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Hi I'm a first time voter with pretty severe anxiety and OCD. This stopped me from voting before and I don't want to let it do so again, so I'm finally getting registered! I was just wondering if you could give me a heads up about what to expect when voting? What is the standard situation like? Will I have to talk to many people? Just in general, what am I expected to do? I feel like knowing this stuff will help ease my anxiety so I can prepare! Thanks and it's okay if you can't answer this! :)

Hi there! I answer your question below, but FYI you don’t have to go in at all, you can vote by mail via Absentee Vote if you prefer:

Normally speaking you really don’t interact much anyway. You walk in with an ID and there are people with books of names and addresses in the district. You say your name and show your ID, they check you off, and give you a voting sheet that you take into a booth. Afterwards you hand your ballot to a worker who puts it in a secure container. That’s it!

The whole process is super private and besides giving them your name and address to confirm who you are, you don’t have to talk to anybody.

Hope that helps!

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Hi I was wondering if you could share some light on hip rotation during techniques, specifically punching. I notice that when I punch I will actively push my hip forward first though I am told I should push my hip at the moment of impact etc. I feel the way I do it currently is ingrained in my muscle memory, do you have any tips on how to reset it or any exercises you found that helped you in the early stages? Thanks for your time and I very much enjoy your blog. Kind Regards :)

Well hi there Anon!

SPOILER ALERT: The answer is in the bottom.

Don’t be shy, EVERYONE struggles with this great enigma, myself included.

However, I do think I can at least share my vision on this.

When I was still a kyu-grade, to every question I had the answer I got was: “HIP. Use your hip to punch/block/kick.”
But that’s easily said, and well, I don’t think I would’ve understood anything else anyways.

The reality of your punch

  • You don’t punch with your fist
  • You don’t punch with your hip
  • You don’t punch with your shoulder
  • You don’t punch with your arm

You punch with all of them.


Originally posted by steveinaspeedo

All of them.

You punch with your fist, arm, shoulder, hip, leg and even your toes!

Now is the part where I’m getting technical.

I attended a seminar last weekend on pretty much this exact topic.

Sugasawa Sensei (7th DAN) said the following:
“Stop focussing so much on the end of the punch. That is only a small part of it. You will become static and robotic if your focus is only on your fists.”

Your punches will become short and ineffective if you focus on one thing. It doesn’t just go for the fist, but also the hips.

Ichi biyoshi

This term can be (roughly) translated as: ‘one beat’, ‘one moment’.

1 technique = 1 moment
Ichi biyoshi

This means that you can’t start using your hips at the end of a movement. It’s ICHI biyoshi, not NI biyoshi (two movements).

I don’t know who told you to use your hips at the end of punch Anon, but I am sure curious how they would do it. You see, energy flows from your punch/kick/etc. in the direction you point it to. You will generate the most powerful energy by letting it flow in one line.

Think of your attack like a spear. Does it sound logical to charge with a spear allllll the way straight to the target but hey, let’s start pushing the spear forward at the moment it hits? Wouldn’t it be easier to just run the spear through the target without the last minute adjustment?

Originally posted by bandygrass

How to train your fundamentals

Sugasawa Sensei stressed the training of fundamentals many times. It’s part mindset, part body. Here are some things I trained this weekend to make my punches more powerful AND more relaxed.

Start in a small Naihanchi dachi: (BEND YOUR KNEES OUTWARD)

Something like this:

Throw a relaxed punch without changing the position of your knees.
Open your fist. Punch with open hands.
(This will help to let go of the clenched robotic fist)

Trying to punch like this will be difficult at first. You will most likely bend your knees back, use too much hip rotation which leads to losing your stance or it will still be robotic.

If you still feel a bit static, try not to punch. Instead, try to make a movement like you’re throwing a cup of water at someone.

Originally posted by poliwrat-h

Or a pokéball, whatever.

Step 2: sideways

You think you got it? (There is always room for improvement)
Let’s try something similar.

Face forward in the same Naihanchi dachi. We’ll call this a neutral position. From this neutral position you will use your (knife)hand to strike sideways across your body to the left and right.

IMPORTANT: extending your shoulder

You want to reach further than what your arms normally reach. Incorporate your shoulder into this movement until your shoulder can touch the middle of your chin. 

ALSO IMPORTANT: do not lose your stance

Losing your stance means that you’re not using your shoulder to extend your reach, but your legs. Use your shoulder and only your shoulder.

Step 3: sideways

Shift from the neutral position facing forward position to the sides with your hips and move your feet/toes with the movement. 

Mental aspect of these exercises

Stop thinking about the point where the impact begins. Because that will instantly become your ending point of the technique.

