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i survived! just wanted to thank you to all of the amazing people on here (yeah i’m taking about you) who helped me get to this point in my life. i didn’t think i would ever get to this point let alone get to this point so comfortably and without a doubt in my mind. please know that i’m so so so thankful for everything you guys have done for me whether it just be sending me a little message, following me, donating, or whatever. i don’t deserve it but i sure am grateful for it. none of this would’ve been possible without you guys. i swear i’m the luckiest dude in the world to have friends like all of you. now that i’ve rambled on about my love for u all and gotten such a huge weight off of my chest (hehe) i’m gonna go back to sleep bc ouchy.

Ten Years (Part 13 - End!)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,380 ( I mean…)

Warnings: language, fluff, excessive sweetness

A/N: I hope you guys love the fluff. Thanks for sticking with me, and for reading, and for all your sweet messages. <3

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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I cant take this anymore. Wonho is such a kind person, he cares a lot to everyone especially to monbebe. yes wonho took his shirt often and because of that he looks like a stripper but still wonho’s a human, he deserve nothing but love & respect. im so disappointed whenever ppl think of wonho / like him just because of his muscular body and facial features. wonho is a kind person, he’s so caring, like he’s the KINDEST, SWEETEST, SOFTEST, LOVABLE, MOST CARING GUY IN THE WORLD. wonho’s love for monbebe is overflowing. its too much and too pure, wonho is the most precious man in the world. i love him not because of his sexy body nor his good looking face, i loved him because of his kind attitude, sweet self, kindness. and wonho is the ONLY GUY that can make any girl safe, especially monbebes. ven tho he took his shirt off, even tho he is fucking naked, he’ll always be my soft cutie squishy bean i love him whole heartedly. When you are watching a vlive… You leave a nice comment. A simple message like “I love you” or “thank you for everything” would be nice. Please respect the boys. Make sure we are doing our best to spread love and positivity to your boys.LETS SPREAD THE HASHTAG #WonhoJustBeWhatYouLike You guys can dm them at their social media accounts or at fan cafe. Lets do everything to comfort our baby.

The Craziest Six Months Of My Life (So Far...)

You guys, I wanted to stop and take a second.

Six months ago I put up a post, letting you all know I’m here to help. Six months ago I asked you to ask me questions.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

It’s been a WILD RIDE. The craziest six months of my life so far – and I’ve lived a bit of a crazy life.

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In the last six months that this blog has been around….

Neil Freaking Gaiman, my favorite author and someone who helped me save my own life once upon a time, gave me encouragement and exposed me to hundreds of you when he didn’t have any reason to except being nice.

Eight thousand of you have been generous enough to lend me your time and let me help you write stories (thank you thank you thank you!) (I was expecting literally 20-50 of you. A hundred would have been nice. There were 100 of you the first freaking day.)

Forty of you loved this blog so much you actually convinced me to let you give me money (Patreon wasn’t my idea, it was yours). You’ve actually opened up your wallets to make this blog continue to be possible (Patrons, I love you guys so much!) And to Patrons of the past, thank you for your support as well!

Your generous support has let me be able to take on a freaking fellowship. A physician-level fellowship I literally could not do without you guys. And it’s amazing and it’s crazy and I love you guys so much for helping me dream way past what a medic should ever dream.

I’ve managed to put out over 1500 posts for you guys – an average of eight a freaking day. I legitimately do not know how I managed to do that, but I know that without your love and messages of support and kindness, I wouldn’t have been able to do that, no way and no how!

Over fifty bloggers decided to take up the Script-handle and give kick-ass writing advice about topics they’re comfortable with, and that’s amazing. Like, legitimately, pants-on-head crazy awesomesauce. It still boggles my mind that I made a family. To the family, thank you all. It’s been a fucking crazy time and I love you guys so much. Thank you for sticking with me through the rough rides and the rough patches. (And for those of you waiting to interview, I’M SO SORRY! As soon as I can I swear it on my llama!)

And we’ve all become better writers.  

You’ve gotten better because I’ve helped you construct injuries, illnesses, and medical characters. I’ve given you the pathophys and the inside scoop on healthcare, how it works, and how to write it.

And you’ve taught me, too. Writing every day for you has been a privilege and a joy. You’ve told me what you like and what you don’t like with notes and reblogs, and I’ve been noticing.

But most importantly, we’ve made real connections with each other.  

I’ve crowed with joy at getting the shot-in-the-dark fellowship – and you were there for me. You’ve told me about terrible things that have happened to you, and I’ve listened, and helped other writers understand.

I’ve laughed with readers, cried with bloggers. I’ve wanted to tear my hear out and cried, had literal moments of jumping up and down and shaking with delight, all of which was together with you.

The last six months have been one of the most amazing privileges I’ve ever had, and I’m extremely grateful to all of you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Here’s to another crazy six months!

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Fix You

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) stopping Alex from shooting himself and she comforted him.

Word count: 827

Posted: 25th of April 2017

A/N: I was so emotional, when I reread this imagine. I am so sad for this little cinnamon roll. I am so heart broken for him and, together with Jeff, he also deserved better. OMG!
Anyways, I am hoping to receive some Alex Standall imagines. Thank you and I love you guys.

P.S.: If you are feeling down and want to talk, my inbox is always open. Don’t hesitate to message me. Remember that!

- G. x

Warning: Mention of committing suicide, guns. Thoughts of taking life away

“Standall, what the fuck are you doing?!” You quickly ran towards him to snatch the gun that he was observing quietly in his room.

“What are you doing here?” He looked at you and you saw that he was so scared and languished. You’ve been texting Alex all day, but you never got an answer. You started to worry, since it wasn’t a thing that Alex normally did. “Who let you in?”

“What were you thinking, Alex?” You raised the gun and shook it as you scolded your best friend. You didn’t listen to his questions and you bit your lip as you prevented your tears to stream down your face. He considered committing suicide and that idea made you feel sick and heart broken.

“I am damn tired of this life, (Y/N)! Hannah’s tapes been bothering me for weeks now and you perfectly know how I feel about it. I am just so tired.” Alex started to cry hysterically and you felt bad for having an arrogant tone while talking to him.

“Lex,” You sweetly called his name as you put the gun on his bedside table. “I know what you’re going through, but you promised me that we could’ve get through this together. Right?”

“I know, but I always see Hannah every time I close my eyes and that list, that fucking stupid damn list was the reason.” Tears continued streaming down his beautiful face and you didn’t want to see your best friend in that situation. It broke your heart because it seemed like you couldn’t help him, not even a little.

“Alex, I know that you’re not the only one, even though the others don’t admit it.” You went beside him and wrapped your arms around his shoulder. “Lex, I am with you and we promised that we wouldn’t leave each other. Remember?”

“How can I deal with this? (Y/N), this situation is killing me slowly.” He wiped his tears using the back of his hands.

“Lex,” This time, tears started to stream down your face. You couldn’t stand seeing Alex in that way, you couldn’t. “you can do this and I am helping you.”

“Don’t you hate me?” He looked at you and you sat properly beside him.

“How can I hate Alex Standall?” You looked at him and he wiped the tears running down your face. You had a blurry vision, but you still had a chance to admire his beautiful face, even though it was full of wounds and scars caused by Montgomery few days before.

