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your art gives me life and also your yoi oc diaz cortez is super cute please let us see more of him ❤️✨

(2/2 it’s the last anon,, and i meant *dior not diaz 😂 damn autocorrect..)

SFJDSFGJ shoot thank you so much!!! TT__(\

he’s … not too great at receiving compliments off the ice LOL


The first Character Selection strawpoll is up!
here’s the link
I’ll reblog it a few times probably, so if you’ve already put in a vote and don’t want to see this post again, blacklist SelectionPoll1 for week 1 * v *

Character Selection Poll for the first week can be found on the Character Selection page as well >>> 

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Hi. Wasn't it pretty clear that Rey is Luke's daughter from that last shot of TFA movie? That would ruled out Reylo as a romantic couple. I kinda hope she's not but it seems to be hinting at it. I'd prefer Kylo to be the last of Skywalkers and to be redeemed with Rey's help. If you can answer this. Thank you.

That;s the thing. It was too ‘in your face’, too full of hints that you have to think…is this really it? Star Wars is smarter than that. Also, there’s been far too much evidence as of late that Rey is not a Skywalker (not the least of which was Pablo alluding to Kylo being THE Skywalker descendant of the trilogy).

Just to help assuage your doubts, here’s a comprehensive list of evidence against the Rey Skywalker theory:

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Hi! I just wanted to tell you how absolutely happy your blog makes me. You're always so sweet to everyone, and so helpful all the time. Whenever I see a new post from you it just makes my day. Even if someone asks you a simple question you always go above and beyond to make sure they get the best answer possible. You're just... so awesome, and the way you interacted with me when I was new to vulture culture (through anon haha) really brought me into the hobby. I hope you have a fantastic day.

Hi Anon!

Wow!! Thank you so much for such a sweet and beautiful message. I’m honored by your kind words and I’m so glad to hear that my blog helps brighten your day a bit because you really made my day with your amazing message.

I don’t always do a very good job of keeping up with messages but I try my best to help folks out whenever I can by answering their questions about Vulture Culture. All of us had to start somewhere and if I can help keep others from making the same mistakes I made or make someone’s bone cleaning and/or collecting experience easier by sharing the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years then I’m glad to do it. Us fans of the weird and wonderful things in this world gotta look out for each other. <3

You are seriously just too dang awesome, Anon. Thank you so much <3

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Hi! I was curious if you have a degree in history or literature or anything that makes your meta/analysis of queer history and sherlock stuff so awesome?

*blushes* you’re very sweet

I studied English literature and comparative literature at university and did a bit of history but not enough for a complete course. I also did a postgraduate degree in library science! I think it’s the combination that helps me out: having a background in literary analysis and knowing how to go about doing research ;) Thanks for sending such a kind ask! Glad you enjoy the sherlock + queer history metas!

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So I just went back suuuper far in your answered asks (like page 147) because you're awesome and apparently I'm a bit creepy. What I wanted to say was I'm so so happy and proud like a mumma hen seeing how much you've grown and how much happier you are now than back then. You're a true inspiration and you've helped me through some of my darkest times without even knowing it. So thank you, Gerardo, you beautiful unicorn xxxxx

147 pages of cringe you brave soul

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Thanks for sharing your life with us (your Tumblr followers). I, for one, greatly appreciate it. My questions are: how did you meet your boyfriend? How was dating him? Did you know he was the one pretty quickly? Or was there some bumps in the road to boyfriend-status? Asking because it's so difficult to find a long term relationship-oriented gay man these days. Your counsel would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Btw, you and your man share something special, beautiful together. :)

Hi there, anon. Thanks for the message! It was very kind of you to send it. For your thoughtfulness, I return an answer that hopefully provides some sort of insight.

How did we meet?

My boyfriend and I met on Jack’d (so ro-mantik, I know). Dating apps are a minefield of varying intentions, headless torsos, and “hey whats up” messages. But perhaps we may serve as living proof that apps can be helpful in fostering long-lasting connections between gay men. That being said, the operative word is “can.” Dating is an exercise of chance, preference, and trying things out to see if it fits. When you add a layer of technology to this inherently complicated exercise, things can become…well…more complicated. For us, things initially fell into place by chance. I had downloaded Jack’d as a newly single-ish gay man entering law school. But the hookup culture wasn’t really my thing, and I am generally wary of meeting strangers (thanks, mom, for giving me your sense of paranoia). Then he messaged me and just so happened to sport a profile picture with a mutual friend from my undergrad years. So, in the spirit of dating, I took a chance on him.

