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On your ask about shipping real people: my rule of thumb is to ask if publishing their diary makes me a historian or an asshole. If they've been dead long enough that their diary would be of historical interest and not be looked at weird in Barnes & Noble, it's fine to ship them or write fanfiction about them or whatever. If they haven't been dead long enough, or they're not dead at all, and publishing their diary without their go-ahead makes me a douche, then it's not fine. Just my thoughts.

This is… actually a really brilliant way to think about it WOW. Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts with me I’m gonna adopt this line of thinking ahaha.


Mood Board: Genosha Is For Lovers 

After finally retiring from the Xavier-Lehnsherr Institute for the Gifted, Charles and Erik embark on a romantic getaway to the beaches of Genosha. Genosha is a sanctuary for humans and mutants alike, at least according to the travel agents.  

When they arrive, they find the brochures may have left a few things out. The island is being torn apart by political unrest and social upheaval. The escalating tensions between humans and mutants bring out old grudges. Torn apart by opposing factions, Charles and Erik struggle to hold onto their ideals and to each other. 

 Paradise has its price and they are all going to pay. 

In a bind

It’s hard to ask for help. I was raised with the belief that needing to ask for help financially was shameless begging and should be avoided at all costs, which is ridiculous (I know). There’s nothing shameful about being down on your luck. Here’s my current situation.

I went to the dentist last week, and found out that a tooth I had a root canal on 5-6 years ago has gotten RE-INFECTED. It’s been causing me terrible pain, and at present, the dentist is sure my tooth can be saved, so long as it’s taken care of soon.

I have to see a specialist for what is, basically, a whole new root canal (ouch). It’s going to cost me $1,500. Even though I have insurance now (thanks Obama. No, really, thanks, it’s amazing!!), dental isn’t covered (especially not the specialist). 

Because of how much pain it’s causing me, and the fact that the infection is pretty big, my dentist wanted it taken care of ASAP. I have an appointment for Wednesday (the 29th). But what I don’t have is $1,500. My sister and her husband, my not-really-uncle-but-family-friend, and my Mum have all offered to chip in, but I’m still about $1,000 short. I’ve had to cancel a trip to see my best friend in May, as well as pull out of a proposed trip to see a bunch of friends later this year. It’s really sad, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 

So I guess what I’m saying is: if anyone can/would like to donate (even a couple bucks) I would really, really appreciate it. No pressure if you don’t, just an honest plea for those who maybe could help and would want to. I wish I had something to offer, like fics or art, but I’m a musician and I don’t really see how that would translate over to offering up something in return. If you can think of something, let me know and I’ll try to make it happen!

My paypal is

Thank you so much, even just for reading this. <333

Prompt: a young adventurer comes upon a village, where he is asked to go on a mission for a villager. He must go obtain some lockweed, from the garden of the ancient mansion upon the hill. Unknown to the adventurer, the mansion is, in fact, inhabited by a young amateur witch.

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Thank you for your answers to your anons cause they helped me to not feel guilt about not being excited for harry. I love harry so much but i just feel so envious towards his current PR hype,when the other boys are painted like irrrelevant- especialy louis. If only people would at least recognize that harry has better conditions and starting point than the others although they are all equaly talented. I just can't with injustice and sorry about my rant💙💚

“If only people would at least recognize that harry has better conditions and starting point than the others although they are all equaly talented”

this is what boggles my mind the most because you’re exactly right - there are still people who refuse to even acknowledge the inequality that’s been there from the beginning and only continues to grow.

So, since @queergirlwriting doesn’t currently have asks open(which obviously is more than fine) I’ll just leave this here so you can still see it.
I was really anxious and being pulled into my depression last night, and aside from the few minutes of Sanvers that we got, the episode kind of made it worse? But then, I stayed up later than usual and read your fix it fics, and I actually felt a little bit better. So, I want to say thank you, J. Your fics help in so many ways, and I feel like saying thank you isn’t nearly enough. Especially when you’re always so busy and doing so many things, and even staying up until 3am just to write fics for us. I really appreciate that I came across your blog, because nights like last night (and even days like today) I don’t know what I’d do without that little bit of happiness to make me feel a little better, and I’m thankful that I know you. I hope you’re taking it as easy as possible today, and taking care of yourself.

as thanks to my [4k holy sh??] followers, i’ll do some of these! feel free to cross fandoms idc ask whatever you want. i can’t promise i’ll be quick at making them but i will try my best to do them all. if i’m not familiar with your choices, i’ll let you know!


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  • idk literally anything else

send as many as you’d like ♡

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what's your top 10 favorite things in the world?