“I don’t know. Hannah hated me, Jessica, Justin. Everyone.” He raised his shoulder as if it was normal to hate him. He looked at the ground as he fidgeted with his dark coloured long sleeves.

“Lex, look at me.” You both looked at each other and you admired his cold and sharp blue eyes. “It’s impossible to hate you, okay? So, don’t say that I hate you, because I clearly don’t. Look, I am not a part of that everyone you are saying.” You explained to him as you wiped his tears, avoiding the purple coloured part of his cheek obviously.

“I love you, (Y/N)!” He sincerely confessed, taking out his courage. The same courage that he wanted to take out while he was observing that gun, that courage that he wanted to use to kill himself. You hugged him tightly as you thought of how much you loved your best friend back.

“I love you too, Alex.” You responded as you felt him hugging you tightly. You heard his heart beating in a jiffy against your chest and you knew that he really loved you. Honestly, it wasn’t hard to love Alex. He was fun to be with and he could be your crying shoulder. He would always protect you from Montgomery and Bryce, even though he’s always got beaten up. He would do anything for you and you just noticed it that he loved you.

“Look, if I didn’t arrive in time and you took your life away, I would be like Jensen right now.” You playfully punch his arm and he smiled at you, feeling relieved that you weren’t circumvented by what happened in the past. “Never think of that again, please.”

“I won’t, (Y/N).” He smiled even more widely and you saw his dimples, that you loved so much.

“You wouldn’t need that gun, so I will put that back in your father’s gun cabinet. Okay?” He bit his lip as he nodded slowly, smile fading away as he thought that he considered doing it.

“Thank you.” He shortly answered, feeling a little bit sick and startled.

“Lex, I promise that I will fix you.” You seriously said as you took his hand and intertwined your fingers together. “You are not alone, you weren’t and you never will.”

“I owe you my own life, thank you.” He gave you a kiss on your temple and he tightened his grip. “Really.”

Pages || Peter Parker AU

Prompt - Peter is a nerdy, awkward employee at the local bookstore and Y/N is the regular customer who comes back every week for a new book, and finally Peter musters up the courage to talk to her. 

Warning - none. 

A/N: alright so this is going to be a little short but I just wanted to post something. Also I’ve been getting a lot of comments about the first AU that I did, the one with the Teen!Avengers, and apparently you guys really liked it and you’d like another part. If you want me to write another part, comment on the fic or send me a message saying what you’d like to happen in that fic. Thanks <<3

not my gif. credit to whoever made it. 

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Peter loved books. He always has. They’ve always been sort of a passion of his ever since he was a kid, he didn’t have many friends, so he found everloving comfort in literature. To him, books would never hurt him, books would never lie to him, and they always made him feel better when he was sad. They were the perfect friends. 

He was glad that once he was old enough his Aunt May finally let him work in the family bookstore, he was more than ecstatic. Aunt May had never let him work in the bookstore before because she felt he was too young, but now he was sixteen and according to Aunt May, it was old enough. 

He had now been working at the bookstore for two years, and couldn’t be happier. 

Y/N was different. Not only did she love to read and absorb all the knowledge around her, she loved to communicate with others as a way of expanding her understanding of things. She was an outgoing and extroverted person, one of the things Peter liked most about her. 

Every week, she would walk into the bookstore with a joyous smile on her face as she breathed in the scent of the books that waited to be read by her bright eyes. Peter tried to not to stare at her as he watched her pick out some books but he couldn’t help himself. 

She was so beautiful.

But today…today was different. 

Today he was going to ask her something more than, ‘did you find what you were looking for?’, he was going to tell her something other than ‘we have a new shipment of books’ or ‘have a nice day.’

Today was the day. 

He had been preparing for this day for weeks, planning his words specifically around things she might say. He spent hours practicing in the mirror before coming to work, Aunt May thought it was rather cute. 

He wore his best sweater, a navy blue one that May gave him for Christmas, he refrained from gelling his hair back like he usually did and let it sit on his head in its natural brown curly state. He was nervous but couldn’t hide his excitement.

May had told him that there would be some new books for him to stack on the shelves today, he didn’t want to but he did it anyway. 

Y/N walked down the street with a gentle skip in her step, she had just walked out of her favorite bakery with her daily steaming cup of coffee and her favorite banana muffin that the baker, Bucky, makes specially for her. 

She takes a bite from her muffin and washes it down with a soothing sip of coffee, she looks up from her snack and smiles at some people that she knows. Everyone in the small town knew her, and they all loved her. 

She wraps her muffin in some napkins and places it in her bag as she sees the bookstore come into view. She takes one more sip of her coffee before crossing the street to the bookstore. 

The bell above the door rings signaling that someone had just walked in, Peter’s head perked up at the sound. He peeked his head out from behind one of the shelves and saw Y/N make her way through the aisles of books. Peter’s heart jumped at the sight of the girl and tightly clutched a book in his hands in nervousness. The strong scent of coffee invaded his nostrils, the smell came from Y/N. She always walked in with a cup of coffee. 

Y/N walked quietly as her fingers traced the spines of the carefully placed books, causing some dust to float in the room. Her eyes reading over the titles of the books, as she took a few sips from her coffee here and there. Peter, who was silently watching Y/N, smiled as he walked over pushing the cart of books in front of him. 

He had never been so nervous before, but you couldn’t blame the poor boy. Y/N was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, not to mention the fact that they had never really talked before. Aside from the things he was supposed to say to her and Y/N asking for some good recommendations from Peter. This would always fluster Peter, making his cheeks flush a rosey pink.

Y/N would always notice his blush, it would make her smile and give a light giggle as Peter smiled awkwardly, scratching at the back of his neck. She thought it was cute.

She thought he was cute.   

Most of the time it took Y/N a while to find a book but today she found exactly what she was looking for in a matter of minutes. Thanks to Peter who had strategically placed books that he knows she would like in places where he knows she always looked first. 

Peter leaves the cart of books and hurries to the front counter, as to not keep Y/N waiting. 

Aside from the cup of coffee in her left hand, she now had two books in her right hand that she tucked neatly under her arm to keep from falling. She padded over to the counter and saw Peter there waiting for her trying to seem inconspicuous. She softly giggled to herself at the cute boy and walked over to him. Peter saw her and with a nervous grin removed his fist from under his chin. 

She set her coffee down on the counter before handing Peter the books. “Hey, Peter,” she greeted, a wave of warmth enveloped Peter when he heard her say his name. 

It sounded so much better coming from her. 

“D-Did you find what you were looking for?” He asked looking at the girl as he rung up her books, she smiled genuinely. 

“I did. I always do, thanks to you,” she says knowing her words would fluster him.

A red tint creeped up on his cheeks, he looked back down at the books afraid to make eye contact with her. He placed her books in a bag and told her the price, she reached into her pocket and took out the exact change. She held out her hand for him to take the money, he outstretches his arm but his hand shook with nerves. He was too nervous around her. 

The ends of her perfect lips curl up in a smile and a melodic giggle leaves her mouth, she gently takes Peter’s shaking hand and places the money in his palm for him to take. Peter glanced from his hand and up at her eyes, her beautiful bright eyes, before clearing his throat and handing her the bag. 

Come on. Do it, Peter!’ He wills to himself.

But before he could say anything, the silence was broken by her voice. 

“Peter, would you like to go out with me sometime?”

He was speechless. 

