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Would you happen to have any suggestions on books about witchcraft written by a black author?

Yes I do! Here are a few that I own and/or have read and loved. What makes me love all of them is that they all start with a preface/mention throughout the book that they know everyone will consume these books and try to practice these spells, but the knowledge is still and always will be BLACK AF, rooted deeply in Blackness, and will NEVER be divorced from Blackness:

  • Rootwork: Using the Folk Magick of Black America for Love, Money, and Success by Tayanna Lee McQuillar: This one is good for quick and dirty spells, which are my fave. I love rituals, too, but I never have time for that lol.
  • The Village of the Water Spirits: The Dreams of African Americans by Michael Ortiz Hill with Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa: This book is a perfect example of how spirituality is a major theme of Black lives and how “witchcraft” as a term does such a poor job of describing or defining what we do. Like this book is not directly about witchcraft, but it is tho. Very well done, sourced, and researched.
  • Sticks, Stones, Roots, & Bones: Hoodoo, Mojo, & Conjuring with Herbs by Stephanie Rose Bird: This one is a really good hoodoo source. The spells in here are a little more advanced and she really knows her stuff. 

I hope this helps! 

Regarding that one "What if Frisk stayed dead" ask

annoying-fox submitted:
First of all, I’d like to say that the askbox’s character limit is stupid. That being said, I hope you don’t mind a short text wall.

Anyway, I think I figured it out. Chances are, Frisk wasn’t the first kid to die under Chara’s care. So, their reaction might have been along the lines of “Oh dear… Kid made a mistake, let’s try that again.” when Frisk died. Now, being an adult, Chara probably has more Determination (or at least more experience with it) than Frisk, thus being able to Save, Load and Reset for them, for now, if needed. This lead to Chara Loading to a time when Frisk would still be alive. Frisk, being another Red-soul, would naturally keep their whole memory of the events (minus the loading process) whereas the other souls, if any, would have forgotten almost everything. Essentially, Chara’s helping them get used to life in the underground through this, by getting them to learn from their mistakes, even ones that actually killed them. Eventually (unless Chara ends up leaving the Ruins with the kid) they’ll have to teach Frisk about the save points so they can do more things on their own from then on.

Now, I’m basing this on almost nothing, so I could very well be dead-wrong about a lot of this, and that’s fine. I just wrote what felt right!

Thank you so much for your theory! I’m so glad that you refused to be limited by the ask box and sent this as a submission. It’s a great read!

Once again, while we can’t confirm/deny anything outright because of spoilers, I can’t help but offer you a little bit of feedback. ^^ While this AU is canon divergent, there are some game theories that we subscribe to that molds its structure. If you want to get inside our heads, these might be of interest to you:

[ All humans could save and reload ]
[ The red soul ]

@tenukii‘s Benpoe AUs. It’s been a year since Darkpilot came into our lives! Thank you for all the Benpoe universes <3 they have really been a gift! Prince Ben and the masquerade in Downfall is a favorite. Also Cowboy AU.

Okay so I’m writing my Salty Jewish Kent reluctantly participating in Secret Santa because he has a Russia-sized crush on Alexei Mashkov and wants to woo him fic for my followers fic fest– and I need a bit of help.

I googled and I just need to know if I have the gist of this whole secret santa thing right…

You’re randomly given a name of a person you’re to buy a gift for and you’re not supposed to tell anyone.  Trading names is typically discouraged but happens.  Normally there’s a price limit??  (I’m assuming since my fic are all NHL stars the price limit won’t exactly be a huge thing but still…) and erm.  Gifts are exchanged at a party.  Which…can this be done like not on Christmas?  Or is it a requirement the gifts be exchanged and/or opened ON Christmas? (day?  Eve?  who knows?  Not me.)  Also are the gifts traditionally heart-felt or like chirpy/funny?

Google was not entirely helpful on the last two.

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hi!!!!! i love your art, especially how you use shapes and convey so much emotion in a single drawing. do you have any tips you use or is it just practice?? either way your work is amazing <3

hi!! ah thank you so much! my drawing abilities are really intuitive so im a bit poor at explaining things but i do suggest looking at yourself in the mirror and studying your own features when it comes to expressions and poses and watching animated movies helps with that too! also i do suggest figure drawing!! really i just tend to practice but everyone learns a different way :D

Rocky - Love like shadow stepping - One-shot

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re doing great!I’m here today to bring you a new piece by Rocky. Be careful people, this one-shot contains INCEST. So if you don’t like that, please do not read it. That’s not a theme I’m really into myself but overall, I find the story really sad.

Do not forget to support the artist and the publisher. You can find this chapter in the anthology called Immoral BL.

Buy - Amazon l CDJapan l EbookJapan

Thank you @jenjen92x for her help with the translation.

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Commissions are CLOSED!

ALL spots have been filled! Just within a day!! Thank you guys so much! :’)) I will be working for the next week or so to get all those done, so until then, please NO NEW DRAWING PROMPTS for now! Although I might post a few things in-between commissions if I can. :>


So I was cut short of at roughly $25, my fund were kinda withheld by Paypal for 21 days.
I’d really need a new phone ASAP, it’s a real essential to me.