How was dating him?

It was somewhat unconventional because we were long-distance-lite at the time (not exactly across the globe but not exactly next door neighbors). He attended medical school about 200 miles south of where I was living for law school, and he came up to the city on the weekends every so often. Add to the equation that I was also living at home, closeted (and still am) to my parents. So, things were complicated (’tis the word of the day). But we made it work. We texted, we Skyped, and we made the effort to see each other when we could (even if that meant a layer of deception – sorry parents!). The reason why we worked so hard at making it work? –> (read on, dear friend)

Did you know he was the one quickly?

That type of amorphous framing is right up my INFJ alley. And, to be frank, I knew that things were different with him from the very beginning. Conversations flowed so easily between the two of us. Our interests aligned so well when it came to politics, Asian Pacific Islander American advocacy, and personal values. He understood my sense of humor. He was (and still remains) the most genuinely kind, gentle person I have ever met. He is charismatic and charming without arrogance. He is patient and giving without being a pushover. He is wise and insightful but still holds onto his youthful exuberance. When we first met, he sought to deeply know me as a person, nuances, flaws, and all. I was so taken by that.  

I’d say it’s impossible to exactly determine when someone is “the one.” There is no bright white light descending from the heavens to give you that epiphany. But things for us, especially dating at the very beginning, always seemed so easy and so right. 

Were there bumps in the road to boyfriend status?

Not really, to be honest. Like I mentioned, things were fairly easy and simple at the beginning. About a month after we started dating, we decided to slap a label on it. Minds differ when it comes to whether we should enshrine “boyfriend” atop a misty mountain for perpetual pilgrimage, but we both felt strongly that we wanted to represent ourselves as something more than friends.

The bumps came after the fact, after many months of dating – tales for another time. 

Bottom line if there can be any divined from this soup of text – dating is hard. Chance, really. I wish it could be as easy for you as it had been for us, but superimposing my experiences upon your expectations is not only unrealistic but also cruel. I can only offer blanket aphorisms: hold onto the people who make you feel a certain way. Cherish those that appreciate you and want to know who you are as a human being. 

Best wishes.

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Previous anon here, how do you avoid having the anime captions in your gif? Do you just crop them out, or did you download them without the captions? (Thank you for answering so quickly, by the way).

i use handbrake  to convert .mkv files to .mp4 it automatically removes the subs and you cannot use mkv files in making gifs anyway with photoshop. 

no problem. i’m glad to help!

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Say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable)!

This is such a sweet idea, thanks for sending it!! :))) 

1: I like that I have the ability to write. I think I’m pretty good at it and it helps me express myself. (The stuff I’ve posted on tumblr sucks tbh, but my other ones are good lol) Also when I write, I am able to come up with an assemble of words that sound beautiful together and I’m just like….did I write that?? :O

2: I have sort of a good singing voice I guess.. I try not to talk about it because whenever I mention singing someone tries to make me sing and then I get really anxious, but I like to sing when I’m by myself and it’s not half bad I guess.

3: I like that I can consider myself a good friend. I’m not always proud of myself as a person, but I always try to be there for my friends.

4: This is really basic, but I love the color of my eyes…honestly a lot of people have the same color, but I think they’re pretty :)

5: I like that I’m not afraid to be different and that I don’t care too much about what people think of me. I like that I dress for myself and put make up for myself, not for anyone else.