He wanted to pinch himself. Surely, it was a dream in which the girl of his dreams asks him out instead. He couldn’t think of a single thing to say, never did he think that she would ever feel the same way and she probably doesn’t, but he’ll take what he can get. 

“I’m sorry, what?” His fingers nervously tug at the end of his navy sweater as he looked at her and tried to see if she was playing a joke on him. 

But, she wasn’t. She actually genuinely liked Peter Parker. She liked his silky brown hair that would fall over his eyes if he didn’t brush it back, she liked the cute knitted sweaters that he wore, and she absolutely loved the way he would smile whenever he’d see her. She was always dumbfounded by how adorably cute he was. 

“I’m asking you out, Peter.”

It finally clicked in his head. 

Oh, god. I’m supposed to say something,’ he thinks.

“Um, y-yeah, I’d love to…g-go out with you,” he stumbles over his words, his hand scratching at the back of his neck nervously. 

Y/N smiles warmly once he’s agreed to go out with her. 


She grabs her coffee and tightens her hand around her the bag of books as she turns to walk out of the store. Once she’s reached the door, she turns back to a flustered Peter.

“Bye, Peter.” He waves back at her and she walks out. 

Once she’s out of sight he throws his hands up in the air in happiness and jumps around the empty store in joy. 




A/N: fuck I didn’t know how to end it so I just left it there, my bad. Sorry for not posting in awhile, writer’s block is a pain in the ass. Please read the A/N at the top. Thanks <<3

Infatuation - Part 2

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Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Authors Note: A lot of unanswered questions in today’s chapter! I am trying to make this fic interesting. I apologize for the grammar! Again, this is my first fic. I am trying my best! I started off with 4 followers, but now I have 113 after part 1! Also, Part 1 has 283 notes! I am really happy! Thank you so much for reading! Please message me or ask me if you have any questions about this fic! 


It was the weekend and that meant partying. Although you were a teacher and you had to maintain your professional aura, everyone deserves some fun right? You went out with your best friend from college, Ashley. She always encouraged you to have a bit more fun, out of your comfort zone, but sometimes she had some shitty suggestions. 

You guys went to your favorite club, and as per usual,  Ashley got drunk after like one drink.

“Hey Y/N, I dare you to sleep with someone tonight and then tell them you have a boyfriend to freak them out. Tell them that your boyfriend will kill them, tell them he’s in the mafia!"  she giggled drunkenly to you.

"What the hell is wrong with you Ashley? You have bad ideas.” you playfully hit her.

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hyungkyun. •ू♡

this iconic vlive. kihyun The Snake™ decides to expose them by askin “what are you guys doing in the back? what’s going on in the back?”

when mx lost archery and changkyun was pouty. kihyun’s the first to notice, tells hyungwon👁️👁️ who then comforts kyun.

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The After Party - Part 3

Hey Guys, here is the final part for this fiction. Thanks for the likes and reblogs, it is much appreciated. Now that this is finished I have a few requests to write for so look out for those. :) And thank you to the person who sent me a message for an insult for Jughead from Reggie.

Part One

Part Two

He put a hand on her shoulder wanting to comfort her and she collapsed onto him. Her face nuzzled into his shirt. “You smell nice.” She commented, feeling his body stiffen at the contact.

“Thanks?” he responded unsure. He was in a small enclosed space with Betty Cooper at a house party, it wasn’t exactly where he thought his night was going to end up. Her hands moved to encircle his waist and he went to put some distance between them, his back hitting the wall behind him. He needed to process what was happening. She moved towards him again her hand pressed against his chest. “Betts. Come on.” his tone was light, friendly, trying to break the tension that had suddenly engulfed the small room. But she was having none of it, her eyes had darkened and they carefully examined him in a way he had not seen a member of the opposite sex look at him before.

“Betts I don’t think this is a good idea.” He let out, as her hand moved to his shirt playing with the material. His hands were braced on the wall behind him, he was out of space to move and she was not backing away.

“What did I say about people telling me what to do?” She replied.

“Not telling, advising.”

“I always do what is best Jug. That’s my life’s mission. But sometimes I get sick of being the good girl.” He swallowed thickly, his throat feeling dry. She smiled noticing his reaction. Her hand moved from the opening of his shirt to his neck, playing with the curls of hair that escaped underneath his beanie.

“Betts.” He groaned in warning. She had fully invaded his personal space now. If she was anyone else he would have pushed them away by now.

“Don’t you want to make me feel better.” She pressed her body against his.

“I don’t want to be a rebound.” He choked out.

“This isn’t about that. This is two people who know each other very well, who at one time or another have imagined what it would be like to cross that line.” She said seductively as she trailed a finger down the side of his cheek to lightly ghost across his lips.

“You have thought about that?” He asked searching her eyes for honesty. She took a hold of his hand and placed it on her hip.

“Haven’t you?” She said avoiding the question. He glanced at his watch on the hand not currently attached to her hip holding her tight now without realizing.

“We have 3 minutes left.” He stated struggling to keep his tone even.

“Tick, Tock” She replied.

“Fuck it.” He groaned in defeat, his hand reaching for the back of her head, pulling her closer so that his lips could capture hers. Her lips were pliable under his, returning his kiss with equal enthusiasm. Her hands went to his hair dipping underneath the beanie on his head to feel his wavy locks he kept hidden. She had always wondered what his hair felt like, hidden always under that beanie.

Her tongue swept across his bottom lip, seeking entrance which he gladly gave all too easily. This feeling of being desired overwhelmed her, she wanted more, more of this feeling. Feeling bold she reached under his t-shirt, her fingertips touching bare skin and delighting in his sharp intake of breath at the contact. But he didn’t stop her, didn’t pull away as she had expected. She moved her hands to his bare back scratching lightly. She was reveling in the sounds that he was making, it made her feel powerful that she could create such a reaction in the usually stoic teen.

So far he had been along for the ride, letting her take the lead. But this feeling arising up in him had snowballed into something he couldn’t quite control. He wanted more, he wanted to feel more. Switching their positions he pushed her up against the wall, as his lips went to her neck, he took a testing nip the barest hint of teeth  and then soothed the area immediately with his tongue as she gasped and moaned her appreciation.

Her hands were in his hair again. She wanted that hat gone. She knew it was his security blanket. A barrier against the the world and she wanted him without those. She wanted him laid bare. Those moments when she had thought about what it might be like to kiss him, she had never imagined this. She had expected an awkwardness and hesitation on both sides. But this was nothing like that. This felt almost right. There was a push and pull between them, give and take. This was not the sweet first kiss she had expected to write in her diary, all sunshine and rainbows and Archie Andrews. This was raw and unhinged. Her fingers were now laced in his hair as she directed him to where she needed to feel his touch the most.

She felt his hand moving up her waist, up her ribcage, the underside of her breast just short of touching her where she needed him to. She keened into his touch.

“Please.” She let slip from her lips. She heard him take a deep breath before his hand caressed her breast and his mouth reclaimed hers.

“Right Betty times up.” Veronica said as she opened the closet door, Archie stood next to her and may have needed some help picking his jaw up of the floor. Within the closet were his two best friends tangled up in each other, hair mussed, the crown beanie on the floor left forgotten. It seemed Veronica too was lost for words.