I think like this:

- If I’m going to hit you with a punch; I’m hitting you with my elbow.

- If I’m going to hit you with a kick; I’m hitting you with my knee.

See what I’m doing there? I’m mentally cutting off the lower half of my limbs. This way I am ensuring myself that my fist or foot will reach the target. 
Not only that, since I (mentally) have to put in everything I got to ensure a hit with my (imaginary) shorter limb, I will almost automatically use my entire body. 

Back to your question

Thing is, you can’t move without your hips. You can’t walk without moving your hips. You can’t do anything without your hips. 

Let me break down technique movement pattern really quickly for you:

  1. Brain thinks of movement
  2. Muscles needed are tensing
  3. Hips move
  4. Rest moves
  5. You punch/kick/block
  6. Movement completed

If you want to punch, or anything, it requires your body to move. After the brain decided: A movement always starts in your core

Japanese: Tanden = 3 fingers below your belly button = core

Which is also on the same height as your hips. Coincidence? I think not.


Your question: Do you have tips and tricks on what helped me learn how to punch?

Answer: I punch with my whole body. You can only achieve that if you have:

1. control over your body 


2. if you are relaxed.

How do you do that:

  1. Can’t help you right away with that. It’s just training training training the techniques over and over again. In the air, on targets, on partners etc.
  2. See the exercises listed above + #1. 

Okay I completely rambled on in this one, I would like to apologize for that. Thing is, this is not an easy question and it has a lot of different aspects.

If I need to specific about anything, please let me know.

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SUPER BELATEDLY - I'm the anon who asked about Aaron + hospital spoilers. Thanks so much for the response last week!! I was seeing speculation everywhere but couldn't figure out where it was coming from; your answer was super helpful. <3

Aw you’re welcome! Glad I could help! Thankfully it’s not too long before we start getting more detailed spoilers and it’ll all become a bit clearer.

Anonymous said: Don’t know if you’ve been asked this or not, but if there is a proposal who do you think will be the one to propose?

I think, if it happens, it would be Robert. I would rather it was Aaron though. 

Anonymous said: wasn’t aaron supposed to be in yesterday’s episode??

He’s listed in the cast list but, even though Radio Times puts the list with Monday’s episode, it’s actually for the whole week so we don’t know when he’s supposed to pop up.

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if god loves everyone but hates homosexuality why would he give someone those desires only to torture them for all eternity if they act on them. its horrifically cruel. thats like me giving a child an ice cream and then beating them for eating it (and before you use, well people desire bad things and it doenst make it right as an argument desires are bad if acting on them would hurt the other people involved , love between consenting adults does not whatever the genders )

Hi there, thank you for coming to me with your concerns. I will address each of the points you’ve raised and hopefully I can help answer your questions.

The first thing to note is that the Lord does not give someone homosexual desires. The state of our world is fallen and broken. This happened as a result of the fall of mankind, going back to the days of Adam and Eve. Man lived in harmony with and in direct communication with Him. Man walked with Him in paradise and there was no separation. There was no corruption in the world. However, when man chose to rebel against the will of the Lord, sin entered the picture. The world became corrupt and everything got very messed up. This is why Adam and Eve became aware/ashamed of their nakedness, why our bodies get sick and grow old, why we see heartbreaking evils in the world. The introduction of sin was by the hand of man, not God. Man was the one being cruel to the Lord by defying Him, not the other way around. Man made a decision and consequences resulted from it. And because of that decision to sin, we each deal with the aftermath of the original sin of Adam and Eve - which includes the temptation of a multitude of sins (which vary from person to person - everyone has different temptations and weaknesses they must battle in this life).

You’ve stated, “desires are bad if acting on them would hurt the other people involved, love between consenting adults does not whatever the genders.” What you’ve done here is created your own definition of sin based on your own standards instead of the Lord’s. Sin is not defined exclusively by whether or not other people involved are hurt. Yes, very often sin results in people being hurt, but that does not mean something has to hurt people in order for it to be deemed a sin. Sin is a deviation and defiance against God’s will, and homosexuality happens to be one example of a defiance against God’s will. The Word leaves us with no question as to how the Lord intended for sex to be - between a man and women, within the confines of marriage. Homosexuality goes against that design, just like premarital sex between heterosexual individuals does. Therefore, both of those scenarios constitute sin. One could argue that the heterosexual couple isn’t hurting anyone because they’re just enjoying themselves. Following this logic can become a slippery slope where a variety of sins are excused because they seemingly don’t hurt anyone. Some examples: “if the person I’m gossiping about doesn’t hear me trash talking them, it’s not a sin because nobody gets hurt” or “I don’t do anything harmful when I get drunk and it only relaxes me to get intoxicated, so drunkenness isn’t really a sin”. Just because nobody seemingly gets “hurt” in these situations doesn’t make it any less of a sin or defiance against Him. And when we do things that are against His will (even if they seem “harmless”), rebelling against Him is actually harming everyone involved spiritually - whether those involved realize it or not.