**BIG BREATH** That was incredibly hard, but I’m glad I did it. 

business email glossary
  • thanks in advance: get this done by the time i press "send"
  • thanks for your interest: why'd you have to bring this up
  • would you be so kind: fucking do it
  • best: i have never physically met you
  • all best: this conversation is over
  • all my best: i wish you would die
  • happy to help: this is the easiest thing in my inbox
  • i hope this helps: i've done all i'm willing to do
  • i did a bit of research: i googled it, because you're too lazy to
  • sorry to chase: answer my email
  • so sorry to chase: answer my FUCKING email
  • i am really sorry for being a pest but: i am LIVID that you are ignoring me
  • please contact my colleague: this isn't my problem
  • i'm copying in my colleague: this isn't my problem and i am thrilled about it
  • i'll check and get back to you: i might forget to
  • i'll let you know when i hear anything: i will forget to
  • can you check back with me in a week?: i'm hoping you will forget to
  • per our earlier conversation: i just yelled at you on the phone
  • great to chat just now: you just yelled at me on the phone
  • thanks!: i'm not mad at you
  • thanks!!: please don't be mad at me
  • thanks!!!: i'm crying at my desk
  • please advise: this might be your fault
  • kindly advise: this is entirely your fault
  • mind if i swing by?: i'm already in the elevator
  • can you confirm for me: you told me before and i deleted the email
  • sorry if that was unclear: i think you're an idiot
  • let me know if you need anything else: please never contact me again


I’m doing a research project for university so could you please just answer this simple question: if I ask you to order numbers 1 to 4 as shown by the picture, WHICH option would you choose? 

Could you also tell me if you are left or right handed and which is your first language? I don’t need any more personal data other than this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Lagertha and her fangirls; Dedicated to the lovely and talented kazztou, you have been a light to me in dark places, when all other lights go out.

Original Character Survey 2016

Want to develop your character and help science at the same time? I’ve created a questionnaire that will ask you a ton of things about your OC. Once I get enough responses, I will use the data to find trends in how people create characters, and then make some cool graphs with it.

The survey has over 500 questions, almost all of which are optional if you don’t want to answer that many. It touches on everything, from your character’s appearance to their personality to their favorite color, and much more. All kinds of characters are welcome, whether they’re human or non-human, fantastical or realistic, anything goes. Characters from stories, roleplay characters, and characters without any story are all accounted for.

Content warning for references to violence, sexual assault, death, abuse, and every other nasty thing you can think of. All of it is in text form and there is no in-depth discussion of any of these topics, just questions about whether these things have happened to your character. Aside from some barbie-style nudity and cartoon people in swimsuits, all images are tame. There is a nsfw section for those who want to develop their character’s saucier side, but it is easy to skip over without having to see any of it.

Please reblog this to spread the word! The 2015 survey got over 5,000 responses. Let’s see if we can beat that this year.

Take the survey here!

FanExpo 2015

Dearest Creampuffs,

Thank you to everyone who came out to FanExpo Canada yesterday. It was such a pleasure answering your questions and chatting with you! It’s one thing for me to see the number of a fans on a screen, but feeling your energy and seeing your beautiful faces in person was incredibley humbling and overwhelming. As someone who attended FanExpo as a young teenager, you helped make one of my childhood dreams come true.

I did however feel awful for not having the time to chat in-depth with everyone, and for not being able to sign more than one item for everyone. Unfortunately our PR manager (who had the hardest job of all - playing the bad guy) was forced to rush us towards the end there. It was pretty distracting! So if I had to be quick, or simply didn’t hear you over the chaos, please know that I still appreciated your presence and your support. It just would have broken my heart if we weren’t able to get through everyone who lined up for autographs because our show would have not grown without you folks, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thank you again, and I hope you all had a great time!



Architecture Tips and Links

Anonymous asked: Hi there, firstly let me say I adore what you all do here - it’s so useful and you put so much time into it! Secondly, I came to ask for architecture terms. In my writings, the cities have magnificent palaces and cathedrals, but I am at a total loss on how to describe them sufficiently, not knowing the terminology. Could you please help?

Hello right back, friend anon! Thanks very much for the kind words. We appreciate your support!

This is a tough question to answer because architecture is nearly as old as humanity and there are literally thousands (maybe millions) of architecture terms used in thousands languages across thousands of cultures and thousands of years. 

I have some advice for you, and then I have a decently large stack of links which may or may not be helpful to you. Shall we proceed?