“Whoa looks like Needlenose does know what to do with a girl after all.” Reggie shouted peering over the shoulder of Archie who was still having difficulty getting his mouth to form words. Betty and Jughead broke apart, Betty casually smoothing down her dress, while he picked up his beanie from the floor pulling it quickly onto his head. He looked over to Betty expecting to see embarrassment or a look of guilt at being caught in the act, but he couldn’t read anything from her face. The closest thing he could describe it as was determined.

“Oh looks like Betty Cooper isn’t so innocent after all. More like your sister than we thought. Must be a Cooper thing.” Cheryl commented smugly. Betty’s face didn’t change, didn’t crumble and break like it usually would. Instead she walked over to Cheryl never breaking eye contact. She was in Cheryl’s face now, eye to eye. Cheryl noted the look in her eye and her smile faltered.

“I am done being your little plaything. Cross me again. so much as say Polly’s name and you will regret it.” She stepped past her heading for the exit. She looked back over her shoulder at the devastation in her wake, to the boy still in the closet. “Are you coming?”

How could he say no?

Leaning on Yoongi

Posts: One

Pairing: Suga x Y/n

Genre: Drama, Romance

Word Count: 5,363

Synopsis; Meeting Yoongi was something you didn’t really wanted but who would know you needed him more than life itself.

Going to a fan meet for you sick sister wasn’t something you thought you’d ever do but here you were standing in line to meet your sister’s favorite K-pop group. They were named Bts or Bulletproof scouts or bangtan boys, yes You did know a thing or two about the guys but this was mainly because your sister had made you curious and you did like their song “spring day” a lot but you never had the desire to meet them in person. Your sister had bought a lot of gifts, which she wanted to give them, I had a full bag of stuff and on each item, she had put the name for the member. The minute they came walking in the atmosphere changed into a nervous bunch of girls, which was funny and the girls were all yelling different things at the guys. This went on for a few minutes when we finally had to line up so the fan meet could begin and we were starting with J-Hope, you quickly pulled out the present that she labeled for him and when it was your turn you suddenly got really nervous but you did it anyway.

Hi, what’s your name?” It was such a basic question that you could only stare for a few second which made him smile. “Please don’t be nervous, you’re way too pretty to be nervous.” He was so nice that you finally told your name and quickly gave the gifts. “ thank you, do you have questions you want to ask?” You quickly nodded and got out the notes that your sister made. “My sister wanted to ask you these questions.”

“Your sister, not you?” You shook your head “Ani, my sister was going to come but she is really sick and is staying at the hospital, so she asked me to come for her.” Jhope grabbed your hand and patted it. “That’s so sweet of you, I will definitely  answer all the questions.” You gave him the notes and he immediately started answering them and the staff took the gifts. “What is your sister’s name?” you told him and that’s when you saw that he was writing a little note to her, which made you smile. “It was nice to meet you,” he told you when you started to move to the next person, who happened to be Jimin, he had heard the story and stretched out his hand for the notes. You quickly gave him his gifts as well and as he was talking while he was writing the answers, you couldn’t help but fall a bit for this cute and handsome man.

Next was Jungkook, who was the maknae if you were correct, he was your sister’s favorite, so you had a bit more for him. She had forbidden you to call him oppa as you were two years older. “Jungkook you are my sister’s bias, so can I please take a picture of you for her?” your story went down the table so they all knew about it and without any hesitation he grabbed your phone and started taking selfies and eventually asked you to be in there as well, which you did of course. Taehyung was exactly the same and Jin even took your phone to record a message together with Rapmonster, it was really sweet of them to do that and you softened up for these handsome guys and understood why your sister was so crazy about them. The last one was Suga and he had been watching the entire thing even though he had been busy with other fans. If you had to choose a favorite amongst these guys it would definitely be him. Suga stretched out his hand and you started to give him a hand but he immediately asked for the phone, which you gave completely flustered. He recorded a little message and even made a few selfies, which all looked too cute. He returned the phone and as you were thanking him, he finally grabbed your hand. “What does your sister have?” You were a bit startled that he asked you this but then again, you were surprised that the other guys didn’t ask about it. “She has leukemia,” you mumbled this because it wasn’t something you felt comfortable talking about, not because it was embarrassing but because it made you really sad, as she was your baby sister and if anything you always wanted to protect her but you couldn’t.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” you tried to smile at him but your emotions were overwhelming you but there was no way you wanted to cry in front of him so you thanked him and stood up. You quickly walked away and put the bag with gifts in the security’s hands. The minute you were out of sight you leaned against the wall and tried to get your breathing back to normal, which wasn’t an easy thing when suddenly you heard footsteps approaching. You turned your back to the person and quickly wiped away the tears when the person forced you to turn around. It was no other then Suga himself, who was looking concerned but also a bit apologetic. He didn’t say anything and just pulled you in a hug, which was shocking, to say the least, but who were you to complain, it felt nice and safe in his embrace and part of you just wanted to stay there. He pulled away and raised his hand, only to wipe the lost tears on your face, he did this with so much tenderness, that you almost started to cry again.

“I shouldn’t have asked you, I’m really sorry.” You nodded but didn’t say anything because talking wasn’t your forte at this moment, as you were completely mesmerized by him. “I really didn’t want you to cry, so please stop, you’re way too pretty to cry like this.” he was talking really fast right now and it got a bit harder for me to understand.

“I won’t cry anymore, I promise.” you had to stop him from rambling like crazy. “Good.” you were still standing really close to each other and you finally had picked up the courage to look him in the eyes, boy was that a mistake because his eyes were staring intensely at you, this made you blush like crazy and of course he saw this, which made him smile. “Can I have your number?”


“So that I can call you sometime?” he knew this was weird as he never gave his number to fans. “Really?”

“Ye, I really would love to talk to you more often.” You took a deep breath and gave him your number, as he was putting it in his phone you couldn’t help but study him a bit. He was really handsome, the only object I would have was the fact that he was really slim, not that it was a problem but your type was someone who was built like Jungkook and Jimin. Suga didn’t have those muscles though but he did have a certain charm, it lured you in and you let his happen because you couldn’t resist.

“Yoongi?” His manager looked around the corner to see where he was and the minute he spotted us, he gestured at Suga that he had to come back. “I have to go back but I promise I will call you.” you nodded whilst already thinking that he probably wouldn’t call you, as you were just a total nobody, you even worked at a cafe, when you didn’t have to go to college, just to save money to pay the bills for your sister’s stay at the hospital, whilst paying for your education. You wanted to become an artist and you actually was a trainee but due personal circumstances you had to stop as you had to take care of your sister, so now you majored in art and danced on the side if time allowed it.

The next few days were flying by. You worked a lot whilst doing homework, as you only had each other, you spend every free second in the hospital. “Unni, you should go out, I mean it’s Friday, don’t you want to spend time with your friends?”

“I’m perfectly fine sweetheart.” You smiled at her and as she looked up from her phone, I was a bit startled to see how pale she had become in just a matter of minutes. “Are you really okay?” she nodded but the minute she did that, she started to cough. “Doctor!” you yelled as you pressed the emergency button, they came running in and as they worked on your sister, you had to step out, so that they could do their job. This was getting worse and you really didn’t know how much time there was left. You let yourself slide down against the wall and just sat there waiting for the doctors to be done when your phone started buzzing. You took a look and saw a number you didn’t recognize. “Hello?”

“Hi, is this y/n?”

