thanks for you help!!

Please help if you can

So I don’t usually post this kind of stuff here and I don’t plan on making a habit of this, but one of my close friend’s sister is losing her apartment due to an unfair eviction unless she can pay what her landlord claims she owes them.

My friend is the recovering family member, and without raising this money they’ll both be homeless. He’s trans poc and unemployed, and finding other places to live will be extremely difficult.

Please, please, if you can spare any amount, please consider donating. It’d mean a lot to them and me.

They need to raise $4,200 by september 2nd.

Again, so sorry for posting this here, but there’s little else I can do.

Even if you can’t donate, please reblog this to spread the word. Thank you.

Hi Everyone, I need your help!

I don’t ask for much, and I have been going through a hard time all summer.

This week, I got a full time job that pays bonuses, has benefits, and has unlimited overtime!

I have to drive an hour each way, but I have a good car to do it in.

Why do I need your help? My first paycheck isn’t coming until Sept 16th. I am the best money stretcher you have ever met, but even I can’t stretch it this thin.

I haven’t asked for anything at all, just good vibes. Now, and I hate to do it, I need your help.

I’m going to be offering $1/card readings through PayPal.

I’ll be using Oracle decks and Tarot Cards only for this.

Send me a message/ask and I’ll be happy to give you the email address or .me page.

I’ve done 15 card spreads, there isn’t a limit, I just need your help right now. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.

On the 16th, I have plans to make it up to everyone who donates/helps!!

I wore red lipstick and a dress the other night and i felt SO cute and i never ever usually feel that way about my self, i didn’t even care that i had a bit of arm chub on show (H5) This blog has helped so much,thanks ladies. if you want to check me out please do click da link :)

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just fuck me up w soldier 76/reader friends w benefits fic where jack realizes he has feelings 4 them so ends the benefits thing and try to avoid them but they confront him and he realizes they think he just used them for sex and didn't care abt them

But make the friends w benefits fic maybe end w happy maybe fluffy ending if you can? If not that’s fine too lol 

Requests are open!
My man YOU just fucked ME up

The sex was great. Not that it ever stopped being great, but something shifted. Jack could feel it in his core, but couldn’t quite place it. Suddenly he was excited just to see you more than he was to do anything else with you. He’d relished in the sex at first, that he could do this again with no ties to the other person besides friendship. It was healthy, and it was just what he needed.

And then there was that fateful day, on the battle field. You’d been in danger, surrounded, and suddenly all he could think was to get you out, get you to safety. In that moment he hadn’t thought, had rushed, and abandoned the mission objective.

Because he wanted to save you, the rest of the team had been left by themselves, they got hurt, and the mission almost failed.

It was then, that day, that he’d realized you were more than a friend to him, and it scared him.

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My store has restocked!!!

I put up a lot of Bundles up as well as Preorders to save up for a family event I’m attending soon. If you can help me out by signal boosting/taking a look or even considering splitting a bundle with a few friends, I’d really appreciate it!!!

Each bundles are 15%-50% off their original price, but most are at least 20% off!! To sweeten the deal, I’ll be including a sketch to every order with a Bundle in it! There are a lot of items in each bundle, so please take a look!!

Preorder for most of Voltron ends Sept 7th 3PM PST
Rest of the store closes on Sept 13th 11:59PM PST

 Thank you so much for looking and helping me see my family!!

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Thank you thank you thank you for posting some of these "less" extravagant plants, you have helped me identify so many species, you're awesome omg!

I’m glad you have an appreciation for the not as beautiful plants :). I usually get nervous before posting something that may not be as appealing as an orchid or some super unique species, but it’s my opinion that all plants are interesting and deserve attention, regardless of their initial appearance!

I got this idea in my head after I painted this summer art of Riven: Riven :NSFW optional:

Maybe it’s a bit trivially, but I hope you like it ^^

Because Riven is one of my fav characters, I’d be happy to see this skin in the game ;v; Btw, on my Patreon you’ll find a bit different version: click here

Psd-file, step-by-step and more will be a part of August rewards through my Patreon! Thank you for supporting me, with your help I’ll be able to paint more art!

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i wanna send you positive asks instead so! how's the weather? do you like coffee or tea more? do you have any stuffed animals (if you do what are their names)? what is your favorite fic you've written? do you believe in the googly eyes world dominations? who's your favorite singer? do you have a crush on anyone? how many blankets do you sleep with? if dragons were real would you want one as a pet? what is your favorite time of the day? do you like being awake early or staying up late more?

Oh my.. Uh, okay, let’s think about this…

I mean, the weather’s been pretty good today actually! Sunny and hot and just p damn great!
I’m a white, fruit tea person because I’m super trash, although I had a coffee from starbucks a few weeks back that was pretty good?
I have quite a few, although the one I keep around the most is a dog I’ve had since I was v little called Dogsbody
I guess… Hm… Maybe my Asavoid fics, atm? They’re kind of my creative child for the time being
I don’t really have one.. Maybe Halsey?
No, thank god, they’re too painful.
Just the one!
Yes… Maybe.. It depends if they would try and eat me
From, like 7-10pm?
I am a night owl for sure! 

Homeworld gems weapon theory

This is more of a hypothesis then a theory, but here I go.

Before the episode “Bubbled” aired, we had quite a few theories on what weapons Homeworld gems would have. They were:

1. Gems of the same type all have the same weapon. This theory was debunked once Bubbled aired, when Eyeball Ruby summoned a small knife.

Originally posted by clodtastic

2. Homeworld gems can’t/don’t know how to summon their weapons. That idea also was crushed in Bubbled (wait it was screwed in The Return when Jasper summoned her helmet) (WAIT it was thrown out the window in Ocean Gem when Lapis summoned her wings!) and it would make no sense because…ya know…the war…?

3. The weapon of a gem depends on where their gem is located. This is plain and clear since Ruby’s weapon is a glove and her gem is on her hand. It would be very confusing if Army pulled a glove out of her arm…owo

Originally posted by riptomax

  4. Every gem has a different weapon. This one is plausible and I can’t really find a bewildering reason that this isn’t true.

Soooo…..there’s probably more theories that I currently can’t think of and if there are please let me know so that my brain may contemplate another theory :3 So far options 3 and 4 make the most sense. I hope we get to see more into Homeworld weapons in the future!

(Sheesh how many times can you see the words theory, weapon, and gem…?)

So two summers ago I got to visit the animation studio I really want to work at someday and take a little tour and talk to some people. In one area the animators had their own little cubicle-y work areas, and each of them had some decorations and personal pictures and whatnot hanging on their corkboards. One however, had one single sticky note with dickbutt drawn on it, right in the center, with nothing else hung up around it. Since then I’ve kept my own dickbutt sticky note up in my work areas as motivation to keep working towards my goals.