I’m now to pre-occupied to take in more commissions,
so it would be a help guys if you could donate, even the smallest bits.
Thank you!

A reblog will help as well, if ever you could not donate. :)

Yo fellow tumblr witches I need some help please and thank-you

So at my mum’s house I’m always terrified of going into my garage. Like, unreasonably panicky at going there. And everytime I go near, I get some pretty bad vibes, and I think it’s because all the negative energy that we generate there (it’s very chaotic, lots of arguing, I get sad and nostalgic a lot) has nowhere to go BUT there. And as my mum really doesn’t approve of witchcraft at all, and I mean the moment I try to bring up energy or crystals or anything she laughs and calls it ‘silly’ and ‘you know it’s fake, right?’ Etc, I have no way to cleanse it! And it needs a desperate cleansing!! Like, really bad! 

So, does anyone know any DISCREET AF ways to do a nice, potent cleansing spell?? Of any sort?? I’m getting kinda desperate to get rid of that energy before something bad happens because of it and before I have a panic attack trying to force myself to go in there for chores and stuff.

Thank you so much!! 

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The interrogation is over. Zao has lost. The heavy metal door to the room creaks open and Flavio sashays in. He looks to the two agents, "Thank you for your help, boys. Throw this one with the others." As the agents approach and drag off China, Flavio mumbles under his breath, "I will not have croc-wearers wandering the streets." Meanwhile, Zao is tossed into a cell that holds both Vladmir and Oliver. Vladmir looks up and speaks sadly, "So? You make poor fashion choices too."

I can’t even reply to this I’m pissing myself 

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I work a consistent 40hr week plus overtime and have seen fbawtft 3x already. If you care about spoilers then I would assume you'd have seen the movie by now. Or do yourself a favor and download tumblr savior to block 'fbawtft' or any variation thereof. (( And also find a theatre where tickets don't cost $15 USD bc omg that's a lot - Regal costs about $11 and you can earn free tickets the more films you see ;) ))

oooh, thank you for the helpful tip!

i agree that if somebody is so adamant about spoilers, they would have either seen it by now, or make sure to not go on the internet where spoilers will inevitably be, or do so when you’re able to black list something.

we do tag every post with ‘fbawtft’, so you can definitely black list that if you don’t want to see those posts!

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aaa i dont wanna bother u but femslash-finder just posted a work w the tags futa!ymir and daddy!ymir and i was wondering if u would delete it or if u considered it still fair??? tysm!!!! (the post is /post/154059956343/little-family-author-canaanalphardforever if that would help clear anyfin up!!)

deleted, thank you for pointing that out! i don’t have the time to keep up with  what femslash-finder posts so getting these alerts when she posts something Yikes is very helpful.


Hi Everyone!!!

Mod Meli here, just wanted to say some things myself so you all could get to know me a bit better!

I’m very happy to run this blog with my lovely girlfriend (Thank you for putting up with me), and I’m excited to see how things turn out!

My name is Meli, and I like stupid puns and good food.

My favorite characters are Seven and Jaehee, can’t pick between the two. They’re just characters I can really relate to! 

Note that the hiatus isn’t over!! I’m just here to make some posts for you all.

Thank you all for your patience! It’s going to be a pleasure working with you all.

-Mod Meli

Rubber Duck

Summary: Reader is sent down memory lane while putting her daughter to bed. 

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2450

Warnings: None. All the fluff in the world :D

A/N: So… I’m really bad at remembering to mail things, and so I’ve had this fucking rubber duck going everywhere with me for four years because I kept forgetting to send it to my friend in Dallas for his birthday. I finally had the opportunity to GO to Dallas and see him, so I didn’t pass up the chance to finally give it to him. I had it sitting out for the week previous to make sure I didn’t forget it, and it just kept looking at me and this fic just kept rolling around in my head. I FINALLY got it typed out; speaking of which. A MASSIVE thank you to a really good friend of mine who has been helping me with this one. He’s wonderful at editing my stuff, and helping me flesh things out. This one wouldn’t have gotten done without him! :D  Tags at the bottom! 


“Night Mommy,” your three year old daughter mumbles through a yawn as she rolls over and falls asleep.

“Night munchkin,” you respond, smiling and placing a light kiss to her forehead as you pull the covers up over her shoulder.

You wait a minute or two to make sure she’s asleep and then slowly stand, turning to tiptoe out of your sleeping daughter’s room when something catches your eye on her bookshelf.

A nostalgic smile settles on your lips as you recognize the fading face of her favorite toy, her rubber ducky. Why that rubber ducky was her favorite you will never know, but she takes that thing with her everywhere. She was still too young to understand the sentimentality of it, but you were ecstatic that she chose that toy to love; it was because of that exact toy that she even existed.

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I have started to shade the picture of Ryan and I took your advice and did the multiply with the dark brown/black and it looks really good! Like I'm really surprised! I haven't tried the skin tone yet but thank you so much for your help from my earlier ask 😊

No problem! glad things worked out!