“Ye, why?”

“It’s Yoongi or Suga from bts, remember?” You vaguely remembered but this really wasn’t important right now.

“I do remember but I really don’t have time, I’m sorry.”  You hung up the phone because the last you needed now was a guy, it would be too much of a distraction. The doctors finally came walking out and they smiled assuringly at you but you weren’t having it because you needed to know why her conditions were getting worse. “Excuse me?” The doctor turned around and you took a deep breath. “Why is my sister getting worse?”

“We know more by tomorrow, so please just take care of your sister and come talk to me tomorrow, okay.” This made you so angry because he looked so down at you, just because you weren’t rich. You walked back in the room and saw that she was sleeping, which was a good thing and it gave you time to get something to eat. You quickly walked into a subway restaurant and ordered, when your phone rang again. It was again Suga’s number, you couldn’t ignore him again as you already had been way too rude to him, maybe if you explained the situation he would understand and just leave you alone because that’s all you wanted. “Hello?”

“Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not, I’m sorry for being so rude before but I was at the hospital.”

“Is your sister okay?”

“She is sleeping right now.”

“Ah okay.” There was a small pause before he continued, which didn’t feel awkward at all “Do you want to talk about?” You already answered yes before he could even finish his sentence because in order to end this before something could start you had to break it off. You told him where he could find you and within a few minutes, he walked in. He looked good, with his glasses and modern clothes, he looked like a university student and as his eyes found yours, you felt your heart skip a beat, this was probably going to be a lot harder than you had thought.

“Do you want something to drink?” you offered but he shook his head and sat down, he had a worried expression on his face and you assumed it was because you looked terrible, your hair was all over the place, this was something you knew. “You don’t look so good.” You shrugged and sipped your drink, he stared at you waiting patiently for you to start talking but how do you talk about something like this. It wasn’t like you knew him that well and most importantly, you really didn’t want to bother him with your messed up life. “Look I already told you my sister has leukemia right? Well it just got worse during this week and that’s why I really don’t have time for this.” you gestured between the two of you. “I’m flattered to be liked by a handsome guy like you but I really need to focus on my little sister, so please don’t call me anymore.”

You stood up but before you could walk away he grabbed your arm and pulled you back into your seat. “Yah, can I say something as well. I know you think you don’t need anyone but you’re mistaken, you need someone to support you as well and that’s exactly what I’m going to do as much as I can.”

“Why? I mean you don’t even know me.”

“I know more than you think. I know that you are trying to keep afloat, with your job and your school, whilst taking care of your little sister and then there is the problem with the hospital bills, so that’s why you need someone to take care of you.”

You got up and walked away without saying a word. “Who does he think he is?” you said out loud, this was a habit that you developed as you were indeed a bit lonely. You got back in the room and closed the door, hoping he didn’t follow you because you wouldn’t be surprised as he was pretty sure of himself. When he didn’t show up you finally relaxed and started doing your homework, you were making drawings of your sister, which was going to be your final project, you were documenting her time in the hospital and the changes were shocking, the drawings showed how much worse she had become but for you, it was a healing process, at least that was what one of the nurses had said.You must have fallen asleep because you woke up to two people talking, one was your sister but the other was a bit hard to recognize. “Eonni(unni) are you awake? Look who is here.” You opened your eyes and stretched for a second when your eyes fell on the guy next to your sister. It was no other than Suga who was smiling at you “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“What are you doing here?”

“Eonni(unni) Don’t talk to him like that, he is still older than you!”

“Really, she is younger?” he smiled at that and you already knew what was coming. “You should call me Oppa than.” You shook your head in denial, this was just not happening.

“Why are you here?”

“I told you I would take care of you right? So it was only normal that I would introduce myself to your sister.”

“Don’t you have a schedule?”

“Ani, we just finished our world tour, we have a month off.” You got up and walked out of the room to wash your face, this was a dream that was all, you kept telling yourself but the thing was, this dream kept repeating itself for at least a week. You fell asleep only to find Yoongi sitting next to your sister’s bed, happily joking around, he came in the early morning and left around 9 am only to return the next morning, this meant that he was busy but you got used to it and for your sister’s sake you said nothing about it and you had to admit that with him being there you had a few more hours for yourself.

It was late when Yoongi walked in and to your surprise he brought all the guys with him, they all smiled at you when they saw you sitting and your sister started to scream in excitement and she practically jumped into Jungkook’s arms, this made you smile but you worried immediately because she wasn’t allowed to get this excited not because you didn’t want to but it was for her own sake. “Jungkook, will you please put her back in bed.” he did what you asked, this made your sister angry, though, she didn’t say a thing but just pouted and before you could say a thing Yoongi scolded her. “Hae-Soo you know you have to keep calm and listen to your sister.”

This surprised you but you didn’t say anything about it, it make the members share a look of surprise but they decided to ignore it as they were talking to Hae-Soo. You were drawing the guys when the doctor came walking in, the guys stopped talking as if they felt something was wrong. “Miss y/n? Can you come with me please?” Your shoulders dropped when he ask you to come with him because that meant he couldn’t discuss it in front of others, which meant nothing good. To your surprise, Yoongi followed you out, which surprised the doctor. “I would like to talk to Miss Y/N in private.”

“Everything you have to say to her, you can tell it in front of me, so please continue.” this time you didn’t object as you had a bad feeling and if it was true then I could use the support. You followed him into his office and sat down when he offered. “Are you sure he can hear this as well?” the doctor asked again and you quickly nodded, wanted to get this over with. “I’m afraid I don’t have good news.” he stopped to see you were still okay. You were playing with your hands out nervousness until Yoongi grabbed them and held them in his, he gently squeezed to let you know he was there for you and this made you breathe a bit easier.  

“What do you mean?”

“Your sister’s condition has worsened tremendously, which means that the weeks she had been given are shortened to not more than three weeks.” You just stared at the doctor like he had two heads instead of one, why was he telling you that your sister just had three more weeks to live, what for nonsense was that? Without noticing it I had been squeezing the life out of Yoongi’s hands, I only noticed it when he pulled out one of his hands and put his arm around my shoulder. “Do you understand what I am telling you, miss?” You nodded slowly because if you would answer right now, you would scream like the world has ended.

“What does this mean?” Yoongi asked this for you and you would be forever grateful for this. “It means that we are going to make her last few weeks as comfortable as possible and that she has to say goodbye.”

“Can she stay at home in her last few weeks?”

“She can, we’ll make sure there is a nurse available to help you at home.”

“Do we need to do something for her to be comfortable?”

“Just be there with her, make sure she knows she is loved.” Yoongi nodded and you knew they were waiting for you to say something but there were a million thoughts running through your mind right now. “Thank you doctor, can we sign her release documents?”

“Yes, I will tell the nurse to get one for you and again I’m really sorry.” Yoongi bowed and pulled you with him. When you were outside the office he didn’t stop to let you breathe, he pulled you into an empty room and closed the door. He turned towards you and just waited and that’s when everything happened at the same time, at first you started having trouble breathing, next thing you know you are in Yoongi’s arms, while he is trying to soothe you by whispering gentle words of encouragement. You were sobbing into his shirt but you couldn’t stop it. You were shaking and sweating at the same time, it was as if your entire world just vanished and Yoongi was the last thing that tried to pull you together. “Just let it out, I’m here.” he was saying this over and over again until you finally started to breathe normally again, you did have the hiccups and were still crying but it all slowed down after awhile. You couldn’t be like this in front of your baby sister, you had to be strong and as this slowly sank in you looked up to see a worried Yoongi looking back, You scared the shit out of him that was for sure but at least he didn’t run away. “Are you okay now?” he asked quietly and you nodded slowly and focussed on his eyes when he wiped away your tears, he even went as far as to kiss you gently on your forehead. “Let’s go.”

