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Swept Off My Feet (Part 2)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: swearing, nothing else really.

A/N: Sorry, I’m still getting my vibe for writing Misha. The others will be more eventful, I promise. And as some of you may know, my cat is also named Jack. Yes, I named the cat in the story Jack. Deal with it. xD

Swept Off My Feet Master List

You stared up in disbelief. Misha fucking Collins was in your hospital room, to see you. You completely fangirled on the inside as you stared into those gorgeous blue eyes. One of his perfect hands rubbed the back on his neck as he stood there in silence.

Say something, Y/N.

“Um, hi.” Moron.

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Going Through

Characters: Y/N (reader), Misha Collins, Legend Collins (omc), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles.

Pairing: Misha x Wife!Reader

Warnings: Part time long distance marriage, Politics, Disaster Election, Misha’s big heart (yes that is a warning!)   

Wordcount: 1400ish

A/N: I was having a Misha crisis and I had no ideas what I should write for him so I put out a call. @ellen-reincarnated1967 send me a few songs. One of them were O.A.R - I Go Through which inspired this fic for me so thank you so much Andi.

I didn’t stay completely true to the lyrics but I use it to set the tone of the fic and some of the lyrics are incorporated into it as well if you pay close attention.

Thanks to the my amazing sweet lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Sometimes you wondered if your husband knew just how much you admired him. You had felt his love for you on your first date. You had never doubted that love since, nor had yours for him ever wavered. He was your world and he found new ways every day to show you, you were his. You did however doubt if he saw all the things you saw in him. All the things that not only made you love him, they made you admire him and be proud you were his wife.

It wasn’t just one thing that impressed you. It was all that he was and how he thought your son do threat others the way he would want them to treat him. Misha was the most caring and loving man you had ever met. He truly wanted to make the world a better place. None of the things he preached were just lines to him. He cared for everyone around them no matter what their circumstances were. His compassion for others shone through in everything he did. He cared deeply for every person around him, no matter if it was someone he knew or not. He cared so much that when the election, you had feared for month came and went and your candidate didn’t win it almost broke him.

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About the roses, here is the story. English is not my first language. So there could be lots of grammar mistakes.

In the Saturday afternoon, when I brought roses for Misha to the autograph place, a staff told me that Misha auto in the afternoon is canceled. I asked several times but he is quite sure it is canceled and do not allow me to enter. Because the flowers were bought in Friday and they are fully blooming at that time, if I can’t give them to Misha today, they might become ugly. I didn’t know the schedule had been changed a lot at that moment. Then I saw the infomation that Misha’s panel would start in a few minutes. So I decided to give the bouquet to someone in the question queue and hope he or she can help me to present it. However, when I asked them, they said not every queuing person is about to ask Misha. I then noticed that the staff was recording who they would like to ask and the questions. I have no idea but queue myself. After a short while, a staff came and ask me who I would like to ask questions and what is the question. I said I don’t want to ask any question. I just want to give Misha the bouquet. Then They told me it’s not allowed. I said I know I should give the gifts during autographing but the staff there said Misha’s autograph section is cancelled and the flowers cannot wait. A staff then said she can help me to give the bouquet to Misha. I was really grateful and requested her to help me. The only thing I want to see is Misha receive the flowers and being happy. The staff agreed and asked me to write my name and pass number on a paper. I did that and they took the bouquet. After a short while, she came back and told me the autograph section is postproned, not cancelled. She asked whether I would like to give Misha the bouquet by myself. But at that moment, I hope the bouquet can be handled to Misha ASAP, so I insist to let her give the flowers. But I never expect Misha would bring the roses to the panel and look for me.
Actually, I was scared.
But I’m really thankful that I can have the chance to say “I love you” to Misha in front of hundreds of people.
He is so nice looking, prettier than the roses.


I made this pop-up card for Misha!

It was tough to make it though.. I cut out my illustrations of Misha, Cas, Sock monkey and etc from cardboard and made very simple pop-up mechanism, then tore Japanese paper into small pieces and glued them onto the card. (So you can feel softness when you touch the surface) And I tried to write the letter in English but the result was.. ugh.. That’s still too difficult for me..     

When I gave it to Misha at the autograph session (at Hollycon tokyo), he inspected it closely and said “Is this.. paper..? You drew these? ..Really!? Wow, you’re so talented.. Thank you for this!” And I sweated with both excitement and embarrassment.. There are lots of fans far more talented than me.

anonymous asked:

hey i'm searching for a post and i'm like 99.9% sure you had it linked somewhere on your blog. it was a post someone wrote about how at a con Mishas answer to something triggered her and she wrote him a letter about it, gave it to him and he read it later on and apologized to her. i've been searching for the post for days now by myself but I can't find it anymore so I thought i'd ask.

I know that feel because I have gone on the same search for the same post several times myself with the same results. I’ve got all kind of iterations of “misha triggered letter fan” in my Google history now, and that’s one reason I added the links in this post because I kept forgetting to save the link to it.

It’s this post here.

LA Wilson (wileea) wrote the posts in this context:

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