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top five starter anime series | (as voted by my followers)

# 1 : fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood (2009)

“A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because no one can gain without sacrificing something. But by enduring that pain and overcoming it, he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart. A fullmetal heart.

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It’s that time once again to celebrate Final Fantasy XV! Join your fellow FFXV fans in a week filled with art, gifs, fanfiction and more! This is a great way to hang out and meet other chocobros and to get hyped for Gamescom, which takes place the week afterwards. There will also be fun mini-games, trivia and quests for cool prizes. So be sure to be here for the festivities in August!

When: August 13 - 19, 2017
How to participate: Use the themes below to make your FFXV creations. Post them on their correct day and tag them with #ffxvweek (within the first 5 tags)

8/13 | Day 1: Favorite Moment // Fashion // Iris Amicitia
8/14 | Day 2: Episode Gladiolus // Camping // Cor Leonis
8/15 | Day 3: Favorite Quote // Minor Character // Cindy Aurum
8/16 | Day 4: Favorite Pairing/Bromance // Recipeh // Ravus Nox Fleuret
8/17 | Day 5: Episode Prompto // Selfie // Aranea Highwind
8/18 | Day 6: Tragedy // Antagonists // Ardyn Izunia
8/19 | Day 7: World of Ruin // Chocobos & Chocobros // Umbra & Pryna
Bonus theme: Happy (early) Birthday, Noctis!

Writing Prompts are located over here!

Interpret each theme however you like! Remember, you can post other creations outside of the given themes too. Just don’t forget to tag them with #ffxvweek!

Be sure to follow the @ffxvweek blog and Twitter to stay up-to-date with info regarding the event week and to see everyone’s creations!


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Icons are free to use, credit is not necessary (but appreciated)


Major events in the Maygic Gauntlet 2k17, a summary:

  • Henry the birb loses (So does the Alteans and Sanaki)
  • Leo wins for a good reason (Fowl play would have happened otherwise)
  • Robin goes all Grima on Leo (Julia made a valiant effort)
  • Tharja is a beast? Robin throws the game?? (Plegia wins anyway)
  • Robin has a tea shop??? (Nohrian Fear, Altean Smear, Naga’s Tears, etc)
  • Robin slips and Tharja scores a date
  • Everyone needs more orbs

The end

Thank you for reading this! :’)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 are here! 


Top 25 band of brothers characters as voted by my followers
↳ #01 ♤ Eugene ‘Doc’ Roe

“Oh Lord, grant that I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, or to be loved as to love with all my heart.”

Experiment #2 - Request

Originally requested by @newts-fan-caseSo could you do a Sherlock x Reader were she is riding his face? (Lol I’m a sinner but I ain’t sorry) like for an experiment ‘cause Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused just by giving pleasure to someone else, but he is wrong and yeah ;)
& Anon:  Hi! Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock where he wants to try have the reader sit on his face and eat her out and she’s shy & a bit self conscious with her body and he makes sure he makes her see Stars (with a little fkuff)? Thank you!
Requested by anon:  The “Experiment” was awesome! Can we have a part 2? Pleeeeeaaaaseeee
& a shit load of other people.

This is Sequel Friday first winner.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,886

Warnings: Smut (unprotected), un-edited, secuel (yup, it’s a warning)

A/N: Amazing way to wrap an amazing week. Thank you to everyone who voted!


|PART 1|

After Sherlock’s little “experiment”, his relationship with (Y/N) turned somewhat odd. They would continue to work together and act professional during the cases, but the tension between them was too much.

He had showed her a side that not a single human thought existed, or at least didn’t want to see. He had been patient with her, loving even, making sure to make her feel comfortable at all costs, complimenting her, being gentle and respecting her limits… Definitely thing a real gentleman does, but not the kind of traits one would expect from Sherlock Holmes.

Then there was also the fact that John was sensing some change of vibes in 221B. Of course, he figured it had something to do with Sherlock’s usual arse behaviour, but it was weird to see (Y/N) affected by it.

Sherlock was sitting on his seat, Watson was on his and (Y/N) was between them on the “victim’s chair”. Watson had a stern, determined look on his eyes and Sherlock was calm as usual, thinking that John was too dumb to have figured anything about him and (Y/N).

“What is going on?” John asked carefully.

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top five six rwby teams (as voted by my followers)

1. team rwby

“we’ve never backed down before, and we’re not going to start now.”

Writer’s Block 5.2

Originally posted by lovershub

Hey! It’s late, but as promised, here is the next part of chapter 5. Mistakes are mine, and I’m sure there are plenty. Sorry for those! Hopefully this isn’t lame. Also, I keep forgetting to tag @katnissdoesnotfollowback because this is her ongoing bday story, and the reason it even exists. She loves me anyway, though. ;) 5.1 is here and the rest of the story is on AO3. Thanks to my girls @xerxia31 and @burkygirl for looking over every little change I make. You two are rock stars. 

Quick disclaimer - I’m not sure when I’ll be able to update this again. I need to work on my ms2sl story so I don’t get caught trying to write 20k words at the last minute. I’ll post a sneak peek of that soon!

I stand in the bathroom stall, hugging myself. Trying to convince myself that it’s no big deal. The problem is that I’m a big, fat liar because there’s no way in hell any of this is not a big deal.  A quick recap confirms my current worst fear; a guy I might actually be interested in - for the first time in my life, mind you - who also seems to be interested in me, just read a masturbation scene written by yours truly. A scene which he obviously knows is actually a reality for me, given that the rest of the chapter after the date was verbatim what happened with us. I was testing it out. Seeing how it looked on paper. And it was damn good, too. I just can’t stomach giving someone else a gigantic picture window into my very soul.  

Why didn’t I just delete the damn thing when I was thinking about it this morning?

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Take My Revolution

 I kind of forgot to post this! This piece won best of show at NDK 2017!! Anthy and Utena were drawn on tag board and colored with markers. Thick mounting tape was used to float them above the background while papercraft flowers from Hobby Lobby were hot glued onto a tag board platform. 

 Thanks to everyone who attended and voted for me!! I’m really grateful and humbled!! ^_^