You got up and wobbled a bit, Yoongi noticed this and caught you. “Be careful Yagi.” You heard the word of endearment and even though you didn’t have time for it, it did feel nice. He intertwined his fingers with yours and together you walked into the hospital room and when you looked at your sister’s face you knew she knew but she still tried to smile. “It’s going to okay Eonni(unni).” she tried to console you, which made it harder because she shouldn’t be the one who had to console someone.  “Let’s go home, okay?” she nodded and quickly climbed out of bed. Yoongi gave us the room so she could get dressed and you could pack her things when she suddenly put her arms around you. “Don’t be sad, it will be okay.” that made you cry again and this time you pulled her into your embrace and together you cried, knowing that this was the last time you could cry in front of her. After a while, you were finally done with packing and the three of you left the hospital.

The next few weeks were a hell as in pretending to be okay, whilst everything inside you screamed at the entire world. You smiled while you didn’t want to smile, you just wanted to curse at the world. Yoongi was a really big help, as he was around as much as he could, even when he had to do things with Bts he never failed to come by to check up on you. He often brought the other guys to keep your sister company, which gave you some time to let off steam and never did you know that Yoongi would be the one who was helping you let off some steam. It started the first day after you came home. It was so hard that when Yoongi came in with J-Hope and Jimin, he immediately took you to your bedroom to just talk but it ended up with a passionate slash desperate kiss and he never once rejected you. The minute you kissed him you wanted to pull back but he put his arms around you and kissed you back, he was aggressive at first and even pulled at your lip, which made you moan, when that happened he softened the kiss and made you long for more when he finally pulled back. This was the start of more and eventually, you ended up in bed with each other, this was during the night after you had cleaned up her blood, you were definitely desperate and that’s when Yoongi walked through the door.

That night you spend your time in Yoongi’s arms. He consoled you and made love to you slowly. You cried quietly when he was being gentle and he kissed your tears away, making you fall even deeper, it had been perfect and it was also the moment you realised that you loved Yoongi with all your heart, you knew that it just wasn’t the time to tell him because he probably thought you were only using him to help you get through a tough time. After two weeks your baby sister began to sleep through entire days, which meant it was nearly at its end and it became harder and harder. You had taken care of everything and were just waiting at her bedside. Yoongi was there a lot, together with the members, it was like you had suddenly gained a family and you wouldn’t know what to do without them. You hadn’t said goodbye yet to her but you knew you had to before it was too late. “Miss, I think it’s time.” the nurse had been a quiet factor in your house and you were so thankful for her help. “Are you sure?”

“I am, I think that if you want to say goodbye, this will be the only chance left.” You had to gulp a few times before you turned to your sleeping sister and before saying a thing you took a deep breath and her hand in yours. “My baby sister, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I will miss you so so much but just know it’s okay to go. Go see our parents and tell them I love them okay? I would have given my life for you if I could, you are my everything and you will never be out of my heart. Just know that your Eonni(unni) loves you and it’s okay, just rest now.” you crawled beside her and took her in your arms and as you laid like this you could still feel a faint heartbeat.

You opened your eyes and knew it was over, your sister had passed away, her heart wasn’t beating anymore and she was cold. You felt the first tears when they dropped on your hand which laid on her tiny chest. You didn’t know how long you lay like this but eventually, you were lifted from the bed. “NO, I DON’T WANT TO GO!” You were frantic right now and tried to get out of his hold. “I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE HER, LET GO OFF ME!” you yelled again but it was like everyone was deaf. They took her away in a funeral car whilst Yoongi held you back, you had calmed down after the nurse gave you a tranquilizer, it was as if you landed in your personal hell and all the sunshine had left. Yoongi took you to bed and just held you whilst you cried, he never once checked his phone, which meant he had informed the guys and Big Hit Entertainment and they were okay with him being here for you. When the day of the funeral broke, you just got dressed in traditional mourning clothes and you were surprised by all the people who came by paying their respect. Yoongi stayed by your side the entire time and the other guys were helping out. You weren’t sure how you survived the day but Yoongi gave you your space at a certain point, you knew it was late but he never made you leave. You stayed two days and at the day she got buried you had yourself back together and did everything you should. Yoongi held your hand and the other guys walked behind you.

After that day, life got back to normal and you didn’t see Yoongi that much as you had to focus on your job and college. You did miss him a lot but what could you do? He had his schedule and you also had your schedule. You were spending almost all your time in school, working on your project which was almost done and would be your last assignment before you graduated, it were a lot of paintings of your sister and her last few weeks but you also used old pictures, which meant you had an entire lifeline and as the last few months flew by you had graduated with the highest scores and you also got offered your own gallery.
This would be your chance to thank the guys for everything they did, especially Yoongi and maybe now was the time to confess to him. You made your agency send an invite to the guys and they had actually accepted it, which made you nervous but happy. When the day started, you made sure everything was as you wanted and as you walked through your gallery with your agent, you felt proud and sad at the same time because here you could look at your sister smiling, crying and being silly but knowing that she wasn’t here to see it herself, well it had a double feeling. “You should get ready.”

“I should right. I will be back in an hour.” you quickly pulled on a black cocktail dress and high heels. You already did your hair and it hung down your back in curls. Your makeup was natural and your jewelry existed out of a beautiful golden necklace, which had belonged to your sister and you wore earrings but that was all. Your manager texted you to let you know that it was time. You quickly made your way back to the gallery and you were actually nervous when you saw the line of people waiting to get in. You smiled when you saw the bts boys, the looked nice and curious. When your manager let everyone in, you stayed back until she introduced you, she let everyone look around and you could hear gasps. They were talking vividly about the artwork and you instantly knew it was a big success. It was time to introduce the artist, which was you, so you just waited.

“Everyone, thank you so much for coming. I hope you enjoyed everything so far, this artist has just graduated college but as you can see she is really gifted and we were lucky that she signed to our company, let give a round of applause for the talented Y/N.” You quickly got out of the backroom and took the little stage. “Thank you all so much for the love. It’s an honor to be presented by these lovely people. These paintings are deeply woven into my heart, The little girl you see on each picture is my little sister, she died a few months ago and before she died, I decided that the best way to remember her is to put her in everlasting paintings. She was and still is my muse and inspiration that will never be forgotten. I learned a lot from her and this is my way to thank her for being there even though it was hard for her. As you can see it’s not only my sister that I painted but also the people around her and I want to thank the men of Bts for their support at the end. They have become a family and I know that my sister thought of you as her close brothers, so thank you so much for making her life just a little bit better. Thank you all again for coming tonight and I really wish you all the best life you can get, thank you.” you ended with a bow. Everyone clapped and even whistled after you ended your speech. You couldn’t stay inside though as you needed some air and without knowing it someone followed you onto the roof but the minute his arms pulled you in a hug, you knew.