  1. Narrow down your time and place. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a much easier time with research.
  2. If you’re writing a Fantasy or SciFi story, find an architectural style or styles to use as a base and draw from those terms associated with that style. I do not mean steal from the culture of that architectural style willy nilly. Learn about the culture from source material (and people of that culture), learn why the architecture developed as it did, and make conscious, well-informed decisions about which aspects of the architecture style you will use. As always, be thoughtful. Be respectful.*
  3. Do the research. I know you’re not an architect. (Or maybe you are. No judgement.) You haven’t really been exposed to architectural terms and don’t have much context for them. It’s okay. You don’t have to be an expert. Just find someone who is and ask them. If a professor or professional architect or scholar is too daunting, try going to a student of architecture or someone who runs an architecture blog with your questions. Also, libraries are great. Actual books can be helpful here, maybe more so than any links I could give you. 
    Anyway, do yourself a favor and actually spend a bit of time learning about architecture. It will help to understand the terms you’re using instead of just plugging something into your writing that sounds about right. You wouldn’t use hand when you mean knuckle, and you shouldn’t use cloister when you mean arcade.

*If you lift an architectural style from a culture and use it in your Speculative Fiction story without bothering to do any research or understand that architectural style’s place within that culture, I get why you’re doing it. Research is hard and time-consuming, and it can be really, really boring. It’s tempting to skim the surface, or not to do any research at all, relying on “conventional wisdom” or what you’ve gleaned from the media to inform your choices. It’s certainly easier, more comfortable, not to research well. I’m sure there’s an audience out there for this type of story. Lord knows there have been plenty of badly researched bestsellers.

If you do write something without putting sufficient effort into your research, however, expect to be called out as lazy and willfully ignorant. I say “willfully ignorant” because if you didn’t know better before, you certainly do now.

Okay, on to the links!

Though I found this topic interesting enough to dig into a bit myself, I’d like to call your attention to WriteWorld’s Research Rule. Please bear it in mind as you ask questions in the future.

Thanks for your question!


  • garnetportrait said: i really hope this isn’t too pretentious or too forward, but i am currently writing a novel around the victorian aristocracy, i just saw your post on architecture tips/tricks/hints etc,and just wanted to say that i have done lots and lots of research on victorian country houses/mansions/palaces and their architecture to ensure my novel remains historically accurate, so i would be happy to try and answer any questions from writers who are also tackling something similar, and on aristocracy! (:

Book Cover Poll

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the photographs above and I would really, really appreciate your help! I’m in the design stages for my first photographic book and am ready to send off all the images to my editor but I need to choose a cover. So I’ve created a quick poll for you to choose.

Thanks so much for your help. 

Answer below with the letter - Which photograph should it be?

Cry for Help || Closed RP @ pikarafe

To: Whom It May Concern, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent

Hello friends!

I recently heard in an Exploration Team Federation meeting about your new mapping & connection technology! The Pokemon Nexus and Connection Orbs would be extremely useful for my guild. I was wondering if you would be willing to share & help me get set up?

Best wishes,

Guildmaster Wigglytuff

To: Ampharos, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent

Hello Ampharos!

Thank you for replying to my letter so quickly! The schematics you showed me about the Pokemon Nexus & Connection Orbs were very helpful! To answer your question, I would love a live demonstration. When is a good time for me to visit Lively Town?



To: Ampharos, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent


The 10th of April works fine for me! How long should I plan to stay? Also, will there be a lot of technology to transport back?



To: Ampharos, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent

Dear Ampharos,

You haven’t responded to my letter in over 2 weeks. Is something wrong? Are we still on for the 10th?

Please write back,


To: Ampharos, The Expedition Society; Lively Town, Water Continent
From: Guildmaster Wigglytuff, The Wigglytuff Guild; Treasure Town, Grass Continent


I know that I just sent my letter yesterday, but I just heard about what’s been going on. Legendary Pokemon turning to stone! We haven’t had anything like this on Grass Continent but I unfortunately think it’s just a matter of time.

Is everything okay over there? Do you need help? If there’s anything I can do I surely will.

Good luck,


Wigglytuff frowned in uncharacteristic concentration, studying the ceiling of his chambers. It had been over two weeks since he’d last heard anything from Ampharos. He hoped his letter would find its way to the Expedition Society somehow, but he was beginning to suspect that his new friend on Water Continent was really in trouble.

Usually he could help people, but now, he felt so disconnected from what was going on. How could he possibly do anything when he was a whole ocean away from the problem?