When we sin, no matter what the type of sin, it’s an attempt to fill a void in ourselves. And that void can only be truly satisfied by Jesus Christ. Sin only offers temporary satisfaction that is completely fleeting, along with everything else in this world. Despite our rebellion against the Lord, in His mercy and love, the Father provided a way through the sacrifice of His son to make us right with Him; a way for sin to no longer separate us from Him due to the horrible consequences that came from the original sin of Adam and Eve. He didn’t have to do this. He could have left us to suffer and face eternal torment for our sins (which we are all guilty of). But He didn’t. Considering all He sacrificed for us, it’s not cruel to ask us to sacrifice our fleshly desires and allow Him to transform our hearts to become more and more like Him.

I answered a couple of asks similar to what you asked. Maybe you will also find it useful to read those responses. You can find those asks here and here.

I hope this helped to address your concerns. If you haven’t yet accepted Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord and Savior, I truly hope you make the choice to do so. You won’t be disappointed. If you have any other questions or wish to discuss this further, please let me know.


I’m doing a research project for university so could you please just answer this simple question: if I ask you to order numbers 1 to 4 as shown by the picture, WHICH option would you choose? 

Could you also tell me if you are left or right handed and which is your first language? I don’t need any more personal data other than this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Lagertha and her fangirls; Dedicated to the lovely and talented kazztou, you have been a light to me in dark places, when all other lights go out.

Original Character Survey 2016

Want to develop your character and help science at the same time? I’ve created a questionnaire that will ask you a ton of things about your OC. Once I get enough responses, I will use the data to find trends in how people create characters, and then make some cool graphs with it.

The survey has over 500 questions, almost all of which are optional if you don’t want to answer that many. It touches on everything, from your character’s appearance to their personality to their favorite color, and much more. All kinds of characters are welcome, whether they’re human or non-human, fantastical or realistic, anything goes. Characters from stories, roleplay characters, and characters without any story are all accounted for.

Content warning for references to violence, sexual assault, death, abuse, and every other nasty thing you can think of. All of it is in text form and there is no in-depth discussion of any of these topics, just questions about whether these things have happened to your character. Aside from some barbie-style nudity and cartoon people in swimsuits, all images are tame. There is a nsfw section for those who want to develop their character’s saucier side, but it is easy to skip over without having to see any of it.

Please reblog this to spread the word! The 2015 survey got over 5,000 responses. Let’s see if we can beat that this year.

Take the survey here!

FanExpo 2015

Dearest Creampuffs,

Thank you to everyone who came out to FanExpo Canada yesterday. It was such a pleasure answering your questions and chatting with you! It’s one thing for me to see the number of a fans on a screen, but feeling your energy and seeing your beautiful faces in person was incredibley humbling and overwhelming. As someone who attended FanExpo as a young teenager, you helped make one of my childhood dreams come true.

I did however feel awful for not having the time to chat in-depth with everyone, and for not being able to sign more than one item for everyone. Unfortunately our PR manager (who had the hardest job of all - playing the bad guy) was forced to rush us towards the end there. It was pretty distracting! So if I had to be quick, or simply didn’t hear you over the chaos, please know that I still appreciated your presence and your support. It just would have broken my heart if we weren’t able to get through everyone who lined up for autographs because our show would have not grown without you folks, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thank you again, and I hope you all had a great time!




Book Cover Poll

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the photographs above and I would really, really appreciate your help! I’m in the design stages for my first photographic book and am ready to send off all the images to my editor but I need to choose a cover. So I’ve created a quick poll for you to choose.

Thanks so much for your help. 

Answer below with the letter - Which photograph should it be?

Cry for Help || Closed RP @ pikarafe

To: Whom It May Concern, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent

Hello friends!

I recently heard in an Exploration Team Federation meeting about your new mapping & connection technology! The Pokemon Nexus and Connection Orbs would be extremely useful for my guild. I was wondering if you would be willing to share & help me get set up?

Best wishes,

Guildmaster Wigglytuff

To: Ampharos, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent

Hello Ampharos!

Thank you for replying to my letter so quickly! The schematics you showed me about the Pokemon Nexus & Connection Orbs were very helpful! To answer your question, I would love a live demonstration. When is a good time for me to visit Lively Town?