Ohh, I’ll try my best… But thank you for the ask  ♡

1. Music 

2. Rwby my guinea pig

3. Anita my other guinea pig 

4. My partner  ♡

5. Watching snow fall and stick to the ground (they’re so beautiful)

6. When the leaves changes colors for the fall

7. Chocolate!

8. Seeing my Dad smile (& watching him try to be funny with other people) 

9. Going thrift shopping (it’s so much fun)

10. When people are genuinely nice to others and caring 

i have reached an incredibly unbelievable follower milestone and i just want to say that when i started this crazy little blog- as a place to flail and dump all my x-files related thoughts- i never in my wildest dreams imagined it would become what it has.

thank you for following me. thank you for being here, thank you for interacting, and thank you for helping me make this place one of kindness and fun.

i love each and every one of you so much.

thank you.


Summary: After getting a bad review on your debut novel, Lin is there to console you. 

Author’s Note: This was actually inspired and influenced entirely by the hateful anons a lot of my friends (and I) ran into this morning. I took something terrible and turned it into art. You’re welcome. 

So, officially, this is dedicated to the following people for being forces of talent, positivity, and radiance in this fandom and their daily lives. I appreciate and love all of you. 

@hamilbye | @strongenoughfoundation | @gratitudejoyandsorrow | @sunshinemiranda | @buckybarneshairpullingkink 

Additionally, the song Doubt by Mary J. Blige completely always helps me out when I have self-confidence issues (I listened to it while writing this, hence the title) + this Girl Power playlist is always helpful (and super fun to listen to). 

A special thank you to @spicydice for helping me out with some details for this fic! 

Words: 2,646 

Warnings: a little harsh criticism 

The city ran like it had just put down thirteen cups of coffee. The colors blurred, car horns honked in a never-ending sequence, and people jostled you to the side of the walk. You kept your head down, pressing a hand to your free ear while trying to make out what your friend was telling you through the phone that was pressed against your other ear.

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  • Brador: Thank you for calling 1-800-ASSASSIN, how may I help you?
  • Laurence: There is a man by the name of Simon who I would like you to... how does it go? I'd like to have him whacked. Or is it offed? Yes. I want you to whack him off.
  • Brador: I'm sorry sir, but now I am confused. Did you want the gentleman whacked, or did you want him whacked off?
  • Laurence: What do you mean? I want him whacked. Off him, as the saying goes.
  • Brador: I am sorry sir but you must clarify - please understand, I am a foreign man, so therefore I offer two different kinds of services. So, do you want him whacked, or do you want him whacked off?
  • Laurence: Look, I've never done this before so I don't know how the phrase goes. On or off, I don't care. However you want to do it, just whack him off!

Hello lovelies~ Yes, I’m still alive and all that but life isn’t at my side. I have over 30 messages in my inbox and it’s stressing me out because I wanna answer you all asap but at the same time I have no motivation and just feel like giving up. I’m close to 10.000 followers, it’s so sick, how did this happen? I’m so shook Will answer your messages and update as soon as I feel better and if there’s anything that you want me to answer asap message me instead since I answer those more frequently. Thank you for understanding and supporting me, I’m so thankful for having you guys. Also I’m sorry for not helping you as much as I want to, but I hope that the little I do makes a little difference for you ♡ XOXO ~DepressingMadness

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Hi there! I've been thinking of restarting my town, and I was just wondering if you knew of any good zen or Japanese themed towns/dream addresses? I'm hoping to find some inspiration, so I really appreciate it! Thank you!

These towns really inspired me and helped me with making my zen town, I hope that they can give you some inspiration too!
Violet -  5C00-0035-35B7 - @kelseycrossing

Caesura - 5C00-004E-390E - @mayor-brianne

Catville - 4F00-0044-84D5 - @catvillecrossing

La Lune - 5C00-0018-2387 - @redribbonpresents

Rivergum - 7A00-000F-F136 - @cedarsaplings

Lilium - 7E00-0030-ED6F - @wilted-rafflesia

Clover - 6A00-0010-7417 - @heartballoon (I also recommend their town St. Ashe - 7C00-004F-12D2)

Mt Pyre - 5F00 0012 789D - @korok-kael

They’re all lovely and wonderfully done and I definitely recommend them! There’s a mix of foresty zen towns and ones set during the cherry blossom festival
I hope that this helps you with your town and I wish you the best with making it!

talesfromcallcenters: "I don't think it's legal for the government to ask me for my address."

(*Part of our job at 211 required us to send people over to different places to get resources. A woman called in, 11:30 on a Sunday night.)

Me: “Thanks for calling. How can I help you?”

W: “Hi, yes I’ve got a question. Is it legal for the government to ask me for my address?”

Me: “Unfortunately I’m not qualified to give out legal advice but-”

W: “Because I don’t think that they should be allowed to ask me for my address.”

Me: “You know, why don’t I just give you the number to legal aid?”

W: “Great. I don’t want the government to know where I live.”

That is probably the most memorable time I noped out of a call.

By: writeandknow

I love you all so much

Holy heck guys, I just love you. Your nice messages and advice through my phone crisis really helped a lot and I can’t thank you enough for keeping me calm and sane. Rationally, I know that it’s just a phone and I shouldn’t be so attached to it, but I am. Plus, I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on another. Thank you guys, truly.