sO i am enlisting the help of one of my very very very good friends ellie aka ohscarfy !!!

she will be answering questions and i think generally helping out with the blog !

so yeah your questions could be answered by me or her (but the rule still stands where generally questions not on anon will be answered privately)

you guys will love ellie bc she is funny and helpful so yEAh get excited !!!

thank you !!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo lara

(( a lot of the reason I don’t use this blog much is because the inbox was filled with messages spanning months to years old, and it was making me feel so nervous and guilty I couldn’t get myself to do much of anything on here

I decided that in order to help myself, I cleared out nearly everything in the inbox except for a few of the more recent messages because it was just too overwhelming for me to deal with, and if you sent a question in the past that didn’t get answered, I’m so so sorry, but if you remember it you can resend it if you so desire

that being the case, there’s lots of room in the inbox now hah….feel free to send some new questions in!!! and thank you for all your support, I appreciate it more than you can imagine

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Nat, I seriously just want to say you are my hero. I know you may not believe it but you are. You may have not helped me personally but your story helped me. It helped me realize that even if you come from a rough background it doesn't mean you have to be that same way, you can change and be your own person. Thank you for that.

I’m so happy to hear this. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. Today I have a breakdown and reading your blog helped so much. Thank you. How do you do it? How can you be so good?

awww, this was really sweet! I hope you are doing better, and I’m glad reading our silly headcanons helped ^_^

(p.s. to any of our followers, our ask boxes on our personal blogs are always open to those of you that need someone to talk to, never feel like you can’t)

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I will fucking fight that anon, you are a precious person and you deserve the best things in life. Keep doing you and stay beautiful.

and then all hellatia broke loose I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself

but omg thank you so much (´・∀・`) I hope you have a wonderful day and many others to follow~ may your life be as sweet as the mangos this season in Taiwan because damn they are the best batch I’ve ever eaten and we have the BEST mangoes in the world

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Thanks for your mature response as well! I definitely see where you're coming from, and I can agree that there's a helpful clarity to the way you use the word. This is definitely something I'll be thinking about further. Have a good day, and thanks once again~!

And here we see that it is perfectly possible to have a sensible debate on this website without people going crazy and accounts being deleted.

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Could you recommend some movies about animal agriculture/veganism/factory farming? I've seen food inc, earthlings, cowspiracy, and vegucated but I really feel like I need to further educate myself on these topics. Thanks for your help :):)<3

Hi there! Take a look at my documentary list, and here are some others!

Animal Rights Videos:

Health and Food Videos:

* The documentaries marked with the * are graphic

Thank you Taylor

Yesterday I had a fight with my father while my friend and I were putting lights on our posters for the taylorswift show next week in Montreal. He was like : why are you doing all of this for a girl who doesn’t know your name? You are waisting your time (blablabla).
Normally I have difficulties to argue with him but this time my answer just kinda throw out of my mouth and it was something like : You know what? Probably Taylor do not know my name and without knowing my name she were ( and she is still ) helping me since so many years. It’s hard when you are suffering of high anxiety and panic attacks at the point that you need medication. Few years ago I was locked in my house (because of my mind, she tooks control of me), I stayed at home for 3 months without going outside, not even on my own balcony. My anxiety was so high. All of these times I was suffering, no one was here for me, but her music always has. Few times ago I couldn’t think about the fact that I’ll be able to go to a concert. It’s big for me and you don’t even know how much it’s important for me to thanks her. So let me do my costume and stop trying to make me uncomfortable for doing all of this because I do this with my thankful heart.

He shuts his mouth and I smiled. I think he finally understood.

taylorswift tree-paine

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Hello, I'm actually new to the K fandom and I was just wondering if you can tell me or recommend to me where to start 'cause I'm so overwhelmed with all this materials from K I'm seeing. And I'm really really grateful I found your blog! And I'm really grateful for this blog. BTW, I've already watched the 13ep anime and the K:Missing Kings movie :) I hope you can help me. Thank you! :)

Heya! Since you’ve finished the anime and the movie you’ve already covered the present story line.

The more important things to catch up with right now would be the novels and mangas, since you can save the short stories and dramas for whenever you feel like it. (Most things in the indexes are listed in order of release date if that helps.)

Since the mangas are shorter than reading the novels I’ll put them higher up so you can get through more content faster. (If you’re interested in a particular clan/character, you might prefer to read their K SIDE: xxx novel first)

*Note this is my personal opinion on ordering, others may disagree

  1. K: Memory of Red & K: Days of Blue (Since MoR was the first thing to come out, yes, even before the anime, I usually put this first. I would’ve put Countdown first but MoR and DoB are quite short and Countdown has a few references to them so I think you’d enjoy it better if you get these two down.)
  2. K: Countdown (I would’ve put this first if it wasn’t for the references. Covers events between the movie and season 2. Should read before season 2.)
  3. K: Stray Dog Story (Kuroh pre-anime story. Also is one of the earlier mangas along with Memory of Red.)
  4. K SIDE:BLUE (Learn about Zenjoh, Kusuhara and Munakata ASAP, I have a feeling Season 2 would make more sense with this context. Is also the first novel that was released. Should read before season 2.)
  5. K SIDE:RED & K SIDE:BLACK&WHITE (RED I would have recommended reading before Missing Kings because there was a huge amount of referencing, but since you’ve watched the movie already, BLUE takes priority. BLACK&WHITE has all the individual backstories of the Silver Clan and emphasizes why they are so important to one another)
  6. K: The First (Manga remake of the anime with small tweaks and added detail everywhere. Recommend reading it, but the background materials have higher priority since you haven’t gone through those yet.)
  7. K: Lost Small World (Novel & Manga) (Both being translated / scanlated at the moment. Covers Fushimi and Yata’s background. Manga adapted from the novel.)

The rest:

  1. K: Cat & Dog  (Kuroh and Neko after the anime and would have very high priority but no scanlations yet)
  2. K: Missing Kings (Remake, not much difference to the movie, no scanlations yet)

Notable short stories / dramas set between the season 1 and the movie. :

  1. K: Missing Kings - Short stories (Distant Sea of Dogs and Cats, Birthday, Blue that Melts in the City of Red, Public Stance, Mukaebi, Under the Empty Sky, I Talk with the Late Mentor in Late Summer)
  2. K: Missing Kings - Radio Dramas (If there was Homura, As Long as there is Scepter 4)

I hope this post hasn’t overwhelmed you…