“You were amazing Yagi.” he kissed you gently at your neck and you completely relaxed in his arms because he felt warm and it was like coming home from a long journey. “Do you think she is looking at us?” you couldn’t help but ask and you felt him nodding. “I think she is looking at you and she feels really proud of everything you have achieved.”



“Thank you.” he turned you around and with the setting sun, his eyes were even more beautiful and you felt lost in them. “Don’t ever thank me for this okay.” you nodded as he wiped away the strand of hair that the wind had blown on your face.

“I should have said this earlier but I was afraid that you thought it was because I was in pain but I love you.” he looked at you with a soft smile and when he lowered his head he mumbled against your lips “I know yagi.” and kissed you gently when he pulled away he turned you around so he could give you a back hug. It was beautiful to see the sun going down and as the last colors faded he kissed me again on your neck and quietly mumbled.

“I love you too.”

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Thank you so much for all the sweet messages! 

Also so close to 1k so thank you all so much for that! Message me anytime if you have questions or anything! 

Rap Monster: Namjoon loves the fact you are a plus size model. He would always cheer you on, have his favorite photo of you in his wallet and as his phone background. He would make sure you always felt comfortable about yourself around him as well. 

“My baby is beautiful. I couldn’t be more in love that I am right now.” 

Suga: Suga is very tiny but he is also the type of guy to not notice things such as weight or height. He loved that you were a model. He loves to show your photos of you to everyone and tell them you’re his girl. 

“Look how cute she is? Wow I’m so lucky.”

Jin: Jin is the type of guy who would want to show you off all the time. He would always make sure people knew you were his. He’d also love going to your shoots and seeing the action behind the picture.

“Beautiful. That is all I have to say.” “She’s so talented. Like me. We’re both pretty beautiful.” 

J-Hope: He loves everything about you and your modeling career. He would be extra and always post about you on social media saying how much he loves you and how good you look.

“Look at my baby GO! SHE IS AMAZING!” 

Taehyung: *Writes a strongly worded letter to Gucci about how they need to hire you*

Jimin: He would get all nervous when he saw a new photo shoot of yours. He loves that you are a model but he also gets a little scared because of how beautiful you are to him. 

“You still love me right? Like you’re mine?”

Jungkook: Just like Jimin, he gets all flustered whenever he sees a picture or goes to one of your shoots. He can’t believe he has such a beautiful plus size model girlfriend. He’s do lowkey things like tell people you’re his or just ask the person if they think you’re pretty. 

“See her? Yeah that’s my girlfriend.” “Oh her? She’s so hot. Yeah and she’s my girlfriend.” 

Milo Murphy Fanart wall

Just sending out another mention for the fanart wall at work! Every one who gets something placed up there does get credited. I have a list of all your names on my computer in case Dan or Swampy or anyone else is curious.

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Thanks again for all your wonderful art guys! 8D 

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I’m right in the pink zone on the east side… The black circle representing the eye of the storm is just south of my city. Everyone who has and will be affected by this storm are in my thoughts…

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“Torture: Part Two” Peter Maximoff x Reader Imagine (Request)

Request: YOUR LAST FIC WAS SO GREAT AHHH! Ok so what about Fic where the X-Men are on a mission and the bad guys manage to get away with the Reader. Peter (Reader’s Bestie) couldn’t be there for that mission but as soon as he hears about it he wants to save you. (The rescuing is up to your imagination!!) - all the love, walkingitmaximoff xx

Warnings: A little bit of language, mentions of a bombing, kidnapping, guns

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: I think I did it! Thanks for all of the encouragment and kind words about Tourture: Part one! I really hope you guys enjoy part two as well! This style of writing is a little bit outside my comfort zone, but you guys have been so incredibly sweet and left some great feedback! I love talking with those of you who message me! It’s so much fun getting to know my audience. I hope you enjoy, lovley Anon! Thanks for reading and have a rad day!


“Wow, Y/N. I didn’t know you were one for theatrics.” Peter teased as she led him down the hallway, struggling to keep her hands over his eyes and open the door at the same time.

“Keep your eyes closed! We’re almost there.” She led him through the doorway, accidentally ramming his shoulder into the wall as he turned the corner.  

“Hey! Watch it!”


Peter laughed as she turned him to face her.

“Ok, you can open them on three.” She ran behind him, grabbing his shoulder.


Y/N threw her hands up dramatically, revealing a huge, stand-up, Ms. Pac-man console, its lights blinking rhythmically with the brightly colored pictures on screen.

Peter’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he turned to Y/N, who had the world’s toothiest grin plastered across her face.

“You didn’t.”

She pressed her lips together in a proud smirk, “I did.”

He laughed in amazement, grabbing her in the tightest hug he could muster.

“How did you even get this?” He asked, still feeling dumbfounded as he glanced over the machine.

“The guy who runs the arcade noticed how much you play it and asked me if I was interested in buying it. He said he’s planning on replacing is with one of those new multi-game consoles. One of those ones with Donkey Kong and Dig-n-Dug, all on the same machine…I saved my pennies.”

“No way!” Peter looked up at her, pure awe in his eyes, “Thank you, Y/N.”

Y/N smiled. She could feel the happiness bubbling in her stomach. She reached into her pocket and inserted a quarter into the machine.

“First one’s on me, Maximoff.”


Y/N looked over at the terrified little boy sitting next to her. He had been scraped pretty badly on his forehead. Tears and cut trails in the dirt on his face. He couldn’t have been older than Peter’s little sister. She glanced around the room, warily. The only guard she could see was a few yards away. She decided it was safe to try and help the boy.

“Hey,” She whispered. The little boy looked up at her, fear in his big brown eyes.

 “Don’t be afraid. My name is Y/N.” She held out her hand to the boy and he shook it.

“I know who you are. You’re on the news sometimes.”

“Yeah!” She smiled at him warmly. He seemed to he relaxing a little bit more as she spoke.

“You saved my little brother. Thank you.” The boy pointed across the room at the child she had saved from the building. His mother was cradling him and she seemed to be praying. She was a beautiful woman. She couldn’t have been older than thirty-five.

“My name is Ryan. My mom says I’m going to go to your school one day, too.”

Y/N beamed at him, “Are you a mutant?”

“I think so. My mom says I am.” The boy rubbed his face with his sleeve. Y/N smiled at the sight of his shirt. Pac-Man.

“You said you’ve seen me on the news. Have you ever seen my friend, Quicksilver?”  The little boy’s eyes widened.

“Yeah! He’s so cool! When that guy was trying to take over, he just ran around and punched him in the face! It was awesome!”

Y/N chuckled, “Well, he loves Pac-Man too. He actually owns a Pac-Man machine-“

“Quiet!” The guard called from the other side of the room, startling Ryan. The guard stood up and walked to sit behind the two. Y/N did the best she could to take Ryan’s hand in hers, but she struggled with the wire that bound her hands together.

“It’ll be Ok, Ryan.” She whispered.

She searched the room for Kurt, who’d been put two or three rows away from her. He also seemed to be praying. Alex had been placed behind her, and now matter how she twisted, she couldn’t see him.

She sighed and gazed up at the guard who sat across from her, trying to read the symbols on his uniform. The only one she could make out was the biggest one. The one embroidered on his shoulder. Anti-Mutant. The gun in his belt was practically angled at her head now.