To: Ampharos, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent


The 10th of April works fine for me! How long should I plan to stay? Also, will there be a lot of technology to transport back?



To: Ampharos, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent

Dear Ampharos,

You haven’t responded to my letter in over 2 weeks. Is something wrong? Are we still on for the 10th?

Please write back,


To: Ampharos, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent


I know that I just sent my letter yesterday, but I just heard about what’s been going on. Legendary Pokemon turning to stone! We haven’t had anything like this on Grass Continent but I unfortunately think it’s just a matter of time.

Is everything okay over there? Do you need help? If there’s anything I can do I surely will.

Good luck,


Wigglytuff frowned in uncharacteristic concentration, studying the ceiling of his chambers. It had been over two weeks since he’d last heard anything from Ampharos. He hoped his letter would find its way to the Expedition Society somehow, but he was beginning to suspect that his new friend on Water Continent was really in trouble.

Usually he could help people, but now, he felt so disconnected from what was going on. How could he possibly do anything when he was a whole ocean away from the problem?


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

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top 9 twitter pictures of jungkook please? i'm feeling even more kookie biased than usual hELP PLS THANK YOU

Why 9 when you can have 10, anon?

Top 10 Jungkook Twitter Pictures 2015

1. Bow tie x Glasses x Suit Jungkook slaying everyone’s Halloween.

2. Because I ship Jungkook with that white shirt more than JiKook.

3. Officer Jeon Jungkook to steal your mind, sleep, heart, breath, not to mention sanity.

4. Because Jungkook in a suit has me in tears and that cute grin thing agh

5. Because forehead Jungkook is the best thing that has ever happened to ARMY.

6. Because you’re hiding Jimin’s jams and you have nowhere left to run.

7. Because I can’t believe blond Jungkook x adorable red beanie came and went that fast, I’m not over it and those lips omg just him 

8. Jeon Jungkook aka the jock basketball player who will crush your feels.

9. Because he looks so adorable, all you wanna do is take his other earplug and lay in bed listening to music you don’t understand with him all day.

10. Because I’m trash for athlete runner Jungkook.

Bonus : TaeKook that slays my heart and Jungkook is winking does he know that’s illegal??

I’ve realized that Jeon Jungkook is officially BTS’ selca heartbreaker along with a certain Kim Taehyung.

Yoongi ver. Namjoon ver. Hoseok ver



Bam! 4 parts in one day. I hope this made the hiatus worth it. digital colored pages in the next update!! >~<

Also for all those sending me asks, I thank you very much. I’m promising not to spam your dashes with asks so I’m gonna save them all up for tomorrow and answer them in a text post. This will be probably what I do from now on. thanks for your patience

Part 58

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Congrats on 10 million subs @therealjacksepticeye !!!!!

You deserve it ! You are working so hard everyday , you are always on time with your videos and you always have fun ! It makes me happy when I see you happy and I cry when you cry , you helped so many people, you started at the bottom and went to the top,you are humble , you are even answering so many comments and reblogging so many fantastic fan art ! You deserve all this ! Thank you so much for everything you did for us :) 

Stay positive !

And greetings from germany ! This picture and animation took way too long ._. 

Speedpaint + Animation progress

Made with Gimp and Anime Studio 11 Debut


Reminiscence- Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 8

Beginning: Pg. 1 

Previous: Pg. 7  

Next: Pg. 9 

Young Grillby to the rescue! Help our hungry little Skelebros! So with Sans and Papyrus seemingly homeless… where is their family?? The answer will be revealed soon…

I had so much fun with page and I want to thank you all again for your support. I hope you all like the new page!

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So i just got hired as a contributor for a natural hair magazine in the UK and i need some help

I need to feature at least 4 natural brides in my next series of articles for april. So if you are/were a natural bride, can answer a few questions, and provide at least 4-6 pictures of your wedding day, please let me know and ill email you.

You don’t have to be from the UK. All natural brides welcome. 


Why do I look so excited? Well, I was using my fan as a wind machine but also… 

1. We just found out that Six of Crows hit #1 on both the New York Times Hardcover and Ebook Bestseller Lists!!!!!! I can’t thank you guys enough for the support you’ve shown this book. I would buy you all waffles if I could. I may just try. 

2. It’s ANSWER TIME! Thursday, October 8th at 11am PST/ 2pm EST I’ll be answering all of your questions about Six of Crows, the Grisha Trilogy, and anything else you feel like sending my way. Submit your questions here and I’ll do my best to reply. 

I’m going to be on the road for a while and slow to get to my Ask Box after this, so please drop by! And do help spread the word or I’ll just be sitting there sending myself anon asks like, “Do you enjoy the tennis?” 

See you soon!!