Y/N looked at her feet. She tried not to think about what would happen to Peter, or his family if she died. She tried not to think about Peter’s weird notes and drawings that he passed to her in the middle of class; or how he’d accidentally forgotten to take off Wanda’s pair of wire fairy wings after playing with her one night and ended up wearing them to school; or how he could always find a way to make her smile, even if she wasn’t in a smiley mood. She wished she’d gotten to see him one last time. If anything,  just to say goodbye.

Y/N was broken from her trance by a series of faint, warbled yells from the guards earpiece. His eyes went big,with what looked to Y/N like fear. She strained to listen as the guard stood and loaded his weapon, causing a few sobs to echo through the room. Y/N tried to form words from the quiet bits of audio she could hear from his headset, but she couldn’t pull anything together.


Suddenly, the words drowned in a static. The man threw his communicator down in a fit of rage, shattering it against the concrete floor. Ryan flinched at the noise trying to shield his eyes. The man cocked his weapon, standing and walking over to the door as he shouted something in code. He pressed all his weight against it’s handle, shouting louder. Without warning, the room jolted and the door began to shake violently. He grabbed the handle, only the scream in pain and fall backwards. The whole door seemed to be growing red as it shook. Y/N grabbed the little boy’s shoulder.

“PUT YOUR HEAD’S DOWN!” She shouted to the room. The noise grew louder and louder. Ryan’s mom knelt over the younger boy and covered her head with her shaky hands.

All at once the door flew open, hitting the man with a force that knocked him back onto the floor. A breathless Scott ran inside, pushing his goggles back onto his nose.

“Scott!” Y/N shouted. He smiled widely and pressed a button on his headpiece.

“I found them, Pete.”


The evacuation was quick, and seamless. Scott and Jean helped board the hostages onto the ship, giving as much medical help as they could to those who needed it. Y/N had Warren cut the ropes from her wrists and took the little boy and his mother aboard the ship, where she found him some bandages for Ryan’s head. The woman kissed her son on the cheek and hugged Y/N repeatedly as tears welled in her eyes.

“Thank you. Thank you, so much. You saved my whole family, today.”

She was about to offer the left over bandages to whoever needed them when she heard a faint voice calling her name from the other side of the ship.

“Y/N! Y/N!” She turned to see Peter, waving his hands above the crowd and trying to reach her. She dropped the bandages and ran towards him, trying to cut through the swarm. When she finally reached him, he gathered her up in his arms and held her there, refusing to let her go. He buried his face in her hair, trying to memorize every little feature that he thought he’d lost.

“What are you doing here?” She smiled in-between sobs. He brushed the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs, holding her face in his hands.

“I thought I’d loose you.”

She gave him a sad smile and hugged him again, trying to bring him ever closer.

“You’ll have to try harder than that if you want to get rid of me.” Peter laughed, kissing her forehead sweetly and resting his head on top of hers.

Time had always seemed to pass slowly for him, but now, it seemed like he could never have enough of it.


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HELLO I just wanted to shimmy in here to say; that a lot of people sent me such nice messages last night. And this morning I woke up to even more!

And I honestly can’t EXPRESS how much I appreciate you all. I truly didn’t think anyone would go out of their way to try to comfort me! Or defend me!!! And I just….. god I really am just !!!!!!!!!!shook

Really u guys DONT KNOW HOW MUCH U ALL MEAN TO ME!!!!!! You’re all amazing

I honestly cried last night (only a lil tho I promise) you guys really are what makes this community great. And I appreciate every single one of you! thank you!!! 


Honorable mentions !!
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Haha you know what guys? Now seems like as good a time as any, what with half of you calling me dad and everyone trying to be as queer-positive as possible in response to recent events, so we’re gonna have a sit-down. I’ve identified as nonbinary for a while. Nothing more specific than that, just nb. Originally the plan was to go on tumblr and be like “my pronouns are they them and that’s it,” but it just became easier after a couple of weeks to let she/her pronouns slide. Like ok, she/they is better than nothing. Easier than explaining. But honestly? I think I went with the nonbinary label because it felt safer than the things I was really considering. Because I think I would prefer masculine pronouns and being referred to as a boy. Man? Man boy. God, as supportive as you all are, that was hard for me to type. But this is something I at least want to try out. If it’s any indicator, I got most of my hair chopped off about a month ago. Gave my family a heart attack, but they chalked it to me being a liberal college student. Heh. My personal style has always gravitated towards masculine as well. (But keep in mind that neither of these things determine identity on their own.) Tbqh there’s no way I’m ready to discuss any of this with people irl, except Josh who I have already voiced some of this to. (Don’t worry, he’s a bi little dude with a big heart, so his response was pretty much Ok, that’s really cool, keep me posted. Followed by him shoving more ice cream into his mouth.) So I guess this is my coming out message? Peace guys, and thank you for being so abundantly supportive that I feel comfortable trusting you guys with this. I love you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Season 3 you’re late, do you have no concept of time?!

Haha, just kiddin’.

Breaking character, look at me pokin’ my head in here. After like a month. Haha, I’m- I’m not even gonna look at how many followers there are now. No sir. Don’t- I don’t need that kinda public pressure. Just play it cool Aspirer. Pretend there’s only one guy. Sup guy? O-or gal? You excited as me? You’re not a pοrη bot are you? Aww man.

Anyway yeah, just pokin’ in to say life’s been improving. There’s a lot less stress just having the comfort of money even if it’s not gonna get me my own apartment. And pretty psyched about new content. It’s gonna be so nuts. I dunno how I’ll keep up. But yeah, July 30th is gonna be real nuts. Thanks for the kind messages you guys send. I hope you guys are doing well too. Well, gotta go! See ya later!

Good news! Our neighbor checked our apartment and cars for us. No broken windows or flooding that they could find. Such a huge relief for us. I checked Snapchat map and looks like all the bars around us are operating again 😅 grocery store opened again today with shortened hours. I feel SO LUCKY that we didn’t have any damage, but still feel so distraught and helpless about what’s happened to our neighborhood. Just down the street from us was terrible flooding, and I have no idea how long it will take to repair.

Thank you for all your kind messages. It’s been such a comfort. Love you guys 😘

Good news and bad news

Hey guys!

It’s official, I will not be keeping my job. I want ya’ll to know what’s going on because I do feel you’re a big part of my life, even if I don’t get to talk to all of you personally.
Today our regional manager is coming by the store I work to “talk” about my contract termination; and honestly, I don’t really give a flying fuck about what he has to say. I was told I had a good chance to stay after I was transferred, and that chance lasted about three days. To say I feel cheated is an understatement.
Aside from that, I feel relieved. First, because I have clarity, no more stressing or panic. Second, it turns out that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be for some time now. (About two years, took me a while)
I didn’t feel comfortable but I didn’t notice because I just kept going, instead of stopping for a moment to see how I was actually doing.
All in all, a blessing in disguise. I already have an invite for a job interview, which is awesome, because I only sent out my resume yesterday. If I get this job, it’ll allow me to continue school with the same teacher and in the same class. So, fingers crossed!

I want to thank you guys (again) for all your amazing messages and support. I really wish I could make a living out of writing (since I don’t just do fanfiction, I have actually been working on my own story) but I don’t see how I could.

On to the next point: are you guys interested in reading something non-marvel or Bucky related? Let me know!

I love you guys! 💕 and thanks again :)